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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 14.13


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian 0jl6Gt

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

While the protagonist gong and shou were anxiously visualizing a hundred and eight possible tortures Sui Yuan could be facing, Sui Yuan, who had been ‘kidnapped’, was respectfully let go by the kidnapper, after it had confirmed that no one was pursuing them. Sui Yuan rubbed at his neck that had just been gripped at and rolled it around, feeling a bit out of sorts. Meanwhile, the ‘bespectacled youth’ stood at a distance neither too close nor too distant, no longer resuming its atrocious act. On the contrary, it was apprehensive, afraid that Sui Yuan would find trouble for him if he fell into a bad mood.

“What’s wrong? Does your neck hurt from being grabbed?” Zhao Xihe rushed over brows slightly furrowed. When he saw the red finger marks over his neck, his tone became displeased. oHT0Ei

The ‘bespectacled youth’ subconsciously shrunk back, face full of fright.

“It’s nothing,” Sui Yuan naturally did not have the heart to let Zhao Xihe scare the ‘bespectacled youth’ again. He waved his hand to indicate that he ‘leave’. The ‘bespectacled youth’ naturally did not tarry and promptly bid the two farewell before hurrying to turn into a ball of black fog and disappearing in an instant.

“Did you find a good hiding place for what comes next?” Sui Yuan knew that the protagonist gong and shou would certainly be searching for him. He did not dare delay and asked quickly.

“En, I found one early on,” Zhao Xihe hinted that he follow after him. He then floated to the middle-most large portrait on the manor’s second floor and did some indiscernible thing. The portrait slowly moved to the side, revealing the staircase to the third floor that had been hidden behind it.


“We’re going to the third floor? That’s not a bad idea,” Sui Yuan nodded approvingly.

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Although the protagonists had ended up on the third floor in the end of the story, right now, with Zhao Xihe threatening the manor’s owner, even with their glittering protagonist’s halos, they would probably never find this path. Sui Yuan followed Zhao Xihe up to the third floor at ease and whispered about what their plan would be for what was to occur next.

The third floor deserved to be the home of the manor’s owner. Regardless of whether one marvelled over its luxurious value or its comfort level, it was incomparable to the floors below. Such a good location—naturally, Zhao Xihe had forcibly seized it for his own use. As for the manor’s rightful owner, he was very likely conscientiously labouring downstairs, trying to complete the mission Zhao Xihe had assigned him, ba.

Sui Yuan first went to the bathroom to take a delightful bath. As for why a haunted manor had hot water, this BUG, there was no need to look into that matter. Afterwards, he lazily fell down onto a large, soft bed. n8j9OT

Although it had only been a couple of days, the accumulated fatigue within his weary body had already reached its peak. As soon as he relaxed, Sui Yuan felt the entirety of the little body he possessed shout in pain.

Just as Sui Yuan was planning on taking a good nap, Zhao Xihe, who was unwilling to be left alone, found his way to his side. His icy cold fingers touched Sui Yuan’s bare skin, bringing about peals upon peals of cold tremors. Sui Yuan wanted to avoid his touch, but the other was incorporeal. Even though he wanted to push him away, he could only grope at open air.

“I’m really tired…” Unable to do anything, Sui Yuan had no choice but to beg with a pitiful voice. Zhao Xihe looked at him for a while, feeling rather regretful. In the end, he was defeated by his family sweetheart’s teary gaze and had no choice but to compromise.

“Ok, ba. I’ll let you rest for today,” Zhao Xihe sat up and covered Sui Yuan with the quilt. He then stroked his slightly wet hair, “In any case, we have to stay here for a period of time.” gfGhQl

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

After falling into a long silence, Sui Yuan could not help but ask what he had been wondering about for a long period of time, “Do ghosts have sexual desires?”

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“The ghosts of this world should? Otherwise, why would the ghost chase after Yang Yue?” Zhao Xihe though it over for a moment before responding reasonably.

