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The Icy Hero is Yearning for LoveCh14 - Extra 1 – I will never let you go.〚Ilya〛*


Translator: mii

Editors: ASplashofMusic, Katie_WanderingFujoshi BtG0XI

Ever since I had recovered my memories as Allen, visiting everyone’s graves in Tobol had been my goal. Although I felt like a burden was finally relieved from my shoulders now that I’d achieved that goal, loneliness and dissatisfaction also strangely welled up inside me… It was kind of complicated. Yeah.

We immediately departed from Tobol, but our travel back was at an awfully slow pace. That made me even more conflicted.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

To be honest, Riley could have casted his teleportation magic. Then we would have been at Tobol village in an instant. It was a handy magic that instantly transported someone to a place that the caster had been before. However, Riley didn’t use it, opting to travel to Tobol with me on horseback. And I was very grateful to him for it.

If I had fulfilled my life’s goal in just a matter of seconds, it would have given me mixed feelings. There wasn’t any sense of satisfaction that way. Riley probably thought so as well. Hence our lengthy travel on horseback and occasionally on foot. U0tR2p

Though I wouldn’t mind if we were to use teleportation magic for our return trip. It was cheaper, faster, and safer. So… wouldn’t it be better to use it?

If I said that to Riley, he likely wouldn’t be against it. And we’d be back home in the blink of an eye.

The problem was what would happen after that.

How would we live after returning to the royal capital?


Riley was the hero, while I was merely the second son of a tavern owner. An eagle soaring through the sky, and a worm crawling on the ground. When solely considering this aspect, we didn’t seem like a fitting pair. Our social statuses were so far apart that I could write paragraphs of metaphors to describe this vast distance. Every time the thought of Riley’s accomplishments and resulting prestige crossed my mind, slight sadness stabbed at my heart.

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Not to mention, we were both men. And in the royal capital, homosexuality was taboo.

We probably wouldn’t be sent to prison for it. But people would surely talk about us behind our back.

I personally didn’t care if they pointed their fingers at us. My main concern was its effect on my family. Although my father told me to follow my heart, reality wasn’t that simple. VlbjOR

I wanted some time to think about our plans for the future. And this was the perfect time to do so.

Turning to Riley, I asked, “Hey, what do you plan on doing?”

He cocked his head.“What do you mean?”

“Where will you live? How will you spend your days?” 7TspSn

“I’m okay with anything as long as I’m with Ilya.”

…Yeah. I knew he would say that. And no, I wasn’t being conceited.

He had chosen to live in my house throughout his entire stay in the capital. Then, during our trip to Tobol, he was always attached to me. After I was kidnapped by those demons, he became even stickier, stubbornly never leaving my side at all.

Whenever we were on foot or on horseback, he would always be within a mere arm’s distance from me. Always close enough to reach for my hand. And whenever we went to bed, it was basically custom for me to be wrapped in his embrace. ZjTg18

He even gifted me a talisman. I was given no right to refuse it since Riley immediately tied it around my wrist. The talisman was a braided bracelet that was cool to the touch, made from golden fine thread. 

Every time I inspected its color, a sense of familiarity washed over me. Like I had seen it before. I also get the same feeling every time my fingers brush against it. But I believed it was better to not touch upon that topic. Yeah.

Well, I was also okay with anything as long as I was with him. His gender and status, him being a man and a hero didn’t matter. I’d be fine, since it was Riley.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

…However, such naive thoughts wouldn’t do once we were back at the royal capital. Uw4sMQ

The hero chosen by God is actually a heretic. A homosexual.

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Riley, do you understand? The title of “hero” holds more value than you had originally thought. I want to be with you, but I don’t know how.

Ktfc, Elifs revvfcis mjiifv bea, “Pisj.” FLsHUt

P yilcxfv. “Lw?” Glv Elifs gfjilhf P tjv yffc rajglcu ja tlw?

“Can I hold you?”

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His question blew all my thoughts away in an instant. My mind turned blank. Relying on reflex, I answered, “No, you can’t.” 

Once my brain finally processed his question, my face grew hot. 1BvXyH

O-of course we couldn’t do that, okay! What was he saying?!

We were in broad daylight! Look at the sun at noon shining brightly upon us! Ever since we set off on our horses this morning, we didn’t take even a single break. And at last, we were about to reach the town next to Tobol. Yet, why did he propose such an absurd idea smack dab in the middle of the road with these dense forests surrounding us?!

