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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 17.10


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara Qgj5Y2

Apologies for no chapter yesterday! Because I accidentally scheduled two releases two days ago, we were ahead of schedule. This chapter wasn’t ready for release yesterday so I decided to wait until today. Thank you for your understanding <3

For the entire winter, Bai tried all sorts of methods but was still unable to successfully get rid of his lover’s psychological shadow that was causing his sexual frigidity. Instead, he made the other even more vigilant and dismayed. Meanwhile, the dense erotic atmosphere within the cave made him extremely fretful.

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Although poor Bai hadn’t had any girlfriends or boyfriends in his previous world despite his assets and features not being bad, even if he saw other people showing PDA, he hadn’t cared. Now, after he had transmigrated into a world without humans and even had a partner, he finally got a profound taste of how depressing it felt to be a “single dog.”  These kind of circumstances really made people dizzy.

After the winter passed, the female beasts’ stomachs were once again bulging. Then, when the snow melted, and the pack ate a feast, they unexpectedly welcomed an uninvited guest. CnyPY8

When Bai, who had been using his beast form to pander to Sui Yuan, saw Lei slowly stroll over, he didn’t even bother to change back into his human form. He quickly jumped in front of Sui Yuan and growled menacingly. Meanwhile, Lei glanced at Sui Yuan and then obediently stopped a few paces away from the other, uncharacteristically obedient. He then bent over and placed the fluffy ball he was holding down on the ground.

Bai and Sui Yuan both widened their eyes that were following Lei’s actions. That fluffy ball was actually a newborn, who was just about ready to be weaned. Of course, that wasn’t the important part. The important part was that he had a round cat face, but his tail was like that of a canine as it swished about very happily.

Immediately, Bai and Sui Yuan’s expressions cracked.

——This was a hybrid, ba? A hybrid between their respective groups? This kind of hybrid was born and even healthy? You’re joking, ba?! What happened to reproductive isolation, ne?! What happened to having different mating periods, ne?! How had this little child come to be?! Moreover, weren’t we at war before? You were all fighting, fighting, and then popped out a child—is there really no problem with this?! eEsfwZ

Inside of Sui Yuan’s mind was a barrage of shouts. Likewise, Bai had also been unprepared for Lei’s surprise attack and immediately turned into his human form, “Wait. What is this?!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Lei, blinking innocently, squatted down by the little one, who was standing a bit unsteady, “The child of one of my group members.”

“…I know he’s one of your group’s children,” Bai covered his face, expression conflicted, “But…how was he born? Who is his father?”

Lei shook his head, replying rather perfunctorily, “Don’t know. You can ask around,” Following this, he stared at Sui Yuan eagerly with a fawning expression, “Do you like him? If we have a child, they’d look like this.” ZROgCF

Sui Yuan was stupefied and looked at Lei while crumbling inside. If it wasn’t because he couldn’t, Sui Yuan would have really grabbed Lei by his animal hide clothes and spat out: Our child?! Who’s gonna give birth?! You?!

Obviously, Bai was in complete shock over Lei’s shameless words. Although a mixed child was indeed a strange kind of cute, he still firmly pushed him into Lei’s arms, “Watch over your group’s child properly! Don’t randomly give him to us!”

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Bai, who was struck dumb by Lei’s shamelessness: “…………………………” FvM07q

Sui Yuan, who was completely numb and didn’t want to get involved with anything: “…………………………”

While the three people had sunk into silence for the nth time, Xiao Hei suddenly ran over, panting. He stared at Lei’s arms with eager eyes and circled around him impatiently.

Sui Yuan and co. silently stared at Xiao Hei, who was scrambling about. They all felt incredulous, and they suddenly understood. Bai squatted down and grabbed Xiao Hei by the neck, “Could this be your child?”

Xiao Hei whimpered “wuwu,” dropping his ears down, rather conflicted. 0HmdYn

Bai reached out to Lei. Although Lei wasn’t willing, he still gave the little thing over to Bai. Seeing the slightly odd-looking pup before him, Xiao Hei was obviously excited. The pup also seemed to have sensed a familiar scent and stumbled towards Xiao Hei. Xiao Hei then picked up the pup with his mouth and intimately began to groom him.

Although this scene of a father and son having a reunion was very moving, the three other people obviously remained unmoved. Lei was just unhappy that his “adopted son” had found his father, and it seemed like their relationship was rather harmonious. Meanwhile, Bai and Sui Yuan still couldn’t accept this.

“No wonder…I was wondering why Xiao Hei was so calm and hadn’t been circling around the female beasts. It turns out…” Bai sighed meaningfully, everything that needed to be said evident in his tone.

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Since the pup had found his biological father, and the father was Xiao Hei, who Bai had quite a good relationship with, Bai naturally had to ask what had happened. Fortunately, Lei wasn’t completely without an inkling as to what had occurred, so he very quickly clarified things upon Bai’s questioning. 0dHAQq

In the end, this was also the result of forced copulation.

