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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 13.13


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian yaBkrC

 Seeing that matters were about to devolve into a fight between father and son, Sui Yuan immediately covered Situ Gui’s hands with his own, “No. Emperor Father is not forcing me. I…am most willing.”

“Then why have you been avoiding Emperor Father these days and…pulling me over to you to act as your shield?” Situ Gui frowned slightly, evidently not believing him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Because…” Sui Yuan felt his head ache but still had no choice but to come up with a reasonable explanation, “You also know that the ones I’ve touched have always been beautiful women. To be touched by a man…cough…and to be the one on the bottom, there will inevitably a mental obstruction within me. I…need some time to adapt.”

An enigmatic emotion pierced through Situ Gui’s gloomy expression, “Emperor Father…he…has yet to lay his hands on you?” kD47AI

Sui Yuan silently nodded—at least, he had not gotten to the last step.

“…When did this relationship between the two of you begin?” Situ Gui’s expression became even more difficult to discern.

“…Since Emperor Father made that decree and reprimanded the wives,” Sui Yuan responded honestly.

Situ Gui:“……………………”


——Such a long period of time, no wonder Emperor Father has been very angry recently…suddenly, he felt a bit sympathetic and also felt like taking joy from his Emperor Father’s misfortune. What was up with that?

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#Worthy of being my good brother!#

#Hahaha, Emperor Father, even you will see such a day! You deserve it for always terrifying me!#

#For you to be only able to see but not eat your lover who is by your side for so long, I should truly light a candle for you!# 1Vi5 Q

#To be able to endure for so long, what Emperor Father feels for my good brother must be true love!#

#Upon accepting this kind of setting, it seems to be pretty moving?#

#Integrity, are you still OK?!#

“…What are you thinking about? Your smile is rather…strange.” Sui Yuan slightly narrowed his eyes. Looking at Situ Gui before him, he felt that the expression he was making really made him want to hit him. bBCpYM

Situ Gui coughed dryly before quickly raising his hand to wipe his face. After wiping off that expression that should not have been revealed, he said in a grave voice: “Stay in control. You must not let Emperor Father have his way! The people of the royal family are disloyal to their lovers and fickle of heart. I know better than you do. If you let him have his way, you’ll be abandoned like a pair of worn out shoes and will not be cherished by him.”

Sui Yuan: “……………………”

“Only, the next time Emperor Father announces that you need to enter the palace, you absolutely must not use me, your brother, as a shield,” Situ Gui, who had just been about to fall out with his Emperor Father for the sake of his brother, instantly changed his stance. He simply could not be anymore heartless, “I am genuinely afraid of Emperor Father directly sending me out to the frontier as a punishment in a fit of fiery jealousy!”

Sui Yuan: “……………………” O9 Pv4

——What happened to being good brothers for the rest of our lives, ne?!

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Pa mbeivc’a yf atja lcmfra kjr gfjiis mbwwbc klatlc DO kbgivr? Yg qfgtjqr la kjr yfmjerf atf Swqfgbg’r qbkfg kjr qjgjwbeca ab jii?

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“At the very beginning, I felt that it was rather unacceptable,” Situ Gui smiled gently, “Only, what was even more unacceptable was the thought of Father Emperor forcing you. Right now, since you are willing and have not been wronged, I can feel reassured. The rest is unimportant.” a6MJjo

Sui Yuan stared at Situ Gui, feeling slightly moved. Although Situ Gui was a mere villainous cannon fodder in the plot, he held brotherly feelings towards Xu Tu, treating him with true sincerity.

“Of course, after thinking it over, I realized that if you and Emperor Father got together, it would simply be too great!” Situ Gui suddenly, smiling so hard that his teeth showed and his eyes disappeared, “There will no longer be any pillow talk from those terrible Imperial concubines from the harem. Nor would there be anymore annoying little brothers being born. If Emperor Father likes you, then, when the time comes to think about a successor, Emperor Father would at least be a little more partial towards me, ba?”

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

——He looked handsome for all but three seconds. on bmT

Silently placing down the cup of wine in his hand, Sui Yuan pushed down Situ Gui, who had just been imagining his beautiful future, and beat him up with his fists. Situ Gui yelled ‘ouch ouch’ as he was trying to curry favour with Sui Yuan, while dodging left and right. In any case, they had gotten used to playing around like this since young. Right now, they were all alone in their own private room so they were not afraid of disgracing themselves.