“Snfc lo la’r ilxf atja, vbc’a sbe atlcx atja la’r jkxkjgv? Tbe’gf j utbra jcv P’w j qfgrbc…” Vel Tejc xclaafv tlr ygbkr. Qtfc tf atbeuta bo atf rmfcf, ubbrfyewqr fgeqafv jii bnfg tlr ybvs. FQZ9yh

Itjb Wltf yilcxfv tlr fsfr meafis, rfiilcu wfcu, mbwqifafis ecwbnfv, “Ckxkjgv? Cmaejiis, P atlcx atja la’r nfgs fzmlalcu. Pa’r j nfgs rqfmlji fzqfglfcmf, cb? Po kf vbc’a ulnf la j ags, kbeivc’a la yf remt j qlas?”

Sui Yuan stared at his lover wordlessly. Only after a long time did he wrap himself up in his quilt. No matter what he said, it was better for him to just sleep for the time being. Only after resting his mind would he be able to deal with a certain person’s nagging and propositioning.

It could even be said that Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe spent their days very comfortably and happily. Aside from there being the disharmonious issue about that exercise in bed, he was very comfortable as he had delicious food to eat, he could sleep at any time, and could read, play instruments, or draw when bored. Meanwhile, the lives of the protagonist gong and shou downstairs could only be rated as an abyss of suffering.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Although the manor’s owner had a good sense of propriety and had been following Zhao Xihe’s direction and thus, did not cause any great harm to the protagonists, from Yang Yue and Ming Hai’s point of view, they were just relying on luck to escape death time and time again. i6 qkS

Since Xiao Xiao had been kidnapped, the entire manor seemed to have begun to revolt, baring its fangs at them without any scruples. Originally, they had been just barely able to dedicate any energy into looking for Xiao Xiao’s whereabouts. However, very quickly, the two people who were too busy looking after themselves found they were terribly preoccupied and did not dare fantasize about other impractical matters.

The quiet and gentle girl was still the victim of disaster. After all, she was the reason that Xiao Xiao had gone missing. Even if Yang Yue and Ming Hai were prevented by their conscience from actually doing anything to her, their hatred that could not be vented was vividly imprinted into their hearts. This made it so that whenever they were confronted with danger, they did not immediately risk their own lives to save the other. As such, their moment of hesitation was enough for her life to slip away.

Aside from Xiao Xiao, whose ‘life or death was unknown’, only Yang Yue and Ming Hai were left from the original band of friends who had entered the manor together. The two of them did not know if they felt sorrowful or resigned, it was just that their hope of surviving became increasingly uncertain with each passing day, making them feel at a loss, heart full of pain.

“Say, is there really no way out?” After escaping yet another one of the ghosts’ killing chases, Yang Yue panted heavily and smiled bitterly, one hand holding his body up against the wall, one hand holding his limp and painful knee. 1qeyop

Ming Hai silently supported him up, “Don’t give up. If we give up, then what will Xiao Xiao do?”

“Xiao Xiao…” Yang Yue’s eyes darkened. Of course he didn’t hope for anything to happen to Xiao Xiao, but sometimes, hope wasn’t enough.

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“Let’s go, ba. We should continue advancing forward.” Yang Yue barely managed to pull himself together. He stood up with Ming Hai’s support. He was just about to take a step forward when his movements abruptly stopped. His expression was one of astonishment and he turned his head to look at Ming Hai, “…Did you hear that voice?”

“What voice?” Ming Hai frowned. He tilted his head, listening carefully with rapt attention. F9yeIk

“Yes, it sounds like Xiao Xiao’s voice…He’s calling for us…” Yang Yue was extremely bewildered, “Is it because I’m always thinking about him that I’m having an auditory hallucination? Or…” Yang Yue’s throat tightened, “Or he met with misfortune and turned into a ghost, which is why it’s only I can hear him…?”

“Don’t utter nonsense!” Ming Hai interrupted Yang Yue’s words sternly, his eyes flashing, “I can also hear it. Although it’s rather indistinct, but that is indeed Xiao Xiao’s voice!”

