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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 17.9


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara sRYD2E

Accidentally scheduled a double release. Oops. Make sure you read 17.8 first!

Although his instinct to court greatly raised Lei’s aggression, Bai was not a pushover who would be easy to deal with. What was more important was that Sui Yuan and Bai’s pack was resting nearby. When they finally had heard the commotion, they had quickly come over. Instantly, they held the advantageous position in terms of location and manpower.

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Although the protagonist gong didn’t want to give up, his ability to take stock of the situation and act accordingly was engraved into his bones. It told him that even if he persisted, he would not get anything good out of this. He retreated a few steps, unresigned. He used his jade eyes to look at Sui Yuan, gaining a fierce glare in response. In the end, he made a wronged whimper and ran into the forest.

Sui Yuan:“………………………………” AIXZb5

——Wronged, your sister, ah! The one feeling wronged should be me, OK?!

Even though the protagonist gong had escaped, Bai was relentless. He grabbed his weapon, wanting to pursue. Seeing that the protagonist shou was so firm in wanting to dispose of the protagonist gong, Sui Yuan had no time to pay attention to his own conflicted feelings. He promptly leapt in front of Bai, blocking his way. The plot was messy enough to make him worried. If one of the protagonists died, even if he died, Sui Yuan would not be able to escape bearing the blame!

Bai only paused for a second, but this was enough for Lei to disappear without a trace. Seeing that the danger was gone, the pack very quickly calmed down, and each member went their own way.

In the pack’s eyes, sex was no issue nor was age. The fact that they were of different species also posed no problem. So long as both parties were willing, then they would not meddle in their affairs. Of course, forcing oneself on another was a different matter.


Only, even if their chief was forced, that wouldn’t really matter much to them either. So long as they chased the offender away, it was fine. This just meant that their chief was so charming—charming to the point that even other species wanted to prostrate under his paw, ne!

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——It was optimistic enough to make tears stream down one’s face….

Although the rest of the pack didn’t care, the protagonist shou, who still thought like a human being, could not do the same. Even if he had chased the protagonist gong away, Bai’s handsome face was still stern. He sucked in a deep breath and forced himself to pacify his anger. Only then was he able to relax a bit. He then turned around and walked over to Sui Yuan’s side. He knelt on one knee and stroked the fur that had become dishevelled in battle.

For a while, Bai really didn’t know how to comfort Sui Yuan, who had been injured. He could only deal with his wound that had reopened again. His tone carried some resentment and indignation, but his actions were very careful as if he was afraid of the other suffering even the slightest bit of pain, “Why did you stop me from going after him just now? Just when did the relationship between the two of you become so good? He did such a thing to you, and yet, you still protected him?” yZiacA

Sui Yuan glanced at Bai but was in no mood to deal with the protagonist shou, who was not in the right mind. At this time, he felt like he had nothing to live for. He lowered his head dispiritedly and weakly laid on the ground. He didn’t want to pay any attention to anyone.

5237 cautiously rubbed against Sui Yuan, “Actually, it’s not that bad. It was an unsuccessful attempt. What is there to bicker about with an animal?”

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Sui Yuan:“…………Heh.”

5237, ktb kjr “tft’v” ja gbiifv jkjs, vfpfmafv. Zfjcktlif, Djl vlrmbnfgfv atja Vel Tejc kjr vbkcmjra. Lf gfjilhfv atja tlr abcf pera cbk kjr cba nfgs ubbv. 2tZ71K

Lf kgjqqfv j tjcv jgbecv Vel Tejc’r cfmx jcv ragbxfv atf batfg’r oeg. Lf fjrfv tlr abcf jcv rqbxf jqbibufalmjiis, “…Vbggs. P xcbk atja sbe rabqqfv wf ogbw mtjrlcu tlw, yfmjerf sbe vlvc’a kjca jcsatlcu ab tjqqfc ab wf. Coafg jii, Ofl lr wbgf ojwliljg klat atf obgfra atjc P jw, jcv tf’r jirb wbgf julif. P kjr pera…jcugs.”

Sui Yuan:“…………………………”

——My beloved protagonist shou, you’re overthinking things. You’re sick. You must get treated!

Although Lei had disappeared without a trace, this matter had not come to an end. At least, the protagonist gong and shou were not as loving (?) as before. c1tm v

The relationship between the protagonist gong and shou was extremely bumpy. The protagonist shou’s perception of the protagonist gong had gone from a “comrade” he had the pleasure of holding animated conversations with to a “similar type” that was a bit annoying but bearable to a “rival-in-love” that he was just itching to get rid of with a knife. This bumpy relationship was enough to make Sui Yuan sad.

With the protagonist shou, the two helped each other, and emotions developed over many interactions. So, Sui Yuan didn’t understand why the protagonist gong had taken a liking to him at all. Could it be because of his gallant appearance from when he rescued the protagonist shou? This kind of setting in which the person you had a fierce battle with became your beloved (?) instead or your enemy really made one feel dizzy upon thinking about it….

