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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 11.11


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian d6jLoD

The House of Profound Theory was completely buried in the past under the joint offense of the entire Wulin. When everyone rushed into the House of Profound Theory’s treasure storehouse but could not find a single trace of the ashes, they belatedly realized that the Lord of the House of Profound Theory had already gone missing for quite a long time.

Dead or alive, his body/corpse was missing. No one knew where An Qi had gone—aside from Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe. Some people said that he took the ashes and escaped and was waiting for his power to increase before coming back for revenge. Other people said that An Qi had long been killed and the ashes were stolen away. As for the one who had escaped with the ashes, the one who was called for the most was naturally Demonic Cult Leader Ning Ze who had ‘single-handedly led the extermination of the House of Profound Theory’.

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Ning Ze who carried the black pot:“………………”

——WTF! Laozi is the ‘former’ Demonic Cult Leader, OK?! The current Demonic Cult Leader is Yu Hao, OK?! Why the heck are you blockheads so slow on the uptake? Why do you always have to mention Laozi’s name?! fB1zas

After squandering so much manpower and resources, only to achieve nothing in the end, naturally made the participants dissatisfied. And this kind of dissatisfaction was inevitably vented upon the ‘solitary’ Demonic Cult.

It was just a pity that Zhao Xihe had already planned for this. When the people of the righteous path were discussing how to ‘rid the demonic path’ and split the bounty, he launched an attack, tormenting the famous righteous sects until they fell into a complete mess.

Each sect had their own benefits in mind and thus together, were an incohesive group. Their strength had also suffered a great blow under the House of Profound Theory’s counterattack. Before they were able to agree on a plan, the long-prepared Demonic Cult had already captured their weak point. At this time, they were all busy taking care of themselves, who would have time to talk about cooperation?

Compared to the benefits, their survival was naturally more important. Unfortunately, while all the sects retreated one step, the Demonic Cult shamelessly advanced a step. While everyone was forced to have to retreat but could not retreat—when the transformed rabbit was about to bite back—two heroes suddenly appeared. Not only did they rescue several sects that had been caught in the evil clutches of the Demonic Cult, but they firmly raised the banner of the righteous path in place of the virtuous and prestigious heroes of the Wulin who had died or were injured. bNfp9C

The two heroes came from a noble background. Only, their Shifu lived in seclusion for a long time, so his reputation was not prominent. In addition, they were young and inexperienced, so at first, only a few people had faith in them. Anyway, each new generation exceeded the previous generation. When they showed solid proof of their strength and became increasingly successful with opposing the Demonic Cult, the two people fell into the limelight. It could be said that they were the brightest and best of the righteous path’s young generation.

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Furthermore, what made people admire them the most, was the heroic image of how these two people had once protected the injured from the Demonic Cult Leader Yu Hao who had extraordinarily powerful martial arts. Regardless of their own survival, they did their utmost to push him off the cliffs.

Yu Hao died, and the former Demonic Cult Leader, Ning Ze, seized the opportunity to take back the Cult Leader position. He then pushed the blame of the Wulin’s chaos onto Yu Hao and issued a peace negotiation statement at the same time.

Although the Demonic Cult’s savage ways made people wish to capture them up all in one go, the famous sects that had also suffered serious injuries were unable to bear a prolonged, endless war. When they recaptured the vast swathe of territory that the Demonic Cult had invaded and occupied, under everyone’s discussion, they finally came to a decision to negotiate peace with the Demonic Cult. For the time being, they would have a ceasefire and recuperate. Only after they’ve recovered their vitality would they discuss the matter of eradicating the Demonic Cult. Of course, whether or not anyone would remember that when the time comes was another matter. Gw3z8t

After this, all the sects once again realized the importance of the Wulin Alliance, and the popular candidates for the Wulin Alliance were naturally the two heroes who had saved them from the fire.

“Shixiong! Why did you give me the position of Alliance Leader?!” Clearly, your contribution was greater, you’re more steady, your martial arts is greater—I can’t measure up to you!” Nan Gongyi suddenly pushed the door open and quickly advanced towards Sui Yuan, who sat by the desk, and kneeled before him.

