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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 14.7


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian 0kIxdg

Thank you San Xiaojie for the kofi 💕

While being stared at by the protagonist gong and shou’s scorching gazes, Sui Yuan wanted to express that he felt greatly pressured. He raised his head, expression puzzled as he touched his face, “…What’s wrong? Is there something strange about me?”

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Yang Yue rubbed his nose and tried to probe, “Do you feel anything off? For example, are you cold or do you feel like there’s a heavy weight pressing down on you?”

As soon as he heard Yang Yue speak like this, Sui Yuan understood in an instant. Zhao Xihe was definitely messing around! If you have the ability to perform little tricks in the dark, then you have the ability to let me see you, ah! How about we meet in the open, OK?! R5PzNx

Even if he was puffing up his fur in fury inside, Sui Yuan still maintained a nervous and skeptical appearance, “N-no…What’s going on?”

Seeing that the timid Xiao Xiao was about to be scared senseless , Yang Yue consoled him at once, “Don’t think too much. I was just worried that you were too cold last night and may have caught a cold, that’s all. Thus, I thought to just ask.”

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

——Protagonist shou, even if you’re doing this half-heartedly would it kill you to be a bit more professional? Would someone ask about a cold in this way? Are you bullying me because you think I’m uneducated?!


Evidently, not to even mention Sui Yuan, no one else would believe this clumsy excuse. It was simply mocking other people’s intellect!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The robust girl glanced to either side with hesitation. In the end, she nervously fixed her gaze onto Sui Yuan, “Yang Yue, it can’t be that you see…something strange, ah? Could it be on Xiao Xiao’s body?”

The quiet and gentle looking girl accidentally knocked over the cup of milk by her side and nearly screamed. The bespectacled youth however, was much more calm. He only gazed at Yang Yue, awaiting his response.

“Don’t speak nonsense!” Yang Yue chided as he saw Xiao Xiao’s little face begin to pale. He walked to his side and sat down, tidying Sui Yuan’s hair in an intimate manner. xsUYFN

Seeing this, it seemed like Yang Yue indeed did not see some strange thing on Xiao Xiao. Otherwise, he definitely would not dare approach Xiao Xiao so casually. Only then did everyone ease up. They lowered their heads after recovering from the shock and continued settling the breakfast before them.

Everyone seemed to have rested adequately last night. At least they had an appetite and did not have difficulty swallowing their delicious breakfast. Only, their friend’s death still made them appear like birds that would startle at the mere twang of a bow. They didn’t even have the energy to smile.

Ming Hai sat on Sui Yuan’s other side. His sharp gaze would occasionally sweep over his shoulders, in an attempt to find some vestige of the ghost’s existence. Meanwhile, Yang Yue’s gaze directly met with the ghost’s. He could clearly make out the malicious intentions within those long and narrow eyes beneath his glasses.

The ghost clung onto Sui Yuan’s shoulders and flashed a lazy smile towards Yang Yue. Afterwards, he lowered his head provokingly and licked the corner of Sui Yuan’s mouth before kissing him, completely unrestrained. ZRye2I

Yang Yue silently bent the fork in his hands. But he had no choice but to force out a stiff smile to placate Sui Yuan when he looked at him in horror.

Sui Yuan: …Protagonist shou, why are you unexpectedly so strong? This was unscientific!

Yang Yue: …His beloved was being dallied with right in front of him. He also wore a silly cute expression, completely in the dark about it all. Who else could feel as crushed as he did?!

Ming Hai: …From my good friend’s expression, I can tell that my beloved is being dallied with. However, I can’t see anything right now. It’s really crushing, OK?! 3607xX

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Vel Tejc ilrafcfv ab atfw vlrmerr lc rlifcmf. Lf vlvc’a xcbk ktja xlcv bo fzqgfrrlbc tf beuta ab rtbk.

——Look at me, ah! Quickly look at the one hanging on my body! Don’t you think he looks very familiar? Don’t you think he is very in line with the image of a dignified butler with a stomach full of evil tricks?!

