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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 17.5


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara eYS5mZ

The big cat, that had been lying on the rock, only quietly left after the protagonist shou had finished his appraisal of the items that were brought back and returned to the creek. Obviously, he didn’t want to be discovered by other people, especially the protagonist shou.

Sui Yuan watched the feline leave while Bai helped him comb out his fur, unknowing that he was being watched by a scheming, savage fellow. He couldn’t help but light a huge row of candles for the other in sympathy and pity.

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The protagonist shou, who felt his back go cold for some unknown reason: “…………………..????”

Facing the protagonist shou’s puzzled gaze, Sui Yuan suddenly felt a bit like he was the only sober one amongst a crowd of drunks. However, very soon after, his steps suddenly froze while he was relaxedly making his way back to the pack with Bai. Belatedly, Sui Yuan realized that it wasn’t just the protagonist shou, who was being watched by the protagonist gong, but he himself was also in danger. He couldn’t help but make a sad expression. 9eQO7K

The protagonist shou: …It seems like the gray pup has become weird after taking a bath. Did something happen?

Although the protagonist shou was very curious, he couldn’t even ask the other because of their language barrier. Fortunately, Sui Yuan came back to himself very quickly, throwing the protagonist gong, who watched them like a covetous tiger would at its prey, to one side. In any case, he was already used to this kind of thing, so he could continue to enjoy his animal life of carefully being taken care of.

Of course, after connecting with Zhao Xihe, Sui Yuan also told him what had happened as well as his doubts over whether the plot could neglect to mention something that would still affect the plot.

Zhao Xihe’s response was affirmative:【That is indeed possible. After all, the story was written from only one perspective. It’s very hard to see the overall picture. Thus, sometimes it can lead to misunderstandings for Actors, and we must deal with them carefully.】 57Mhqc

Sui Yuan’s ears flopped up and down helplessly. He wanted to continue complaining about the protagonist gong’s deep scheming nature, but unexpectedly, Zhao Xihe’s next message came very quickly. It was so fast that it seemed as if the other was afraid that if he was even the slightest bit too slow, something would happen: 【Since you’re being watched by the protagonist gong, don’t act alone for now. Stay with the pack. It’s not too late to wait until you’ve fully matured before beating him up again. After beating him up a few times, he won’t dare to hold any intentions towards you.】

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Sui Yuan:“…………………………”

Although he felt that Zhao Xihe’s suggestion was partly raised because he wanted to crack down on potential rivals-in-love, Sui Yuan still accepted it very happily. In any case, he was already planning on doing this.

Sui Yuan began to nag Bai to begin training, to learn about how the pack could use formations to deal with human-shaped enemies. After all, not long after, the protagonist gong would appear in his human form with identical weapons to the ones the protagonist shou had created. They needed to make preparations well in advance so that they would not suffer a loss from lack of experience. CSevO9

Aside from this, Sui Yuan did his best to stick with the pack, moving as one, so as to not give the big cat any chance to get him while alone. Only, the protagonist gong’s skill in hiding was very high, and he was especially good at finding a way to stick a needle through any crack. Even if Sui Yuan thought that he had taken good preventative measures, the other would always manage to break through any chink. This made Sui Yuan want to become directly hostile to the other several times.

Fortunately, the big cat knew that this was the territory of another group of animals, so his actions did not cross any lines. On the contrary, Sui Yuan, who would fly into a rage from humiliation, had no qualms in taking any opportunities to pounce on the other, making it so that the other had no choice but to run away with a miserable appearance. Unfortunately, the protagonist gong never learned his lesson. Instead, he became increasingly fond of coming over to provoke Sui Yuan. Unless they were interrupted by someone, he would tease Sui Yuan until the other burst into a rage.

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Before, winter had been very difficult for the pack. In the winter, everything was dead in the prairies. Prey were either already dead or had migrated or in hibernation. This meant that the pack had to rely on the fat that their bodies had stored  to slowly pass through this long winter. They would occasionally hunt small-sized prey like rabbits or rodents to fill their stomachs.

Only, now that they had the protagonist shou’s preparations, this winter was different.

Bai, who already foresaw the difficulties of winter, naturally made early preparations. He stored quite a number of dried vegetables and meat. He even planted some plants that could survive in the wintertime and raised a few small-sized prey with this vegetable garden of his. In addition, the fires he could light would be enough to fight off the cold. The pack, therefore, passed the winter days in great comfort and warmth. Even quite a few elderly beasts managed to survive even though they would have definitely died if this winter had been like before.

Bai was the benefactor of the entire pack, so he naturally received the best treatment. He was placed at the warmest spot in the cave and below his body was the thick fur of some other animal. Every time they ate, he would be the first to choose what he wanted to eat. What was left was fought over by the rest of the beasts. H15L W

Before they knew it, Bai’s status within the pack had already reached the peak. They even vaguely felt that he would become the next chief of the pack. Unfortunately, Bai didn’t care about the pack’s worship and deference at all, because what he was actually vexed about at this time was something that was about to topple his three view….

