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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 18.2


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara K6acpM

In the dead of night, Sui Yuan lit the calming incense and pasted the invisibility talisman on himself before tiptoeing out of the room.

According to 0007’s information, Zhao Xihe was currently in the study. 0007 had also been very considerate in providing him with a map of the residence’s structure. Even the soldiers’ patrol route was marked.

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Sui Yuan turned to glance at 5237. He felt more and more that…Zhao Xihe’s system was so good. Meanwhile, 5237, who didn’t know it was being disliked, happily followed the map to help its family’s host find the way.

After dodging the patrolling guards yet again, Sui Yuan finally arrived at the still-brightly-lit study. He hesitated for a moment before poking a hole through the paper window and peeking into the study. This was the first time that Sui Yuan had done anything “sneaky,” so he couldn’t help but be a little nervous. Furthermore, the person inside was not the Zhao Xihe he knew. If he was caught, whether he would have a good ending was unknown. Ijnxki

As Sui Yuan was peeping through the hole in the paper window nervously, before he could even get a clear view, the window before him was suddenly opened. Sui Yuan nearly called out in fright. Fortunately, he recalled that he had an invisibility talisman on, so he directly concentrated on not moving.

Zhao Xihe’s identity in this world was that of a general with a jade-like face. His appearance naturally was not bad. Only, his handsome, fair looks were completely covered by a demonic aura. His long and narrow phoenix eyes were especially sharp. He slowly swept a gaze at the night scenery outside the window. Who knew if he had noticed that something was off or if he was just opening the window to let some air in?

Sui Yuan prayed that it was the latter. Unfortunately, even if he had lost a portion of his memories, Zhao Xihe was absolutely not stupid. When he didn’t see anything strange, his lips curved up slightly, “I know that someone is here. Do you plan on showing yourself, or will you wait for me to catch you when that little prop of yours runs out of time?”

Sui Yuan:“………………………………” iNqSlK

——Even if he couldn’t see 0007, at this moment, Sui Yuan wanted to spit in its face. What happened to being comrades, ne!? Is there really no problem with being this eager to sell out your teammate?! I’m still not prepared, ah!

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Sui Yuan silently took back his praise for 0007. Compared to the scheming 0007, indeed, he and the cute, silly 5237 worked together better. Sui Yuan covered his face helplessly and then tore off the invisibility talisman. He calmly stood up and met with Zhao Xihe’s eyes.

The moment he saw Sui Yuan, Zhao Xihe couldn’t help but frown. He blurted out discontentedly, “Why are you so thin?”

When he spoke, both Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe couldn’t help but be startled. The former wondered why the other was being so familiar with him. Wasn’t his memory sealed? Meanwhile, the latter was also confused over the words that had automatically come out of his mouth. DyK Xe

Pausing for a moment, Zhao Xihe took the initiative to make room, indicating that Sui Yuan should enter. Sui Yuan readily accepted and slipped into the study through the window. He looked at Zhao Xihe, a bit bewildered and uncertain, “Do you remember me?”

“Should I remember you?” Zhao Xihe replied, unperturbed. He closed the window that had been opened and then stared at the hole in the window with disdain, “I really doubt whether you’re the assistant who was called. You would unexpectedly use such a…low-quality tactic to peep.”

Sui Yuan:“………………………………”

——Did Zhao Xihe dada really have such a poisonous tongue in the past!? Save me, I don’t remember! QAQ 4N1jFV

“My points…cough…are low,” Sui Yuan, who suffered a psychological attack from Zhao Xihe, resentfully rubbed his nose.

“Mn, I can tell. That’s why you used the cheapest invisibility talisman that only lasts one shichen,” Zhao Xihe smile satirically and then gestured to a chair with his chin, “Sit.”

Sui Yuan:“………………………………”

——Simply cannot get along! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ 9SU3NF

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While Sui Yuan was silently cursing his lover for having become hostile and being unable to recognize him, a translucent cloak suddenly appeared before him. Sui Yuan received it with an astonished expression. He raised his head to look at the other but ended up being roasted by the other with a face of impatience, “Don’t make such a stupid expression. I’m just worried that you’ll drag me down with your one-shichen invisibility talisman. For now, I’ll give you this invisibility cloak to use.”