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As if he could hear the screams inside Sui Yuan’s heart, Yang Yue suddenly turned to sweep a glance at him. He looked as if he was enduring something in silence, before he quietly averted his gaze once more. w560mM

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

——Could this be the so-called ‘dark under the light’? Clearly, he was right before his eyes, but why did he still ignore him? Was this due to the plot’s inertia? In the plot, the process of finding the butler was not easy, so even if the butler was in front of him right now, the protagonists would not suspect him at all?

Except that, what exactly was that b*stard Zhao Xihe doing to make Yang Yue react in such a way?! To actually make Yang Yue expose such an expression as if he can’t bear to continue looking…Sui Yuan felt uneasy all over, as if he was doing some kind of shameful PLAY in front of the protagonist shou. What was even worse was that he didn’t even know what this PLAY consisted of.

For the rest of the day, everyone aimlessly strolled throughout the manor. During this time, the protagonist gong and shou never strayed from Sui Yuan’s side, as if they were afraid that if they so much as blinked, he could be taken away in the mouth of some strange being. dJfkmF

…Even his bathroom time was no exception.

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

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Wouldn’t this kind of weird behaviour definitely be perceived by the Destroyer? He should have already known that Zhao Xihe was unreliable, ah! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Of course, what was the most important was that the person who was supposed to die on the second day continued to live. Aside from a false alarm, aside from being tense all day until dinner, there were no serious injuries. ewM3vs

Sui Yuan held his fork in his mouth, gaze flickering towards the girls before he quickly lowered his eyes.

Today, there was supposed to be a stupendous murder in the bathroom. The two girls were supposed to enter the bathroom together. They had been chatting all along to bolster their courage, but all of a sudden, one of them stopped speaking.

The girl that remained safe was really frightened. She rushed to the stall beside her and tried to open the door. However, she discovered that it was a lost cause. It wasn’t until she left the washroom, found the boys, and pried open the lock together that she saw the already non-breathing body suspended in the air with the black, hair-like substance from the ceiling around its neck.

Today, the one who was supposed to die was the quiet and gentle girl. However, for some reason, she was still alive. Z3f5LK

Sui Yuan knew that the Destroyer was trying to mask his/her own existence. He/she had discovered the change in the plot and realized that there was someone following his/her tracks. Right now, he/she did not have the power to resist, so he/she naturally chose to deliberately mislead the ones tracking him/her to avoid being found out.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The Destroyer could not simply die as ordained in the plot. However, if only he/she escaped his/her death, then it would simply be too suspicious. However, if other people’s fates changed, then the suspicion would be directed to these others as well.

So, who was it that caused this to happen, ne?

Was it the quiet and gentle girl who was attacked? She was naturally a possibility. Even if the Destroyer was but a normal human right now, his/her self-preservation ability was greater than that of the originally delicate, extremely frightened girl in the plot. If he/she was the Destroyer, she would naturally be able to survive until someone could save him/her. DzjNXE

The robust girl? Of course, so long as her actions were more decisive and speedy than in the plot, she would have the opportunity to avert this time’s death.

The bespectacled youth? When Sui Yuan entered the bathroom with the protagonist gong and shou, he was the only one who waited outside. After receiving the call for help, he had taken the lead to enter the women’s bathroom. He also could have done something….

Perhaps it was because the situation had been urgent and everyone had been too confused, but everyone’s stories were neither clear nor orderly. Sui Yuan was unable to extract enough information from them.

Sui Yuan felt thoroughly vexed! The reason Zhao Xihe dared to make such a grandiose show of entangling himself with him, thereby causing a great change in the protagonist shou’s attitude towards him, was evidently because he already had a target that he was suspicious of and believed that the other was already in the palm of his hands and could not cause any great ripples. As such, he could watch with indifference as the other struggled bitterly while also taking advantage of this time where Sui Yuan could neither sense nor resist him, to have a bunch of ‘interesting’ experiences. 67ptc

——-Completely could not count on this fellow with vile tastes! This time, Sui Yuan could only count on himself to see through the Destroyer’s true face as soon as possible. Then, after settling him/her, he could shed himself from his current situation of being the passive party in their one-way communicative link.

#The Seven Unsolved Mysteries of the World: Just what on earth is Zhao Xihe doing?!#

If he was a ghost that the Destroyer could not see, then it would be fine. In that case, I would also be able to quickly grab onto his/her pigtail! Sui Yuan thought bitterly. He couldn’t help but wonder if his Creator was being partial towards Zhao Xihe, who was a part of him.

