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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 16.1


Translated by Eve

Edited by Karasunofight W dzkL

Chapters in this arc: 13

Although they hadn’t caught the big BOSS in the last world, they had at least eliminated a newly-born Destroyer. This was enough for Sui Yuan to earn a considerable profit. At the same time, the Origin had also marked Mo Ziyou down as an important target to pay attention to under Zhao Xihe’s suggestion. As soon as it caught any traces of him, it would quickly send them—or rather, quickly send Zhao Xihe over.

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It was very unfortunate that Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe had conflicting views about Mo Ziyou this time.

Zhao Xihe could faintly guess the relationship between Mo Ziyou and Sui Yuan’s predecessor. In addition, Mo Ziyou had evidently set his heart on Sui Yuan. Therefore, he did not wish for his sweetheart to meet with Mo Ziyou again. He suggested that he would deal with this ‘rival-in-love’ on his own. In any case, he and Sui Yuan were already registered within the Origin and had official status. Even if they were to part temporarily, they would certainly reconvene in the next world. BOaAop

However, Sui Yuan did not think the same way. He was afraid that if Zhao Xihe encountered Mo Ziyou on his own, he would act impulsively and meet with a mishap. Mo Ziyou was not to be trifled with. In the last world, Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe had unknowingly suffered a loss.

“We only lost because he recognized who we were first. It is easy to deal with direct attacks but difficult to deal with hidden enemies,” Zhao Xihe silently gazed at Sui Yuan and pointed out an important point, “If you’re not there, then perhaps Mo Ziyou will not discover me, and I will have the ability to strike first.”

Sui Yuan:“…………………………”

——He said it so reasonably that I am unexpectedly left speechless….QAQ QVM Ap

Sui Yuan pursed his lips, slightly resistant to this idea. He felt very puzzled as to why Mo Ziyou had unexpectedly been able to recognize him.

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Sui Yuan could recognize Zhao Xihe because they had been in contact for such a long time, so he had long since been accustomed to his aura. However, Mo Ziyou had only met him once for a short duration in one world. For him to be able to accurately determine Sui Yuan’s existence was a bit unscientific!

5237 understood Sui Yuan’s befuddlement. However, under the oppressive force that was the Origin and Zhao Xihe’s gaze, it could not divulge even the slightest hint. It could only rub against its family’s silly host in sympathy.

“I also think that my split-body’s suggestion is rather suitable,” This time, the Origin stood in Zhao Xihe’s camp. He also did not approve of Sui Yuan and Mo Ziyou interacting too much. Perhaps he had assimilated Zhao Xihe’s possessiveness into himself, or perhaps it was due to Sui Yuan and Mo Ziyou’s past relationship. ZSK7AT

Fortunately, Sui Yuan was not one to persist in his own views. Since Zhao Xihe and his Creator both opposed him, even if he was not reconciled, he still had no choice but to compromise and accept things.

The Origin comforted Sui Yuan. Even if Zhao Xihe failed, he would just return to the main body and would not be completely destroyed like other Actors. It was just that Sui Yuan had no way to confirm whether Zhao Xihe would still be the Zhao Xihe he knew after returning to the Origin and being remade.

In short, Mo Ziyou’s current whereabouts had yet to be confirmed. Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe also could not idle in the space between worlds for long. Very quickly, they entered the next world and in this next world, Sui Yuan woke up in…a Restoration Capsule.

Sui Yuan:“…………………………” GeTrR5

——Isn’t there something not quite right here?

While Sui Yuan was puzzling over his surroundings, the lid of the Restoration Capsule was opened, and a woman wearing a white lab coat looked at him in pleasant surprise. She eagerly asked him, “Commander, how do you feel?”

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Sui Yuan roughly sized up the gorgeous women and felt rather conflicted. Little sister, can you give me some time to review my character settings?

