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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 17.8


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara fxWEdw

Bai looked at Sui Yuan, who was crouching and incessantly growling at him in provocation. Bai’s expression was helpless and indulgent. Although he didn’t really understand animals, fortunately, he had watched several episodes of “Animal World” before and knew that when animals fought for the position of chief or when fighting for a mate, even if they didn’t kill their opponent, they would fight with everything they have. In this case, getting injured was inevitable.

Although Bai really wished that he could do what his future partner wanted so as to make him happy, he absolutely could not do so. Even if the odds were low, if he happened to injure Sui Yuan, what would he do then? Bai didn’t want to go through that.

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He looked at the eager Sui Yuan apologetically. Bai walked over, stood before the other, got down on one knee, and grabbed the other’s paw, holding it up.

Sui Yuan stared blankly as the protagonist shou made his move. He wobbled for a bit before steadying himself. On three legs, he watched as the protagonist shou kissed his paw. etCXPK

Sui Yuan:“………………………………”

——W-wait a second. Why was this scene a little odd?

5237 silently turned its head away: “Mn…it’s indeed a bit odd. It’s like… he’s proposing to you?”

Sui Yuan:“………Hehe.”


“I won’t fight with you over the position of pack leader. If you want to be the chief, I will withdraw from the running and assist you wholeheartedly. How about it?” Bai spoke softly. He sighed with some feeling of regret as he looked at Sui Yuan’s dull yet baffled eyes.

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Thinking that Sui Yuan likely didn’t understand what he was saying, Bai imitated the beasts’ actions. He submissively lowered his body and head, making “wuwu” sounds, thereby repeating the posture that the other beasts had done for him.

At this time, Sui Yuan finally came out of shock. He angrily pulled his paw out of Bai’s hand and then rudely smacked it against the other’s face.

——He had already come up with no less than ten different ways to surreptitiously injure his own eye! However, the protagonist shou wasn’t even willing to fake this scene with him! Just where did the natural order of things go?! YQd42H

Sui Yuan fidgeted, impatiently circling around under Bai’s doting gaze. He tried all the beasts’ methods of provocation and actions that expressed a desire to fight, but who knew if it was because Bai didn’t understand or if he deliberately ignored them, but he stayed half-knelt in a subservient manner. Aside from moving his head slightly while tracking Sui Yuan’s movements, he didn’t show any indication of accepting the duel. Even when Sui Yuan pretended to pounce as if to tear at his throat, he did not waver in the least. He was a clear example of “Come hell or high water, I will stand firm!”

As time passed, the beasts, who had originally been nervous while watching this “duel for the position of chief,” all felt blinded—what duel, this was clearly just a couple flirting! They felt betrayed! The beasts began to yawn and lazily turned their heads away. The crowd began to disperse. They went to eat, drink, or rest, enjoying the cool air. They completely threw their new chief and his partner to one side.

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“I know that you want to rely on your own strength to gain the position of chief, but I have to apologize. I can’t fight you,” Kissing Sui Yuan’s soft ears, Bai caressed his fur, tone apologetic but still evidently pleased with himself, “Besides, I think that you’re also reluctant to fight me too, right? Just now, you had many opportunities to hurt me, but I wasn’t hurt at all. I think that we are of one mind.” iS0vrd

Sui Yuan:“………………………………”

——Hehe, protagonist shou, you’re simply overthinking matters!

Sui Yuan didn’t want to look at the protagonist shou’s expression of “believing his love was reciprocated.” He glared at Bai and then struggled out of the other’s hold. He then turned his head away resentfully. Meanwhile, Bai, who had just been disliked by his future partner, raised the corner of his lips into a smile. His gaze that he used to look at Sui Yuan grew even more deep. He just knew that his partner could understand him. Look, he just rolled his eyes and got angry at him. Simply too cute!

The protagonist shou was all excited on his own. Meanwhile, Sui Yuan was worried about what he should do next. He had already replaced the protagonist shou as the pack leader, and he also wasn’t injured. His strength was not in the least diminished either. What could he do to die a logical death during this upcoming winter, ne? dL3z16

Sui Yuan was wretched with anxiety while fretting over how he should go about dying. However, at the same time, he could not neglect his duty as the pack leader. Therefore, he led the pack to glory, just as Bai had in the original plot

Although Bai did not become the chief, he still gave it his all to further develop the pack. Or rather, for the sake of stabilizing Sui Yuan’s position as Chief and allowing him to have free time, he was even more hardworking than in the original plot. Fortunately, the simple and candid beasts did not understand how “a ruler will feel threatened if a minister’s accomplishments are too great” or what “making a ruler a figurehead” meant. Sui Yuan also had no fears regarding Bai’s high status amongst the pack. Sui Yuan, who didn’t even want to be the Chief, was naturally happy to be a freeloader and hand everything over to Bai to deal with. Meanwhile, he was just in charge of leading the pack to action after the other made decisions.

