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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 17.2


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara 76lmAi

Since Sui Yuan helped Xiao Hei—the black pup—by giving him a taste of new food, the little black pup had abandoned breast milk without looking back and threw itself to meat.

Pups who ate meat developed better. They were plump and strong. In contrast, even Xiao Hei, the healthiest of the breast-fed pups, was evidently weaker than those who ate meat. It was just that this fellow was a troublemaker by nature. Thus, even if he was faced with a stronger foe, he would not compromise nor back down. In the end, he would always cry “wuwu” while running over to complain to Sui Yuan, looking sad and miserable from being bullied.

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Sui Yuan could never take his nagging. Most of the time, he would help the other pup, relying on his strong physique and variety (?) of combative skills. He would happily beat up the little friends who had started a feud with Xiao Hei, which caused Xiao Hei’s worship and dependence on him to grow.

Over the course of time, Sui Yuan established his position as the leader of the pups, all of whom would follow his lead. As for the protagonist shou, Bai, under Sui Yuan’s protection, he lived wonderfully as he was able to wean to his satisfaction every day. His originally weak body became much healthier, and his fur regained its lustre. In addition, because Bai liked cleanliness, from far away, he looked like a snowy white pom pom, making him very endearing. TvIfsd

Perhaps it was because he imprinted on him like a little duck, but Bai became closer and closer to Sui Yuan with each day. Before, it was always Sui Yuan who took the initiative to come over to Bai in order to better their relationship. Now, it was mostly Bai who took the initiative to look for Sui Yuan. It was almost like he would feel uneasy if he wasn’t stuck to him.

Compared to Xiao Hei’s lively nature, Bai was much more quiet and lovable. He never engaged in the “rough and tumble play” with the other pups. He would only lazily lie on the straw by himself, looking like everyone else was crazily drunk, and he was the only sober person, while thinking “you silly young ones.”

Only when Sui Yuan returned after triumphing over another fellow would Bai get up and meet him, helping him tidy up his messy fur. However, this indulgent and doting behaviour made Sui Yuan feel very conflicted.

——Only, right now, he was acting as a little pup, who knew nothing. It was reasonable that he would be treated as a beloved pet by the protagonist shou, ba? DKp7MR

The infantile period inside of the cave passed by very peacefully. Every day, they ate, drank, and fooled around. The days passed by very quickly.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Finally, when the pups all shed their baby fur and the tormenting drought finally reached its end as the prairies gradually came back to life from the rain, the pups were given permission to leave the cramped cave with the grown ups. As such, the pups all happily ran around the grasslands, cheering jubilantly.

The prairie was full of life during its rainy season. All sorts of insects and little prey animals came and went through the vegetation, attracting the attention of the pups. Under their mothers’ guidance and protection, the pups stumbled about, relying on their instincts to learn how to hunt. As for the protagonist shou, Bai, he first needed to learn how to run as well.

The method of moving four limbs versus two limbs was completely different. It was fine when he was walking normally, but once he began to run, Bai would always trip over his two extra appendages when needing to suddenly change directions, causing him to fall flat on his face. Z9sNLj

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Djl rlvf-fsfv tlw jcv rtbbx tlr oeg bea. Lf tjv bglulcjiis kjcafv ab mgjki yjmx ab tlr offa ilxf cbatlcu tjqqfcfv. Lbkfnfg, ktfc tf cbalmfv Vel Tejc, ktb kjr rajcvlcu cfjgys, tf revvfcis jyjcvbcfv tlr bglulcji qijc jcv ktlwqfgfv jr lo jrxlcu obg mbwobga.

Sui Yuan, who was silently watching everything:“…………………………”

——Protagonist shou, where has your dignity as a human being gone?! You are unexpectedly acting like a spoiled child to a little animal who is “younger” than you are. Is your integrity still OK?! sE3oTf

Without waiting for the stunned Sui Yuan to make his decision, Xiao Hei was immediately done with him. This idiot, who can’t even run, dared to act spoiled with his family’s Boss! This was simply unbearable! Xiao Hei growled and stomped his back foot, pouncing over to Bai. Bai was caught unprepared and ended up rolling down the grass slope.

Sui Yuan shifted his body and followed the intertwined white and black fur ball that rolled down the slope until the two of them broke apart, both of them panting with their heads swaying from dizziness. Sui Yuan then silently turned his head away and left. He didn’t want his IQ to drop to these guys’ levels!

Seeing how Sui Yuan had so callously and unfeelingly abandoned them, Xiao Hei whimpered and got up. He originally planned on following after Sui Yuan, but Bai had quickly pressed down on his tail. Although he didn’t want to rival for Sui Yuan’s affections with this low IQ pup, Bai felt that he needed to establish his position and teach the other a lesson. Otherwise, in the future, before he could cultivate their relationship by cozying up to Sui Yuan, he will be interrupted by this shining light bulb. No one could bear with that!

