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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 12.1


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian vxY Zn

Number of chapters in this arc: 12

Although the process was a bit difficult, Nan Gongyi and Ning Ze eventually got together. Ning Ze’s constant pestering played a great part, as did Zhao Xihe’s and Sui Yuan’s example. Also, Nan Gongyi ‘learned from their mistakes’ and was not as conflicted about the opposition between their two factions as he had been in the original plot. Since they shared goodwill between them, then they might as well be together. In any case, Alliance Leader Nan Gongyi, who had been bent long ago by his Shixiong, did not want a life where he ended up with a wife and kid.

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Only, even though he’s accepted Ning Ze, this lover of his would forever place his family’s Shixiong above Ning Ze. This made Ning Ze jealous to no end. Whenever he ate vinegar regarding this, Nan Gongyi would always retort with, “If it wasn’t for the fact that you can’t beat Yu Hao, would you ever have fallen for me? I’m just the same. I couldn’t win over Yu Hao, so I could only settle for second best: you.”

Ning Ze:“………………QAQ” uKEt9y

——His black history was simply too abusive. Although his rival in love ultimately became his lover, a rival in love is a rival in love to the end. Both lovers shared a common unattainable white moonlight. This feeling was very invigorating.

In summary, even though Nan Gongyi and Ning Ze got together, the peaceful days Sui Yuan wished for remained far from reach. Only, he had gotten used to the chaotic situation. He even found that there was a certain fun in it. Of course, as long as Zhao Xihe didn’t eat vinegar all too often, then everything was good.

After this world ended, Sui Yuan had his wish fulfilled and obtained a decent score. Of course, it was only better when compared to his scores in the past. The points awarded for the completion of the mission of eliminating the Destroyer and protecting the world was much higher than that of a mission where all they had to do was safeguard the plot. After all, the former required them to risk their lives—it was completely incomparable.

Sui Yuan, who received a ton of points, was satisfied. However, he would not forget the promise between him and Zhao Xihe.


“Then, the question this time: You said that my Creator imbued you with fake memories. Why did it do that?” Sui Yuan faced Zhao Xihe with a look of anticipation.

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“Because…” Zhao Xihe muttered to himself for a moment, as if he was choosing his words, “Because he wanted me to forget my original identity, so that I would think of myself as a real person.”

“…Wait a minute! A real person?!” Sui Yuan’s eyes widened, “It can’t be that you’re the same as me? Not human?!”

Zhao Xihe smiled without a word. iMul7H

This kind of tacit agreement stupefied Sui Yuan. Soon after, a happiness from having found a comrade bubbled up inside of him. The other Actors were all humans—they all have an abundance of emotions. Although Sui Yuan told himself that he didn’t care about this, he still felt a bit lonely.

Zhao Xihe was also not human. He and himself were alike. This made Sui Yuan unable to suppress his joy, as if he had found a place and people to return to. Indeed, he and Zhao Xihe were destined to be together. They were the same kind of people.

However, if Sui Yuan was created to become the perfect supporting lead, then what was Zhao Xihe’s purpose? He was a Lead Actor before. Did Lead Actors also need a non-human Actor to be specially made?

When he thought of this, Sui Yuan felt a bit frustrated. Zhao Xihe was perfect—the Creator regarded him as an important creation. Meanwhile, he himself was not perfect—a failure even. This made Sui Yuan feel a bit envious of Zhao Xihe. ldqeEM

Sui Yuan had an innate dependence and obedience towards his Creator. He wished that he could receive his Creator’s praise, as Zhao Xihe did. However, perhaps he will never have the opportunity. It was like they were children competing against each other to gain favor within one family. Although the relationship between the children was good, when the parents only cared for one of them and neglected the other, the neglected child would still feel hurt, frustrated, and jealous.

Sui Yuan’s expression kept changing. Zhao Xihe, who was watching this, couldn’t help but laugh. He pulled Sui Yuan into his arms and rubbed his head, “What are you thinking about?”

“I’m a bit jealous of you,” Sui Yuan replied honestly, voice muffled as he buried his head in Zhao Xihe’s chest, “Compared to me, the Creator obviously likes you, so I’m a bit envious.”

Zhao Xihe’s expression was a bit strange: “………………” ZzV6WO

“What?” After not receiving any comfort like he had expected for a long time, Sui Yuan raised his head and stared at Zhao Xihe.

“…Nothing,” Zhao Xihe coughed lightly and then intimately kissed Sui Yuan’s forehead, “Even if he doesn’t like you, as long as I do, it’s enough.”