Subordinates would imitate their superior’s vices. As the chief, Lei had tried to force Sui Yuan. Therefore, his group members naturally followed after him. Therefore, a female beast that could not bear her estrus anymore took a fancy to Xiao Hei. What made people even more surprised was that she had succeeded!

A female beast in heat had a fiery passion. Even if Xiao Hei was unwilling and had no urges at first, in the end, he could not resist against the female beast’s unyielding entanglement. Ultimately, the miserable Xiao Hei gave up his descendants that he had been accumulating all year.

Upon hearing this, Bai and Sui Yuan couldn’t help but cast sympathetic eyes at Xiao Hei, who still loved his first pup, and silently lit a truck full of candles for him. ISbEXd

“It seems that Xiao Hei really likes this pup, so…” Bai muttered. He didn’t have the heart to take the pup away from Xiao Hei. After all, this fellow was already miserable enough….

Realizing Bai’s intent, Lei immediately had enough. He seized the pup back into his arms and ignored Xiao Hei’s angry growl. He unhesitatingly refuted, “Mine!”

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——To be willful to the point of being able to act like this was precisely what one deserved really must not be easy…. OWkrdD

To prevent his adopted son from being taken away, Lei very quickly rushed out of there. Xiao Hei stared at his retreating back with anxious eyes. He could hear his pup’s reluctant, tender cries. He felt unwell all over!

As such, that night, Sui Yuan and Bai discovered that Xiao Hei had gone missing. He was the one who was most obedient to Sui Yuan. Now, he had suddenly and noiselessly disappeared without a trace, giving Sui Yuan and Bai a fright.

Fortunately, the next morning, Xiao Hei, who had been beaten up miserably, was brought back by an unhappy Lei. It was clear that Xiao Hei had indeed been unable to endure and had secretly slipped over to Lei’s group in an attempt to take back his son. The result was clear to see….

Bai treated Xiao Hei’s wounds and petted his head in sympathy. However, Xiao Hei made a clear display of his hotheaded nature. Before his condition could even improve, he went back to Lei’s group. Like this, the irreconcilable relationship between the two groups because of the matter of fighting over a mate gradually improved. The female beast that had forced Xiao Hei and then gave birth to the hybrid even came with Xiao Hei to Sui Yuan’s group to take a stroll, looking like she was coming with to visit her spouse’s family. tEz4ck

Towards this kind of development, Bai and Sui Yuan were helpless. After all, the two groups coming together was in line with the plot’s development. Although the chiefs of both sides still happily faced off against each other, the goal was still accomplished in this roundabout manner.

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The hybrid pups were naturally outstanding. They had a feline’s deftness and a canine’s endurance. They could swim and climb trees. They were simply all-rounded! Their IQ also seemed to be higher as they learned things extraordinarily quickly.

When they discovered the advantages of hybrids, the beasts all cast their eyes on the other parties. Although their mating periods differed, they could still force each other!

Thus, following this momentous change, the next mating period was extremely chaotic, especially with regards to the male beasts of Sui Yuan’s pack. There were quite a few that were jumped by the other group’s female beasts. It was simply both sorrowful and joyous…. GQXBvz

Seeing that his pack’s integrity-less male beasts actually didn’t mind being jumped on, Bai didn’t bother to attend to this. Moreover, he had a more important mission: to protect his partner’s chastity from Lei, who had been eyeing it covetously.

Lei’s attachment to Sui Yuan had not lessened in the least despite a year having passed. Instead, because he couldn’t have him, it only became stronger. What was worth rejoicing over was that Sui Yuan, who had aged one year, was no longer a powerless pup before Lei. He was strong and had plenty of experience in battle. If he wasn’t injured, he could fight Lei one-on-one without feeling pressured. Therefore, once Bai lent his assistance, it was a completely one-sided battle.

However, Lei, who had been painfully beaten up several times, only became increasingly more brave. He even managed to vent all of the agitation that came from his mating period through fighting. Every time they fought, the hostile air between the two parties would improve. Gradually, they were able to maintain a strange sort of peaceful relationship.

When the mating periods ended, more and more female beasts were impregnated with hybrid pups, inevitably resulting in great harmony between the groups. After all, it was a male beast’s instinct to take care of their pregnant female beast. If they didn’t know that they were siring pups like Xiao Hei, they would peacefully return to their own pack. However, once they knew they had gotten a female beast pregnant, then no male beast would choose to abandon their female beast and offsprings. cBdEkx

Although the two groups’ habits were different, which meant that all sorts of issues would inevitably arise in the beginning, Lei and Bai were both wise and prestigious leaders. They rarely took the wrong path, and the troubles were all gradually resolved.

Thus, when the snow once again covered the prairies, the two groups nested in the same place in peace while passing the winter. This time, it was Sui Yuan’s pack’s female beasts that displayed their valiant capabilities as they went about pressing down the male beasts of Lei’s pack.

