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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 17.3


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara gyicY7

Bai’s sudden transformation caused an eruption of unease and panic amongst the pack, but it was very quickly quelled by the beast elders. Although variant types were rare, and few survived, their existence was no secret. Under the elder’s consoling, the pups finally settled down and accepted this reality. Only, there was still rejection and wariness in their gazes towards Bai.

——Those who are not of our species definitely are not of one mind with us. It was like a white swan suddenly appeared amongst a group of wild ducks. Even if they knew the other was harmless and knew that this was no one’s fault, it was still impossible to get rid of the sudden feeling that the other was different.

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The beasts had their own language. Although it was very simple, it was enough to express particular meanings. Who knew if it was because he had turned into a beast, but despite Bai not specifically learning it, he was able to understand the meaning of the different calls the beasts made. Although he couldn’t really understand what natural types and variant types meant right now, he realized that the pack did not intend to chase him out like he was a monster, so he finally relaxed.

After confirming that Bai was harmless, the pack once again sunk into peaceful slumber. Only, the pups who were previously leaning against him to sleep kept a small distance between them and him. It was clear that they weren’t as close to him as before. fB2V6K

Bai was slightly disappointed, but this disappointment was very quickly expelled by the gray pup huddled by his side.

Actually, it wasn’t really appropriate to call him a pup anymore. The present Sui Yuan had already shed his soft cuteness of his juvenile stage. Although his body was not as strong and muscular as that of an adult, one could already see the might of a carnivore from his growing body.

He raised his paw and hesitatingly touched Bai’s finger, which was completely different from his own. He then tilted his head, looking very curious and earnest. Sui Yuan’s ears that trembled every now and then made Bai’s heart go soft, and he couldn’t help but reach out and lightly pinch them.

Sui Yuan was frightened and reflexively coiled back, wanting to pull out of Bai’s reach. However, he didn’t expect that the other did not plan on letting him go and would instead directly bend his arm, wrapping it around Sui Yuan’s neck. Bai then pulled him into his embrace. MdxfW4

Sui Yuan, who “had never been treated like this before,” subconsciously struggled. However, although he hadn’t used any real strength, his paws left red claw marks on Bai’s tender skin. Although he didn’t actually tear open the skin, it was still very frightening to look at.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sui Yuan froze, and he nervously glanced at Bai. Afterwards, he guiltily lapped at the scratch marks on the other’s skin under Bai’s gentle gaze.

Bai’s expression softened even more. He hooked an arm around Sui Yuan’s body to hold him in place. He then used his other hand to pet Sui Yuan from his back down to his tail. Although he never raised a dog while he was human before he transmigrated, he had seen other people pet them like this before. This action immediately made Sui Yuan fall limp in comfort, and he decided he couldn’t be bothered with struggling.

Seeing the lovable little beast narrowed its eyes while meekly laying in his arms, tail lazily swaying back and forth, Bai also felt sleepy and calm. He straightforwardly held the other tightly in his arms and closed his eyes. Although he didn’t have any fur to cover his body, and it was difficult to maintain warmth with bare skin, the little gray beast in his arms was nice and warm like a stove, dispersing the night’s cold air. AdV9p5

Bai originally thought that he wouldn’t be able to sleep. After all, he had suddenly transformed back into a human, so he would probably feel very restless. Unexpectedly, he very quickly became infected by Sui Yuan’s sleepiness and felt drowsy. He slept while hugging the other until the next morning. He was then awoken by the little beast, who was trying to escape his embrace.

Bai, who woke up to that pair of discontented azure eyes which were urging him to move, subconsciously smiled, “Morning, ah~”

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Sui Yuan, who hadn’t heard human speech in a long time, was startled. He looked at Bai, not understanding. Meanwhile, Bai also realized that he had unexpectedly spoken his original language to a beast of this other world so naturally, so he also felt dumbfounded.

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Habits are a thing to be feared. When the protagonist shou realized that he had nearly stuck out his own tongue to lick the other in return, he felt like he had been struck by lightning. Instantly, he was no longer in the mood to miss his family.

Bai felt very depressed. He had unexpectedly changed in his time as a beast. Even after becoming human again, he found it difficult to escape from his habits as a beast.

——He could just barely accept licking others when he was in his beast form. Now that he was in his human form, he didn’t want to help the other groom at all. Just imagining that scene made him want to kneel, OK?!

The protagonist shou, who felt depressed from the world’s malice, was rather muddle-headed since waking up. He decided that he needed to once again find the integrity of a human being and absolutely could not “follow the bad example” of the beasts. As such, the first difference between humans and beasts that he had to tackle was that as a human, he had to find some clothes to cover his naked body or at least just the most important male part. Even though this world had no being capable of understanding his actions. nBEkJU

The protagonist shou, who found it intolerable to walk around with his dick hanging out, solemnly declined Sui Yuan’s invitation to go hunting together. He then bent down to rub the other’s head and seriously explained to the other, whose expression was full of concern and befuddlement, “I have to find something to hide this.”

While saying this, he raised a hand and covered his “little brother” in an indicating manner.

