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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 16.13


Translated by Eve

Edited by Kara bPgfUD

Thank you Baozi for the kofi! 💕

In the last world, he turned into an old grandpa and couldn’t live with his beloved. Instead, some stinky youngsters took advantage of his lover. That was already enough to make Zhao Xihe feel sullen. In this world, he had clearly bonded with Sui Yuan and became his rightful guide. Yet in a lapse of attention, his man was unexpectedly stolen by some unrelated fellow. This was intolerable to Zhao Xihe.

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Although the other was already dead, as the “survivor,” he had to make a determined effort to make himself look better. But before that, he needed to leave this wretched Guide Academy and return to the Germain Space Pirates.

After all, the Destroyer was already eliminated. Thus, this matter wasn’t difficult for Zhao Xihe, even if the Federation’s government had increased the security of the Guide Academy after the Iressa affair. kh2P w

With Zhao Xihe working from the inside and Sui Yuan from the outside, his plan to escape from the Guide Academy went extremely smoothly. Zhao Xihe even brought along some guide friends, who were without family and also yearned for freedom, while he was at it.

Actually, the space pirates and the guides who were a part of this plan were all mystified. They didn’t understand how they managed to accomplish such a “magnificent feat.” However, it had to be said that it was probably because of this mystifying feeling that their worshipful feelings and trust towards Sui Yuan only ended up growing. Meanwhile, Zhao Xihe who was the true maestro was much more lowkey. He directly thrusted this accomplishment to his lover. In any case, even if he said he was the one who planned everything, few people would believe him.

It was very difficult to live alone as a guide. They had to cope with their heats, deal with sentinels with keen senses who chased after guides like mad, and deal with the government’s so-called “protection.” Thus, the guides who escaped with Zhao Xihe all chose to enter the Germain Space Pirates without hesitation. At the very least, they had their freedom.

Zhao Xihe, who successfully brought back many guides, rose to become the “messiah” in the eyes of the space pirates. The proportion of sentinels amongst the space pirates was rather big. Therefore, now that there was this wave of guides entering, this meant that these long-time bachelor sentinels—who originally thought they would die alone—could see a glimmer of hope. Idig 2

However, the Commander and the Commander’s spouse had issued an order that said that they could not force the guides to bond with them, but they did have free reign to pursue them, ah! So long as they were to the guides’ liking, so long as it was mutually consenting, then this was naturally an amazing thing! Meanwhile, for the guides, to have the freedom to choose a sentinel who they liked was already so much better than being under the control of the Guide Academy, which would “match” for them. Moreover, so long as they could prove their capabilities and rely on their own strength to live, if they didn’t want to bond with a sentinel, then no one could force them to.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

For the Germain Space Pirates, the guides’ escape was a marvellous matter. For the Federation, it was grievous news. They were slapped in the face by the Germain Space Pirates time and time again. Each time, the hit was more and more ruthless, causing the government to view them as a real thorn in their side.

Unfortunately, the Germain Space Pirates were “sinister and cunning.” Furthermore, because the matter regarding Iressa pandered to the people’s tastes, the Federation’s government’s countless attempts of annihilating them ended up fruitless every time. Instead, after being gloriously beaten by the other several times, they finally had no choice but to back down after being pressured by the public voice.

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After experiencing these events, the Germain Space Pirates’ influence expanded rapidly. Quite a few smaller crews that couldn’t withstand the government’s suppression surrendered and fell under the control of the Germain Space Pirates. One-Eyed also took the initiative to enter with his subordinates in high spirits. Only, it was an alliance rather than an assimilation into the other group. dH50wS

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Although Sui Yuan originally wanted to perish in battle against the Federation’s military, he didn’t feel relieved, leaving behind these space pirates who relied so heavily on him. He also didn’t feel at ease leaving Nova, who was hell bent on being a space pirate, alone. If he, the leader, “passed away,” what kind of ending would await this group of cannon fodder space pirates? Furthermore, would Nova, who had yet to grow up, throw away his little life?

Sui Yuan hesitated but eventually was persuaded to temporarily stay in this world. They would wait until the situation stabilized before they would come up with a way to leave this world. Zhao Xihe, of course, didn’t do this because of some merciful, kind-hearted intention. He just wanted to solidify his rightful “place” by Sui Yuan’s side. At the same time, he was also a bit reluctant to part with this especially “happy” bond between sentinels and guides.