Qtlif atf ulgi jaafcalnfis reqqbgafv tlw, Vel Tejc rja eq ogbw klatlc atf Efrabgjalbc Jjqreif. Lf vlv cba sfa tjnf j mtjcmf ab rxlw atgbeut atf qiba jcv mbeiv bcis gfis bc tlr byrfgnjalbcji jylilas jcv jmalcu rxliir ab yjgfis ufa ys. Lf mbeiv rilutais qfgmflnf tlr ybvs’r rlaejalbc. Vel Tejc rilutais ogbkcfv jcv rqbxf lc j mifjg jcv mbiv nblmf, “Xbbv. Zs tfjv tegar j yla.” b6yMHD

“You had overexerted your ability, and you suffered a backlash from your spiritual power.  Although it’s stable now, there are still residual effects,” The girl replied worriedly. Although her tone was that of complaint, her concern was still evident in her speech, “I’ve told you before that you have to assess your capabilities and act accordingly. After all, your guide—” When she said this, the girl’s expression suddenly changed,  clearly aware that she had misspoken just now. Her gaze on Sui Yuan was apprehensive.

Sui Yuan immediately revealed a calm expression that held a restrained sorrow, causing the girl to feel even more uneasy and guilty. She didn’t dare say anymore and only silently handed over his physical examination results.

Although he had once transmigrated to an interstellar mecha world before, Sui Yuan still didn’t quite understand the messy numbers on the report. He casually skimmed over it before nodding indifferently, placing the report to one side, “I just feel a bit tired. I’ll be fine after resting.”

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The girl looked at him, seemingly having something else to say but hesitating to voice it out. In the end, she only sighed and gave up on advising him, “You’ve always been like this. You’ve never taken your health seriously….” 8WAr5Y

“…In any case, I can’t get better anyway, isn’t that right?” Sui Yuan replied indifferently.

From the woman’s attitude, Sui Yuan could more or less guess the circumstances surrounding his identity.  The current location was an interstellar battleship, and the one called ‘Commander’ would naturally be a person belonging to this ship.

Also, this body’s condition was really terrible. From the girl’s words, Sui Yuan could see that the original host did not care about his own health. However, someone who could own such a high-end interstellar battleship would absolutely not be stingy with his treatment. Even if he was stingy, his loyal and devoted subordinates would be unable to turn a blind eye to this issue. Therefore, he could infer that this body was already beyond hope—he was incurable.

Just as expected, when the girl heard Sui Yuan’s words, an expression of barely restrained sorrow showed on her face. However, in the end, she did not say anymore and only quietly followed after Sui Yuan as they left the infirmary. D7YlUj

——Afterwards, the only other problem was…where was the original host’s room? He didn’t know the way, ah!

Sui Yuan silently became frantic on the inside. His slim body slightly swayed, and he was immediately supported by the quickly-reacting girl, “Commander?!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“…No need to hold me up. I’ve yet to become that weak,” Sui Yuan furrowed his brows, trying to shrug the girl’s hand off and push her away in an attempt to make the girl more likely insist on helping. The girl had indeed taken the bait. Not only did she not let go but she also became especially firm and used greater strength, “Don’t be so strong-minded, Commander! We all know about your condition. Occasionally, you can rely on us, ba!”

Sui Yuan was silent for a moment before exhaling gently. He compromised, “Then, I’ll kindly request your help.” gbf7IV

The girl smiled for the first time since they met. She deferentially lent her arm to support Sui Yuan, who had gotten what he wanted, to the original host’s room.

On the way, Sui Yuan saw quite a few people. They ought to be the original host’s subordinates. The majority of these people were fully-armed and were brimming with auras like that of evil bandits. It was obvious that they were not a part of a regular army. Very quickly, an outline of ‘interstellar pirates’ drew itself in his head.

These people were all injured. They seemed to be in a hurry, and the atmosphere was full of excitement. It was evident that they were bustling about because of something. When he linked this to how the girl had mentioned that he had ‘overexerted his ability’ in the beginning, he reckoned that they ought to have just gone through a fight.

