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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 16.8


Translated by Eve

Edited by Karasunofight Ai I1L

Although Sui Yuan had indeed dug a pit for the protagonist shou, he did not want to make him utterly miserable. So, seeing that Nova was just itching to apologize by dying from his remorse and pain, Sui Yuan finally sighed after keeping silent for a long time. He waved his hand, indicating to the angry space pirates, who were blaming the protagonist shou with righteous fury, to calm down.

“…I am also to blame for this matter,” Sui Yuan narrowed his eyes, tone gloomy. He glanced at the intelligence officer standing to the side, “With regards to you secretly saving an unknown sentinel, my intelligence officer had already alerted me of this matter long ago. You thought that you had been cautious enough, but you actually made a lot of mistakes…this time, it was due to my own carelessness. I thought that I was in control, so I didn’t stop you. But I never thought that Hill would get involved….”

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Hearing Sui Yuan say this, not only did Nova not feel consoled, but he also felt even worse. Nova knew that the only reason his elder brother would be “careless” was because he was indulging him. Germain could tell that Nova held considerably good feelings towards the “unknown” sentinel, so he turned a blind eye. It was just that this indulgence ultimately ended in catastrophe.

When he thought about how his older brother had always taken care of him in silence while he himself had never bothered to return the care, Nova felt that he could never be forgiven in this lifetime. L6Chj1

“…Gege…” Nova’s lips quivered. For a moment, he found it too hard to control his emotions. He suddenly threw himself into Sui Yuan’s arms, throat constricted. Because he had been distant from his brother from a young age and also due to the innate and distant feeling between sentinels and guides, this was the first time Nova had ever initiated such an intimate action.

Sui Yuan froze and unconsciously wanted to push him away. However, when he saw how miserable the protagonist, the “main offender,” was from his attack, he ultimately decided to refrain from doing so. He only patted Nova’s shoulder with a complicated expression. He’ll just take this as a chance to assert his stance on the matter in front of the space pirates and force it to pass.

After all, even Sui Yuan had forgiven Nova for now. Although the space pirates were still angry and could not calm down, they would not take revenge on Nova. Of course, their rejection of him was inevitable.

Towards this, Nova endured it strongly. He did not hold any dissatisfaction. Instead, he actively did what he could do. Uncharacteristically, he did not watch on the sidelines when the space pirates partook in “lawless” actions. gJokDr

The sentinels had an instinctive desire to take care of and protect guides. When Nova worked tirelessly, the space pirates’ attitudes towards him gradually relaxed. Seeing this development, Sui Yuan felt relieved but also conflicted. After all, if the protagonist shou, Nova, decided to truly stand on the space pirates’ side, how will he accept his fated sentinel gong?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Naturally, whether the protagonist gong and shou got together was not as important as getting rid of the Destroyer. Sui Yuan mulled over this for several days before he turned his attention onto Zhao Xihe’s movements. He didn’t know if it was because of their psychic connection after having bonded, but Sui Yuan discovered that he was unexpectedly unused to not having Zhao Xihe by his side. He couldn’t help but begin to yearn for the other. Even in his dreams, he would find himself dreaming of being intimate with the other. Therefore, from the moment he slept till the moment he woke, Sui Yuan would always feel extremely exhausted.

Of course, Sui Yuan’s “inability to have his needs satisfied” was noticed by the space pirates. They thought that their Commander was becoming haggard and losing sleep because he missed his guide. Seeing Sui Yuan trying so hard to resist his grief and forcing himself to remain calm made the space pirates unable to suppress their own heartaches. They were even more fretful and uneasy than Sui Yuan, the sentinel who had lost his guide. The emotions among them were running so high that they were just itching to immediately fight against the military, to beat up the other side until they were crying for their parents.

