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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 14.9


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian uY Lvp

Sui Yuan and the bespectacled youth did not pay any attention to the book that had fallen to the ground. The two of them pounced over to the study’s side door and tried to fling it open.

It was just that although the door clearly wasn’t locked, it would not open no matter how hard they pushed or pulled. Even striking it yielded no results, as if it had been sealed. It was coldly and stubbornly blocking their way.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Save us, save us! Someone, come quickly, ah!” From the other side of the door came frantic pounding. The owner of the voice seemed to be the robust girl. Only, she had lost herself in fear and thus her voice was completely distorted.

While the robust girl was calling for help, the other girl’s mournful cries could be heard mixed into the racket. It was just that they could not discern just what she was shouting no matter how hard they tried. K1Mmu9

“Damn it! Is this a ghost’s doing?! Did they lock the door?!” The bespectacled youth beat the door ferociously. His originally delicate and pretty face had been warped with worry and hate. Clearly, there was only a door between them, but they could only watch on with helplessness as their good friends sunk into danger. Even as they approached the brink of death, they could not do anything about it. These kinds of circumstances nearly drove the bespectacled youth to madness.

Sui Yuan’s eyes were red. He sobbed, flustered, while also never ceasing in trying all sorts of ways to open up the door. However, inwardly, he was extremely calm. He had already long since known that the door would be sealed shut during this murder scene, so he wasn’t the least surprised. However, what had to be acted out should still be acted out.

At this time, Sui Yuan suddenly sensed something and he slightly turned his head to the main entrance to the study, just in time to see a petite, white silhouette leap over, directly throwing itself onto his pants.

The fur on its body was pure white without any traces of other colours. It was unimaginably clean and dazzling. At its posterior was a big, fluffy tail. It was currently on its toes, appearing emotionally moved. Its big, red eyes were glistening with tears of joy and excitement. It was just that, probably because there had to be some adjustments to its appearance so as to cater to this world, this rabbit (?) had turned into a…cat?


The Crystal Beast that had finally been released by the demented Zhao Xihe and saw its beloved owner: “Meow~…………QAQ”

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Sui Yuan & 5237: “…………………………”

At this time, Yang Yue, who had ran out of the study, had finally caught up to the figure he had been chasing, panting all the while. Afterwards, he stopped at a distance away from the other.

A ghost donning a swallow-tailed coat who looked gentle and refined in manner, turned around to look at Yang Yue. He raised his eyebrows in a mocking gesture, “I never expected that you’d really catch up to me.” mEXUwY

“You specifically appeared in front of me before leaving without a sound. Isn’t it because you wanted me to chase after you?” Yang Yue gazed at the other calmly, “How could I let you down?”

“Aren’t you afraid that the reason I drew you out on your own is so that I can kill you?” The ghost chuckled.

“…I believe in my intuition,” Yang Yue hesitated for a moment, feeling quite astonished at himself for having ran after the ghost without any hesitation, “My intuition told me that you mean no harm. At least, for now.”

The ghost snorted, not negating Yang Yue’s words. h7w6df

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Tjcu Tef jirb vlv cba qijc bc vffqis vlrmerrlcu atlr wjaafg. Lf nfgs delmxis mtjcufv atf reypfma, “Qtja lr sbeg qegqbrf obg vgjklcu wf bea?”

“Zs qegqbrf?” Ktf utbra aliafv lar tfjv, “Jifjgis, lrc’a la sbe ktb tjr rbwfatlcu ab rjs ab wf?”

Tjcu Tef’r qeqlir mbcraglmafv. Lf ofia ilxf tf tjv yffc mbwqifafis rffc atgbeut. Ycis, tf gfjiis vlv tjnf rbwfatlcu tf kjcafv ab rjs ab atlr utbra. “Tfrafgvjs, kf rjk atf wjcbg’r yeaifg. Pa jugffv ab afii er tbk ab ufa ab atf atlgv oibbg’r rajlgmjrf, jcv fnfc jugffv ab wjxf atf vfmlrlbc ab ifa er bea bc yftjio bo atf bkcfg, rb ibcu jr kf wfa bcf gfdelgfwfca.”

The ghost did not have any reaction. It only watched Yang Yue quietly, patiently listening to his words. qJUK5n

Yang Yue sucked in a deep breath, “The requirement was: Xiao Xiao. It wanted Xiao Xiao to become his.”