Sui Yuan, who had been taught a lesson, naturally no longer dared to go off on his own. He decisively chose to remain with the pack. However, the protagonist shou felt that Sui Yuan’s thoughts were too simple. Although he had already fallen out with Lei, Bai understood the other, who was “like” him, quite well. Bai knew that Lei was overbearing and persistent. He would never give up until he accomplished his goal. Thus, Bai did not let down his guard. Occasionally, he would even make preparations for Lei’s next surprise attack.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Reality proved Bai’s conjecture to be true. Lei naturally did not give up. He even understood that he had alerted the enemy and would not succeed in infiltrating the group anymore. Thus, he straightforwardly issued a call for action and brought his own clowder. bdgq2f

After the protagonist gong and shou got acquainted in advance, the curtain to the feud between their respective groups was also advanced. Only, the fight this time was not over territory but rather…a mate.

Sui Yuan, who was being fought over:“………………………………”

Regardless of how laughable the reason for this feud was, the pack was worked up. Food and mates were the things that the beasts cared about the most. The former was for the sake of survival while the latter was for the sake of reproduction. Even if Sui Yuan was a male beast and had no way to give birth to pups, they still had no intention of backing down.

At this point in time, it was the season in which wildlife was flourishing, and food was abundant. The pack could eat their fill, so they naturally planned to get some exercise. Before, they had always been fighting for land. Now, they were fighting over mates. There wasn’t actually much of a  difference. What was most important was that the one being fought over was their chief, ah! If their chief was taken away by another group of animals, what would they do, ah?! lJNdWo

Sui Yuan and Bai’s pack was eager for battle. However, Lei’s side naturally would not take this lying down. Borrowing what Bai had taught him, Lei was able to increase his prestige within his clowder to the peak. Our mighty chief wants to snatch a mate, so what are we waiting for? We must get him, ah!

Like this, neither of the two pure and easy-to-provoke groups gave in, so they directly decided to fight.

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Lei’s numbers were smaller than Sui Yuan and Bai’s. However, the fighting capability of each member was higher than that of the latter. Meanwhile, Sui Yuan’s pack was good at fighting as a group. So, there was not much of a difference between them. However, not only did Sui Yuan’s pack have Bai, who was good at commanding and could create all sorts of traps and weapons, leading them, but they also had Sui Yuan, whose destructive power was extremely high, as their chief, who would fight recklessly. What was even more important was that Sui Yuan was the one Lei wanted as his mate. Thus, Lei’s side had their hands tied. If they weren’t careful and ended up killing his desired mate by accident, this would go against their original intention of seizing said mate.

Although Sui Yuan and Bai had the advantage in the beginning, they were unable to do much to Lei’s group. They fought on and off, and the battle ended up lasting an entire mating season. l94w0a

When Lei took the lead to approach Sui Yuan’s territory, Bai and Sui Yuan were ready to face off against the enemy as usual. In the end, Lei raised his hand to stop his group and stepped forward on his own.

Bai and Sui Yuan looked at the other, baffled. However, they also did not act. They only watched as Lei cleared his throat and deadpanned, “Let’s reconcile, ba.”

Sui Yuan and Bai:“…………………………”

——We’ve been fighting for so long. We’ve shed all pretense of cordiality, and now, you suddenly want to reconcile. Are you f*cking messing with us? luntSy

Seeing Sui Yuan and Bai’s incredulous expressions, Lei shrugged very candidly, “My mating period is over. I don’t plan on taking a mate anymore. So, there’s no reason to continue fighting. Furthermore, winter will come soon. I think that you guys ought to prepare for winter.”

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Sui Yuan and Bai looked at each other. As the only person who could communicate with Lei, Bai naturally was tasked with responding, “You’re right. However, this happened because of you. Rather, it aroused because of your mating season. Therefore, when next year’s mating season comes, will you be able to control yourself?”

Bai’s question caused Lei to look mystified. He blinked his jade eyes innocently, “Why do I have to control myself?”

“It couldn’t be that you plan on repeating this year’s matter next year?!” Bai choked, incredulous. OciRym

“Of course!” Lei’s fiery gaze fell on Sui Yuan, expression calm, “I will also come ‘greet’ him next year and will continue to do so until I have him!”

Sui Yuan:“…………………………”

Bai, whose face had greyed, threw his weapon at Lei: “=皿=!!!!!”

Even if Bai had really wanted to execute Lei on the spot, he understood that it would be no simple matter after experiencing the feud this time. Moreover, Lei’s words were very reasonable. Winter was quickly approaching. They indeed did not have much time to waste…rather than being jealous over a rival-in-love, it was more imminent to deal with how they would pass this upcoming, severe winter. hI2o0x

Both parties declared a ceasefire, because Lei’s mating season had ended and winter’s fast approach. Although the preparation time this year was not as long, with previous experience, Bai did not have to expend that much energy as he prepared everything with familiarity. Afterwards, the pack returned to the cave they had spent last winter in before the prairies became covered in snow.

After Bai spent more than a year outfitting the cave, it was already much warmer and more comfortable than before. In these great living conditions, the pack naturally entered their most fervent courting season.