“You’re not him. How could it be the same…” Sui Yuan’s lips curled up. His words were just his grumbles uttered without a thought. He didn’t really take these things seriously.

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Zhao Xihe:“………………” dmpBN9


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

5237:“…Aera tbk wjcs wfjclcur jgf mbcajlcfv klatlc sbeg rlifcmfr?”

Vfflcu atja Vel Tejc atgfk atf wjaafg ab atf rlvf joafg rqfjxlcu jybea la, Itjb Wltf ilutais rlutfv, tjcv bc tlr obgftfjv. Lf jirb vlvc’a xcbk ktja tf rtbeiv rjs rb tf ifa atf reypfma vlf. Coafg weaafglcu ab tlwrfio obg j ktlif, Itjb Wltf olcjiis ygbeuta eq atf lrref ogbw atf qgfnlber kbgiv, “Qtja vb sbe atlcx jybea atf Gfragbsfg?”

Once he heard how Sui Yuan did not even hesitate in saying the Destroyer’s name, Zhao Xihe’s face darkened. W4VCG0

“Eh…my thoughts…” Sui Yuan peeped at Zhao Xihe’s expression “…Does it count if I say that I think that he’s worth a lot of points?”

“No,” the corner of Zhao Xihe’s lips were tugged up slightly.

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“Oh…” Sui Yuan lowered his head and line of sight, “He’s a bit pitiful, and I find that I can understand him a bit. If you were to suddenly disappear…I would probably also become a Destroyer, ba….”

His head that had originally been covered by dense, dark clouds, immediately saw the sun rise high up into the sky. Zhao Xihe tried his best to suppress his lips from curling upwards. 9pekM8

“That damned Destroyer is a bit pitiful. For Mo Ziyou to do this for that person, makes me a bit envious…” When he saw that Zhao Xihe’s mood was much better, Sui Yuan’s grew more courageous. Unfortunately, his words stabbed the hornet’s nest.

“When you suddenly disappeared, I nearly did the same. If it wasn’t for the fact that your Creator appeared in time…Hehe,” Zhao Xihe looked at Sui Yuan, smiling but not really smiling.

Sui Yuan:“………………QAQ”

——Begging you to not disclose my black history…. Phe9bF

“Actually, I’m a bit curious as to why that Actor was killed. Did he make too many mistakes?” Sui Yuan tilted his head. Very quickly, he saw that something was about to happen and decisively changed the subject at once, “Was he like me and didn’t complete the plot properly?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I don’t know,” Zhao Xihe shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t care about the fate of that fellow. In any case, as long as the same thing did not happen to his Sui Yuan, it was enough. Or rather, he should be grateful for that person’s disappearance!

In Zhao Xihe’s eyes, Sui Yuan was Sui Yuan. Since he was recalled and remade, he had become a new existence and was entirely different from the him of before. Everything from before—no matter what it was—had nothing to do with the current Sui Yuan. He only needed to happily play the current ‘Sui Yuan’.

Mo Ziyou could not protect ‘him’ because he was weak. But Zhao Xihe can protect him, so he would absolutely not put up with other people coming to snatch him away. uXv0Uo

Sui Yuan was so precious to Zhao Xihe that no words could describe how much he cherished him. He was precious to the point that Zhao Xihe was unwilling to take any risks when it came to him, even if it was but a miniscule risk. Thus, Zhao Xihe selfishly hid away all of his conjectures regarding Mo Ziyou. He would absolutely not give anyone a chance to invade Sui Yuan’s heart. He was afraid that, from a certain point of view, he was the one who came later. Zhao Xihe was never someone who would sacrifice his own interest for the sake of other people, unless it was Sui Yuan.

After sounding Sui Yuan out, he found out that Sui Yuan did not hold any particular thoughts regarding Mo Ziyou. Only then did Zhao Xihe feel at ease. Although that fellow possibly fled to another world and was causing chaos wherever he went as a calamity in human form—which made Zhao Xihe wish that he could immediately kill him with his own hands—when he thought about how Sui Yuan and he would inevitably meet if he were to go kill him, Zhao Xihe felt that he would rather that the three of them never met again. As for Mo Ziyou, he’d hand him over to other Actors to deal with.

As Zhao Xihe was worrying about his personal gains and losses, wavering over his decisions, 5237 who had picked a fight with 0007 only to be suppressed again, had already gone over to Sui Yuan’s side to urge him to pick the next world.

5237 ruthlessly glared at 0007 and then looked at its family’s silly host and smiled craftily. nAdaof

Sui Yuan, completely at a loss: “????”

5237:“The next world is especially good!”