Thus, Sui Yuan had no choice but to be the voice of reason. Only then was he able to control the restless space pirates and convince them of a more suitable plan of action in order to give Zhao Xihe enough time to do his mission. Of course, Sui Yuan abandoning his usual “grand” way of doing things was like a show of his “love and care for his subordinates’ safety” to the space pirates. Thus, the Germain Space Pirates’ worship of him grew even more intense. A leader who cared and protected his subordinates like this, where else would they be able to find one like him?! x9LoqA

Unfortunately, although Sui Yuan was working hard at scheming, the military was no vegetarian. Although the law made it so that they could not inflict any substantial harm onto immature guides, the military was also not planning on letting go of this opportunity to extract information on the Germain Space Pirates, even if they remained in a deadlock with Zhao Xihe the whole time. The military did not yield, and thus, they refused to send him to the Guide Academy.

Towards this, Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe both found it extremely irritating. While communicating this time, Sui Yuan hesitated for a long time but ultimately suggested the most terrible method, “This won’t do. How about you ‘sell out’ the Germain Space Pirates, ba? I’ll send the space pirates away, and then, you can tell them about the coordinates of our stronghold. When the military comes up empty-handed, you can use the excuse that your information is old, which will make you useless to them. Then, you’ll be sent to the Guide Academy.”

Zhao Xihe frowned. Although this was indeed a way to solve this situation, he still didn’t want to use this plan. After all, he didn’t want to destroy the “magnificent image” he had in the hearts of the space pirates. A guide who betrayed them, even if he was incomparably outstanding, the space pirates would probably never trust him again or permit him to stay by Sui Yuan’s side.

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“…Xfuf,” Rbnj rabbv bearlvf, fzqgfrrlbc nfgs tfrlajca jcv jqqgftfcrlnf. Lf yla tlr ilqr, ujatfglcu tlr mbegjuf ab jrx, “Ktfgf’r rbwfatlcu P tjnf ab rjs. Jjc kf ajix, pera atf akb bo er?”

Although Sui Yuan felt a bit astonished about Nova’s visit, he did not have any reason to reject him. He nodded and moved to the side, indicating for Nova to enter the room.

This was Nova’s first time entering Sui Yuan’s room. For a moment, he was at a loss over what to do. He looked at his older brother who sat on a chair with an indifferent expression, waiting for him to speak. Nova mulled over his thoughts for a while before directly diving into the main point, “Erick is the military sentinel who had once saved me. He just contacted me.”

Sui Yuan’s fingers twitched. He raised his head to look at Nova, succinctly asking, “Why?” 45AvPe

“…He said that he didn’t know about Hill’s capture. He said that before he received this information, he didn’t know that Hill and I belonged to the Germain Space Pirates.”

Nova sounded like he was reading a report, totally void of any emotion. Things had already gotten to this point. He no longer knew whether he should trust Erick or not. He could only pass on the other’s words to his older brother and have Germain make the final decision, “He said that Hill is his benefactor. It was because he saved Erick that he had been caught. Erick feels extremely guilty, so he hopes that he can meet with you and help us get Hill back.”

This plot-straying development made Sui Yuan feel surprised and happy. He did not think Erick held evil intention. After all, he understood the protagonist gong. Erick was upright, stubborn, and would always repay those who helped him, so it made sense for him to make this kind of decision. For Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe, this was simply a golden opportunity akin to being sent firewood amidst a snow storm!

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Sui Yuan, who was inwardly excited, did not directly express his stance. His brows pinched while he was in deep thought. A long time later, he asked Nova several questions that seemed important but actually didn’t have much to do with anything as a pretense. Finally, he made his decision, “OK. I can meet with him, but the location must be my choice. He must come alone. If he’s not afraid of entering the enemy’s camp alone, then he can come and help, ba.” nYlGSR

Nova’s eyes lit up. His gloomy heart couldn’t help but brighten. Nova subconsciously hoped that he could trust Erick. After all, he was the first person who he had ever developed such positive feelings for. Now that his older brother had agreed to meet with Erick, did that mean that Erick was indeed not at fault regarding this issue?

Sui Yuan watched as Nova, who was trying to suppress his glee while earnestly noting down the location, left in a rush. He then once again opened up the communications window after the door to his room shut and shared a tacit smile with Zhao Xihe, who had overheard everything.

“It seems like everyone will be happy,” Zhao Xihe didn’t even need Sui Yuan to explain it. He already knew what his plan was.