At present, the only thing to be happy about was that his safety can be guaranteed since Zhao Xihe dared to play like this. … Sui Yuan forcefully exhaled a faint breath and placed down the fork in his hand. ldRw8d

“Why are you still eating so little?” Yang Yue tilted his head to look at him, face concerned.

Sui Yuan squeezed out a reluctant, forced smile, “En…not much of an appetite.”

“Were you frightened again?” Yang Yue nodded in understanding, “Only, it is fortunate that we arrived in time so it didn’t reach the point of being so bad that it couldn’t be remedied.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The quiet and gentle girl suddenly trembled upon hearing this and leaned more closely against the robust girl. Meanwhile, the robust girl smiled rather helplessly towards her, one hand wrapping around her shoulders. The other one reluctantly forked up some food into her own mouth. 1Ve3db

“It seems that…we cannot act on our own right now. Who knows when we’ll be ‘pranked’?” The bespectacled youth pursed his lips, face an expression of concern, “I am also worried that…something will happen while we sleep at night.”

“Indeed, even if we need to sleep, everyone is probably unable to rest at ease,” Yang Yue agreed, “Tonight, we should all sleep in one room and take turns keeping guard, two people to a team.”

No one opposed this. Although the beds and couches within a single room would not fit six people adequately, it was better than facing death while sleeping in the middle of the night.

Three people could cram onto a bed. The couch could barely fit one. The remaining two would stand guard and could sit on a chair or on the floor, as they wished. Only, as for who would stand guard together, that was rather troublesome. Gd765c

In the plot, there were only five people left. Thus, they straightforwardly divided into two teams: the protagonist gong and shou were one team, and the rest formed the other. Only, right now, the six of them had to form three teams. The situation was undoubtedly more complicated.

The two girls’ fighting strength was lesser. They could not be together. It was necessary to pair them up with a boy. However, Yang Yue was also worried about the ghost that was always lusting over Xiao Xiao and needed to stay close to him to take care of him. Thus, the ultimate decision was for the quiet and gentle girl to form a team with Ming Hai, the robust girl to form a team with the bespectacled youth, and for Yang Yue to be with Sui Yuan.

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The original scene of the protagonist gong and shou standing guard together and having a heart-to-heart conversation which would increase their goodwill towards each other once again turned to smoke. Sui Yuan sent an annoyed glance at Yang Yue, who was not in the least concerned about Ming Hai, and simply wanted to light a candle for the protagonist shou.

——Your official CP is about to run away, you know?! L8tIeq

“What’s wrong, Xiao Xiao?” Yang Yue, who felt Sui Yuan’s gaze, was quite astonished.

His mood right now was not bad. The ghost that had been constantly stuck to Xiao Xiao’s side had finally left, making him feel like the air around him was much fresher and cleaner. It was simply rejuvenating!

“I thought that you would form a pair with Ming Hai,” Now that he had ascertained that the Destroyer was a human, Sui Yuan’s actions were much more relaxed. He was not like before, where he had been cautious even when alone.

Yang Yue was startled. He then laughed, carrying an ineffable emotion, “You also don’t think that Ming Hai and I are a couple, ba?” rDTKyf

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

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——-After being counterattacked, should he say ‘yes’ or ‘no’, ne?

Fortunately, Yang Yue did not think that Sui Yuan would respond to his question. Instead, he raised a brow indifferently, “I actually thought that you would want to pair up with Ming Hai, ne. You were assigned to me. Do you feel a bit disappointed?”

“As—” He subconsciously wanted to refute in a loud voice, but he very quickly realized that this would disrupt everyone’s sleep. Sui Yuan flushed and stammered, lowering his voice, “No…There’s no such thing.” dS5wDe

“Ha…is that so…” Yang Yue smiled, the implicit meaning unclear. Yet, there was quite the trace of vexation.

He naturally knew just how outstanding his good friend was. Although Yang Yue did not think that he could not compare to Ming Hai, it was obvious that before he realized it, Xiao Xiao’s feelings towards Ming Hai had already become deeply-rooted. Meanwhile, he had lost the battle from the get-go.