Following the establishment of the Germain Space Pirates’ new base, the forces that were originally just watching and biding their time, made their own choices. They gradually tossed olive branches towards Germain, acknowledging him and his crew as a rising power rather than just a group of space pirates. 6wdkuM

The Germain Space Pirates, who changed their name to the Freedom Coalition, attracted the attention of the newly enlightened guides, who were unwilling to be locked up by the Guide Academy because of their treatment towards guides. Regardless of how strictly the government enforced their laws, they could not stop the fervour the guides had in dragging their entire families along to the Freedom Coalition. The guides could live normally in the Freedom Coalition. They could decide their own futures. They were their own entity and not just a part of a sentinel’s.

The sudden population increase in guides in the Freedom Coalition naturally attracted the eyes of quite a few sentinels. Having a partner was extremely important for sentinels. Countless of sentinels were willing to shed blood for a chance to have a guide partner. The Federation’s Guide Academy matched guides on the basis of family background, strength, wealth, and contributions. The lower-class sentinels may not even have a chance to meet with an unbonded guide in their lifetime.

However, the Freedom Coalition was different. They had the liberty to pursue any guide they liked. Of course, they must also have a sense of propriety. Meanwhile, the guide’s criteria for choosing their partner was varied. Perhaps they might meet a guide who didn’t care about external factors but instead looked for a partner who they would get along with, ne?

This snowball-like effect—even if Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe didn’t make any special proclamations as the leaders, the number of people entering the Freedom Coalition each year only increased exponentially. NtEO6d

Of course, as their influence grew, all sorts of issues popped up. Only, after experiencing so many worlds, Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe could easily deal with these issues. They were able to casually deal with any problems that cropped up in the light or the dark. Even the Federation’s initial disdain towards the Freedom Coalition became fear in the end. The Federation ultimately had no choice but to change their treatment and attitude towards the guides in order to stop the guides from leaving and going to the Freedom Coalition.

When Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe finished dealing with everything, they were stunned to find that they had completed the protagonist shou, Nova’s dream in the original plot: to establish a society where sentinels and guides were equal and could live in harmony with their liberty.

Silently flipping through the plot, Sui Yuan rubbed his head, conflicted, “What does this mean? Did we steal the protagonist gong and shou’s mission? Even at the end of the plot, they were still working hard. Who knows if they succeeded?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“The method they used was one that attempted to reform the Federation from within. It’s naturally going to be slower than our revolution method. With their method, it’s easy to be impeded by all sorts of other parties, so they could only take it slow. Only, in any case, this is an irresistible trend. Sooner or later, they would have succeeded. You don’t have to pay too much attention to this,” Zhao Xihe placed the document down, rubbing the space between his eyebrows and smiling at his lover from the side, “They’re erecting our statues in the plaza today. Want to go watch it?” x1gnMh

“I have no idea why you’re so interested in these boring things. In any case, we’ll be leaving soon, no?” The corner of Sui Yuan’s lips rose, but he still stood up with Zhao Xihe and walked with him side-by-side to the balcony. Here, they could clearly see the vast crowd gathered in the Freedom Plaza. In addition, there were the statues in the centres that had yet to be revealed.

“However, like this, everyone in this world, including future generations, will all know that the person who stood by your side was me and not that Iressa, who had nothing to do with you!” Zhao Xihe snorted with a raised brow. He had been overflowing with jealousy up until now.

Sui Yuan, who could feel the secondhand sourness from all the vinegar Zhao Xihe had been chugging:“…………………………”

——He really didn’t know for how long Zhao Xihe had been holding this grudge. He couldn’t make things difficult for the dead Iressa, so he made things difficult for himself. wQq20r

Sui Yuan, who had already given up on talking sense to the other, directly shrugged and leaned on one elbow against the banister. One side against the railings, he gazed down at the plaza. He could see everyone counting down. In the end, under the glitter of fireworks, the cloth over the statues was slowly pulled down.

Meanwhile, Zhao Xihe suddenly stepped forward, reached out to hoop his arms around Sui Yuan’s neck, and raised his head to capture those slightly open lips under the other’s surprised gaze. At the same time, 0007 faithfully captured this moment for the sake of spreading the overflowing love (?) between the Freedom Coalition’s founders, so as to leave a precious historical artefact behind. In the image was a sky covered in fireworks, the eternal statues, and the deeply-in-love couple with entwined arms and lips.