Vel Tejc ofii rlifca jcv delfais wegwegfv tlr atjcxr. Lf qea atf lcnlrlylilas mibjx lcab 5237’r rqjmf, offilcu ybat abemtfv jcv eqrfa.

Vfflcu Vel Tejc jmmfqa tlr qgfrfca lc remt j ibnjyif wjccfg, Itjb Wltf’r fzqgfrrlbc kjr fnlvfcais delaf tjqqs. Snfc atbeut, tf obecv la gjatfg yjooilcu. Lf rtbbx boo atf ragjcuf offilcu lc tlr tfjga jcv atfc rja lc ogbca bo Vel Tejc. Coafg fcveglcu j wbwfca bo jkxkjgvcfrr, tf xcbmxfv bc atf vbbg, “Ktfc, tbk vb sbe qijc bc tfiqlcu wf atlr alwf?”

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Although he was asking this, Zhao Xihe felt a bit absent-minded. He felt that this position and angle were not quite right…he ought to be sitting by the youth’s side and even…a bit closer…. QKjV9i

“How to help…?” Sui Yuan was conflicted. He didn’t know how to express it. He could only honestly say, “By staying by your side?”

Zhao Xihe was startled. The corner of his lips couldn’t help but raise. He found it extremely strange though that he felt so happy. In order to resist this feeling, he deliberately furrowed his brows, “Stay by my side? For what? To serve as a mascot?!”

Sui Yuan:“………………………………”

——Really sorry. It seemed that this time, he really was a “mascot”…. 9sdQtF

After silently repeating to himself three times that “He is not your lover right now,” Sui Yuan readily asked for advice, “Then, what should I do?”

“Our task is to kill the Destroyer. Right now, the Destroyer is…” Taking a pause, Zhao Xihe did not continue speaking. He stared at Sui Yuan. His stare made all the hairs on Sui Yuan’s body stand up.

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A moment later, Zhao Xihe, who was defeated in some psychological battle, waved his hand, feeling a bit like he was going to fall apart, “Forget it. It’s better that you don’t go. With your stupid appearance, you’ll be discovered by that fellow. We’d just be sending you right into his hands.”

Sui Yuan:“………………………………” b4D8f9

——This wasn’t going to work. This conversation was not going anywhere…no matter what he said, he would be ridiculed. It was simply unbearable!

Sui Yuan was conflicted, but Zhao Xihe was even more conflicted. Ever since this emaciated Actor had appeared, he hadn’t been in his right mind! Zhao Xihe felt that he had always been very normal. Even if he had experienced so many worlds, he still had upright views (?) and attitudes. He had never developed any strange hobbies. However, this thinking of his was completely destroyed tonight.

He didn’t want to have this urge to pamper this malnourished and extremely delicate Actor until he was all fair-skinned, healthy, and soft—all because he thought that the other would be better to eat like that. He didn’t want to have this urge to keep the other in his sights at all times and be unable to take a step from his side whenever he saw that the other would go do something.

——This was simply abnormal! c6HxoP

Zhao Xihe heaved a long sigh. He pressed his fingers against his temples, trying to calm down, “Then, where are you working right now?”

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“The kitchen,” Sui Yuan blinked.

Zhao Xihe reflexively calculated the distance between his courtyard and the kitchen. He then furrowed his eyebrows in displeasure, “From tomorrow on, you’ll come and work as my personal attendant.”

Sui Yuan: “…With what excuse?” QGjnu6

“What ‘with what excuse’?” Zhao Xihe raised a brow, tone overbearing, “In this residence, even in the entire country, my word is law. I don’t need an excuse!”

Sui Yuan:“………………I understand. I will come and work here tomorrow.”

Seeing the other Actor stand up silently, Zhao Xihe subconsciously wanted to punch himself. He actually didn’t want to say such delusional words that had so much wrong in them that people ended up speechless when trying to ridicule them! However, he didn’t know why, but in front of this Actor, he always wanted to flaunt. He wanted to show off. He was a male peacock that couldn’t control himself from spreading his beautiful plumage when courting a mate. He completely forgot about the fact that he was revealing his ugly butt.