His face twisted in a frown.

Why? Because I refused you?! My rejection was only expected! You should realize that I wouldn’t be alright with outdoor se…those kinds of risque things, okay! Qh 5tk

Looking blissfully ignorant, Riley asked, “Why?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“…Listen, Riley. Doing that places a burden on the receiver. After we became one, I couldn’t ride a horse for a while. Also, I want to sleep at an inn tonight.”

Riley nodded in understanding. “Okay.”

What a relief. He understood… But I didn’t have time to even finish that thought. EYiOJs

My line of sight suddenly distorted. A familiar weightlessness washed over my body, and the unwelcome onset of motion sickness made my feet unsteady… Ah, teleportation magic… Probably to an inn.

Damn it! How could he misunderstand so easily?! I knew he was this type of unreasonable guy!




After Riley essentially abducted me to this inn, he started nuzzling his face on my neck. Angry at him, I squirmed. I even tried to push him away. But he simply wrapped his arms around my waist and gently stroked my back, raining kisses all over my face. 

Hearing him call my name in a long, breathy plea, my anger melted into embarrassment. My face burned. So much so that I turned my back on him to hide my face.

Riley snuggled up to me from behind. As I lay enveloped in his arms, the warmth on my back and the sound of his slightly fast heartbeat swiftly made me go soft in the knees. RyJr8C

Ah, really! Since my mind was already this muddled, I should just stop thinking altogether.

Because regardless of what would happen in the future, I would never leave this guy. That’s for sure.

If it became difficult to live in this country, then we could move to a different one. I felt forlorn at the thought of having to part with my family, but it’s not like I couldn’t visit every once in a while. If I got the urge to come play with them, Riley could instantly teleport me! So it’s not a hopeless issue.

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However, I had to first report to Mister Kenneth and the others before making this decision. 1E6O7a

I also wanted to thank Mister Kenneth for the grave. Maybe ask him for advice too.

Frustrated with my inattention, Riley sharply said, “Ilya.” Then he bit the side of my neck.

The pain jolted me out of my thoughts. “Ah, it hurts! Don’t bite me, you idiot!”

No, I wasn’t telling you to lick it instead. Actually, it didn’t hurt that much, so please stop licking me. If not, with how sensitive my neck was, I would definitely start making strange noises. I learned my lesson now, okay! I got it! Pay more attention to you and no more daydreaming! hwWXgZ

And don’t! Pinch! My nipples! They’d been throbbing ever since you started kneading them regularly! For god’s sake, don’t scratch it with your nails either!

He was so reserved at the beginning. But now, he was as unrestrained as a hungry wolf!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Riley’s hand trailed down to fondle my lower abdomen. I moaned. “Nnh, Riley!” Blood rushed to my shaft. Slowly, it grew hotter and stiffer.

Purification and lubrication. I’d like to ask who and why someone would invent these damn magic spells. I do feel grateful to the inventor since the two spells were the main reasons why Riley and I could become one so easily. However, at the same time, I also wanted to file a complaint. They were too handy. Too easy to use. QNqlbs

Nevertheless, since I got aroused with just a few strokes and rubs on my shaft and frenulum, I guess I was the one who was most handy, huh… Too quick to rise.

His scorching hand loosely grasped my rising erection and started caressing it. Honey overflowed and soaked his hands as he pumped my length, occasionally thumbing the tip as well.

Riley bit my ears, before licking the outer edges, sometimes sucking on them hard. His lips then slid down to pay similar attention to my neck. He created searing trails on my neck as he licked it. Made my gut tighten when he sucked. The sharp, fervent sensations I felt made it hard for me to keep my moans in check.

Feeling aggravated that I was the only one being tormented with these sinful teases, I moved my hands to my back to grasp Riley’s manhood. pYdbsg

I teased it in much the same way he did, causing Riley’s breath to become rushed. His breathy moan on my neck was sultry and sexy. Wanting to see his face, I turned back around in his arms and looked into Riley’s eyes. 

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His beautiful eyes flickered with burning lust. Despite the ferocity in his eyes, I could see that he was restraining himself… And I knew it was for me. Because he wanted to take good care of me.

But I was going to break his restraint for him now.