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Relying on his own strength, Zhao Xihe finally succeeded in turning Iressa into a cannon fodder character and in accomplishing his goal of standing side-by-side with Sui Yuan. Perhaps someone would mention that name once in awhile. However, the original “white moonlight” had already been changed to “a casual romance.” Meanwhile, “Hill” had become the idol, goal, and model for the future generations of guides in this era.

He was not only a co-founder of the Freedom Coalition but had also fought for the independence of guides. He had even discovered a method of cultivating spiritual force in guides. The guides who used this method would not be powerless in the face of sentinels. Outstanding users could even mark sentinels. tOT70a

When the Freedom Coalition stabilized, the two founders handed it over to their sole successor, Nova, who they had fostered with utmost care, and resigned. Their excuse was that Hill had always wanted to travel the entirety of the universe. Meanwhile, Germain, who loved him deeply, naturally had his partner’s wish on his mind constantly. When he finally had time, he therefore honoured his promise—everyone was jealous of the deep love between them, how they did not strain themselves for the sake of fame or riches.

The Freedom Coalition’s development was extremely fast. They quickly became a power that could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Federation. Because the two of them had many grievances, the governments of the Federation and Freedom Coalition decided to have an allying marriage in order to maintain a good relationship between the two powers.

Although Nova was a guide, as the person in power within the Freedom Coalition, he naturally had to be the party that “accepted a bride.” After deliberating, Lieutenant General Erick volunteered to “sacrifice himself” and undertake the role of the Freedom Coalition leader’s “bride.”

After participating in this grand marriage, Sui Yuan silently observed Erick, standing ramrod straight and exuding a militaristic aura, as well as Nova, the eminent guide whose aura was no less than Erick’s. Sui Yuan then turned to look at his sweetheart, “Say, who do you think will mark who, ne?” wtbBE2

Zhao Xihe blinked and smiled happily, “Last night, Nova secretly came to ask me what he had to pay attention to while marking a sentinel, ne!”

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Sui Yuan:“………………………………”

——He should silently light a candle for Erick, ba.

Even if the plot had completely changed, Nova and Erick still got together in the end. Perhaps they will face setbacks and predicaments completely different from that of the original plot from now on. However, Sui Yuan believed that the two characters who had protagonist halos would definitely be able to overcome anything and peacefully continue forward. 0MrcUq

After confirming that Nova and Erick were capable and skilled enough to lead the Freedom Coalition, Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe finally returned to the space between worlds.

This time, the points earned weren’t bad. They had gotten a fat reward for successfully exterminating the Destroyer. Furthermore, although the plot had taken a huge curve, the original ending was more or less achieved—the guides had been liberated.

Sui Yuan stared at his score, beaming with happiness. Meanwhile, Zhao Xihe faced 0007 with slightly knitted brows as if he was being informed of something. He then turned to Sui Yuan, “I most likely will be unable to accompany you in the next world.”

Sui Yuan froze, “Because of Mo Ziyou?” j4tRxB

“Mn,” The corner of Zhao Xihe’s lips rose, “The Origin has located him. I’m going to go settle my account with him.”

Sui Yuan hesitated. In the end, he did not oppose, “Then, be careful.”

“I naturally will not toy with my own life. After all, I’d hate to part with you,” Zhao Xihe smiled and kissed Sui Yuan on the forehead, “As for you, I don’t know if the Origin will give you an ordinary Actor’s role or if it will give you a mission to annihilate a Destroyer. If it’s the latter, you must be careful.”

Sui Yuan responded, rather unenthusiastic. He watched as Zhao Xihe turned around and rushed off, throwing himself into the next world. Suddenly, Sui Yuan’s heart felt empty. rfKpL6

——This was probably the first time that he was truly separated from Zhao Xihe, ba? Being used to something was indeed really troubling, ah….

The author has something to say:

Before, I heard some girls say that they don’t like the story line regarding Destroyer elimination, that they liked the Actor missions? Well, the next story is going to be a pure Actor task.

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Eve: This arc ending was so cute. Especially the image of SY and ZXH kissing with fireworks going off in the background. I also really love cool, sexy sentinel! SY??? From here, we are entering the last full arc. We have 14 chapters left of the main story and 5 extras. GWhOps

Next arc is technically called a shapeshifter arc. The next chapter is super cute guys. Fluffy puppies rolling around and being cuties.

Kara: Aw man, I actually really enjoyed this arc, especially since the Destroyer issue wasn’t super stressful lol. Looking forward to the fluffy arc~ Need the floof to heal my heart from the fact that it’s all ending so soon!! ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚



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