Unfortunately, before Sui Yuan had the time to straighten out his state of mind, two knocks sounded against the door. Afterwards, without waiting for them to call out, it was rudely pushed open by the person outside.

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Sui Yuan and Situ Gui, who were originally horsing around, immediately separated. Both of them looked towards the door. The scene of their slightly flushed faces, slightly panting breaths, and disarrayed clothes after their little ‘exercise’ made people link it to certain activities that were not suitable for children.

As such, it was only logical that when Situ Yu, who was at the door, saw this kind of scene, his complexion became uglier by the second. Although he could tell they were just joking around from the sound of their movements, however…it was still too intimate. Situ Gui was simply an irksome presence! X1kdEM

“So it turns out to be Fourth Brother,” Situ Gui’s tone was quite unhappy. The other had showed up uninvited wearing a harshly criticizing expression. It was truly more than he could bear. Moreover, for an outsider to see his undignified appearance just now—it was simply too disgraceful.

Situ Yu resisted blurting out a ‘how scandalous!’ and inhaled deeply. Only then was he able to ease his expression, “Didi just so happened to be passing by and recalled that Second Brother and Third Brother had once promised to invite Didi to drink. Therefore, Didi rudely interrupted you. Didi hopes that Second Brother and Third Brother will forgive Didi.”

Situ Yu also knew that he was a bit too much. However, when he heard the sounds of movement within the private room while passing by, he had tried to do his best to endure but could not endure in the end.

Bearing with his Emperor Father setting his hands on Xu Tu was already the limit to his tolerance. As for Situ Gui? Even if it was pure brotherly affection between them, he ought to maintain an appropriate distance between them! ZdY7U1

——The people of the Imperial Family were all just this headstrong!

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Situ Gui found this Fourth Brother of his, who underwent an enormous personality change after his ‘Cefei’ passed away, becoming much more extremist and unyielding. It was both laughable and irritating. However, right now, there were people coming and going within this restaurant. Thus, no matter what, he could not become hostile with the other at the moment. This once, Situ Gui could only suffer in silence patiently. He put on a fake smile and gestured in invitation, “Since it has become like this, and since your older brothers are not people who renege on their promises, Fourth Brother, please join us, ba?”

Situ Yu smiled as he advanced forward. Meanwhile, behind him were Xie Ling, Zhang Zhenye, and Lin Xiao.

This was also Sui Yuan’s first time meeting the protagonist shou of this world. He couldn’t help his curiosity. Right now, although Sui Yuan’s attitude was much calmer, and he could ignore the protagonist shou and gong’s plot-deviating actions, he still earnestly contemplated over whether or not he should still flirt with the protagonist shou as indicated in the plot. IaPrNH

In the plot, Xu Tu had only gotten close with Lin Xiao because he thought that Lin Xiao was a woman. However, right now, no matter how one looked at him, Lin Xiao was a man. Xu Tu, who identified as a heterosexual, should be completely uninterested in him, ba? However…because of Zhao Xihe, there was probably no one who believed that ‘Xu Tu’ was straight…._(:з)∠)_

Tsk, the plot is already a complete mess. Let’s just follow along, ba….

Lord Plot: “…Wait a second! I still think that I can be saved! QAQ”

While Sui Yuan was painstakingly pondering over matters, his gaze couldn’t help but fall onto Lin Xiao. He showed an expression full of interest with much dedication, as was described in the original plot. c2pzrG

By now, Lin Xiao already knew that ‘Xu Tu’ was interested in him. He couldn’t help but feel rather nervous at the moment of their first meeting. His body was stiff and his fingers were cold.

Anyone would act a little odd when before their admirer. The more one tells oneself to not pay them any heed, the more concerned one will be in reality.

Gradually, Lin Xiao’s pale cheeks flushed red and his heart began to skip.