Sui Yuan stopped his action of wiping clean his sword and smiled. He raised a hand to caress Nan Gongyi’s hair, “How come you’ve yet to outgrow this angry kitten appearance?”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“I haven’t grown. In front of Shixiong, I’ll never grow up!” Nan Gongyi buried his face in Sui Yuan’s hands, his low voice carrying the tone of a pampered child, “So, Shixiong shouldn’t leave me. Don’t push everything to me….” lBIUp0

“Ktlr lr ktja sbe vfrfgnf, Wljb Tl. Tbe’nf xcbkc atlr obg j ibcu alwf. Cii atja Vtlzlbcu tjr vbcf tjr yffc ab wjxf eq obg tlr wlrajxfr. Pa lr ws jabcfwfca,” Vel Tejc rlutfv ilutais, bcf bo tlr tjcvr yflcu alutais ugjrqfv ys Rjc Xbcusl. Llr batfg tjcv ribkis ragbxfv tlr tjlg, “Vtlzlbcu tjr wjvf rb wjcs wlrajxfr. P’w gfjiis cba dejilolfv ab yfmbwf atf Ciiljcmf Ofjvfg.”

“That’s Yu Hao’s fault, not Shixiong’s! Shixiong never had a choice…” When Nan Gongyi heard the determination in Sui Yuan’s voice, Nan Gongyi choked with emotion.

“To act as an accomplice to the tiger, is also unjust,” Sui Yuan shut his eyes and exhaled gently, “Xiao Yi, Shixiong is weary.”

Nan Gongyi raised his head and saw his family’s Shixiong’s pale, white jade-like complexion. His eyes reddened. Soon after, he slightly averted his gaze and looked at the sword laid on Shixiong’s desk. BrNkGF

That sword was not Shixiong’s. It was just the sword that he had used that year to stab Yu Hao, forcing him to fall from the cliff. From then on, Shixiong had never let the sword be apart from his person. From then on, Shixiong became increasingly haggard by day and never smiled again.

Even Nan Gongyi could clearly remember the relief and regret he felt when Yu Hao fell off that cliff that day. There was also Shixiong’s despair and heartbreak. Nan Gongyi did not understand how things got to this point. Clearly, they loved each other, but they faced against one another with swords pointed. Clearly, when the other was injured, they wished that it could be them instead, but they still stabbed their weapons into the other’s body.

Nan Gongyi knew that Yu Hao’s martial arts were formidable, higher than that of his and Shixiong’s. However, his heart was not ruthless enough. In the end, he could not kill Shixiong, so when there was no way to reconcile the situation, he chose to die under Shixiong’s blade.

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If he had known it would come to this, would he have acted differently? If Yu Hao’s ambition wasn’t so great, if he hadn’t tried to undermine the entirety of the Wulin in vain, perhaps he and Shixiong would still be together in peace and happiness…. Zpxkvo

Ambition and love, justice and evil—everything led to this bitter end. What Yu Hao and Shixiong were thinking, Nan Gongyi did not know. Since things had become like this, he could only accept it.

“If…If I accept the position of Alliance Leader, will Shixiong leave?” Nan Gongyi spoke with difficulty. He had long known that this would be the result, but was still greedily longing for one last strand of hope to hold onto.

Sui Yuan lowered his eyes, “You’ve already grown up. You can be on your own now. So, Xiao Yi, Shixiong wants to be with him.”

“Do you love him that much?! Even if he’s a monster who won’t even blink when he kills someone, even if he’s replete with vice, even if he’s hurt you so deeply, even if he’s dead?!” Nan Gongyi gritted his teeth, glaring at his Shixiong who had been smitten from the beginning, voice weeping with blood. STVHLb

Sui Yuan serenely returned his gaze and lifted the corner of his mouth, “Yes.”

