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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 10.8


Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian QpbxZv

Sui Yuan, who had been provoked by [Lone Wind Wan Yi], under the pretense of lagging, stayed in his side’s camp and did not go out. The members of {Heaven’s Alliance} looked at him, hating iron for not becoming steel, but had no way of grabbing hold of this little hussy online. They  could only turn their heads and comfort their silly Cute Leader with E-level luck, who had almost managed to dethrone the number one god before everyone’s eyes. However, they did not know that each word of comfort was like countless knives stabbing into the other’s heart—simply a bloodbath.

[Disdaining the King of Hell], who was both the pillar of the guild and the great killing god, withered because of ‘lagging issues’. The members of {Heaven’s Alliance} were also ‘not of one mind’. They gossiped as to why their Cute Leader was suddenly so cool while PKing, feeling that it was such a great pity that their Cute Leader’s luck was so low. Therefore, the guild battle became {Carefree}’s win in the end. Except that, whether it was the winning or the losing side, neither of their attentions were on who won. Rather, it was on who was more impressive between [Lone Wind Wan Yi] and [Disdaining the King of Hell].

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Generally speaking, after every guild battle, there would be a verbal lashing between both sides, sometimes big, sometimes small. The losing side would acuse the winning side of having been extremely deranged and cunning, thereby insinuating that it wasn’t because their lack of strength that caused their loss. As for what happened after the end of this guild battle…well, there was indeed an argument. However, the main topic of the argument was about [Disdaining the King of Hell] and [Lone Wind Wan Yi].

The members of {Heaven’s Alliance} insisted that their Cute Leader was strong. If it wasn’t for his internet connection failing, he would definitely have beat up [Lone Wind Wan Yi] until he peed his pants—the proof was the two people’s HP before he had lagged. When they said this, the members of {Heaven’s Alliance} all shed tears of blood—just one more strike! It was the very last strike! QAQ


Compared to the members of {Heaven’s Alliance} who were flaunting their boss, others evidently did not think highly of [Disdaining the King of Hell]. After all, [Lone Wind Wan Yi} was the number one great god. The image of having unparallelled PK skills was deeply ingrained in their minds. Meanwhile, [Disdaining the King of Hell]’s ‘might’ seemed like it was powered by money. There were quite a number of players who had PK’ed with [Disdaining the King of Hell] before. From what everyone knew, his skills weren’t bad, but it was far from ‘stunning’ too.

Only members who were participating in the guild battles could enter. Furthermore, during guild battles, the server would also inevitably slow down. Thus, just who would be in such a relaxed mood to think about recording the battle? Therefore, without any evidence, the {Heaven Alliance’s} members’ version of the events sounded like they were just making up stories to others, jumping up and down looking like buffoons, trying to provoke the other party. In addition, during this period of time, {Heaven’s Alliance} had been acting boldly and unconstrained, offending quite a few people. As soon as these people got hold of information they could use against {Heaven’s Alliance}, they seized the opportunity to ruthlessly stamp all over their faces.  They directly degraded [Disdaining the King of Hell]’s gaming ability to a pile of sh*t while praising [Lone Wind Wan Yi]’s skill, holding it up as if it were a flower. [Disdaining the King of Hell] wanted to compare techniques with the publicly acknowledged number one great god, [Lone Wind Wan Yi]? This was simply foolish and conceited—the biggest joke in the world! 

Naturally, after having been ridiculed and belittled like this, the members of {Heaven’s Alliance} could not endure it. Thus, the troops on both sides began to quarrel in the world chat. There were also an innumerable amount of loudspeakers used. However, what the members of {Heaven’s Alliance} who had been happily making noise didn’t know was that, of the two sides, one side was without a doubt {Heaven’s Alliance}, but the other was not {Carefree}—rather, it was the passerbys that {Heaven’s Alliance} had incurred hatred from. Unexpectedly, the guild leader of {Carefree} had disappeared without a trace after only saying a few words in retort to {Heaven’s Alliance} at the very beginning. Regardless of how the world was full of wildfire-like quarrelling, he stubbornly remained silent despite other people’s insistence. He was so low-profile that it was unscientific!