Towards Sui Yuan’s “unconditional trust,” Bai was naturally moved, and he believed that this was “proof” of Sui Yuan’s “feelings for him.” Like this, although the chief was different from the original, the pack still expanded as they had in the plot. They  expanded their territory, nibbling away at the territories of smaller animals.

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They would inevitably come into conflict with other groups of animals in their expansion of territory. Sui Yuan, who wanted to “follow in the footsteps of the former chief” and get “unfortunately” injured while saving his kin, fought on the front lines with high spirits every time, breaking through the enemy lines with a lot of energy. QvVOKI

Unfortunately, as their experience increased, the younger generations tempered themselves, becoming sharp and cunning. In addition, the combination of Bai’s brilliant commanding and Sui Yuan’s gallantry unexpectedly resulted in the pack never facing any great crises. Sui Yuan’s plans often failed. Furthermore, Bai was always protecting him from behind with his bow and arrows. Although he was injured often, he never suffered any life-threatening injuries. Under Bai’s wholehearted care, not even a single scar was left. On the contrary, their reputation resounded across the prairies. Whoever came across the pack would subconsciously give way. They absolutely did not dare cross swords with them.

“You little…you’re really giving your all, ah…” After another bout, Bai knelt on one knee by Sui Yuan’s side, dealing with his wounds while complaining to him, feeling both distressed and proud of him, “You’re the chief. You have to protect yourself. If something happens to you, what will the pack do, ne?”

Sui silently glanced at Bai, his azure eyes conveying, well, don’t we still have you?

Bai laughed in spite of himself, flicking Sui Yuan’s forehead, as if he was criticizing a child, “If something really happened to you, I won’t have any mind to manage the pack. Don’t push this onto me!” 9Is31A

Having interacted with Sui Yuan for so long, Bai felt like he and the other had already reached a state in which they needed no words to communicate. Although he didn’t know if this was just his wishful thinking, Bai still felt very satisfied with these circumstances.

Sui Yuan puffed air out of his nose and turned his head away, ignoring the other. As such, Bai just messed with the fur on Sui Yuan’s head and then stood up. He was reluctant to leave. However, after dealing with Sui Yuan’s injuries, he still needed to treat the other beasts.

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Sui Yuan cast a dissatisfied glance at Bai’s back and then shook his head, trying to tidy up his fur. It was just a pity that he was injured, so he didn’t dare to make too big a movement as that might cause his wound to reopen. He had no choice but to lower his head, conflicted, and try to fix it by rubbing it on the floor.

While fighting with his own fur, Sui Yuan opened up Zhao Xihe’s message and read up on the other’s situation. dIUu7a

Although Sui Yuan’s plot was a horrible mess, things were progressing quite well on Zhao Xihe’s end. He had already confirmed Mo Ziyou’s identity. However, he had also been discovered by the other. So, now, both parties were in a deadlock, neither with a way to capture the other. They could only wait for an opportunity.

What was expected was that this time, Mo Ziyou had not immediately escaped as he had the last two times. Like how Zhao Xihe had decided to get rid of him as soon as possible, Mo Ziyou also didn’t want to let go of this chance. Both of them seemed to have decided that they would determine the winner here, fight to their last breath. Thus, Sui Yuan couldn’t help but worry.

——No, he shouldn’t imagine such things. Otherwise, if he were to plant a FLAG, that would be terrible!

While Sui Yuan was distressed, a black silhouette suddenly covered him. A slender and powerful hand caressed the messy fur on his forehead. That same hand helped him tidy up his fur with a careless kind of strength. 0N28IP

Sui Yuan raised his head and saw the protagonist gong’s sharp face looking down at him. He couldn’t help but roll his eyes and avoid the other’s hand.

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It was just a pity that the protagonist gong was acting uncharacteristically today. He didn’t tease him. Instead, the hand on his head pushed down with more force, and the other arm wrapped around Sui Yuan’s neck, trapping him under his body.

Sui Yuan had a bad premonition. The hairs all over his body stood up.

Disregarding the fact that his wounds had yet to close or the fact that he was exhausted from the huge battle just now, Sui Yuan let out a low, menacing growl. A faint scent of blood effused into the air. However, Lei didn’t let go. Instead, this further piqued the desire and will to have his way that were reflected in his eyes. cb3WhV

At some unknown point in time, Lei had abandoned his human form and transformed back into his beast form. His sharp teeth bit into the flesh at Sui Yuan’s neck. Lei’s entire body was pressing down against Sui Yuan’s, and that scorching, hard organ was especially ostentatious in announcing its presence.