“Then what about me?! I’ve always liked you, I’ve always loved Shixiong! I’m not inferior in any aspect to Yu Hao! Shixiong, can’t you turn around and look at me?!” Finally, Nan Gongyi could suppress it no longer and spat out his true thoughts. His hands clasped Sui Yuan’s face from both sides and he rudely and impetuously raised his head to kiss him, but was gently avoided.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Nan Gongyi froze. His reverence and love for Shixiong made him unable to ignore Shixiong’s wish and disrespect him, even though the rejection was so slight and gentle.

Nan Gongyi closed his eyes in disappointment. From head to toe, no strength remained in him and thus, he buried himself between Shixiong’s knees, despite the fact that his tears were staining Shixiong’s robe. 6QYx0D

“You will always be my most beloved younger brother. My most important family,” Sui Yuan spoke slowly, like when Nan Gongyi was a child, gentle and tolerant when soothing all of his pain.

After crying out all of his emotions and grievances, Nan Gongyi finally stabilized his emotions. He apologized to Shixiong, embarrassed. The two people both ignored his confession, and returned to their Shixiong-Shidi relationship.

Only, when Nan Gongyi turned around and pushed the door open to leave, it was difficult for him to hide his sorrow and conceal the dimness in his eyes as he left in a daze.

“You look like you’re a rabbit that was bullied,” Ning Ze waved his fan and appeared from the rock garden, tone teasing. HkGiA4

Nan Gongyi rubbed his nose and glared at him. His bright red eyes actually made Ning Ze’s heart soften and he subconsciously averted his line of sight and coughed, “Fine. After your Shixiong has left, for the sake of our friendship, I’ll come take care of you, ba.”

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“Who wants your care? Scram!” Nan Gongyi flared.

“Heh. Your beloved Shixiong plans to build a house at the place where Yu Hao, that b*stard, died. That area is under the Demonic Cult’s control. Are you sure you want to act so impolitely towards me?” Ning Ze raised his eyebrows and smiled gently.

Nan Gongyi choked. For a moment, he didn’t know how to retort. A long time later, he maliciously said, “You’re not allowed to have any designs towards my Shixiong!” Qo6cli

“Yes, yes, yes. I won’t have any designs on him. Then, how about I hold designs for you?” Ning Ze waved his fan, looking distinguished and confident.

“…………” Nan Gongyi was already used to Ning Ze’s flirty ways. After a period of silence, he continued with a different topic, “Your disorderly subordinates are also not allowed to bother Shixiong! If even the slightest thing happens to Shixiong, I will absolutely not let you off!”

The miserable little white rabbit instantly became a fierce wolf protecting its food. Ning Ze clicked his tongue and reluctantly agreed. He still had ‘important business’ to attend to and did not dare stay long. After teasing Nan Gongyi, he hurried off.

After busying himself in the city for half the day, he finally got everything on his list. Ning Ze also ordered his subordinates to transport the goods to the destination he indicated. Ning Ze did not tarry and left the city, making a beeline for the cliff from which Yu Hao had fallen, afraid that the ancestor at the bottom of the cliff would feel pressed and come make trouble for him. Xq2JcQ

After wasting a tremendous amount of energy, he finally arrived at the cliff. Ning Ze raised his head, wiped off his sweat, and looked up at the cliff that reached through the clouds. He did not understand just how an injured Yu Hao had fallen from that height and still managed not to die. It was simply unscientific, OK?!

Below the cliff, a very elaborate wooden house was already built. All of the decorations were cozy and lavish—everything was done by people Ning Ze had fortunately been able to get through hard work. When he thought of how he had to deal with that huge pile of messy things that was the Demonic Cult, while Yu Hao, that b*stard, got to live in ease and comfort with a beauty in his arms, and how he still had to support him by giving him all sorts of luxuries, Ning Ze simply felt unwell all over!

But who was it that let his little life be in the hands of that demented fellow, ne? He had no choice but to yield even if he didn’t want to. In any case…it was just spending some money and the Demonic Cult did not lack money! At present, this was the only way Ning Ze could comfort himself.