Thus, when Sui Yuan had the fortune to capture some prey under his mother’s guidance and was busy taking a few bites, he noticed Xiao Hei’s late arrival. Xiao Hei walked by weakly, his fur ruffled in all directions. He had obviously been taught a lesson by someone. 8QoMkU

What was unexpected was that Xiao Hei didn’t come up to him and ask him to take revenge for him. He only gazed at Sui Yuan longingly before sitting to one side, looking wronged while he licked his own “wounds.” Meanwhile, although Sui Yuan found it odd, he was too lazy to pay any attention to him. After confirming that the other did not intend to come over, he stopped paying any attention to him and continued to tear at his prey.

Young Xiao Hei, who was pretending to be pitiful, crushed and defeated: “…………………………QAQ”

Sui Yuan, who had been ignoring Xiao Hei, had only eaten a few bites when a white fluff ball appeared by his side. Sui Yuan looked at the protagonist shou, who looked rather dishevelled, and subconsciously reached out with his paw to push the prey under his mouth before the other. He had always attended to the matter of the protagonist shou’s meals. Sui Yuan felt like this had become a conditioned reflex!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The protagonist shou, who was used to Sui Yuan’s care, naturally showed no modesty. Bai’s scuffle with Xiao Hei just now had indeed exhausted his energy, and he needed food to replenish it. However, he didn’t know why, but he really liked the feeling of having his head touch the gray pup’s head while they ate together. It was enough to make the bloody raw meat somewhat less unpalatable. Qtlj52

Sui Yuan and the protagonist shou very quickly finished eating the prey. They then lazily curled up together and took a nap with their sated stomachs. However, Bai had just fought, so he was still pumped up. He couldn’t help but circle Sui Yuan a few times before finding a suitable position to lie down. He then leisurely began to groom Sui Yuan’s fur. Now, he had learned the proper way to groom and would not “spit” anymore.

Sui Yuan felt very good, being groomed. He couldn’t help but cooperate with the other’s actions, flipping over and spreading out his limbs so that he could enjoy it to the fullest. The warm tongue gently slid down his back, his neck, his chest…and finally gradually slid down to his abdomen.

Sui Yuan, who originally had his eyes narrowed and was about to fall asleep, suddenly quivered. He shifted his waist to dodge the other and vigilantly glared at the protagonist shou, who was donning an innocent reaction. Only after a long time did he relax and yawn again. Meanwhile, the protagonist shou, who “didn’t know what just happened,” also moved his body to Sui Yuan’s side and rested his chin on his paws in a docile and intimate manner.

Seeing that Bai wasn’t going to make any more unnecessary actions, Sui Yuan finally put down his guard and loosened up his body. He squinted his eyes. Although the waist area was “sensitive,” he had indeed overthought matters. After all, he was still just a little pup! His reproductive organs had yet to develop. Even if it was licked, he wouldn’t feel much. Furthermore, wild animals would not have any feelings of shame. It wasn’t anything strange for it to be licked at while grooming. 3xIOf

Besides, even if the protagonist shou had become an animal, his values as a human being would prevent him from doing naughty things with an animal. See how long he struggled before he could accept being with the protagonist gong, even though the other could turn into human form like him? Even if the protagonist shou did anything now, it was probably akin to the typical curiosity and playfulness an owner would have while playing with their pet. He did not need to be on guard at all.

However, what Sui Yuan didn’t see was that after he closed his eyes, the protagonist shou shot him a profound glance.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Bai had long since thought that the gray pup beside him was different. He was unlike the other pups, who only knew how to steal food and didn’t know how to share. He even took care of him for some baffling reason. It could be said that Bai was completely reliant on the gray pup for survival.

Although the gray pup was no different from the other pups in terms of mannerisms or bearing, and it might just be his intuition speaking, Bai thought that this fellow was quite abnormal. It seemed like he was the only one in this world who could truly interact with Bai; it was only him who understood what he was thinking. Even if Bai did anything odd, the gray pup would not look at him like he was a strange being. O gu02

Wild animals had no sense of shame. Bai had seen quite a few little ones mutually grooming each other’s fur in that area. In the pups’ eyes, licking there was no different from licking the fur on the back or neck area. However, the gray pup obviously didn’t feel the same. He would become guarded and refuse grooming in that area. This made Bai unable to control his excitement. However, even he didn’t quite understand why he was excited over this. Even if the gray pup wasn’t normal, he couldn’t possibly have been a human once like him, ba? If that’s the case, what’s with this sense of belonging and comradery that he felt?

Bai did not let his thoughts show on his face nor did he try to communicate with Sui Yuan. Sui Yuan naturally also threw this matter to the back of his head and continued to live his pup life cheerfully. Since being defeated by Bai with his cunning human tactics, Young Xiao Hei was much more lovable and would no longer provoke him for no reason. Of course, he would still occasionally fight for favour with his little tricks.

Since Bai had learned how to run, he very quickly joined in on Sui Yuan’s group’s “play-hunting.” Furthermore, he relied on his keen insight and decision-making skills that far surpassed other pups’ to direct the group and  successfully “surround and capture” quite a number of small-sized prey. This caused the other pups to be won over by his arrangements, thereby allowing Bai to quickly steady his standing.