As the commander of a band of interstellar pirates, if he didn’t show an interest in the situation in a promptly manner, it would be a bit inexcusable of him. Sui Yuan swept his gaze over to the girl by his side and asked ambiguously, “How long have I been asleep in the Restoration Capsule? What’s the situation now?” JbLfnR

“The rebellion has already been settled, Commander,” The girl smiled sweetly, her eyes glistening. The gaze she used to look at Sui Yuan with was that of complete worship and trust, “Thanks to your great planning and your incredible display of might in the battle, all of the defectors on this ship have been eliminated. Only, there was a small portion of them that escaped. Young Master Hill has already taken a group of our men to chase after them. It is very likely that he will very quickly kill them all off! Right, we also still have a few of the defectors held captive. They’ve been imprisoned in the jail cells. When your body is a bit better, you can go to interrogate them whenever.”

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It seems that there was no leeway for him to get involved. Sui Yuan relaxed and revealed a smile, “En. Good job.”

This smile seemed capable of melting ice and snow. It immediately made the little sister, who had not been prepared for this unexpected attack, blank out. The surrounding interstellar space pirates also felt like their single-dog eyes were being blinded. Instantly, the interstellar spaceship that had been a bit noisy fell into silence.

Sui Yuan silently rescinded his smile. It seems like he acted a bit too HIGH just now and accidentally OOC’ed. ycMPGv

Only when she saw that her family’s commander had returned to his original, apathetic expression, did the girl come out of her trance. She couldn’t help but feel a bit regretful, “It’s because you planned so well before, Commander. We only acted according to your plans.” Taking a pause, she then blinked her eyes charmingly, “If you smile and praise us a bit more, don’t even mention those benign defectors, we’d be willing to crash through mountains of daggers and seas of flame for you!”

Before she had even finished speaking, the surrounding space pirates had already begun to sound their agreement. When he saw the fervent and worshipful gazes of everyone around him, Sui Yuan truly felt just a bit pressured. He frowned in helplessness, “Alright, what are you guys making a fuss about? Go do what you need to do!”

The space pirates, who clearly had had ‘intimate interactions’ with their family’s commander before, dispersed with laughter. They were obviously very clever and obedient. The girl, who was supporting Sui Yuan, could see that the idol she admired seemed to be becoming increasingly dazzling, and the happiness and pride inside of her nearly spilled out from all sides.

——Unfortunately, as soon as she recalled his body’s condition, the girl’s heart couldn’t help but sink. She could not conceal the sadness flowing out of her eyes. TaO729

Perhaps it was because he was too outstanding that even the Heavens had become jealous that he had to encounter so many tribulations….

Sui Yuan did not know what was going on in the mind of the girl by his side. When they reached the original host’s room, he waved a hand to express that he wanted to be alone.

The girl knew that her family’s commander needed a quiet environment to cultivate after his spiritual force had had a backlash. After she uneasily warned him again to pay attention to his health, she quickly stepped out and gently pulled the door shut.

With 5237’s help, he scanned the entirety of the room. After he confirmed that there were no surveillance devices installed, Sui Yuan relaxed and laid on his bed. He never expected that as soon as he relaxed, the sickness that he had been ignoring because of his nervousness would instantly erupt. ZiMYpC

Sui Yuan abruptly sat up and coughed violently. It was gut-wrenching as if he would soon cough out his innards. 5237 circled around Sui Yuan and anxiously tried to find a prop that could stop the coughing. As soon as Sui Yuan confirmed the transaction, 5237 immediately exchanged for the prop and handed it over to its family’s host to use.

A long time later, the coughing finally settled down. Sui Yuan stared at the blood on the palm of his hand speechlessly and then shifted his gloomy gaze to 5237, “What’s with this body? It’s in such a terrible condition but can still go out to war?!”

5237 rubbed against him in sympathy, “Do you need any medicine to nurse the body back to health? This body is so terrible, but there are especially effective medications. However, they’re a bit expensive….”