When he thought about Nan Gongyi, that fellow, being afraid that he would hold misconceptions about his Shixiong, how worried he was that the Demonic Cult’s people would disturb his Shixiong, Ning Ze wanted to laugh in his face. Then, see what expression he’d make once he knew the true facts about the situation. P56Qq8

Anyway, on the night Ning Ze had thought that Yu Hao had died and took back his position as Cult Leader, only to catch a glimpse of that face he’s cursed so many times, he had nearly been scared into peeing his pants! To this day, when he thought back to it, he still felt that it was extremely hair-raising….

He symbolically knocked twice before pushing the door open. Once Ning Ze saw that person leisurely laying on a reclined seat under the shade of a tree while eating grapes, his teeth itched.

“Your family’s beauty has finally wrapped up the matter of the Wulin Alliance. After pushing the position of Alliance Leader to his shidi, he plans on coming here to guard your tomb as a widow,” Ning Ze, who increasingly felt that he was more pitiful than Yu Hao, naturally spoke with an unhappy tone.

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Zhao Xihe lazily swept an eye towards him and completely ignored the complaints coming from Ning Ze. He was even too lazy to even hum in acknowledgement. e1j4JD

“Say, what are you thinking? You unexpectedly jumped off a cliff to fake your death. You threw your position and wealth to one side and even abused your little beauty half to death. Simply demented,” Ning Ze plopped a grape into his own mouth and immediately narrowed his eyes in pleasure at the sweet and sour taste. Indeed, one really gets his money’s worth with these imported Turpan City’s grapes, simply delicious! Unfortunately, all of it was taken away by this b*stard. QAQ

“Don’t you think that this kind of lifestyle is wonderful? I don’t have to do anything—I handed everything to you to deal with— but I can still enjoy the best of everything. When I’m bored, I can easily go out and take a stroll. I can play for as long as I wish. Without anything to deal with, my whole body feels so light,” Zhao Xihe laughed gently, “As for the beauty…naturally, I can make him wholeheartedly accept me once more.”

Ning Ze silently flipped the table.

——Simply cannot play together happily! gtaLDi

Although he didn’t know how Yu Hao planned to explain his faked death and coax his family’s beauty, the next time Ning Ze visited the two people, he discovered that the two of them were already joined at the hip. Without an alternative, Ning Ze decisively gave up on the beauty and decided to transfer his interest onto someone else—for example, the beauty’s little shidi.

Unfortunately, since he assumed the post of Alliance Leader, the original little white rabbit became increasingly more like a big bad wolf, making Ning Ze unable to hold back even if he wanted to stop.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

——How come he almost couldn’t hold onto his position as gong?!

When Nan Gongyi had finished handling the heap of matters related to the Wulin Alliance, he finally had time to look for his Shixiong that was always on his mind. Naturally, he planned to work hard on persuading him to return. However, once he pushed opened the door and saw Yu Hao’s disgusting face, he immediately felt like falling apart! CfBqGl

Without saying anything more, Nan Gongyi, whose martial arts had greatly improved, directly pounced at him. Afterwards, he was beaten up mercilessly, without any trace of politeness. In the end, he could only cry ‘ying ying ying’ and hide in his Shixiong’s arms, begging for comfort.

——He had studied so arduously for such a long time but he was still beaten up. Truly suffered too great an internal injury….

Only, once he saw that Shixiong was completely fine, and that a smile graced his face once more, although he was unresigned and hated Yu Hao to the bone, Nan Gongyi still prayed that the two of them could live together in peace for the rest of their lives.

Sui Yuan patted the back of Nan Gongyi, who was buried in his chest, and glanced at Zhao Xihe who wore a chilly expression. He then swept a gaze at Ning Ze who was happily watching with excitement and deeply sighed. FvhRDj

He should still push these two into being a couple as soon as possible, and then get himself far, far away from here. If they keep causing a ruckus every time, eventually, he would be unable to bear it!

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Eve: Protag shou is the cutest yet. I love him to pieces. SY comforting him sparks joy. Also, this is a wrap to this arc. Next arc is Vampires~

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Translator's Note

black pot = a stain. He’s been framed and now has a black stain on his reputation.

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