Sui Yuan was strong, so he was in charge of rushing in and breaking the enemy lines. He was the best hunter. Meanwhile, although Bai’s strength could not compare, and his hunting skills weren’t high enough, he was smart. His traps always left the prey with no escape route, which meant that they had no choice but to wait for death. This greatly increased their hunting efficiency. As for Xiao Hei, Sui Yuan and Bai’s best helper, he could faithfully execute the plans and assist Sui Yuan when needed. He was not afraid of working hard and was always full of energy. dmO8Wh

Regardless of whether the other members of their hunting group came and went, so long as the three of them were there, it was like there was nothing they couldn’t do.

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Gradually, the adult beasts also noticed the excellence of this three-member group, and they began to teach them with all their hearts. Bai gradually shed his position as the one who used to be ignored by the mother beasts and began to truly integrate himself into the pack.

From “play-hunting” to observing how the adult animals actually surrounded and captured prey, the pups quickly grew up and began to grasp how they could contribute to the pack. Meanwhile, Sui Yuan was naturally the best of them. While the other pups were still learning how to hunt small-sized prey, he was already heading out to catch large prey with the rest of the adults.

Of course, while properly setting up his life, Sui Yuan did not forget to connect with Zhao Xihe via 5237 to learn about the circumstances on the other side. Because of the barrier between worlds and because time flowed differently, they could only send written messages to pass information to each other. There was no way to communicate face-to-face. zsdRCj

Zhao Xihe was in a turbulent world, full of many feudal lords vying for power. He had already stabilized his standing and controlled quite a few powers. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any of the crucial information regarding Mo Ziyou, so Zhao Xihe did not dare to act. He could only wait and see.

When he heard about Sui Yuan’s circumstances, Zhao Xihe felt very relieved. Firstly, this world was always very peaceful and did not pose any danger to Sui Yuan. Secondly, he was a natural type who could not turn into a human. That annoying halo’s effect should be reduced…ba?

After ending his communications with Zhao Xihe, Sui Yuan yawned, feeling at ease. He was planning on shutting his eyes and sleeping when he suddenly discovered that Bai, who was beside him, was slightly feverish.

Sui Yuan turned to look at the other nervously. After all, animals didn’t have any medical systems. If they fell ill, they simply had to rely on their immune systems to get better. Even if Bai had a protagonist halo and would not die so easily, if he really were to fall sick, he might end up half-dead. x9dGog

Sui Yuan poked Bai with his nose, wanting to wake the other up. After all, Bai used to be human. He understood what being sick meant, so he would probably know how to deal with it. Only, no matter how hard Sui Yuan tried to wake him up, Bai did not move at all. Instead, he accidentally woke up Xiao Hei, who was close by. Xiao Hei squinted as he looked at Sui Yuan and Bai’s direction, perplexed.

While Sui Yuan was pondering about whether he should go look for his mother for help, the white pup suddenly changed. His four limbs lengthened, and his white fur disappeared, revealing pale, bare skin. Although he was prepared for this, the sudden change to human form made Sui Yuan blank out. Only after a while did he react.

——Yi? They reached the human transformation point quite fast, ah?

Sui Yuan and young Xiao Hei stared stupidly at Bai, who had transformed from his beast form to human form. He was a delicate and pretty youth. His features were still childish. Since he was the protagonist shou, Bai’s outer appearance naturally could not be bad. Only, to Xiao Hei who had never seen a human form before, this transformation from a beast form to something that was clearly not a “beast” was a bit unbearable. LMmoPN

Xiao Hei shrieked as if someone had stepped on his tail, immediately waking all the other animals in the cave. After all, animals had to be on guard even while sleeping and would awaken to the slightest noise as they could be facing an enemy’s attack.

Bai was also awoken from this sharp call. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw all the animals in the cave looking at him with vigilance as if they had just seen a ghost. Inevitably, he could only stare back blankly for a moment. Soon after, he quickly discovered the change in his condition. He had human legs, human hands, and a human torso….

Bai raised his hands to touch his smooth face and the familiar human features on it. He had mixed feelings of grief and joy inside.

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——He had transformed back into a human, but…it seemed that it was not quite well-received amongst his pack….He subconsciously turned to look at the gray pup. He saw that there was shock and worry in those azure eyes, but there was no rejection. rq 6Yk

Immediately, Bai’s tumultuous feelings calmed down. Even if the situation seemed terrible at present, he couldn’t help but smile.

Eve: I wonder if SY will somehow get a human form. Bai is so cute I kind of want to see him courting SY.

Kara: Ah…healing…(❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* This low-stress world is so nice: everyone is so cute, but why do I feel like it will not stay this peaceful? (゚Д゚||)


Translator's Note

Xiao, for little, Hei for black

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  1. ((Eve : Bai is so cute I kind of want to see him courting SY.)) OMG ME TOO ❣️❣️❣️

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  2. So many cute puppies! It reminds me of Warriors, a book series staring feral cats. I love this arc already!

    Heheh…. Zhao Xihe let down his guard because the MC is a canine. Doesn’t he remember what he wanted to do with that canine in a previous world?