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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadCh18.4 - End of Main Text


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara SaT7Pm

“I’m not Ming Hui. I’m Sui Yuan and only Sui Yuan.” Sui Yuan stared at Mo Ziyou and refuted him very seriously.

He was not stupid, and he knew who he was. He could faintly guess the relationship between the person Mo Ziyou was chasing and him—or rather, the him before he had been reformatted. However, regardless if it was Zhao Xihe, the Origin, or 5237, they didn’t want him to know. Thus, Sui Yuan had pretended to be ignorant. In any case, he had always been coldhearted and didn’t care about his “previous fated encounters” at all. Therefore, if he and the person he cared about could be at ease like this, then what could he have gained by playing dumb?

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To Sui Yuan, his current self and his previous self before having been reformatted were two different beings. He only recognized his current self as himself.

As for Mo Ziyou, Sui Yuan could apologize to him, but that’s it. He would not compensate Mo Ziyou for the him who had already been reformatted, because this had nothing to do with him. He had been reformatted a countless number of times. Every time, it was like he was born anew. Sui Yuan had no duty nor capability to carry the experiences and feelings of his “past selves.” The only person he could accept, the only one he would carry, was Zhao Xihe. 372owL

Mo Ziyou looked at Sui Yuan, eyes twinkling, and he smiled, “Indeed, you already knew….Of course, you’ve always been very smart. You’re just used to neglecting anything you deem unimportant, that’s all….”

Sui Yuan didn’t want to reminisce with Mo Ziyou. He pursed his lips, expression cold, “What do you want to do? Come out of Zhao Xihe’s body! Otherwise, I don’t know what I just might do!”

“Relax…relax. Even if I want to do anything to your lover, the residuals of my spiritual force cannot fulfill my wish. You should have already heard that I’ve ‘died’, right?” Mo Ziyou raised both hands, making a placating motion, expression peaceful and harmless, “I just wanted to see you…for the last time.”

“I don’t believe there’s anything to say between us,” Sui Yuan refused coldly, “Besides, from what I know about myself, even if you became a ‘Destroyer’ after ‘Ming Hui’s’ death, I don’t think ‘Ming Hui’ had any special feelings towards you.” n0BOlR

Because his lover’s body was being possessed, Sui Yuan, who had figurative spikes puffing out from all over his body, was not at all polite. He naturally tread on Mo Ziyou’s weak spot.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Mo Ziyou’s eyes darkened, and he laughed bitterly, “That’s right. You’re right. To him, I was probably just a cowardly, incompetent, little brat, who was always crying and relying on him. He didn’t care about me at all. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have…not even left me a single word after finding out that he would be reformatted….”

Sui Yuan frowned. He didn’t quite understand, “Then, why are you so attached to him?”

“Because…even if he didn’t give me a reply, he is still the person who saved me. He is the pillar that allowed me to keep living,” Mo Ziyou’s tone reflected his low spirits, “Unfortunately, you don’t understand…you all don’t understand. However, even if it’s like this, I will not regret my choice.” sbdyC5

“Yes, I don’t understand,” Sui Yuan was very calm towards this. Although he was good at imitating emotions, imitation was nothing but imitation after all.

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“And because it’s like this, I resented that fellow who could obtain your heart all the more,” Mo Ziyou raised a hand to point at his—or rather, Zhao Xihe’s—chest, “Originally, I didn’t understand why he could do it. However, now, I understand. It turns out that ever since the beginning, this was foreordained.”

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“…Even if you were going to die?” Sui Yuan couldn’t quite believe this.

“Yes, even if I was going to die. However, sometimes, death does not mean the end. Just like how my previous death had brought me to this world and made me into an Actor, this death will transform me into some other kind of existence,” Mo Ziyou smiled, suggesting something.

Sui Yuan’s heart went “thump.” He suddenly felt that matters would not end so simply. Who was this mysterious fellow? Furthermore, what did he mean by “some other kind of existence?”