Online cursing wars only lasted for a short period of time for the most part. They typically had a strong start but a weak finish. Both sides would, more or less, either finish venting their anger and gradually calmed down or they would straightforwardly agree that actions spoke louder than words and fight it out in a group war. This time, the cursing war regarding [Disdaining the King of Hell] and [Lone Wind Wan Yi] belonged to the first category. After all, {Carefree} did not utter a single word and even if the passerbys held great resentment towards {Heaven’s Alliance}, they were merely passerbys. Furthermore, the members of {Heaven’s Alliance} were asked by their cute leader to act low-key, ‘if they want to be noisy, let them be noisy. Let them be the cool breeze against your steady mountain.’ KSPfA8

Although the members of {Heaven’s Alliance} were not too clear as to why their family’s cute leader had suddenly become so unperturbed, ‘wanting no fame nor gain’, his demeanour seemed to be like that of a ‘master’ and so they gradually ended their behaviour. Anyway, they had already seen with their own eyes the skill of their family’s cute leader. They believed that gold would always shine. Although his internet connection had caused a huge letdown, causing him to regretfully lose to [Lone Wind Wan Yi] this time, there was always next time! Just wait until the next time their family’s cute leader appeared beneath the watchful eyes of the people and overthrew [Lone Wind Wan Yi] in broad daylight! Let’s see who would dare call his formidable gaming ability into question then!

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——In conclusion, the ignorant members of {Heaven’s Alliance} waited in anticipation in this beautiful manner.

Likewise, they did not see how after their cute leader had calmly placated the members and logged out, he hugged his blanket and rolled around with an expression of falling apart, wanting to cry without tears.

“Say…if I pretend to play badly starting now, would it be too late?” Huddled within the blanket, Sui Yuan stuck out his head and looked at Zhao Xihe with a gaze full of hope and expectation. S5Z uO

Zhao Xihe stood by the bed and arrogantly looked down upon his miserable little appearance. He directly stooped down and gathered both the blanket and the person within it into his arms before ruthlessly tormenting him for a moment.

“Give it a try and see.”

After playing with Sui Yuan until he was flushed in the face and out of breath, Zhao Xihe smacked his lips, not quite satisfied as he replied tactfully.

Sui Yuan:“………………” IXvr u

Although he could discern the implicit meaning hidden beneath Zhao Xihe’s voice, Sui Yuan did not want to smash the broken pot just yet. As an actor who was dedicated to his work—fine, to have played around so happily that he even broke out of character would not be considered being dedicated to one’s work—Sui Yuan felt that he could salvage the situation. Thus, after spending one night revising his mental state, he logged into the game once again and decided to find a deserted place to secretly practice how to play like a ‘normal player’.

——However, as soon as he rode out of the safety zone on his flashy mount, he was forced in to PKing.

Sui Yuan, whose plans were all messed up, burned with anger and simply wanted to flip his keyboard!

The one who had forced him into PKing was also a max level account. Only, his armour seemed rubbish and was obviously not anything good. After {Heaven’s Alliance} had begun their oppression in the game, Sui Yuan, who was the guild master, incurred all this hate and was frequently attacked in this manner. Therefore, he didn’t pay any attention to this and straightforwardly dealt with the other player, as easy as pie, before calling his mount and leaving without a second thought for those left behind.  kpYKgn

The max level player who had just typed out half of his sentence but was now lying on the ground as a corpse: “………………”

Perhaps it was because of the cursing war that had occurred yesterday, but Sui Yuan felt that after logging in this time, he was attacked more often than normal. It was almost to the point where every step he took was akin to setting off landmines. If it wasn’t for the fact that the other party always challenged him one after the other, waiting until the previous player died before another replaced him, he would be skeptical over whether these max level players had planned to group PK him.

Regardless of whether they had planned to come look for trouble for him as a group or on their own accord, Sui Yuan had no choice but to temporarily give up on his idea of finding a quiet place to ‘temper his technique’. Sui Yuan accepted the situation straightforwardly and used these death-seeking fellows who had delivered themselves to his door to perfect his own technique. He observed and copied the way they operated. It didn’t matter if the opponent was strong or weak, he played so that he only appeared slightly more formidable than his foe. In this way, he was able to develop an estimate as to what level an ‘ordinary player’ would be.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The high level players who were used as an estimate of what an ‘ordinary player’ was like: “………………” NZzjwW

Gradually, Sui Yuan approximately got the feel for it, grasping what it meant to be just a bit better than an ‘ordinary player’ while also remaining not as good as [Lone Wind Wan Yi]. Although playing like this made him feel rather sullen, like having to drive a top-notch sports car on a regular highway, because this was for the sake of the mission’s success, Sui Yuan had no choice but to endure it.