Sui Yuan wanted to fall apart! Although he had never done this kind of thing before with the beasts, he still understood what this meant. After all, he had seen a lot of male and female beasts do sexy things during the winter without any restraint, ne!

——Stop! Protagonist gong, let go of me! If you have something to say, use your words! QAQ

Probably because it was easy to reach one’s full potential in moments of danger, Sui Yuan’s body twisted in an inconceivable manner, and then, he bit Lei’s foreleg. His sharp teeth mercilessly tore through the other’s flesh, and fresh blood flowed into Sui Yuan’s mouth. This wasn’t because Lei wasn’t good enough to suppress Sui Yuan but rather because Sui Yuan was desperate. M0UDxJ

Lei was in pain and subconsciously withdrew, letting go of Sui Yuan. At this time, Sui Yuan naturally threw Lei off of himself, unrestrained. He created a distance between himself and the other, staying a safe distance away. He then growled at the other angrily in warning.

Lei twisted in the air and then lithely landed on his feet. He licked at his injured forelimb. His jade eyes were fixed on Sui Yuan as if he was looking at a tantalizing piece of meat he’d been longing after for a long time. Although his actions were a bit hindered by his wound, Lei had no intention to back down. Instead, he began to circle around Sui Yuan slowly as if determining from where he should launch his attack so as to conserve the most energy and time.

Sui Yuan also turned his body, matching Lei’s movements. He was ready to fight back at any time. Meanwhile, he was inwardly shouting at 5237 about why this was happening. Clearly, they were getting along very normally before. Why had the protagonist gong suddenly gone crazy?! Could it be that their domain expansion was too great that it had infuriated the other, so he had come to make trouble for the pack leader?

…However, even if he had wanted to pick a fight, couldn’t he have done it in a normal manner?! Sui Yuan had never heard of this kind of abnormal, outlandish method before! 2mHtnW

5237 was silent for a while as if looking up data. Very soon, it replied to Sui Yuan’s question quietly, “Different animals have different mating seasons. For example, animals like you have winter estrus periods. Meanwhile, animals like the protagonist gong…are currently in their mating season….”

Sui Yuan:“………………………………”

——Nothing will come out of an interspecies love! The mating seasons don’t even line up, how can one happily go steady?! Protagonist gong, qwuickly wake up!

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However, it was very clear that the protagonist gong would not wake up. Animals would lose themselves to their hormones during the mating season. They would only instinctively look for a target that they fancied and mate with them for the purposes of reproduction. The other isn’t willing? Then, beat them up until they’re willing! Whoever’s fist is the hardest is the boss. Furthermore, even if you lost, at least you would have no regrets. dDYCJO

While Sui Yuan and Lei were on the verge of fighting over Sui Yuan’s chastity, Bai, who had heard Sui Yuan’s angry howl, finally rushed over.

When he saw the scene before him, Bai was stunned. However, if Lei and Sui Yuan had a conflict, even if he didn’t really understand the situation, Bai would naturally be on Sui Yuan’s side. He held his weapon and stood in front of Sui Yuan, making his position clear as he faced Lei’s threat head on.

Seeing that Sui Yuan’s wound that he had just dealt with had reopened and was dripping blood, Bai felt distressed and unhappy. The gaze he used to look at Lei became even more unfriendly. Regardless of why the other and Sui Yuan had suddenly become hostile, it must have been Lei’s fault!

After seeing Bai adopt a protective stance, blocking Sui Yuan with his body, Lei’s expression became even more ruthless. He crouched down, muscles tense, adopting an offensive stance. Meanwhile, Bai also readied his weapon, showing no weakness. CMeQzP

In the next second, Lei pounced at Bai. Bai’s gaze suddenly froze when he saw that organ below the other’s abdomen once again announcing its presence. Immediately after, Bai’s face greyed upon understanding what had happened.

The knuckles of Bai, who had originally been planning on holding back, clenched so tightly that they began to turn white. When rivals-in-love met, they would both become even more enraged. When someone met with the culprit who had nearly forced their partner, they would want to tear them from limb to limb in an instant.

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——As for how he was a “fellow human” and “friend,” under these conditions, they meant nothing. No man could bear this injustice, ah!

Watching with a dumbfounded expression as the protagonist gong and shou “pointed their swords at each other” and fought to their last breath, Sui Yuan silently turned his head away and raised a paw to cover his eyes. 9sWzUJ

——He had already lost all hope. He really didn’t want to take even one more look. QAQ

Kara: Zhao Xihe, come back! Your lover’s “chastity” is at stake here!! LOL(; ̄д ̄)But seriously, hope we’ll see ZXH soon. Very interested in the other world right now, because I’m like SY and can’t even look at this love triangle mess anymore. (艸д゚*)



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