Just like how the protagonist gong and shou’s encounter and fight had occurred in advance, so had the amalgamation of the two groups. Sui Yuan looked at all of the cats and dogs inside of the cave acting intimate with one another like they were one family while the hybrid pups ran around everywhere. He was still thinking of a way to kill himself.

In the plot, the winter this year would not be peaceful. It would be longer and even more severe. The pack had passed the last two years very well. The death rate of the elderly beasts was very low, and the birth and survival rate of the pups was very high. Under the effects of the pack’s rapid population growth and the even more bitter winter, even if Bai had prepared for this winter based on his experiences, they would still be caught unprepared. WOPCcG

For the sake of the pack’s survival, the adult male beasts would have no choice but to go hunting. Furthermore, it was during this hunt on snowy grounds that Hui got injured. He struggled to drag the prey back to the den, but because his injury was too severe, and there was no way to treat him, he did not make it through the winter.

Sui Yuan laid at the entrance of the cave. He stared at the snowstorm outside rather gloomily. First of all, he had to throw off Bai and find a chance to be alone.

“The snow looks heavier than last year’s, ne…” Bai noticed Sui Yuan’s gaze and sighed without thinking. He did not realize that this was the start of a true disaster.

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Sui Yuan the “prophet” yawned. He wanted to shift his body but discovered that a big cat had made his way over. 39h4gK

Although it wasn’t Lei’s mating period anymore, he still tried to use all sorts of tactful ways to seduce Sui Yuan. After all, this was supposed to be the time when Sui Yuan would be agitated and uneasy.

A nimble tail ambiguously wrapped around Sui Yuan’s front paw. Lei’s jade eyes looked as if it was urging him, “Pounce on me, ba. Pounce on me, ba. I will certainly lay down and let you take liberties with me!” Meanwhile, Bai, who laid by Sui Yuan’s side, narrowed his eyes and gazed disdainfully at Lei, who was selling meng, and forcefully exuded a noble, cool, and elegant air—Hehe, pounce on you? He won’t even pounce on me, ne! How could he take the initiative to pounce on you!?

Seeing that the protagonist gong and shou were about to start a childish fight for the nth time, Sui Yuan ignored them. He directly flung off Lei’s tail and stood up, heading further into the cave. As for the protagonist gong and shou…let them cause a fuss by themselves, ba! Maybe after fussing and fussing, their emotions may change? Wasn’t there a phrase: “a quarrelsome but loving couple?”

5237: “…No, silly host! You can’t use ‘a quarrelsome but loving couple’ like this! OTZ” GcvExC

The beasts messed around happily. However, the sweetness did not last for long. As food became increasingly scarce despite the snow showing no sign of stopping, a faint anxious and uneasy air permeated throughout the pack.

Bai furrowed his brows after rechecking the stock: “We can probably hold off for another week. In that time, will the weather have finally taken a turn for the better?”

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Lei raised his head, scenting the air. His ability to judge weather was sharper than Bai’s. Very soon, Lei shook his head in disappointment, “Winter has not ended.”

“What should we do?” This was the first time Bai was facing a winter strapped of resources with starvation a possibility. Thus, he was naturally at a loss over what to do. Meanwhile, Lei was experienced, so he very calmly said, “Hunt.” fkvbSh

“The snow is so heavy right now. Will we be able to hunt?” Bai felt dubious.

“We’re hungry. Other animals are even hungrier,” Lei explained simply. His words had yet to fall when Sui Yuan, who had been waiting for this moment, growled at his pack. Instantly, several male beasts surrounded him. For the sake of ensuring that the female beasts and pups that were piteously crying for food could survive, the male beasts would face any risks.

Raising a paw to pat at Bai’s calf, Sui Yuan consoled him with a “wuwu.” He then led the male beasts out of the cave. Bai was caught unprepared. He wanted to chase after him but was stopped by Lei, “I also need to lead my group to hunt. You should stay and look after the female beasts and the young.”

“Do we have to hunt now? There’s still a bit of food left in the cave…” Bai scrunched up his brows rather uneasily. He didn’t know why, but his heart was palpitating hard. EVkdXh

“The snow is not too bad right now. It’s suitable to go out. Moreover, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to bring back food. The earlier, the better,” Lei explained simply. He then twisted into his beast form. Meanwhile, his group was already waiting for him at the cave’s entrance, fully prepared to leave.

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Sui Yuan and Lei brought their strongest male beasts with them. Those that remained were the old, young, sick, handicapped, and pregnant. Bai had no choice but to stay and take care of them. He waited anxiously at the cave entrance, eyes gazing into the distance.

——Unfortunately, apart from the vast expanse of white snow, he couldn’t see any living creature. Even the tracks left by the cave entrance were gradually hidden by the falling snow, eliminating all traces.


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