Sui Yuan:“…I feel even more worried when you say that, what to do….” PiDjCq

Faced with Sui Yuan’s distrust, 5237 flew into a rage out of humiliation and immediately opened up the channel leading towards the next world. He was prepared to use facts to prove that it was indeed a good system that was considerate of its host and was absolutely not a pig teammate!

Sui Yuan turned his head to look at Zhao Xihe, carrying an apprehensive expression before entering the new world.

0007:…Damn. It seems that it went a bit overboard when bullying 5237 and it implicated its host…en, whatever. Let’s keep this a secret…keep it hidden away….

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When Sui Yuan opened his eyes, everything was dark. He jostled his body slightly and discovered that he was lying in a narrow, coffin-like place. The box’s capacity was just perfect for his new body’s dimensions. 1xBTds

Sui Yuan tried to raise his hand to push the lid of the box open. A warm sliver of light penetrated the small crack, entering the box. It seemed that it was already evening.

Sui Yuan sat up after pushing the lid off completely and scanned his surroundings. Then, he went “………………”

——This was what 5237 considered ‘good’? Once he woke up, he discovered that he was lying in a coffin! Sui Yuan, who had always awoken on a bed, really felt dizzy.

Perhaps it was because it had been a while since he had ‘died’, but Sui Yuan’s body was rather stiff. When he climbed out of the coffin, he could practically hear all of the bones in his body crackling. Fortunately, his body hastily went back to normal. Sui Yuan could perceive that there was great power contained within his body—a kind of power that was deathly still, completely unrelated to one’s vitality. This made him think of that Western Fantasy world where he had acted as the dark elf necromancer. 8rIkAc

The room’s interior decor was done in the Western Classical style, lavish and refined. One could see that the owner of this place was a noble of rather good taste. The only thing Sui Yuan didn’t understand was why would an elegant person with such taste place a coffin in here, even though the coffin was also beautifully made.

However, once he finished reading the plot’s settings this time, Sui Yuan understood—it was because the original host was a blood kin, commonly referred to as a vampire.

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Sui Yuan stared at the coffin, feeling a bit distressed. He did not mind playing a vampire, but a vampire that slept in a coffin, drank blood, and could not appear in the sun made him rather displeased.

Sighing, Sui Yuan smoothed out his blonde hair and walked towards the full body mirror, starting to familiarize himself with his own outer appearance. In addition, he read up on the plot in detail. fNyHar

The story this time was the age-old tale of love and hate between a vampire and human—yes, it was unexpectedly a tragedy! This made Sui Yuan feel extremely surprised and novel.

The protagonist shou, Dill, was a poor human, whose mother was weak-bodied and father was a violent gambling addict. He, however, bitterly grew out of this mud unsullied, growing up to be a beautiful, refined, and pure white lotus. This kind of genetics was absolutely unscientific! Dill’s father owed a buttload of money, accumulated from his gambling. Furthermore, his father’s creditor liked Dill’s appearance. Thus, the creditor threatened Dill’s father with his debt in order to force him to sell Dill to him. Dill unintentionally found out about this matter and, even though he was a white lotus, he could not bear being sold by his own father only to end up in another man’s bed. Therefore, naturally, he escaped—escaped to the protagonist gong’s evil clutches.

Sui Yuan: “He escaped the tiger’s cave only to end up in the wolf’s nest…from one man’s bed into another man’s bed…what’s the difference?”

5237: “There’s a big difference, OK?! One is a short, stout, and plump cannon fodder, whereas the other is a tall, handsome, and wealthy male lead. They are completely incomparable, ah!” CD8S2y

Sui Yuan silently flipped through the text and lit a candle for the protagonist shou’s suffering, “Actually, I feel that instead of uselessly enduring the protagonist gong’s abusive love, it would be better to just go at it with the cannon fodder. Since, although you’ll suffer a bit at the beginning, but after doing your best, you could still manage to turn your life around….”

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5237: “…No need for you to look at this story with your inexperienced thinking! This is a world that values appearances! Even though the protagonist gong’s deeds are just as bad as what the cannon fodder plans to do, as long as he’s good-looking, then there’s no problem!”

Sui Yuan silently turned his head away.

The protagonist gong of this world, Selman, was an elegant and classy prince of the blood kin. His lineage was the purest and noblest of the blood kin. Even the Council that controlled all the blood kin would have to act extremely deferential before him. His status was high, so he naturally wished to enjoy himself. This pure-blooded vampire prince’s requirements for blood was extremely high; if it wasn’t the blood of a beautiful virgin girl, he would not drink it. ERo8Il

…Sui Yuan poured two glasses of blood, one was that of a regular person’s and the other was said to be the blood of a virgin girl. He sipped each one in turn, smacked his lips, but unexpectedly could not taste any difference. In the end, he could only offer his respect to the protagonist gong’s sensitive, majestic tongue.