The hand Zhao Xihe had on the desk involuntarily clenched into a fist. Only then was he able to stop himself from grabbing the other’s arm and forcing him to stay. Zhao Xihe felt that he needed to calm down—to calm down on his own in order to free himself completely from this feeling’s control. XqHSOi

When he woke up the next morning, Sui Yuan had yet to report for duty at the kitchen when he was told to report to the Head Steward. Faced with Sui Yuan’s astonished gaze, the Head Steward fell into deep thought, “His Lordship has proclaimed that you will be his personal manservant.”

Although he already knew this, Sui Yuan still revealed a shocked expression.

“Did you see His Lordship last night?” Even if he had a favourable impression of Sui Yuan because of his halo, at this moment, the Head Steward was vigilant against Sui Yuan and examined him closely, even though his tone was gentle.

Sui Yuan hesitated for a moment and then lowered his head, cowering, “This lowly one…this lowly one doesn’t know who His Lordship is, so…this lowly one is not too sure.” sfKtk2

The Head Steward’s gaze softened a bit, and he nodded in understanding, “Regardless, you will be working by His Lordship’s side now. This assignment is unlike any other task. You must be cautious, respectable, and cannot make even the slightest mistake. Otherwise, your life will be in danger!”

Sui Yuan was so frightened that his eyes reddened, and tears gathered within them, about to fall. The Head Steward, who saw this, felt distressed for him. Only, he couldn’t leave anything out. Otherwise, it would only end up hurting the other. So, the Head Steward hardened his heart to threaten and scare the other immensely. At the end of it, he led the fiercely crying Sui Yuan, who looked like he was about to bid the world farewell, to Zhao Xihe’s courtyard.

Originally, the Head Steward had only wanted to hand Sui Yuan over to the main courtyard’s steward. He hadn’t expected that this steward would just laugh and directly lead them to Zhao Xihe.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As soon as Zhao Xihe saw the youth’s red, teary eyes that looked like shiny crystals, his expression suddenly darkened, “Why are you crying? Who dares make you cry?!” QgdcpS

The innocent Head Steward, who was being unjustly implicated:“…………………………”

Although he didn’t know what he had done wrong, since his Lord wasn’t happy, it must be that they, the servants, had done something wrong. Although the Head Steward was old, he was still nimble. At once, he lifted his robe and knelt on the floor, begging for forgiveness while prostrating.

This elder had followed Zhao Xihe for a long time. He was hardworking, and his merits were grand. Now, because he was old, he was not suited for the battlefield anymore and was given the position as Head Steward in his retirement.

Although Zhao Xihe was usually quite respectful towards this elder, at this moment, he was actually in no mood to honour the great and good. When he saw that Sui Yuan wanted to kneel down with a face full of shock, he crossed over to his side in a few steps and grabbed him by the arm, pulling him up. dk23gH

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

——Brother! We have to act it out to the end. What are you doing?!

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Zhao Xihe:“……………………”

——I also want to know what I wanted to do just now! xLlIJd

After conversing with their eyes, Zhao Xihe coughed and reluctantly let go of Sui Yuan’s arm. He looked at the Head Steward, “Old Zhang, stand up, ba. I slept a bit late last night. My head is a bit muddled. Don’t pay it any mind.”

The Head Steward, who silently stood up with Zhao Xihe’s help: “…………………………”

——“Sleep” is just a child! Don’t make it carry the blame! Quickly let it off, ba!

Seeing that the matter was settled, the main courtyard’s steward took the opportunity to try and cozy up to Zhao Xihe with a beaming smile, “Since nothing is wrong, then how about I first take this child to go change his clothes and arrange his room?” OEw6Ue

Zhao Xihe frowned. He especially didn’t want to see the person who he just got to see leave so soon. He directly waved his hand with some impatience, “Nothing but a servant. Why would he need to go through so many customs? He can just directly wait by my side. As for his belongings…just casually find someone to help him put them in order.”

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——It was very clear that although he had tossed and turned all night while struggling with himself and making psychological preparations, everything was as useful as a paper tiger in Sui Yuan’s presence. Sui Yuan didn’t even need to poke at them, and they would completely fall apart on their own. Moreover, they fell apart extremely quickly—they were completely powerless.

Seeing Zhao Xihe call Sui Yuan into the study, the main courtyard’s steward and the Head Steward exchanged glances. They both found this unbelievable.