Seeing Sui Yuan’s eyebrows furrowed in deep thought, Mo Ziyou shrugged, not the least concerned. He opened his arms while facing the other, “It’s the last time we meet. Won’t you give me a hug? Even if you’re just standing in for Ming Hui, will you tell me goodbye? After that, I can leave in peace.” xmTiGB

Sui Yuan hesitated for a second. After all, Mo Ziyou’s expression and tone were so pitiful. Of course, what was even more important was that he wanted Mo Ziyou to leave quickly so that Zhao Xihe could come back.

Sui Yuan took a small step forward. However, in the next second, Mo Ziyou’s expression suddenly warped in pain, and he knelt on the floor, bent over as he covered his forehead.

Sui Yuan was frightened. He didn’t know if he should go help. Although he didn’t care about Mo Ziyou, Mo Ziyou was interrelated to Zhao Xihe right now, ah!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Don’t move!” 5237 stopped Sui Yuan in time from moving, tone stern for once, “Zhao Xihe and Mo Ziyou are currently fighting for ownership of the body!” TM2L6t

Sui Yuan’s eyes lit up, “He remembers?”

“…Mn, most likely, ba.” 5237’s eyes darted away for a split second, “Probably because he couldn’t stand seeing a ‘happy’ goodbye between you and Mo Ziyou, so he got jealous and remembered everything, ba….”

Sui Yuan:“………………………………”

——Mn, it seemed that this was indeed Zhao Xihe’s style….→_→ LDOq6H

It was clear that the remnants of Mo Ziyou’s spiritual force were absolutely not a match for Zhao Xihe whose fighting ability increased after getting his partner stolen (?). After a short deadlock, Mo Ziyou was easily beaten. Zhao Xihe, who raised his head and looked at Sui Yuan, immediately put on a dissatisfied face that said he was ready to settle accounts, “What were you about to say?”

Sui Yuan took a stiff step back. An unbidden bad premonition crept up. Although he knew that this “reunion” would not be beautiful, now that things had actually come to a head, he still kind of wanted to run away.

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——Karmic retribution. He had taken advantage of Zhao Xihe’s memory loss to bully and ridicule him, and he had also “rekindled an old flame.” Sui Yuan could foresee that he would be unable to get out of bed for some time in the future.

“Then…when Mo Ziyou was here, you should have heard what he said, ba? Who was that mysterious person who told him to fuse with you? What does it mean to become another kind of existence?” Sui Yuan promptly tried to divert Zhao Xihe’s attention and took a small step back. FeoxO0

Zhao Xihe grabbed Sui Yuan’s arm and pulled him tightly into his arms, locking him in. He nipped at his ear in a reprimanding manner, “We’ll discuss that matter later. After all, it’s the Origin who should deal with that headache, not us. As for right now…”

Zhao Xihe’s gaze wandered. In the end, it fell on the soft couch within the study, “I think that we should do some things that people do after not seeing each other for a long time. Right, I heard that you played very happily with those beasts in your previous world?”

Sui Yuan:“…………………………QAQ”

——He thought that it already wasn’t about whether or not he’d be done until he couldn’t get out of bed. It was already about whether he’d be done to death! 5237, save me! coOZCt

5237: “…Relax, silly host. I have very effective medicine. I guarantee that even if you’re on your dying breath, in the next second, you’ll be lively once again! Although it’s a bit expensive, I believe that Zhao Xihe dada will be happy to supply!”

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Sui Yuan:“…………………………(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻”

Sui Yuan was pressed onto the soft couch by Zhao Xihe. Meanwhile, in the Original Space, the screen showing their development in this world instantly darkened. The Origin felt that it probably didn’t need to continue paying attention to its split part at this moment. After all, out of sight, out of mind. It didn’t want to watch any live pornography.

Recalling its plan on dealing with Mo Ziyou, a happy feeling rippled through the Origin. It had controlled so many varied worlds for so long. Aside from the fact that it had difficulty controlling its split body, no one could control its authority. PGy6Mb

It had used the role of the mysterious person to make contact with Mo Ziyou, to tempt him. Then, it pretended to fight back after Mo Ziyou got the information he needed to know. It had sealed Zhao Xihe’s memory to gain Mo Ziyou’s trust, to let him firmly believe in the “truth” that he had found.