I passionately pressed my lips against his, greedily devouring his alluring mouth. With our saliva mingling, our tongues entangled and made squelching sounds. At the same time, I squeezed his stiff member with both hands, spreading the precum around the tip. KA4Buj

I liked his pomegranate eyes. I liked it when his eyes lost their reason little by little. When they swept over every inch of my body, as though he was ready to devour me. They would somehow gleam crimson, just like those of a demon.

His thick callused fingers groped my butt. Already impatient and frustrated, he stuck his fingers inside my entrance, occasionally spreading them to stretch me out. Other times, he grazed my soft inner walls, stirring up my insides. 

My body, already used to his rough handling, was able to pick up a pleasant sensation amidst the discomfort. I arched my back to endure it.  While still rubbing his length, I rocked my hips back toward his fingers, biting his neck to keep myself from letting out shameful moans.

Finally growing impatient myself, I grabbed his wrist and pulled out his three fingers. “Hey… it’s already fine.” oNHYtD

The squelching sound of his fingers exiting made me even more aroused, and I sighed in obvious pleasure. I wanted more though. So, I straddled Riley’s hips and pressed his erection against my bud. After getting on my knees, I slowly lowered myself while taking deep breaths to relax my muscles.

In a strangled voice, he called out, “…Ilya…”

Don’t look at me like that! It’s so embarrassing.

I squinted my eyes and grinned at him, before dropping my line of sight to his solid, enticing abs. I languorously trailed my fingers on his muscles as my passage steadily swallowed his stiff member. BvbSl6

“Uh… Ha… It’s in so deep…”

Perhaps it was because I’m on top, unlike in our previous times.

Riley’s shaft was so deeply inserted into me that it felt like it was pushing up into the insides of my stomach. He was so monstrously big that I started to feel uncomfortable. Almost like I was being skewered on him. Ahh, my mind was starting to become blank…

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Was it really okay for me to accept him in this position? c2 Dik

Riley’s size made me feel like my insides would become a torn, ruined mess. When I looked down in worry, I spied something unimaginable. Maybe it was because I only had thin muscles, but I could faintly observe the shape of something inside. I patted the area below my belly button to check whether my eyes weren’t deceiving me… They really weren’t. Fuck me. My stomach had become distended!

It was scorching hot and pulsing inside!

I blankly raised my line of sight and met Riley’s tempestuous gaze. Taking hold of my hips in his hands, he thrust up into me in one hard motion. I screamed. And screamed. Because there was nothing else I could do.

Maintaining his tight grasp on my hips, he continued snapping his hips up. My sight flickered in white.  gey1aZ

Riley grasped my earlobe between his lips and gently bit on it. He sighed into my ears with raspy breaths, in sync with his incessant thrusts. His mellow and sweet voice then called my name again and again. “Ilya… Ilya…!”

I won’t let you go.

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The moment he whispered that, hot fluid filled me up. As if influenced by him, I also released my passion as I clung to his neck. I combed my fingers through his sandy hair before kissing his thin lips.

As his cock still spewed out come in gushing waves, I exhaled a sickly-sweet sigh. EzWNvU

We hugged each other tight for a while, soaking in the afterglow of our joining. I felt like my heart was warm and replete. It was quite strange.

As Riley kissed me, I chuckled. Seeing that, his eyebrows furrowed in puzzlement. 

Half happiness and half belligerence. His expression was so cute. I couldn’t help but muss up his hair. 

This guy was really too adorable. 71FJIL

He must have been feeling anxious. That’s why he suddenly requested to connect with me.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

I had asked about his future plans just now, so maybe he wanted to set that aside and bask in our relationship.

The talisman twined around my wrist and the hickeys on my neck were signs of his attachment.

Also, he made a lot of love bites… Maybe he always wanted to do that? edbwiQ

I laughed, still ruffling his hair. “You’re really stupid. There’s no way I’ll let you go. Understand?”

Riley flashed me a slight smile in response, looking bashful. The sight caused my chest to tighten and my heart to pound.

In an attempt to conceal my rapidly beating heart from him, I leaned my head into him and laughed, exposing all of the marks he left on me.

“If you want to leave marks on me, you can do it as much as you want,” I said. Rkfz7

Following that, I smiled and held out my hands. Riley’s response was to bring me into his embrace once again.

Ilya went ahead to ride the hero~ What a wild boy~

Translator's Note

Original: “A thought on how I looked like a skewer passed my mind.” Yea. YEA. ILYA IMAGINED THAT HE’S A SKEWER HAHAHAHA I DON’T WANT TO WILT ALONE.

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