The corner of the ghost’s mouth slowly rose and the eyes beneath his glasses curved slightly, revealing a shallow smile. It was just that this smile carried no goodwill. On the contrary, it was full of ice-cold ridicule, “Is this you trying to sow dissension between us? You want to instigate a falling out between the ‘butler’ and myself, so that you can take advantage of our hostility to gain what you desire?”

——He had indeed been seen through. Yang Yue’s heart froze over. He was not suited to do this kind of ‘evil deed’ so naturally, his actions had been too conspicuous. In a single glance, he was seen through by the astute and scheming ghost. Nevertheless, this did not mean that he had been defeated, “However, this is the truth, no? I can faintly perceive the ghost’s strength. That ghost also has a rather high position. Meanwhile, neither your strength nor position can compare to that ‘butler’. I know this, so even if Xiao Xiao is left behind, you won’t be able to have him!”

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The mocking smile dropped off of the ghost’s face. It fixed its cold gaze onto Yang Yue. It was obvious that Yang Yue’s words had touched its sore spot, “So what then? This is between the ‘butler’ and myself. It has nothing to do with you. Furthermore, you and that human called Ming Hai…you’d be the first to be defeated by that ghost anyway.” AUktlP

Taking a pause, the ghost raised an eyebrow, “Or, have you changed your mind and decided that I’m more trustworthy than the ‘butler’ and plan on offering Xiao Xiao to me in exchange for helping you find a way out?”

“Of course not,” Yang Yue’s face flushed red. He felt that he had indeed been rather naive. He had been too concerned over the fact that Xiao Xiao had drawn the attention of two extraordinarily powerful ghosts, and had wanted to take the initiative to incite discord between the two, in hopes that they would fight it out. He would then take advantage of this period in which their attention would be shifted away from Xiao Xiao. However, it was evident that either he was really lacking eloquence, or that compared to internal strife, the ghosts were more inclined to first eliminate external threats. In any case, the other had not taken the bait.

“An honest human,” It was unknown whether the ghost’s smile was one of contempt or one of having been moved, “If you had said that you wanted to hand Xiao Xiao over to me, most likely, I would have really gone over to start up a fight with that ‘butler’. However, although you knew this, although it would just be a lie, you still couldn’t say it?”

“…Who knows if you’d turn my lies into truth?” Yang Yue pursed his lips, “I am not familiar with the dirty tricks used by ghosts. I don’t dare gamble with it.” ozB0Lp

“That is smart of you,” The ghost hummed, “Indeed, ghosts would do something as evil as that. So, you absolutely must never lie to a powerful ghost.”

Yang Yue:“……………………”

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——Actually, I was just speaking without thinking just now….

“Xiao Xiao…his courage is small. I’m afraid that he would find it very difficult to accept that he was being…fancied by a ghost,” Yang Yue choked over this for a long time, before lightly spitting this out, compromising, “I can feel that you really like Xiao Xiao. Although I don’t know how your feelings came to be, however, they are indeed true. Meanwhile, that ‘butler’, the expression in its eyes when it looks at Xiao Xiao is what one would use to look at an interesting, novel toy. It’s really interested, but who knows when it’ll lose its interest and throw away what it once treasured like a pair of worn out shoes…If…if I really have no way of taking Xiao Xiao out of this place, I’d rather give him to you. At least you will properly treasure him and protect him.” wC4WjU

The ghost was rather stunned, as if it had never expected Yang Yue to say this.

“If…we all die here and can’t escape, then please be good to Xiao Xiao. Don’t force him. Give him some time. Let him…slowly accept this new reality. Can you do that?” Yang Yue cast his pleading gaze at the ghost, forcing out the rest of his words with much difficulty.

This was akin to entrusting an orphan to a friend. It was the last option, to be used only when there was no other way. After seeing more and more of the tricks used by ghosts, Yang Yue’s confidence in escaping this manor became increasingly weak. Even if they had never planned on giving up, he had no choice but to prepare for the worst.

At least, if it was like this, in case they all had the misfortune to meet with death, he could be much more at peace. 76Bh3

The ghost’s expression as he stared at Yang Yue gradually softened. It was clear that Yang Yue’s plans regarding Xiao Xiao had earned quite a bit of goodwill from the ghost. The ghost nodded gently, “Even if you didn’t say it, I would do that.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yang Yue sighed in relief, “If it’s like that…then that’s good.”