If Ming Hai didn’t hold any special feelings towards Xiao Xiao, or perhaps if he remained as slow-witted as he had been in the past, remaining insensitive to love, then Yang Yue would be rather confident that he could obtain Xiao Xiao. However, it was evident that Ming Hai’s EQ was not as low as he had initially thought. At the very least, he seemed to have already been enlightened.

If it was like this, then before he could even begin fighting, he would already be eliminated from the competition. Yang Yue could practically imagine that if Ming Hai told Xiao Xiao he liked him, the self-abased boy who had already liked the other in secret for a long time and who had felt the brutal hopelessness of love—would immediately devote himself to him in haste, ba? FIyiH1

——Tsk, it was truly too terrible.

After Yang Yue couldn’t help himself and ended up probing about the feelings Xiao Xiao had towards Ming Hai, he suddenly felt a dangerous yet interested gaze.

He abruptly turned and saw that there was a male ghost sitting leisurely by the window sill.

Clearly, although this manor was a ghost paradise, quite a few spirits preferred to appear at night. Firstly, there was that foolish (yi?) ghost last night, and now there was this male ghost tonight. It seemed like these fellows liked to run over and come watch them at night. pvb uL

The ghost this time seemed to be dressed very casually. The white—or rather, some kind of pale-coloured shirt’s collar and cuffs– were decorated with an extremely noble lace pattern. His buttons were casually buttoned, exposing a great deal of his chest. Meanwhile, he wore a pair of casual pants.

Compared to the elegant and handsome ghost from last night, this male ghost’s face was much more feminine. If it wasn’t for his tight and flat chest that did not have any contours, his long hair and beautiful features would make people mistake him as a girl.

The ghost sat, legs folded, swaying leisurely. His body leaned against the window and he faced Sui Yuan and Yang Yue’s direction, as if he was watching some interesting play with relish.

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Upon discovering that Yang Yue has noticed him, the ghost laughed gently and raised a hand to flick his long hair behind him, “I heard that you guys were looking for the butler today?” LDnqgh

Yang Yue’s eyes constricted slightly. He instinctively felt that the spirit before him was not ordinary and his heart couldn’t help but speed up. He subconsciously stood up, “Yes! If I may ask, are you the butler of this manor?”

Yang Yue did not control the volume of his voice and he immediately woke up the people who didn’t dare sleep too deeply. They looked at Yang Yue who was facing the window, expression cautious, and they couldn’t help but cast their own gazes towards that direction. Although they couldn’t see anything, this did not stop the others from feeling a complicated mix of fear and excitement.

The spirit narrowed its eyes in a smile that was not a smile, “Ah~ah, everything here in this manor is under my command.”

Yang Yue’s eyes glowed, “Then, would you please tell us how to reach the staircase leading to the third floor?” ATPSuE

Sui Yuan who could not hear anything the ghost said: “……………………”

——So, was Zhao Xihe the butler or not?! If he isn’t then should the butler really appear out of his own accord right now, ah?!

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Hehe…he was also aware that the plot had already disappeared into smoke. Alas, all the stories that have had a connection to him, there wasn’t one that wasn’t a mess!

The author has something to say: UNzny9

Every night, a ghost appears~ This is the tempo of not letting people sleep well. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Wuxian: what on earth is ZXH doing anyway..

Translator's Note

This originally referred to how in the past, people would only be able to burn kerosene lamps or other more primitive forms of lighting, which would result in dark areas despite there being light. Here, it refers to how people are unaware of something happening around them.

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  1. “Ah~ah, everything here in this manner is under my command.”

    Manner —> Manor?

    Maybe ZXH ‘warned’ or gave the manor”s owner a head’s up that someone would make a mess (the destroyer) in the manor, making things out of control in the owner’s hands – which is a contrast to his plan of always making everything under his command, thus the owner went out ahead of the schedule?

    P.S.: with ZXH’s obsessive possessiveness, of course he couldn’t hold back anymore of the people hanging around SY, plus the fact that SY can’t even see him, thus he made this move making things ahead of schedule coz he can’t wait to have SY!

    PPS: the protag gong and shou calling SY ‘beloved’ makes me crack up. 😂😂😂😂😂 if ZXH would know what they think… 😂😂😂😂