Sui Yuan nodded cheerfully, “Not bad. This protagonist gong is good at reading the situation. My impression of him has become much better.” Obo8Df

When he heard Sui Yuan say this, Zhao Xihe immediately felt an explosive sense of danger. He raised a brow, “A sentinel cannot have a good ending with another sentinel. Give up, ba.”

Sui Yuan:“…………………………”

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——Sometimes, he really didn’t understand what was going on in his lover’s head!

After solving official matters, Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe both felt very relaxed and began to chat about other matters. ZbRdOT

When faced with Zhao Xihe, Sui Yuan could not hide his thoughts. He hadn’t said much when the other opened with a “your complexion seems bad,” smoothly changing the topic to the issues that Sui Yuan had originally wanted to hide. For example, the matter of his erotic dreams.

Compared to Sui Yuan’s gloomy mood, Zhao Xihe’s lips were bent into a satisfied smile. Immediately, Sui Yuan understood, “It couldn’t be that these damned dreams are your doing?”

“I really miss you too much, my dear,” Zhao Xihe’s face was especially thick. Under Sui Yuan’s angry glares, he still pretended to be wronged, “Unexpectedly, you cruelly chased me out after I had just eaten, after getting addicted to your taste. I can’t bear it. So, I tried out that…mn…spiritual bonding.”

Zhao Xihe blinked, enjoying the sight of his lover’s face that was brilliant like a rosy cloud, “I got information from 0007. It’s said that if the compatibility is high, or if a bond has already been established, a sentinel can use their spiritual force to bond spiritually with their guide in cases where their physical bodies cannot meet. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that guides can also do that. So, I took advantage of my boredom from being locked up by the military to test it out. I didn’t expect that it would be so useful or that it would be more than just my imagination, ne!” o16V5z

Sui Yuan recalled how he was done by Zhao Xihe without being able to resist and visualized all of the disgraceful positions he had been in. He couldn’t help but cause the handrails of his seat to deform from the power of his grip, “You’re not allowed to appear in my dreams tonight!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I’ll…try my best?” Zhao Xihe forced himself to say, feeling that it was a pity.

Sui Yuan sneered and then decisively ended their connection.

——As for what Zhao Xihe’s “trying his best” would mean, that was their little secret. In any case, Sui Yuan’s aura became increasingly oppressive with each successive day, giving a very realistic act of a sentinel drowned in melancholic suffering and on the brink of exploding after losing his guide. It simply made listeners feel heart-broken, and spectators shed tears. RYE4O3

Seeing his older brother so “pained,” Nova naturally did not dare delay matters. He quickly sent the information over to Erick. Furthermore, Erick unexpectedly did as Sui Yuan said. He came to the meeting point all on his own, impressing quite a few of the space pirates who doubted him.

When Erick saw Nova, who was waiting for him outside of the meeting place to lead him to Sui Yuan, his expression became very complicated. He faintly perceived the other’s guide identity and also held positive feelings for it. However, he never expected that Nova would be a space pirate. This left him at a loss over what he ought to do.

He didn’t want to renounce these feelings that he couldn’t control. However, his rationality told him that they could not be together, because they stood on opposite sides. Erick gave Nova a profound gaze, straightening out his collar, “Mr. Germain…is inside?”

“Mn, Gege is inside. You can go in by yourself,” Nova nodded, taciturn, a complete 180 from how lively and happy he had been with Erick in the past. Nova didn’t know what attitude he should treat Erick with, so he decided that it would be better to speak less. After all, Nova was the “guilty one” right now. Even now, there were still several space pirates who had quite a lot to say about him bringing a military man to meet with Sui Yuan, even if this was Sui Yuan’s own decision. Bj wds

Erick knew that this was not the time to reminisce, so he nodded and did not linger, pushing the door open. Soon after, he found himself dazzled by the tall, slim, icy-cold beauty who stood by the window.