One person and one ghost looked at each other in silence. After a period of quietness, Yang Yue, who had accomplished his goal — or at least one of his goals—, began to worry about Xiao Xiao who he had left in the study. He very quickly bid farewell. Meanwhile, the ghost walked towards the window after confirming that Yang Yue had completely disappeared, and waved its hand to knock on it.

On the other side of the window, another ghost’s figure slowly emerged. The ghost with the feminine face was floating on the window ledge outside. It played with its hair, rather awkward, “Gee~ What a coincidence, ah~” SFCbVs

“Yes, ah. A real coincidence, ‘butler’ daren,” The ghost pushed its glasses up, “Then, will you please explain to this subordinate the matter of ‘wanting Xiao Xiao in exchange’ and ‘wanting Xiao Xiao to belong to him’?”

“Eh…” The long-haired ghost hesitated for a moment before quickly refuting, “No, that’s not true. At the time, I had clearly said ‘we’, not ‘I’.”

“We?” The ghost raised its eyebrow, “You and me?”

“That’s right,” The long-haired ghost nodded its head as it made a solemn vow, “I heard that you liked that human and was a bit curious. Thus, I ran over to have a look. I never thought that…I’d actually be a little interested. Only, although I’m interested in him, I won’t use my identity to seize another’s love like a tyrant. Still, it’s also not bad to share, right? Wait until I get tired of playing with him and naturally, he’ll belong solely to you. That is, if you still like him then.” 7KaIn

“…Hehe,” The ghost’s smile grew more profound, but it did not reach its eyes, “I believe that regarding this matter…We. Need. To. Have. A. Good. Chat.

The long-haired ghost: “…………………………”

——W-wait a minute! Use your words! This is insubordination! QAQ

Yang Yue, who was already far away, did not know that he had successfully incited the two ghosts to quarrel. Although the method of quarrelling was a bit off, at this moment, after entrusting Xiao Xiao over to the ghost, his mood became evidently heavier. B218xe

Ming Hai, who had been following after him but had not made an appearance so as to not disrupt his discussion with the ghost, stepped out in front of him. He lowered his head to his downcast and depressed friend, “Do you really think that the ghost is trustworthy?”

“…At least it seems quite a bit better than the ghost last night. Although…” When he thought about its earlier, idiotic behaviour, Yang Yue could not stop the corner of his mouth from lifting up, “But at least its feelings towards Xiao Xiao seem more genuine.”

Ming Hai furrowed his brows. Compared to the melancholic Yang Yue, he was much more inclined to believe in himself. He was also more confident about being able to find a way out of this godforsaken place. Only, he would not go against his good friend’s actions.

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“Moreover, if it’s like this, it will feel much more responsible towards Xiao Xiao. At least we don’t have to worry that Xiao Xiao will be killed by a prank by other ghosts when we’re not paying attention,” Yang Yue pulled himself together slightly. He raised his head to flash the other a sly smile, “Perhaps he’ll even fight against that ‘butler’ because of this, ne! I didn’t promise Xiao Xiao to him. I only gave him a possibility to exchange for his guarantee. Aren’t we really profiting from this? These ghosts are too self-confident. They don’t think that we can escape and have decided to treat this possibility as the fixed future. Meanwhile, I will naturally exploit this self-confidence. We won’t lose anything from this, no matter what happens. How was it? Was my expression just now especially pained, powerless, and sorrowful?” hucrWG

Ming Hai felt rather helpless but still sighed in relief. He knew that his good friend would not be knocked down so easily. Even if he was gentle and honest by nature, although he seemed easy to trick and bully, however, he would inadvertently expose his ‘dark side’ every now and then, making people unable to see through him.

The two people smiled at each other, returning to the study with relaxed steps. After getting halfway there, they heard the faint sounds of a woman’s sobs. Yang Yue and Ming Hai’s expressions changed and they looked at each other, greatly perplexed. They both increased their pace and sprinted.