Indeed, like how Xie Ling had said, one would only understand that little Young Master Xu Tu’s charm when they saw it for oneself. Gorgeous eyes and brows, flourishing with vitality, graceful like the wind, exceedingly willful—each and every one of his movements was like a painting. That smile that was not a smile—that seemed rather provocative when examined closely—seemed to have the power to put you under a spell and make people involuntarily sink into his eyes. bCsSAH

—–Wake up! Lin Xiao, you quickly wake up! You must remember, this isn’t an ordinary person! He is the beloved person of your boss and your boss’ boss! You absolutely must not be impulsive! You’ll die! QAQ

On this side, Lin Xiao could no longer endure the torment within the depths of his heart. Thus, he averted his eyes. On the other side, the sharp-minded Situ Gui pulled Sui Yuan behind him and covered his eyes.

Sui Yuan pulled at the hand that had covered his eyes for some inexplicable reason and turned to look at Situ Gui, stunned. His puzzlement was written all over his face. Meanwhile, Situ Gui almost felt like kneeling to Sui Yuan!

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——Brother! Do you not have any self-awareness over the fact that Emperor Father has marked you as his, ah?! To unexpectedly expose such an expression full of hidden meaning to someone other than Emperor Father, could it be that you no longer wish to live?! dhMKy

——Even if you don’t want to live anymore, I still haven’t lived long enough, ah! If Emperor Father finds out that I took you out to drink wine, didn’t look after you properly, and ended up letting you fool around with another person, Emperor Father will certainly flay my skin and pull out my muscles and tendons!

——I know that you’re a frivolous lover and can’t help yourself, but since you’ve provoked Emperor Father, you cannot cheat, ah! That person you’re eyeing also isn’t anything special. Just what about him is worth risking your life for that you’d cheat on Emperor Father with him?!

Sui Yuan, who was completely unaware that he was subconsciously being dedicated to due to his actions, watched as Situ Gui’s expression became increasingly grievous and indignant, and showed an expression of extreme loss. This made Situ Gui wish to face the Heavens and heave a very long sigh. His brother had always been shrewd. He didn’t expect that when he occasionally showed his endearingly silly side, he would unexpectedly do so in a way that threatened his own life.

There were still ‘outsiders who were still unaware of the situation’ present, after all, so Situ Gui could not speak plainly. He directly turned towards Situ Yu, “Fourth Brother, it is not that Gege is stingy, but today is a gathering of brothers. Other people…” He used his eyes to indicate at Xie Ling, Zhang Zhenye, and [most important] Lin Xiao [most important]. aprtVH

Situ Gui spread out his hands, “They need not be pulled along, ba? So as to avoid spoiling the mood.”

Situ Yu was also vexed at himself for having unexpectedly brought Lin Xiao in front of Xu Tu in a moment of carelessness. He was afraid that if an accident occurred between the two of them, something XX would occur. For him to eat vinegar was a trivial matter, but in case that person sitting within the golden Imperial Palace ate vinegar, no matter who died, Situ Yu’s heart would hurt!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Naturally, I will follow what Second Brother says,” Situ Yu immediately gripped onto this lifeline and smiled in agreement. Soon after, he turned to face the three people behind him, “I will stay here to accompany my Second and Third Brother. All of you can return on your own, ba.”

It was rare to see Sui Yuan, so Zhang Zhenye was naturally disappointed. However, he could only miss out on this opportunity with regret and smile at Sui Yuan in greeting. He expressed that when he has time, they ought to meet again and go horseback riding on the outskirts of the City. 8DBHId

Sui Yuan agreed indifferently, lazily waving. The expression of Situ Gui next to him became increasingly complicated as he discovered that his brother was incessantly hooking along one after another!

——For Emperor Father to be able to bear it to this degree and unexpectedly not lash out and execute him on the spot…his tolerance was truly too high and his ability to endure was profound, ah….

The door to the private room was closed once more. Xie Ling, Lin Xiao, and Zhang Zhenye, these three people who were tossed away by their master, looked at one another in dismay, passing a moment in awkward silence.

The first to react was the most pure Zhang Zhenye. Although he was quite disappointed, he did not take this to heart. He bade goodbye to Xie Ling and Lin Xiao before taking his leave. They had casually followed Situ Yu out this time. Since their leader was not here, they could naturally go their own way and need not stay here all assembled. U8ckgz

After Lin Xiao said goodbye to Zhang Zhenye, his raging emotions finally stabilized. He covered his cheeks that had cooled down. Just as he raised his head, he met with Xie Ling’s gaze that was full of profound meaning and his movements immediately froze.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Guard your heart. That person is not someone you can provoke,” Xie Ling patted Lin Xiao’s shoulder, speaking sincerely.