Of course, Mo Ziyou did not disappoint the Origin. As the Destroyer of several worlds, he had easily found the hints that the Origin had left behind to contact it. He then gave everything he had to make a transaction with the Origin.

Although the Origin did not understand Mo Ziyou’s attachment, this didn’t stop it from accepting this kind of profitable transaction. It was just a creation based on Sui Yuan’s or rather, the [supporting male lead actor] template. And yet, it would be enough to bring in this outstanding Destroyer. This kind of good deal, how could he refuse?

Moreover, this was not the first time the Origin had made such a deal. For example, there was 0007 that had paid everything to ensure 5237 would live. Even if it had been an extremely powerful Destroyer, after becoming a system, they were restricted by their code. Even if they retained their ego, their emotions would gradually erode into nothing. In the end, they would become the Origin’s eyes and hands that would help it control all these worlds—control all these Actors– under its imperceptible influence. alHIDq

The Origin was everywhere. It was omniscient. It could never be destroyed. So long as the ten thousand worlds remained, the Origin would last throughout time.

With this thought, another screen lit up. On this screen, a young man opened his eyes, expression apathetic and blank. However, that pair of eyes was like that of a newborn infant, pure and unsullied.

The youth stood up, sized itself up, and then turned to look at the round system at his side.

The system circled around the youth, seemingly very satisfied with his appearance. Soon after, it happily greeted its “host,” “Hello. My number is 0274. However, I’d much prefer that you called me Mo Ziyou.” mXPdqT

The youth smiled lovably and nodded lightly, “Hello, Mo Ziyou.”

——Although you’re not your previous self, although you’ve already forgotten about me, this is enough. I only ask that I can stay by your side, even if it’s only as a system.

I’m willing to stay with you forever, to help you, so long as you smile for me.

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——Perhaps, Heaven will show mercy. Maybe one day your apathetic eyes will genuinely reflect my figure? Just like Zhao Xihe and Sui Yuan, our hearts will be connected, and we’ll accompany each other forever…. iarBMH

[Main Text End]

The author has something to say:

It has ended with a whole 200 chapters! I feel adorable!

Although I think some girls will feel that this feels incomplete, this silly author has already explained everything that needed to be explained, including 5237, 0007, and Mo Ziyou. Of course, because they are not the main CP, there aren’t many words dedicated to them. However, everyone should be able to imagine things, ba. XD Ur2yZB

After resolving Mo Ziyou, the text will end, la. After all, Zhao Xihe and Sui Yuan have already resolved everything between them. There’s nothing to write. wwwww

Mn…next are the extras? For now, it’s the follow-ups for the supernatural and animal worlds. However, they won’t be too long. As for the other extras…mn, it’ll depend on my mood when it comes time? Perhaps it will just end like this, la!

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

Finally, thank you to sisters who have followed along for so long without abandoning this~ Kiss you all one by one~

Eve: ….I—……..I…did not…see…the…angst…coming. Why…did these angst knives come out of nowhere. I….*ugly sobs* I see that…mijia has brought back…tragic  endings…just like in the start of this story. And 0007 and 5237 I don’t even…guys I thought they would be a cute ship not a MAKE ME CRY ship. Anyway…we will learn some more about them or just see more about thee. I haven’t gotten there yet but the final of the five extras is entitled ‘5237 & 0007’ so…….yeah….anyway….I will save my final comments for the last extra. Thank you all for coming this far and I will see you for the next five extras! rvOLmg

Kara: Oh man. Wasn’t expecting that last-minute feels trip!! I’m glad we get an extra with the systems, because I need to know more. I need to know that they are happy in some way, shape, or form…otherwise, there will be tears. Also, I can’t believe we’ve finished the main story! It’s been a real trip. I’ll also be saving my comments for the end! Until next time!

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