This discovery was like a stimulant injecting itself into their veins. In an instant, the two people who had originally been dispirited and downcast raised up their spirits. They carefully determined the direction from which the voice came from and followed the sound. Although this could be a trap set up by the ghosts, Yang Yue and Ming Hai could not disregard even the smallest of probabilities.

They advanced cautiously and prudently, right until they reached the side corridor of the first floor. Yang Yue and Ming Hai were pleasantly surprised to see that familiar, thin and weak youth standing there, appearing safe and sound. His eyes like onyx glass were full of joy and relief as he stared at them. jfK3an

“Xiao Xiao!” Yang Yue could not help but automatically increase his pace. The feeling of having lost him only to get him back made his emotions surge. It was difficult to resist his emotions. He was impatient and wanted to go faster, and even faster, so that he could bring that boy into his arms. However, to his surprise, the expression on the youth’s face suddenly changed, “Watch out!”

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Yang Yue subconsciously turned his head and was stunned to see that an icy blue ghost had appeared behind him at some point in time. The ghost wore a comical clown suit and it had exaggerated colours painted onto its face. Before Yang Yue could react, he was suddenly pushed against the wall of the corridor. He felt great pain, as if all his organs had been shoved around.

Fortunately, Clown did not seize the opportunity to come at him a second time. It wasn’t that it didn’t want to, but because it was kicked to one side by another ghost that had suddenly appeared in time.

The short and stout clown tumbled through the air several times. It had wanted to get angry at whatever had stopped it, but very quickly, its anger transformed into a flattering giggle, “Gee, gee~ Isn’t this Butler daren? Did you come here to play in your free time~?” rF8D5n

“Butler?!” Yang Yue stared at the always composed ghost that was always neatly dressed in a swallow-tailed coat, stunned, extremely shocked at the other’s true identity. Only, the swallow-tailed coat ghost did not bestow even a single glance towards him. It only gazed at Clown with a haughty and indifferent gaze before gently spitting out one word, “Scram.”

Clown’s cheeks puffed out in rage but it did not resist the other. Without a word, it disappeared with a ‘bang’. Yang Yue stiffened and stared at the ghost who suddenly donned the butler’s hat. Before he could ask, he heard a series of hurried footsteps.

“A-are you alright, ba?” Sui Yuan threw himself to the protagonist shou’s side and impatiently checked his condition. Clown was the least well-behaved ghost in the manor and was also the most rebellious. Sui Yuan was afraid that it had hurt Yang Yue and spoiled all of their hard work.

“I’m fine, you don’t have to worry,” Yang Yue’s gaze fell onto Sui Yuan and he smiled. As matters stand, it already wasn’t important as to who the butler was. What was important was that his Xiao Xiao was still fine and that they had been able to meet again. MagHrR

Yang Yue extended both arms, wanting to draw the youth into his arms. However, he discovered that the other had taken a step back suddenly, as if startled, leaving a distance between them. Yang Yue stared at him, stunned, not knowing what to do. Meanwhile, Sui Yuan managed to barely force out a smile. He looked at Yang Yue and then turned to glance at Ming Hai, “I…I have already found a way to leave. Very soon, you guys will be able to leave the manor.”

The expression on Yang Yue’s face slowly vanished. Although he had an instant of happiness when he heard that he could really leave, very quickly, an unclear premonition enshrouded him. Yang Yue walked to Ming Hai’s side and faced Sui Yuan, closely watching his every expression. Only, the one to speak up first was not him.

“…Us? Then what about you, ne? Aren’t you going with us?” Ming Hai asked in a low voice.

Sui Yuan shook his head gently, “No. I have to stay here.” LGsiaV

“This is…the demand for that exchange, right?” Yang Yue tightly gritted his teeth, “You know that we would never want to use you in exchange for freedom!”