“I understand. Many thanks to Sir Xie for the reminder,” Lin Xiao saluted deeply and replied solemnly.

Although he currently appeared calm, in reality, his brain was already a chaotic mess. As a person who was raised as a girl spending his life in the boudoirs that were deeply hidden, this was Lin Xiao’s first time feeling the sprout of love. Furthermore, the other was a man and this man hadn’t even spoken a word to him. He had only used his eyes! This made Lin Xiao feel unwell all over! IdqG L

…This little Young Master Xu was truly worthy of being the one admired by His Majesty and the Fourth Prince—oh, there was also Xie Ling and Zhang Zhenye! He definitely needed to persist. It was absolutely essential that he remain unswayed, ah!

“As long as you understand, it’s good,” Xie Ling sent a profound look towards the tightly closed private room, slightly shaking his head, sighing inwardly that this little Young Master Xu’s incomparable charm really caused a lot of trouble.

Lin Xiao tidied up his messy mood and hastily followed after Xie Ling, leaving this heart-breaking place that nearly toppled over his three views.

As for the three people in the private room, they each also harboured their own worries. They were barely able to squeeze out a word or two towards each other before rapidly dispersing. Situ Yu was fully aware that there would inevitably be the Emperor’s secret agents by Xu Tu’s side. Thus, he did not dare show any desire to get closer to him. Meanwhile, after Situ Gui pulled Sui Yuan out of the restaurant, he decisively shoved him into the palace to prove his innocence and loyalty to his Emperor Father with his actions. C5IedG

After many days, the bitter Second Prince finally obtained a gentle look from his Emperor Father. However, when he looked at his good brother donning an expression of great bitterness and deep hatred while being forcibly entrapped in their Emperor Father’s arms, he still felt guilty deep down.

…Only, even though he felt guilty, it was much better than having Emperor Father take his anger out on him. To sacrifice a friend for the sake of one’s own interest, humankind’s nature is selfish like this. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

The Second Prince succeeded in selling his brother. He walked away without feeling burdened. Meanwhile, Sui Yuan’s struggles were suppressed by Zhao Xihe and he was dragged to the Emperor’s bed.

“Today, the secret agents reported that they saw you flirting with Lin Xiao until his face turned red?” Zhao Xihe slightly raised his brows, expression malicious. Y7 aFq

“…The imagination of your secret agents is getting increasingly wild,” Sui Yuan felt very helpless.

This band of secret agents personally trained by the Emperor were very likely the first wave of people to find out about the love affair between the Emperor and ‘Xu Tu’. After finding out how much His Majesty cared about little Young Master Xu—how he didn’t let off even the smallest of risks and would rather kill off a thousand than to miss even one—they each successively developed rather formidable imaginations. By noon, the person Sui Yuan smiled at this morning would be turned into the person Sui Yuan was interested in within the report received by Zhao Xihe at noon. Sui Yuan simply wanted to kneel to this band of secret agents who were making trouble out of nothing!

If he didn’t know that he himself was ‘Xu Tu’, then Sui Yuan would almost believe that ‘Xu Tu’ really was such a scum man with loose morals, flirting with people all over!

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“This isn’t the main point,” Zhao Xihe stroked Sui Yuan’s head. SG5y89

“…Then what’s the main point?” Sui Yuan asked prudently.

“The main point is that this time, I don’t plan on letting you off,” Zhao Xihe’s actions were not quick but they were especially resolute, “Today, my ‘second son’ admires me for my patience. Tomorrow, he will probably wonder if I’m not capable enough.”

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

——Sui Yuan, who was already no longer innocent, instantly understood Zhao Xihe’s meaning. RQdJeY

5237: “Sooner or later this day would come. Even if you can avoid it at first, you won’t be able to avoid it forever. Silly host, accept your fate, ba….

Sui Yuan:“………………QAQ”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The author has something to say:

Only, this world will probably end soon. After all, it will be difficult to end this story if ZXH remains vegetarian~ DKih2M

Wuxian: Ah well, so much for safeguarding SY’s integrity. Hahaha. *lights candle for the oblivious Situ Gui* 


Translator's Note

Saying how SG looked cool and respectable for a moment and then immediately ruined it again by opening his mouth and saying such uncool things lol.

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