Despite his extremely powerful willpower, even Erick could not help but fall absent-minded for a moment. Germain’s appearance was an extreme opposite to what he imagined a space pirate to look like. His outer appearance was even more delicate and beautiful than a guide’s; the aura that shrouded his body was more noble, aloof, and elegant than that of an aristocrat. He was the complete opposite of the stereotypical space pirate which was synonymous with violence and crudeness. Furthermore, what made it even harder to avert one’s gaze away was his extremely intimidating aura that was at odds with his appearance. It made Germain a walking contradiction, but at the same time, it seemed complementary. He was full of a hard-to-describe attractiveness.

“Erick.” While Erick was absent-minded, he heard a bitingly-cold yet clear and limpid call. Instantly, his attention was drawn.

Erick subconsciously saluted the other with what one would reserve for aristocrats. He couldn’t help but feel embarrassed about having been lost in thought just now. However, it was clear that the beautiful but apathetic sentinel had not paid any attention to his lapse of attention. Instead, he cut straight to the main subject, “You are the military’s man. And yet, you want to help us space pirates? It’s hard to believe.” iEgRtO

“If you want to ask me why, I’ve already told Nova. I presume he’s already told you,” Although he felt oppressed by the other, Erick remained neither haughty nor subservient, “I want to help you space pirates save Hill, because he saved my life before. I do not wish to repay kindness with animosity. However, if we are to meet on the battlefield in the future, I will not show you space pirates any mercy!”

“Heh, truly a big boast,” Sui Yuan’s lips bent into a derisive smile. His disdaining action did not arouse anger in others though, “What do you think your military can do to my pirates?”

Erick shut his mouth and remained silent. Although he believed in the military, it was also true that they could not seize the Germain Space Pirates right now. Moreover, he didn’t want to waste any energy in arguing.

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Fortunately, Sui Yuan also did not plan on continuing this topic. He very quickly told Erick his plan, “So long as you can tell Hill to tell the military of the Germain Space Pirates’ former base coordinates, it will be enough. If Hill loses his value, the military will likely send him to the Guide Academy. What happens next, we will handle.” vnQO6s

It was a very slight effort for Erick, who had an aristocratic status and a certain influence within the military, to pass on some information secretly. However, when he saw Sui Yuan’s solemn manner, he couldn’t help but feel worried, “What…do you want to do to the Guide Academy? Don’t do anything stupid! The Guide Academy’s security is no less than that of the military! Moreover…the guides there are innocent. They should not be implicated!”

“Relax. I understand the importance of guides better than you do,” Sui Yuan sneered, twisting his long, icy-blue hair with his fingers, “To mess with the Guide Academy’s guides would be akin to lighting myself on fire. I naturally will not be so stupid as to make the entire world my enemy.”

When Erick remembered what Nova had said about Germain and his previous guide, Erick’s expression immediately relaxed. He saluted, “Apologies. I was oversensitive.”

Sui Yuan only cast him an insipid look and did not say much more. He then went over to Erick and handed him a badge, “Let Hill see this. He will trust you then.” vmdwGq

The fleeting touch of that slightly cold finger on his palm made Erick’s heart tremble. He quickly shook off the strange palpitations and tightly grasped the badge in his hand, vowing solemnly, “I promise that I will not let another person see this badge.”

Sui Yuan:“…………………………Mn, that’s good.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

——Stupid child, that emblem has zero usefulness whatsoever. It’s just a pretense!

Germain, acted by Sui Yuan, and Erick were both decisive and reticent people. Thus, their meeting passed extremely quickly. After passing on this task, Sui Yuan waved his hands to tell Erick that he could leave. Furthermore, Erick retreated in silence. He didn’t—or rather, didn’t dare—to stay any longer. k4W7Vf

Outside, Nova was on tenterhooks, waiting. When he saw Erick leave, he immediately walked up to him in quick steps, “Was the discussion successful?”

“…Mn,” Erick nodded slightly. The gaze he used to look at Nova became even more complicated and difficult to articulate. It must be really exhausting to have an older brother with such explosive charm, ba? If it wasn’t because he already admired Nova and had strong willpower, he might have disregarded the other’s sentinel status and fallen into deep trouble.

Nova, perplexed, raised a hand to touch his own face, “……????”

——What’s with his expression? Was there something wrong? r5U2mH

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