Sui Yuan, who felt like he had been blinded:“…………………………”

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——Enough! Protagonist shou, I understand what you’re saying! Please don’t magnify the existence of your “little brother,” thank you very much! lMhcyq

Resisting his urge to cover his eyes with his paw, Sui Yuan tilted his head, expression blank, as he waved his tail. After confirming again that the protagonist shou would not be participating in “play hunting,” he turned around and left in disappointment.

Meanwhile, Xiao Hei, who was watching this scene for a long time but did not dare to get close, instantly scuttled to Sui Yuan’s side. He excitedly turned around, shouting “wuwu,” extremely thrilled, with an appearance of “Boss completely belongs to me now. No one will fight me for his affection anymore. This is too great!”

The protagonist shou donning a fake smile: …Hehe, I’ll let this youngster be happy for today. Just you wait until Laozi has found clothes. I’ll come back and teach you what striving for affection really looks like!

Sui Yuan went with Xiao Hei to hunt, looking back every now and then. His attention was all on the protagonist shou throughout the hunt. DF cyk

In the plot, the first time that the protagonist shou turned into a human, he encountered a small crisis. When he was away from the pack, looking for something suitable to cover himself with, he was accidentally attacked by other beasts. The protagonist shou did not have sharp teeth or claws in his human form nor had he ever learned any self-defense. Furthermore, he did not have any weapons, so he naturally had no way to defeat his enemies. He could only call for help while escaping miserably. Only when he was battered and bruised and on the brink of death did he hear Hui, who had come to save him.

After experiencing this, the protagonist shou finally rid himself of the satisfaction of having returned to his human form and adopted a new stance. He worked hard to create all sorts of weapons with great destructive power. In the end, he transformed from a powerless, bottom-ranking sitting duck to the pack’s unrivalled leader who could awe them all with his strength.

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If Hui hadn’t saved him in time, the protagonist shou, Bai might die today. Sui Yuan, who shouldered this heavy responsibility, naturally did not dare to be careless in the least. Even when he was hunting with Xiao Hei, he kept his ears perked and vigilantly listened for the call for help that could come at any time.

Sui Yuan’s absentmindedness was noticed by Xiao Hei. Xiao Hei stopped and knocked his head against Sui Yuan in discontent. His eyes reflected how wronged he felt. However, before Sui Yuan could comfort him, he heard a human cry of alarm. RZ5BJW

Immediately, Sui Yuan tossed Xiao Hei to the side and raised his head, alert. He confirmed the direction from which the sound was coming from with his ears. Although Xiao Hei didn’t understand what the sound meant, he knew that there was fear inside of it.

After very rapidly determining the protagonist shou’s position, Sui Yuan shot ahead like an arrow. Xiao Hei also followed after. Unfortunately, his speed was a bit slower than Sui Yuan, and he was left behind very quickly.

The protagonist shou had encountered danger. Sui Yuan was afraid that if he was too slow, he wouldn’t be able to “save the beauty.” Fortunately, when he rushed out from the thicket, he made it in time to see that the protagonist shou had just tripped over some roots in his panic and had yet to run off. Meanwhile, a large feline was just about to take this opportunity to pounce at him.

Sui Yuan felt the urgency of the situation. He pushed off with his hind legs and flew through the air, accurately pouncing on the feline. His sharp teeth pierced the other’s skin, ruthlessly tearing at its neck. n60Uro

The feline that was excited that it was about to catch some prey did not expect that it would be hunted itself. It was caught unprepared by Sui Yuan. It growled and twisted its body, wanting to escape, but didn’t expect that this young pup would unexpectedly be so fierce. Even when the feline fought back and slammed the pup against the ground heavily, the pup did not let go. On the contrary, the pup bit into it even more ruthlessly.

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Bai, who had yet to calm down from his panicked state, watched as Sui Yuan and the feline rolled around. He was dumbfounded! This was no game but a matter of life and death. There was the snarls of the beasts, the spray of blood, the glaring wounds, the bloody scent that filled his nose…everything clashed with what Bai was used to in his original world. It made him truly understand the cruelty and danger of the wilderness.

It wasn’t even Bai’s first time seeing a hunt. Not only did he see it before, but he had also personally led a few hunts, so he naturally wasn’t some soft-hearted, charitable person. However, during all of those times, Bai stood as a predator. Even if he failed, at most, he would go hungry for a bit. His life was never in danger. However, right now was different. He and Sui Yuan were the hunted. The feline had entered adulthood a long time again, and its experience was abundant. Meanwhile, Sui Yuan had just come of age. Regardless of whether it was strength or stamina, he was at a disadvantage. If he lost, what likely awaited him would be death.

In the beginning, Sui Yuan held the advantageous position and was able to keep it up for a bit. However, as the battle continued, the feline very quickly made a counterattack. Little by little, he was pushed back. 9503cD

Bai felt extremely anxious while watching, but he had no way of helping. Right now, he was not armed and completely defenseless. Aside from being a burden, he couldn’t do anything else. He hated this fact so much; his chest was burning with rage.

Every new injury to Sui Yuan’s body made his eyes even more red. Fortunately, just when Bai almost lost control of himself and went to directly pounce on the enemy to take it down with him, Xiao Hei finally rushed over, panting.