Since he had grasped onto this kind of ‘limit’, Sui Yuan lost all his patience to play around with these players. He bluntly dodged and escaped battle, shaking off the players who had thrown themselves at him several times and leaped to the teleporting stone, teleporting himself back to town.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

The high level players who couldn’t catch him in time and were thrown away after having been used: “………………”

Po tf ifoa abkc, tf’v yf rabqqfv, jcv tf mbeivc’a ub bnfgxlii. Kter, Vel Tejc mbeiv bcis gjcvbwis olcv j ilaaif cbbx ab rdeja vbkc, ybgfv jcv vfqgfrrfv. Lf rklamtfv ajyr jcv kfca ab olcv rbwfatlcu firf ab vb ab qjrr atf alwf. Ljio jc tbeg ijafg, Vel Tejc, ktb tjv gfaegcfv ab atf ujwf ktb xcbkr tbk wjcs alwfr ab mtfmx eq bc atf rlaejalbc, olcjiis rjk j mjii obg atf wfwyfgr ab ufa abufatfg ab oluta lc j ugbeq yjaaif lc atf ueliv mtja. gGxAzi

As the guild leader, naturally, Sui Yuan who was online couldn’t not concern himself with this matter. After making some inquires about the situation, he immediately assembled a team and a group of {Heaven’s Alliance} members rushed to the scene of the incident with grandiosity.

As the guild of the male lead, {Carefree} was always considered ‘righteous’ within the plot’s settings. They would never stir up trouble without reason. Therefore, the circumstances this time were a bit strange. Unexpectedly, it was {Carefree} who had taken initiative to make trouble out of nothing. Since they’ve been provoked by {Heaven’s Alliance} so many times before, it was only reasonable for {Carefree} to strike back so Sui Yuan did not think too much.

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When Sui Yuan arrived, the scene was already like an unstoppable wildfire. He swept a glance at the other’s ID and felt that it was rather familiar to him. However, since these people were all part of {Carefree} who they’ve fought so many times before, it was only right that it seemed familiar. Therefore, Sui Yuan threw that feeling of familiarity to the back of his head, quickly rushed into the scene, and entered the fray.

Sui Yuan who had never developed any unnecessary interest in anything outside of the plot missed a good opportunity to understand the actual facts of this situation. Of course, even if he found out, it would be of no use. UVXSa5

He didn’t know why but this time, many members of {Carefree} had shown up. They maneuvered their characters extremely beautifully, as if they had been injected with chicken blood. In addition, Sui Yuan, who had grasped onto that ‘limit’, did not dare to truly let himself play for real. The members of {Heaven’s Alliance} were naturally oppressed by {Carefree}, powerless to turn the tide and consequently, felt very dejected.

When sullen, they vented their feelings, regardless if it was taken out on others or on themselves. {Heaven’s Alliance} and {Carefree} began to curse at each other. The guild channel was also full of complaints. The majority of them were directed to {Carefree}, but a portion of the complaints were directed towards Sui Yuan.

The greater one’s hope, the greater the disappointment. After Sui Yuan had displayed his stunning gameplay, he was considered an idol by the members of {Heaven’s Alliance} and his popularity skyrocketed. If his ability dropped and he was unable to meet these expectations, the people who waited for him would naturally feel resentful and discontented. 

They deliberately made ambiguous insinuations over whether or not this was ‘lagging’, or would directly criticize him, questioning over why he wouldn’t bring out his true strength. Their grievances skyrocketed towards the sky as they rebuked him for not doing his utmost best for the guild members who were bullied. Although there were quite a few voices in support of him, and although Sui Yuan did not pay any heed to their words, it inevitably still affected him in a negative way, making him feel fidgety. KoidFu

As he experienced more and more worlds, Sui Yuan’s emotions became increasingly rich and he became more sensitive. Although his ability to adjust himself was excellent—after all, he was a ‘supporting male lead’ and not the ‘male lead’ who was loved by all—and he could very quickly go back to normal, he would still more or less show a bit of a desire to vent his feelings.