Because of this kind of ‘foodie’ characteristic, the fact that the protagonist gong fixed his attention on the protagonist shou was not surprising. This was because Dill’s blood was incomparably delicious; it was much tastier than that of a beautiful virgin girl. It was like a drug that made the blood kin addicted. Once the protagonist gong, Selman, took a sip, he couldn’t stop. Consequently, he naturally captured him and took him back to his castle, confining him there to enjoy him freely.

The blood kin were creatures of extremely great charm, especially towards their prey. No one could resist it. People who had their blood directly sucked by the blood kin did not find it painful. On the contrary, it would feel orgasmic, so pleasurable like they’re floating in the skies. Only, in the eyes of the blood kin—especially those of nobility—humans were filthy, inferior creatures. They completely did not deem them worthy of being touched by their honorable fangs, lips, and tongues. Thus, the majority of the blood kin chose to extract the blood out of humans, fill up containers, and drink it like one would drink wine. Although the taste was inferior, it was much better than directly making contact with those dirty humans.

However, Dill’s blood tasted too good. It made Selman reluctant to extract it into a container. He thought that doing so would destroy its perfection. Therefore, for the first time, the high and mighty blood kin prince violated the blood kin’s precept and chose to let his lips and tongue directly make contact with this human’s body. TFCWOV

Sucking blood was a sensual action—for example, when two blood kin decided to become partners, they would perform a ceremony in which they would drink each other’s blood. In addition, the protagonist shou’s appearance and personality was very much to the protagonist gong’s taste. Thus, little by little, one human and one vampire became intertwined.

Unfortunately, how could they date when their races differed? Selman despised humans and would not admit that he loved Dill, saying that he only saw him as a pet and a blood bank he was raising. This tormented Dill both mentally and physically. As the torment grew, he finally had enough and the protagonist exploded, choosing to ‘elope’ with someone else!

Their ‘elopement’ nearly succeeded, but ultimately, he was recaptured by Selman. Only, after experiencing this, Selman finally realized his feelings towards Dill and set aside his pride as a blood kin, in order to redeem himself and make it up to his beloved that he had hurt.

After that, did the protagonist gong and shou have their HE? Of course not! hKJYwI

Selman turned Dill into a vampire, but Dill’s personality was that of a pure and kindhearted human. He was completely unable to adapt to the life of a blood kin. On one side, there was his beloved. On the other, there was his human consciousness. The subversion of his views nearly tormented Dill into insanity.

However, this wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that when the blood kin found out that their honorable, pure-blooded prince had chosen a human as a partner, even if he had turned into a blood kin in the end, they felt especially angry and disappointed.

The blood kin raising humans as their lovers was a common occurrence and was part of their unspoken rules. However, a lover was a lover—they could not be shown in plain sight and could be abandoned at any time. Even if they were turned into a vampire, they would be considered the most inferior amongst the blood kin because of their mixed blood. The arrogant and self-important blood kin would absolutely never accept a common human of mixed blood as their prince’s partner, standing above them. They thought that this was blasphemous towards them, towards all of the blood kin.

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Likewise, the blood kin princess who had been engaged to Selman believed that the protagonist gong and shou had violated her honor and thus, she wanted revenge to show other people what would happen if they were to offend her. Furthermore, the Council that had always acted with respect towards Selman but were actually just afraid of the consequences of offending him, seized that opportunity to stick a foot in the situation. If the blood kin prince’s scope of power dwindled and the Council’s power grew, wasn’t this good for them? 05qjB2

These different kinds of motives mixed together. Selman’s metaphorical front and backyard were both lit on fire and he had no way of dealing with both situations at once. Thus, for him to end in tragedy was only expected.

In the end, Selman lost in the political battle and fell into a millennium long rest. Meanwhile, Dill went with the person he had wanted to ‘elope’ with before and returned to human society, suppressing his vampiric instincts while wandering about, pretending to be human. He hated the blood kin, but he missed his blood kin sweetheart who had fallen into a deep sleep. He regretted being weak and powerless at the time and thus waited for the day when his lover would once again open his eyes.

——When that time comes, he would absolutely be able to protect himself. He won’t be a Dill who would only drag others down. He would absolutely stand shoulder to shoulder with his beloved.