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Sui Yuan silently gazed at the prices for the especially effective medications that appeared on 5237’s screen and after hesitating for a moment, his miserly instincts from having been poor for so long won out, “For now, I don’t need it.” Y3NQBl

5237 naturally knew its host’s ways. It closed the exchange page in understanding.

After wasting quite some time, Sui Yuan just managed to become familiar with this feeble body. Only then did he have the energy to skim through the plot and character setting of this world.

Sui Yuan’s judgement from before was not wrong. The original host was indeed the leader of a group of interstellar space pirates. As for why this kind of formidable space pirate would torment his own body until it was like this…it was probably because he had lost his guide.

That’s right, this was also a sentinel and guide world. Sui Yuan, who had experienced quite a few outlandish settings, could already accept this kind of weird setting, unperturbed. To put it simply, a sentinel had super-heightened senses, and their strength was great. However, because it was easy for their minds to become unstable when they face sensory overload, they required the help of their guides to ease the pain. Furthermore, a guide’s physical capabilities were comparatively weak. They were gentle and rational. Their spiritual power was formidable, and they could easily perceive and influence other people’s moods, thereby being able to appease their sentinel’s minds. kr7f0t

If one was to say that sentinels were blades, then guides were their sheaths. Only by coexisting could they both excel. A sheath without a sword cannot protect itself. Meanwhile, a sword that lost its sheath will hurt both themselves and others.

Sentinels can only bond with their guides. Of course, if one of them was to be lost, then the remaining person could look for a new partner. Only, this was an extremely painful matter. The vast majority of sentinels and guides typically would choose to lead a solitary life after losing their partner instead. Even if they found another, it was not for certain that their spirits would be compatible.

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The original host, Germain, had lost his guide in battle, and it was unknown if he was dead or alive. Although everyone had told him that it was impossible for his guide to still be alive, Germain persisted in believing that the other still lived. His loyalty towards his partner made Germain unable to accept any other guides, even if his subordinates took great pains to find quite a few good guides who were compatible with him. Germain always stubbornly refused to bond with a new guide.

Despite not having a guide to soothe the spiritual power’s backlash, Germain still had to fight frequently. Therefore, his body’s condition naturally deteriorated steadily. In the end, he changed into this sickly state. Only, even if he was like this, no one could refute Germain’s strength. He had a meticulous mind and a sinister gaze. Each one of his strategies would chalk another win for the space pirates. Furthermore, whenever his spiritual power went berserk on the battlefield, he would recklessly throw himself forwards, shielding against and killing the enemy with no regard for himself as if he was a demonic deity that would kill all that stood in his way. PrT018

Sui Yuan looked in the mirror and touched his own face. He really couldn’t believe that Germain, this elegant, graceful, ice-and-snow-like beauty would unexpectedly be such a savage fellow.

Germain had icy-blue hair and eyes. His complexion was so pale that it looked bloodless. His eyebrows were always slightly knitted—who knew if it was because of his sorrow over his beloved, or if it was because his body was unwell. In short, Germain was like a glass doll that had to be treated with earnest care. The gap between his appearance and his true person would always cause people who did not know him to be so shocked that their jaws would drop.

Of course, Germain was not the protagonist of this world. The protagonist was his younger guide brother, Nova, and his sentinel partner who was a soldier.

A space pirate and a soldier. For these two to bond, inevitably meant that this story would be a great dogblood drama of love and hate. lfPdHh

Sui Yuan casually flipped through the plot and quickly passed over the entire course of events: from their first meeting, their acquaintanceship, them getting to know each other to them falling in love. Then, he focused on his own identity.

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Although he was the protagonist’s older brother, Germain’s end was nothing good. He did not die from illness but was killed. He was killed in the extermination campaign by the army against the space pirates. Furthermore, the troops who killed him was the one that his younger brother’s sentinel belonged to. As the first big BOSS, Germain was fairly well-off before this event. However, after he died, the space pirates under his command all dispersed while escaping before being reassembled by Hill, Germain’s adopted son, in order to avenge him. Obviously, Hill became the second BOSS.