If one was to say that the just-matured pups of Sui Yuan’s generation were spectators last year, then this year, they were now participants. Their fully-developed reproductive organs made them agitated and uneasy. They became restless, unable of controlling themselves, and would ingratiate themselves before the female beasts, hoping that they would receive the other’s favour.

Unfortunately, even if they had reached sexual maturity, the female beasts still preferred the male beasts that were in their prime. After all, their builds were much sturdier, and their hunting experience was much more abundant. They would be better able to provide and protect. zMiy7K

Thus, many of these hotheads were beaten up by the male beasts in their prime, who were also looking for mating partners. They had no choice but to retreat in low spirits after suffering defeat. They curled up on the side pitifully after watching their rival-in-love do this and that with the female beast that they liked. Meanwhile, the only two mature “pups” that would have been able to get a female beast were already “taken” by each other.

Towards this, the female beasts felt very disappointed. After all, Bai had brains, and Sui Yuan had strength. Although they were both young, they were more outstanding than all of the other male beasts. Not only would they have nothing to worry about if they mated with them, but there was also a very high chance that they would give birth to an outstanding pup. They were the ideal mates for the female beasts. Meanwhile, contrary to the female beasts’ regret, the male beasts were very happy. Their most powerful opponents had taken a fancy to each other, which meant that they would not compete for the female beasts. Is there anything that could make one happier?

The “abundance of love” in the cave not only affected the real beasts, but it also greatly affected Bai, a human-minded beast.

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Although he really hadn’t wanted to admit it, Bai indeed discovered that he couldn’t quite control himself. He felt restless, that this situation was difficult to bear. What was originally a very normal action of grooming had gradually changed. Every part of him was telling him to pounce onto his partner and then…do some…unharmonious things…. q1hTB6

Bai’s three views were shattered once again. It seemed like his views had been constantly shattering and reforming ever since he arrived in this world. Originally, he thought that he could never develop any desire for an animal. He thought that he and Sui Yuan were just platonic soulmates and would never have any physical intimacy. However, with the turbulent mating season fiercely destroying his “delusions,” he was left excited and helpless.

——Actually, he really was nothing but an animal right now. For him to retain his human morals and ego, that was rather abnormal, ba? Right now, Bai had an urge to look for an excuse for himself. After forcibly “persuading” himself, he turned into his beast form and sounded out Sui Yuan by covering the other with his own body, lightly nipping at the other’s neck.

Sui Yuan, who was originally lying down and grooming himself in peace, immediately quivered and became clear-headed at once. Since he had been pressed down by the protagonist gong, Sui Yuan had become reflexively on guard against actions of this nature. Instantly, he kicked the being that was on top of him, not in the least caring who it was!

Sui Yuan suddenly rolled away, dodging Bai’s sharp teeth that had yet to apply pressure. He then kicked with his back legs, rudely kicking Bai’s soft abdomen. zeNGP8

Although Sui Yuan had a sense of propriety when “acting out” and had not inflicted any irreversible damage to the protagonist shou, this strike still made Bai suck in a fierce breath of cold air. His body curled up on the side, in pain, eyes full of complaints when he gazed at Sui Yuan.

Sui Yuan:“…………………………”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

——Was he overthinking things? How could the protagonist shou have developed desires for a beast!? He wasn’t the protagonist gong!

Sui Yuan walked over to Bai’s side, quite apologetic. He lowered his head to lick the other’s fur in comfort. At this time, Bai did not dare to move rashly. Even if his body was restless and uncomfortable, he didn’t dare expose his thoughts. vLXdqk

He could see that Sui Yuan didn’t want to copulate with him at all. He even loathed and was repelled by this matter. This made him feel baffled. However, as he had no idea why this was, he had no choice but to assume that this reaction was the aftermath of Lei’s actions.

——Although they both experienced their mating seasons, and thus, he felt a bit sympathetic to Lei, it didn’t stop Bai from hating Lei for putting an end to his own “sex life.”

If Lei was unsuccessful in pouncing on his partner, then fine. But, he was unexpectedly implicated, causing him to also be rejected. This was unbearable!

Of course, what the protagonist shou, who was placing the blame entirely on the protagonist gong, didn’t know was that Sui Yuan’s spiritual ability was extremely formidable. The beasts’ mating period had absolutely no effect on him. After all, he was even able to get through the fierce ABO and sentinel/guide worlds. How could Sui Yuan, who had tempered himself, fall in the face of a trifling thing such as an animal’s mating season? cnwXRO

Therefore, Bai endured a tragedy in this manner. Only heaven knows how distressed he had once been over what he should do in order to not hurt the other’s feelings and tactfully reject him if Sui Yuan had come to woo him during his mating season, ne! In the end, the tables had turned, and now, the one who was being rejected and hurt was him!

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#May I ask, my partner has suffered trauma and has become sexually frigid. What should I do? I’m online. It’s urgent!#

Eve: Sorry, but I do find this hilarious. Poor baby SY is traumatized but he was literally the beauty who caused a great war. Sui Helen of Troy Yuan. Congratulations to you.


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