After skimming through the entire plot, Sui Yuan clicked his tongue, refusing to comment on it. The only thing worth rejoicing over was that the plot did not include the protagonist gong’s and shou’s meeting after a millennium. Otherwise, he would have to stay in this cursed world as a vampire for the next one thousand years! Thinking about it made him want to fall apart, OK?! He can only drink blood for sustenance, he could only sleep in a coffin…even though he had only just arrived, Sui Yuan couldn’t deal with it anymore. hIC7HL

——5237 was indeed a specialist in digging pits for him!

5237: “…Later on, you will see the benefits of this world, silly host. QAQ”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sui Yuan’s current identity was called Yaan and was a high-ranked blood kin noble, just slightly lower than that of the blood kin prince. At the same time, he was the protagonist gong, Selman’s, subordinate—his right arm. In addition, he was secretly in love with the protagonist shou, Dill.

Yaan liked Dill but was very rational. He knew that he couldn’t beat Selman. Therefore, he was perfectly willing to take a step back. However, his selfish motives towards Dill and his loyalty towards Selman let him see that Selman and Dill would not be able to be together. He had understood early on that this kind of emotion would ruin these two people. Thus, before Selman realized his own feelings towards Dill, Yaan swayed Dill’s heart and helped him ‘elope’ with someone else, thereby obstructing Selman’s pursuit. GZM2Tb

It was a pity that Yaan’s plans failed. Not only did he help Selman realize his own feelings, but he also lost Selman’s trust and friendship. Yaan was beaten up by Selman until he was half dead, and was then expelled from Selman’s territory in a daze.

Had Yaan’s scenes ended here? Of course not!

Selman had saved Yaan’s life before and was faithful to death to Selman. When Selman was suppressed by the blood kin princess and the Council, when nearly everyone had deserted Selman, only Yaan remained, expending a great deal of energy and paying a high price in order to save him. It was due to his efforts that Selman only fell into a millennium long rest, rather than get completely destroyed.

Towards this, Sui Yuan wanted to lament that Yaan truly loved Selman, ah! Character settings, are you sure that the one Yaan likes is Dill and not Selman?! Ek7ioX

Character Settings: I’m certain. →_→

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Raising his head to examine the person in the mirror, Sui Yuan couldn’t help but think that the blood kin’s beauty was indeed one that was blessed by heaven.

Sui Yuan sized himself up and nodded his head in satisfaction. Although he didn’t particularly care about outer appearances, if he was a bit beautiful, then of course he’d be happy.

Now that he had more or less understood how he was to act out his role, Sui Yuan began to think about who Zhao Xihe could be. Then…. xJGERr

Sui Yuan:“……………………”

Aside from Yaan, there were three other relatively important side roles. The first was Selman’s fiancee, the blood kin princess. The second was the Council’s white-haired, doddering Grand Elder. The third, was the ordinary human, the childhood friend of the protagonist shou who he had ‘eloped’ with.

Sui Yuan turned to look at 5237: “So, your intention was not to dig a pit for me, but for Zhao Xihe?”

5237 was immensely pleased with itself as it twisted its body, “Yes, ah. Don’t you think that no matter what his identity is, it will be very interesting? Aren’t you looking forward to it?” qwYM4B

Sui Yuan coughed dryly, “…A little….”

5237: “Which role do you think he will choose?”

Sui Yuan muttered to himself for a moment, “He probably…shouldn’t pick the girl or the old man, right? So he would probably choose the protagonist shou’s childhood friend?”

5237: “If there isn’t any mishaps—for example, the Destroyer making an appearance and outstripping an Actor’s ability to choose that role, in other words, if the Destroyer chooses the role—he will have to play as a weak human. Meanwhile, you are a noble blood kin. At that time, it’s up to you to roll him up or press him down …hehe, you understand, right? qkhO8n

Who knows what he had thought of, but something indiscernible flashed through Sui Yuan’s eyes. The cheeks of the melancholy, pale noble reddened slightly: “En…I understand….”

Meanwhile, Zhao Xihe, who was in a house in the slums, shivered. He rubbed his arms and raised a brow, “I suddenly perceive a deep malice….”

0007: “…I don’t know anything. →_→”

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Eve: Sui Yuan…what dirty thoughts drifted into your head just now? PwDEXJ

Wuxian: Something unspeakable, perhaps. Not as innocent as he looks, ah.


Translator's Note

醉 in this case refers to feeling helpless and gloomy. I thought dizzy was an appropriate english equivalent that also kind of linked to alcohol since 醉 means intoxicated.

Translator's Note

White lotus is not being used here as a derogatory term, but as a way to describe his Holy Virgin-ness.

Translator's Note

Actually means to beat him up but literal sense is like this…I kept it this way to make it ambiguous because of the following text haha.

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