As for Germain’s younger brother, Nova, he was unable to forget his older brother’s death, but he also could not free himself of the forces that brought sentinels and guides together. He loved his sentinel and was deeply loved by his sentinel. They love and fought over and over in this fashion. In the end, after all the abuse…there was a happy ending.

When he read the ending, Sui Yuan’s expression became odd. zbCqjp

Actually, Germain and his younger brother’s relationship was not good. Nova was too gentle and kind-hearted. Meanwhile, Germain’s methods were very cruel, and he placed the greatest importance on his own interests. All of the gentleness in his life had been exclusively for his own guide. The two brothers had the same father but different mothers, so they were a bit estranged. In addition, their ideologies differed, and they could not communicate, so there naturally wouldn’t be much brotherly feelings between them.

The army of space pirates that Germain had single-handedly established should have been handed over to his blood brother upon his collapse, but Germain would rather adopt his devoted and loyal subordinate, Hill, who was an orphan, as his successor. He was unwilling to let his younger brother meddle in the space pirates’ internal affairs. Of course, Nova didn’t like being a space pirate either.

Aside from valuing Hill’s innate talent, Germain had another reason for adopting him—he was unable to have a son. For one, his guide had disappeared. Furthermore, Germain’s health had deteriorated beyond repair. Even after just a tiny bit of intense action, he vomited blood for all to see. Even if the technology was much more advanced now, they could not prevent his organs from failing. However, the most important issue was his reproductive system.

That’s to say, although Germain was young and held a lofty position….he. was. impotent. bJ3W 4

Sui Yuan:“…………………………”

——Actually, he had only lamented casually, that’s all. Creator, did you have to react so quickly? QAQ

5237: “…D-don’t look at me. I don’t know anything! It must be a coincidence!”

The author has something to say: crFL8K

I see that there’s quite a lot of little sisters who feel that this story is getting increasingly boring, that it’s not as fun to read as before. This silly author feels very anxious. QAQ. This was why I didn’t want to drag it on for so long….

Put yourself in my shoes. I actually don’t like to read long stories. Over 150 chapters would make me flinch, unless it was a great god of a writer that wrote very good plots. Otherwise, the stories would more or less feel bland, dragged on and the quality would decline. I am naturally no exception so I usually kept my stories at 300 000. This story greatly surpasses that. it is most likely the longest story I’ve ever written. The longer it goes on, the more nervous I get. So, I hope that you guys will give this silly author a suggestion or a bit of encouragement. QAQ

Or perhaps it’s just hard to please everybody? When I was writing the previous story, there were always some little sisters that liked it, while there were some that found it boring and wanted it to change a bit. I continued to advance forward with the central theme but I did make some changes. Then, there were some little sisters that said that it wasn’t written as well as the earlier parts and were disappointed. This silly author saw those messages and could only choke silently. The central theme is always driven forward by this silly author’s thoughts. Even if there are some little sisters that say they preferred the beginning, the middle, or a certain part of the plot, I can only say ‘sorry’. >////< Additionally, the quality of the story varies. There will be all sorts of shortcomings. This is something this silly author cannot avoid. I can only say that I will try my best while writing each and every story.

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

…Ma~ It’s gotten so long. Really sorry for writing so much. It’s just that when I saw some of the girls’ negative comments, I felt a little depressed. This silly author is very earnest towards your opinions (even though I don’t reply). Perhaps you guys are disappointed with me, or perhaps you’ve already left. However, I still really love you all. Muah muah~ 5WGnqC

Eve: I have literally never heard of this kind of AU before, or watched the tv show The Sentinel. But I hear it’s rather popular in fic. Also, aww, don’t worry author daren, we love you toooooo~ From here, we’re 26 chapters until the end of the main story. And then there will be 5 extras.

Kara: LOL Sentinel/guide AUs…it’s been a while. Thinks about my dark fanfic past (*ノдノ)Looking forward to seeing who ZXH is and how SY will derail the plot again. Heheheheh ¬‿¬

Translator's Note

In english in the raws

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