When one is warm and fed, that’s when sexual desires will make their appearance. The pack rarely went out to hunt in the winter. They would instead gather in twos or threes and inevitably begin to think about reproduction once satiated. After all, this was their instinct. When they had nothing to do in the winter, they would start courting (?) and do some sexy things. When the weather warmed and food became plenty again, the female beasts would be able to give birth to new pups, so as to increase the population of the pack.

Although Sui Yuan was not yet of age and thus did not have a rutting period, he was still naturally somewhat affected by the adult beasts’ actions. He subconsciously imitated the mother and father beasts’ actions as practice in courting behaviour.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There was no such thing as “puppy love” for the beasts. The senior beasts would very enthusiastically encourage their young to learn how to court mates. After all, aside from surviving, the next most important thing for the beasts was reproduction. The earlier they learned how to attract the other sex, the earlier they would leave behind offspring. ro76eG

As the strongest and the most beautiful of the pups, Sui Yuan naturally caught the attention of all the under-aged female pups. They would walk past him, eagerly showing off their pretty looks and their thick furs. Some even took the initiative to cuddle up close to him and intimately lick his fur. There were even a few females that began to fight with each other in order to gain Sui Yuan’s favour.

Although many other male beasts did their best to try to attract female beasts, so long as there was a single male beast that was too outstanding, he would naturally cause all the female beasts to pursue him.

Sui Yuan was very calm with regards to his popularity. Although his real self didn’t belong to any “species,” after experiencing so many worlds, he’d long since regarded himself as a human. Even if he was currently a beast on the outside, he would never actually assimilate to the beasts’ way of life.

Therefore, Sui Yuan very calmly allowed the female beasts to flirt with him, act cute, and fawn over him. However, he neither rejected them nor accepted them. However, if it was a crowd of human women that surrounded him, Sui Yuan knew that he probably would not have been able to act this calm and composed. Q3dHx

The plot didn’t say whether “Hui” ever mated with a female or left any offspring. Since it hadn’t mentioned it though, Sui Yuan very happily assumed it was a “no.”

To tell the truth, if it was anyone else but Zhao Xihe, Sui Yuan wouldn’t develop any urges towards the other party, let alone towards a group of animals.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was just a pity that although Sui Yuan was calm, that didn’t mean that others were just as calm.

Xiao Hei stared at the “lucky-in-love” Sui Yuan, who was surrounded by a crowd of beautiful little females, and couldn’t help but cry “wuwu” quietly. Meanwhile, Bai, who was leaning against the cave wall nearby, turned and gave him a glance, smiling, “What, are you jealous?” SO7XKw

Xiao Hei whined, placing his chin on his front paws sadly. He looked pained like there was nothing left to live for. He had tried to break through the crowd of females to get to Sui Yuan’s side, but he was beaten up by the female beasts, who were usually serene and gentle but currently extremely overbearing. He was scratched at so much that he had lost a fair amount of fur.

Bai stretched a hand out to rub Xiao Hei’s head and couldn’t help but want to laugh. However, at the same time, he was feeling all the more conflicted.

——This was because he discovered that he also did not like that the gray pup was being surrounded by the female pups. It felt as though the child he had put his heart and soul into raising had run away with someone else. It also felt a bit like jealousy from having one’s most important friend being stolen away…there was also an even deeper layer of emotion that Bai didn’t dare to think too much about.

He took such good care of the gray pup not only because he liked the other’s appearance but also more importantly because he wanted to repay the pup’s kindness. If it hadn’t been for the gray pup, Bai would not have been able to live until now. Now that he had a steady foot in this world, he would naturally want to repay this gratitude. 5ncwRo

However, emotions could change. His excessive concern towards the pup made Bai begin to view the pup as his pillar. He didn’t know how this change in feelings came to be, but perhaps it was a gradual change over this year. Or, perhaps he had been moved when the the little pup protected him against another beast’s fangs regardless of the danger it meant for itself. Who knew, ne? However, this change had already occurred, and Bai had no way to resist it.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

——If Sui Yuan knew what the protagonist shou was thinking, he would definitely go “hehe” in the other’s face. He would then give him the correct answer: it’s the halo’s influence.

While Bai was watching Sui Yuan with an extremely complicated gaze, trying to control his emotions, a female beast suddenly cozied up to his side.

This female beast was very beautiful, especially her azure eyes that were just like that of the gray pup. She was pure and docile, making Bai subconsciously fond of her. This was the first time a pup, aside from Sui Yuan and Xiao Hei, took the initiative to be friendly towards Bai. Although his position had steadily risen in the pack, the majority of the pups still couldn’t accept his “strange” appearance and subconsciously maintained a respectful distance from him. F1J2de

Now, everyone knew what it meant for a female beast to voluntarily scurry on over here in this cave that was full of the pink bubbles that came with the wooing season. They watched as the female beast stuck out her tongue and licked Bai’s slender and nimble fingers as if sounding him out. The wet and warm feeling immediately made Bai break out into goosebumps all over, and he retracted his hand instinctively, wiping it on the hide below him.