The sobbing increased in volume, and mixed in were indistinct conversation. The two people ran towards the door leading into the study, panting and were met with the sight of the robust girl in disheveled clothes leaping into the bespectacled youth’s arms, crying loudly as she shouted herself hoarse. Meanwhile, the quiet and gentle girl was kneeling on the ground naked, appearing like a lifeless doll, eyes without any sign of life. The bespectacled youth was incessantly whispering comforting words to the robust girl. Meanwhile, Xiao Xiao stood by the quiet and gentle girl, at a loss on what to do as he tried to drape clothing over her. However, he did not receive any response from the other.

A great majority of the study and the entire lounge was filled with blood red liquid. It seemed to be blood, yet also seemed to be water. Within was also filthy pieces of ** minced meat that made people want to hurl. The robust girl’s calves and ankles seemed to be covered in finger-shaped bruises. Furthermore, there were also horrifying marks all over the quiet and elegant girl. XgLHm3

“This…just what happened here?” Yang Yue stared at this scene, stiff. He didn’t know if he was worried or relieved—after all, everyone seemed to still be alive.

“They had been wiping their bodies clean when suddenly, the water in the basin and… their bodies turned strange. A hand shot out of the basin, wanting to pull them in. Knocking over the basin was not effective. Many more hands appeared from within the puddles formed on the ground after the water splashed out…” As the only one who was able to recount the experience in an orderly fashion, the bespectacled youth simply repeated things, so as to avoid stimulating the two people whose minds were already on the verge of collapse—actually, one of them had already fallen apart, “Xiao Xiao and I tried to open the door after hearing their shouts. However, the door seemed to be sealed shut by some unknown force. Fortunately, it didn’t last too long and we were able to break through in the end…When we managed to open the door, the rotten, bloody arms had already disappeared. All that was left were the…remains on the ground.”

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The Crystal Beast’s appearance was not mentioned by the bespectacled youth. It was likely that his senses had been confused by its illusion ability. Furthermore, the youth at the time had also been panicked too much and thus, completely did not have the energy to pay attention to anything else. Sui Yuan silently gave a like to his family’s pet. Its illusion ability was really so useful, ah….

Seeing the two girls’ mental states, Yang Yue knew that he should not ask too much right now. He merely left the task of comforting the robust girl to the bespectacled youth. He hesitated for a moment before walking over to help Xiao Xiao settle the quiet and gentle girl. eVERbc

The quiet and gentle girl would not respond no matter how much they moved her. Even when she came back to herself a bit, she only curled up into a tight ball and shivered without making a sound. Everyone felt helpless and could only take these two girls back to their bedroom and lay them down to rest.

Yang Yue carried the quiet and gentle girl while the bespectacled youth supported the robust girl. Meanwhile, Sui Yuan and Ming Hai walked at the very back, side by side.

Seeing that Xiao Xiao was even more silent than before, Ming Hai worriedly pressed onto his shoulders, asking with his eyes how he was doing.

Sui Yuan raised his head to glance at him. He shook his head with much difficulty. He no longer acted as if he was overwhelmed with favour, or with an expression that was rippling with love. The official explanation was that he had been scared so badly that he couldn’t be moved, but in reality, Sui Yuan felt that he no longer needed to make things difficult for himself. t147xO

Although he made himself appear as grave as he needed, deep down inside, Sui Yuan was so happy he nearly cried out in joy and scattered flowers. This was because he finally knew who the Destroyer was.

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When he found out the truth, Sui Yuan nearly could not hold himself back from acting out. However, he still restrained himself in the end. He did not have a way of getting in touch with Zhao Xihe. If he acted without consulting anyone, it could be dangerous. Furthermore, it was also possible that the Destroyer could act like the one from last time and seize the opportunity to escape.

Only, since he had ascertained the Destroyer’s goal, what was about to happen next was much simpler. Moreover, the Crystal Beast had appeared and could be used as the communication bridge between Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe. Or, it could be that since Zhao Xihe has decided to let the Crystal Beast out, he most likely did not plan on continuing this game of hide-and-seek where ‘you can’t see me’ and wished to link up with him.

Towards this, Sui Yuan was both extremely happy and also wanted to gnash his teeth in anger. To have such a willful teammate really made him feel dizzy. lM6Lw3

In short, everything has been finalized. What was to come next was to seek an opportunity to snipe the Destroyer. It is essential that it be a one-hit KO.

Eve: I was just looking at the JJWXC page for SML and the author uploaded a new cover:


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