Seeing that back-up had arrived, although it was just another young pup, the feline, also battered and tired, realized that it should not continue fighting. The beasts had no sense of dented egos. They were more prone to judge things by the situation. They knew how to discern the pros and cons of their actions.

Originally, it had just wanted to hunt this seemingly powerless prey. It was already bad enough that it ended up like this. It didn’t want this to end up with both sides suffering. In any case, there was plenty of other prey. It didn’t need to worry that it would starve after throwing this one prey away. eGa6KB

The feline arched its body, pretending that it was going to attack. When Sui Yuan tried to dodge, it suddenly leapt away and escaped. Then, it gazed profoundly at Sui Yuan, who was already exhausted but showed no cowardice or intention to retreat. It then quickly disappeared into the forest.

Xiao Hei quickly rushed over to Sui Yuan’s side, and together, they stared in the direction the enemy had disappeared to. When they confirmed that the other had indeed left and was not quietly hiding and waiting for a chance, the two of them relaxed.

After this fierce battle, Sui Yuan, who had not exercised in a long time, felt physically and emotionally exhausted. After his taut nerves relaxed, what he felt was intense pain and the powerlessness of his body. Sui Yuan staggered for a while, trying to maintain his stance. He turned to check up on the protagonist shou’s condition, but in the next second, he was pulled into a deathly-tight embrace by Bai, who was choked with emotion.

Sui Yuan sucked in a cold breath when his wounds were touched. However, he could feel his fur gradually dampen from the other’s tears, so he resentfully stiffened his body and did not try to escape from Bai’s embrace. Rq5T1A

Xiao Hei cried “wuwu” while circling around them and would occasionally lap at Sui Yuan’s wounds. Meanwhile, Sui Yuan blinked at him, expression that it was nothing serious.

The emotions of animals were not as enriched as that of humans. To beasts, it was normal to get injured. Unless it was an injury that they would never completely heal from and would affect their movements, they would not care too much.

After confirming that it was just a flesh wound, Xiao Hei finally felt at ease. Sui Yuan waited until the protagonist shou’s outburst of emotions had calmed down before twisting his body, telling the other to let go of him. He then urged him to quickly return to the pack—who knew what other dangers would await, ne? It was only after returning to one’s own territory that one would be truly safe.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Bai obviously understood this. He did not dare tarry any longer and decisively reached out to carry Sui Yuan. OEBRQk

Sui Yuan, who was so shocked that his expression cracked:“………………!!!!!”

“Don’t move. I’ll carry you back. You’re hurt. If you move, you’ll worsen your wounds,” Feeling Sui Yuan struggle, Bai’s arms tightened. His hold was both soothing and unyielding. Fortunately, although his appearance made him look weak, his strength and stamina was as good as when he was in his beast form. In addition, Sui Yuan had yet to fully become an adult, so he was not that heavy.

Without Sui Yuan, this injured party, slowing them down, they returned to the pack fairly quickly. When they saw the battered and weary Sui Yuan, the female beasts did not make a fuss. They only very nimbly brought him some vegetation and told him that it could help him heal.

Bai naturally took the task of helping Sui Yuan apply medicine. Human hands were much more agile than that of beasts. Bai very quickly washed and mashed the medicinal herbs. He then very carefully applied it to Sui Yuan’s wounds. His gentle movements did not make Sui Yuan feel unwell at all. Lp9zUi

After dealing with the wounds, Bai sighed in relief. He sat close to Sui Yuan, a face full of regret and self-blame, as he caressed the uninjured fur, “…Sorry. I thought too highly of myself. I wasn’t careful enough, causing you to get such serious injuries.”

Sui Yuan felt great being petted like this. Seeing how conflicted the protagonist shou felt though, he straightforwardly lowered himself to lick the protagonist shou’s hand when the other was scratching his chin.

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When he felt Sui Yuan’s comfort, Bai finally showed his first smile since the attack. He carefully helped Sui Yuan into a more comfortable position, letting him rest his head on his knee, “I will learn from this. Although I don’t have sharp teeth or claws, I can create weapons. What should I make first? A knife? A bone knife or a bone thorn?”

Sui Yuan listened to the protagonist shou babble on about weaponry design. However, he really wanted to ask the other a question—although making weapons was important, what about clothes, ne? Protagonist shou, don’t you see that your little brother is still hanging out? Even if you don’t plan on making clothes, can I change positions? Even if I’m an animal right now, I’m directly facing your little brother. It’s making me feel very conflicted, ah…. WdXEHj

——This was the first time that Sui Yuan realized the importance of clothes, or rather, the importance of pants.

5237, who turned its face around in pain, unable to continue looking: “…………………………”

——It didn’t know why, but it really wanted to take a picture of this scene and send it to Zhao Xihe dada, ne….→_→

Eve: Zhao Xihe would choke on blood and die from anger on the spot if he knew about this. I’m also laughing about how sweet this was until SY was like, bruh. Get yer dick outta my face. nKdGmE

Kara: LOLOL ZXH would probably be like: Sui Yuan can only have my dick near his face!! (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

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