“I seem to have finally understood the reason for why  there is no mistress, although His Lordship is over thirty years old. There aren’t even any concubines or tongfang….” The main courtyard’s steward was sightly speechless and spoke as if he was coming to a realization, “No matter how those aristocratic ladies are as beautiful as flowers, how gentle and lady-like they are, or how talented they are, His Lordship never looked at them twice. If they came close, he would become hostile without any tender feelings for the opposite sex. It turns out….” 50jnWU

The Head Steward:“…………………………”

“Only, I don’t think that youth just now is particularly beautiful? He looks very average, cowardly by nature, and boorish. Does His Lordship…” The main courtyard’s steward endured and endured. Fortunately, he was still able to force down his disrespectful words that questioned his Lord’s aesthetics.

“…Guard your tongue,” The Head Steward stroked his beard and slowly warned, “The one you mentioned just now is very likely going to become our residence’s Little Master.”

The main courtyard’s steward choked, expression nervous and incredulous, “N-no way, ba? His Lordship can’t possibly act so preposterously….” 0h SyG

“I’ve followed the Lord for many years. No one understands him better than I!” The Head Steward sighed while shaking his head, “His Lordship is not acting preposterously. He is just stubborn. He will never give up until he accomplishes his goal. That year, he was but Duke Xia’s deputy general. He had no money, no food, no army, no reputation. He was just dissatisfied with Duke Xia’s ways, so he led a good portion of his army away. At that time, who didn’t call his actions preposterous and stupid—that he was hopeless? What about now? Duke Xia is no longer here while his Lordship rules over a third of the entire realm!”

Pausing, the Head Steward sighed while looking at the sky, “That’s the way things are. What’s a little boy in comparison!? You must be careful. Don’t offend someone you shouldn’t offend!”

The main courtyard’s steward’s face paled after being spoken to. His back was soaked with sweat. He cupped his hands as he thanked the Head Steward repeatedly for his warning. He couldn’t help but lament, “I really couldn’t make it out. That youth unexpectedly is so fortunate as to gain His Lordship’s favour….”

“Isn’t that so? At first, I didn’t expect this. I only thought that he looked pitiful. My heart softened for a moment, so I allowed him to stay,” The Head Steward nodded. He didn’t know if this was fortunate or misfortunate, “Only, that child is indeed capable of moving people’s hearts. He makes people want to take care of him….” Jul78S

——As for Sui Yuan, who the main courtyard’s steward and the Head Steward were lamenting as a person of great luck, he was currently standing in front of Zhao Xihe’s desk, grinding ink for the other. Meanwhile, Zhao Xihe, who had originally been planning on dealing with some official business, was a bit preoccupied and antsy because of Sui Yuan by his side. With a sweep of his brush, several jade-like, good-looking, young noblemen appeared on the paper.

When he saw the gentle-like jade youth, the gorgeous and passionate boy, and the frigid young man, Zhao Xihe was flabbergasted. He subconsciously looked at Sui Yuan, afraid that the other would show an unhappy expression.

Sui Yuan cast a casual glance but was internally shocked. He then beckoned 5237 over, “These…are me? Didn’t you say his memory was sealed?”

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“Mn, it should be because of you stimulating him. He is slowly turning back to normal. Wait until he remembers everything. That will be when he is able to free himself of the fusion,” 5237 replied, gratified. YSzOQe

“Eh…I don’t know why I drew those people…I don’t know them at all!” Zhao Xihe faced Sui Yuan’s gaze, refuting with a nervous and awkward tone.

Sui Yuan nodded and gave him an expression full of praise, “Mn. You drew well!”

Zhao Xihe:“………………………………”

——He didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt rather upset, ne? 9xwJVd

The author has something to say:

If nothing unexpected happens, this will be the last world. Moreover, it will not be long. =3333= Thank you ladies for following until now~

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Eve: Two more chapters until we reach the end of the main story. There will then be 5 extras. Four focus on SY going back to some of the worlds and one is on 5237 and 0007.

Kara: We are so close to the end! qzV3sZ

Translator's Note

  I think it’s just a joke about how bad his excuse is.

Translator's Note

Servants that are chosen to warm their masters’ beds.

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    I enjoy ML’s personal crisis too much. “ He completely forgot about the fact that he was revealing his ugly butt.” bahahah peacock Xihe.

    Thanks for the great translation ♥️♥️

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