Sensing Bai’s rejection, the female beast looked disappointed but was not discouraged. She laid down close to Bai, looking at the other with admiration and dependence. Next, she tried to groom Bai—although Bai’s skin was pale and fair without even any baby hairs.

Bai felt very pressured. He had never thought that he would be wooed by a beast. He couldn’t accept being treated so intimately by a beast either— unless it was the gray pup. The only one Bai could accept acting intimate with was him.

After being rejected by Bai again, the female beast finally left, disappointed. Meanwhile, Bai had no intentions of comforting her, because he felt extremely conflicted and indecisive right now. jhHVAd

Bai didn’t know why he had transmigrated into a beast’s body, nor did he know why he had become human again. He was an outsider. Whether it was in outer appearances or spirit, he was different from the members of this pack, from the beings of this world. Right now, his “still young” comrades—specifically referring to the gray pup—could still stay by his side. However, once they grew up, the other would certainly create his own family with a female beast and have their own children. Then, what would he, who has lost his friend, do? Could he bear being alone for the rest of his life, unable to communicate with anyone, and then finally dying of old age, alone and helpless?

People are social creatures, and thus, Bai couldn’t imagine living alone for the rest of his life. He even felt some of his joy from having turned back into a human fade a bit. Instead, he began to wonder what it would have been like if he had stayed a beast.

——Perhaps he would have accepted his fate, ba? He might have learned to accept living an animal’s life and then chosen the most pleasing “comrade” who he could accept the most to become his partner. For example…the gray pup?

Only, animals weren’t humans. There was no such thing as “love” for them. They only had the instinct to procreate. Then, what would he do if his “mate” was seduced away by some female beast? H6pbDE

Bai, who had nothing to do anyway, began to imagine up all sorts of things. Of course, he would not actually act on these thoughts. Bai continued to daydream until Xiao Hei’s cry of surprise brought his mind, that had gone off to who knows where, back to reality.

Bai turned to look at Xiao Hei questioningly and immediately discovered that his own line of sight was odd. When he was a human, he towered over Xiao Hei. But right now, they were at the same level…Bai looked down and was stunned to see his own furry, snow-white body.


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——I was just thinking about it offhandedly, ah! It was really just an offhand thought! SOzsnx

Bai’s sudden transformation not only frightened himself but also caused an uproar within the pack. Even Sui Yuan looked at the protagonist shou in amazement. He was shocked that the other had silently turned back into a beast!

——You had to know that after the protagonist shou had become a human in his sleep, he continued on as a human for the rest of the story. The plot never mentioned anything about him turning back into a beast!

Although the beasts were restless after the change, they still found Bai’s beast form more acceptable and even preferred it, so they quickly calmed down and continued with their own affairs.

Bai walked around on his four legs a little awkwardly. After he quickly found that familiar feeling again, he looked in Sui Yuan’s direction, hesitant, expression conflicted. qyC39P

Sui Yuan wondered why Bai had suddenly returned to beast form. At the same time, Bai was wondering about it too. Only, compared to Sui Yuan, who had absolutely no clues, he had a faint conjecture. However, Bai was horrified and could not accept this conjecture of his.

The him of the past had always reminisced about his human form, longing to turn back into a human. Then, he had gotten what he wished for and stayed a human all this time. Just now, because he wished for the gray pup to stay by his side and because he was afraid of being alone, he imagined turning back into a beast. And, he succeeded….

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——He had wanted to turn back into a beast. He had wanted to overcome the differences in outer appearances and become partners with the gray pup. Although he didn’t want to do any shameful things like sexual acts, he really did want to live with the other for the rest of his life….

Bai looked like he was about to fall apart. Only if you worked hard and wished for something with all your heart would it come true. Could it be that he actually hadn’t been thinking about it offhandedly and wanted to spend the rest of his life with an animal?! BaxV0O

The pained protagonist shou felt his three views fall to the ground. He whimpered and silently buried his head under his front paws, ears drooping. For a moment, he was completely unable of accepting that his “wish” had come true.

Meanwhile, Sui Yuan, who was silently watching the protagonist shou nearby all this time, tilted his head, gazing at Xiao Hei questioningly, asking him what had happened to the protagonist shou just now, why he suddenly turned into his beast form, and why he looked like he was falling apart.

Xiao Hei gave an equally mystified gaze in return, shaking his head.

——Trying to see through the protagonist shou’s mind was like trying to find a needle at the bottom of the sea. You couldn’t, ah. ╮(╯▽╰)╭ 2rTI9U


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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  2. Hmmm. It’s probably because those that could transform to humans have the ability to shapeshift between their animal and human forms by just thinking which form they wanted to be in.

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