“I’m volunteering,” Sui Yuan interrupted Yang Yue’s words, directly looking him in the eyes, “I’m volunteering to stay in this place. Before, I was afraid because I couldn’t see the ghosts. However, right now…I can see them. Actually, it’s not as bad as I had thought. There are good people amidst the ghosts, they treat me well. I like them, so I am voluntarily staying here to accompany them…if it’s like this, then you guys can leave. Isn’t this the best of both worlds?”

Yang Yue watched Sui Yuan doing his best to explain, expression one of sorrow. His tone was unhesitant, “You’re lying.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sui Yuan:“…………………………” amQl1G

“You’ve never been able to lie, Xiao Xiao,” Yang Yue raised his hand, placing it on Sui Yuan’s head and giving it a gentle rub, “Your acting is too clumsy.”

Sui Yuan:“……………………QAQ”

——It was the first time someone had said his acting was bad. Sui Yuan’s whole person was stupefied! To him, this was simply the most infuriating personal attack!

“Hehe, even if he’s lying, so what? Do you have the right to choose?” Zhao Xihe pushed away the hand Yang Yue had placed on Sui Yuan’s head. He then pulled his lover behind him and looked at the protagonist gong and shou in ridicule, “If you don’t leave, did you think that you would have the good fortune to continue living for long? Xiao Xiao’s wish is to let you two leave here peacefully. It’s only because of his wish that I agreed to act. If you don’t leave…it couldn’t be that you want him to helplessly watch as you two die here and end up with unbearable pain that he cannot rid himself of for the rest of his life?” 3vR0fN

Yang Yue opened his mouth, wanting to refute, but he was disappointed to discover that he was in no position to do so. His experience in the past had completely slain his conceit and confidence. Yang Yue had never felt this close to death before. It was like what the butler had said, the ghosts could kill them at any time. If they continued to stay here, what awaited him and Ming Hai was only death. And if they did die, aside from making Xiao Xiao suffer more, nothing else would come from it.

——Clearly it was Xiao Xiao who was sacrificing himself in order to save them, but even if they were unwilling, they had no choice but to leave for his sake…this kind of cause and effect was simply preposterous and laughable.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I’ll live very well, don’t worry,” Discovering that Yang Yue was wavering, Sui Yuan promptly seized the opportunity to strike while the iron was hot. Since he had already OOCed, he might as well directly smash the broken pot and OOC until the end,  “I know that my personality has never incurred the favour of other people. Only you and Ming Hai Ge have treated me well. Right now, it’s time to let me grow up…really, I guarantee that I’ll live on well.”

Yang Yue didn’t know what to say. He really had no power to make any choice. However, he was really unwilling. No matter what, he was unwilling to leave like this! wP0mUz

It was just a pity that Zhao Xihe would not patiently watch as his own lover bade a tearful farewell to another person. He sneered and then lightly waved his hands. In the next second, what seemed like a decorative side door behind them suddenly opened wide without warning. An immensely attractive force caused Yang Yue and Ming Hai to lose their balance and they involuntarily fell in the direction of the side door.

“Xiao Xiao—!!” Yang Yue subconsciously stretched out his hand, wanting to grab hold of Sui Yuan. However, he was blocked by Zhao Xihe without any mercy. He was only able to watch on helplessly as that thin and feeble youth drew further and further away from him.

Yang Yue, who had no way to resist the attractive force, could only leave a ‘I’ll come back to find you, so you must live on well,’ before he disappeared behind the door with Ming Hai. The side door shut the instant the two of them disappeared, cutting off all noise. Sui Yuan fixed his eyes on the unmoving door for a moment, before he finally relaxed, “This…is the end, ba?”

“Ah, yes. I finally sent those two fellows away,” Zhao Xihe lazily stretched, feeling profoundly regretful towards having to soon say goodbye to his identity of a ghost and also his days of being able to do all sorts of weird things to his lover whenever he wanted while his lover had no way to refuse him. T9NKY

“However…what did that last phrase of his mean? It couldn’t be that they want to court death and come back here?” Sui Yuan knitted his brows. He didn’t know why but he felt rather uneasy.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Why are you worrying about him? In any case, this has nothing to do with you anymore,” Zhao Xihe wrapped his arm around Sui Yuan’s shoulders and carelessly responded, “Our mission is over. It went by very smoothly.”

When he mentioned this, Sui Yuan immediately became very happy. In a flash, he threw the protagonist gong and shou to the back of his head. Meanwhile, after the protagonist gong and shou experienced a period of dizziness, with everything changing before them, they absent-mindedly realized that they were standing on a stretch of empty land within the forest.

The surroundings seemed rather familiar. Yang Yue and Ming Hai could both faintly recall that not long ago, they had crossed these woods to avoid the rain. Only then had they found the old manor that had been situated on this empty land. LMAwPc

Right now, the forest was just like how it had been in the past. The stretch of land was still here, but the manor seemed to have disappeared without a trace, as if what had happened had only been a nightmare.

Yang Yue shut his eyes firmly, his fingers digging into the soil beneath him with force, and he let out a long sigh.

“We will come back,” Ming Hai stood up, staring at where the manor should have been, tone resolute, “We will save him. We won’t give up like this.”

“Of course not,” Yang Yue lifted the corner of his lips and slowly stood up. He stared in the same direction as Ming Hai. He seemed to sense that the boy, who he would never forget, was standing inside the manor he could not see, facing them silently with a sorrowful gaze, “Right now, we are too weak and can’t fight those spirits. However, there will always be a way. The ghosts must be afraid of something, and we will inevitably come back here once more.” 3eqiX2

Yang Yue and Ming Hai both turned around and followed their memories as they walked towards the direction of the broken down car. Once they believed in something, they would stand firm by it and would absolutely never change it. They would use their entire lives to honour the vow they had made at this moment.

——Thus, when they tried to return to the space between worlds but ended up being pulled into the Original space, Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe were flabbergasted.

“What?! Wait—this is not what you said!” Sui Yuan, who had just received a big fat score, didn’t even have time to be happy before he had been struck dumb by this bolt from out of the blue.

“I did say that you needn’t care about the plot, but who knew that you’d change the plot so excessively.” If the Origin had emotions, it would very likely want to ‘hehe’ at these two, “In the plot, the protagonist gong and shou experienced a series of matters, learned how to fight against the ghosts, and then did indeed return to the initial manor in the end. However, their goal was to thoroughly settle the manor owner who had been constantly causing trouble for them. Right now, the manor owner did not follow them out and instead obediently stayed in the manor. The protagonist gong and shou’s reason for returning to the manor had changed to saving Xiao Xiao. When they return to the manor but don’t see the butler or Xiao Xiao, well, how can I settle this?” wQt6EA

“Isn’t it fine…to just treat it like they’ve died?” Sui Yuan blinked, responding shyly. He was immediately pierced by the Origin’s icy cold gaze and lowered his head, not daring to speak.

“Then the matter will be settled like this,” The origin did not plan on asking these two people and had decided on its own, “Wait until the plot has reached that point and you two will return to that world to fix everything.”

Sui Yuan: “…If I had known this before, I would’ve directly made Xiao Xiao die….QAQ”

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

Zhao Xihe: “…Hehe, I had originally planned on doing that. Just who was it that said that Yang Yue was not a bad person and was afraid of over stimulating him? Who said that he couldn’t bear to go through with it, and wanted to directly give him a happy ending?” O5rxNg

Sui Yuan covered his face in anguish, “I was wrong…I won’t carelessly try to make happy endings ever again. Indeed, it is only by dying that one can avoid future issues ah….”

5237: “…This is the first time that I’ve heard of an Actor leaving seeds of future trouble after completing their mission and end up being forced to return to continue the plot. Really learning something new every day….”

Eve: Next arc is…a return to the BG worlds! It’s a dogblood Cinderella campus love story between a rich mr.perfect and a poor girl. ….So like every asian drama ever.

Wuxian: For the next arc, I thought I’d be confined to watching asian dramas, not also reading them?! 7gADhn

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