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So, although Sui Yuan painstakingly restrained himself, his gameplay unconsciously got better. As the person in the middle of things, because his mood was unstable and the scene was too chaotic, he was unaware of this change.

 Although Sui Yuan did not detect this, it didn’t mean that the people who had been constantly observing and paying attention to him didn’t. Moreover, it did not mean that the players before him who suddenly felt a more intense pressure befall them did not perceive it.

Sui Yuan did not plan to entangle himself with this group of players until they ended up outlasting even heaven and earth. Furthermore, he did not plan to defeat the members of {Carefree} who were enveloped by the protagonist’s halo. After all, he was conscious of the fact that every time {Heaven’s Alliance} came into contact with {Carefree}, the one who lost always ought to be {Heaven’s Alliance}. Thus, Sui Yuan only symbolically consumed some medicine to replenish his blood. Afterwards, he allowed the enemy to incessantly lower his health and sought an appropriate opportunity to ‘die’. yhYokV

His HP bar gradually dropped to a dangerous point. Obviously, Sui Yuan saw that the enemies on his side had begun to recite a wide-ranged attack skill but he did not get out of the way. He planned to die and return to the respawn point without any qualms. However, to his surprise, when the skill had been half recited, the player was assassinated from afar and dropped dead in an instant.

Sui Yuan swept a discontented look towards this ‘benefactor who had saved his life’. For a moment, he was in a daze. Meanwhile, the member of {Carefree} blankly lay down as a corpse for three seconds, before he reacted.

【Carefree Member A】:WTF, Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves, are you an idiot?! Killing your own teammates?! 

【Disdaining the King of Hell】:……………… heWam0

【Carefree】 & 【Heaven’s Alliance Members】 :………………

【Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves】:…Sorry. I made a mistake. Pressed the wrong key.

【Carefree Member A】:Made a mistake, your sister! Isn’t it common sense turn on guild war mode when group PKing?! [flips table]

【Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves】:Forgot. 2nPDUE

Sui Yuan lifted his head and gazed towards Zhao Xihe who had two laptops opened and suddenly felt his previously gloomy mood immediately become like a sunny and cloudless sky.

——Zhao Xihe can also make this kind of basic mistake! This was simply to the satisfaction of all, right?! Who told you anyway to always have that split personality going on?! This is divine retribution!

Sui Yuan was secretly excited. His hand itched—he couldn’t help but want to taunt him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Disdaining the King of Hell】:Haha, thanks, brother, for saving my life, ah! TKVZGw

【Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves】:...No problem. Want to repay me with your body? [stroke head]

Sui Yuan:“………………”

Sui Yuan rigidly lifted his head to look at Zhao Xihe and directly met with the other’s mocking expression. Sui Yuan suddenly felt like he had simply flew straight towards the big road of courting death—was he so free that he just had to provoke Zhao Xihe?! Hadn’t he learned his lesson yet?! He needed to chop off his hand!

“…You’ve OOCed,” Sui Yuan denounced him in a justified and solemn manner. dSB2Kp

“It’s fine. Didn’t you OOC yesterday as well? I’m joining you,” Zhao Xihe happily smiled in reply, exuding a sort of spirit of loyalty that said he was ‘willing to share in happiness and hardship’.

Sui Yuan:“………………”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

——Spirit of loyalty, your sister! If you OOC, then you’ve OOCed! Don’t drag me down too, you imbecile! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Just as expected, after Sui Yuan shifted his gaze back to the computer screen, he saw that the local chat that used to host the cursing war had immediately changed styles and had straightforwardly made the leap to gossip mode. vu98Y

【Carefree Member B】:WTF, what kind of situation is this?! Elegant and Humble, doesn’t this sound like colluding with the enemy and selling out your own country?!

【Carefree Member A】:Wanting to live off of us while secretly helping them! Even if you wanted to be so unreasonably ‘selfless’ to the point of harming your own friends and family, you don’t have to be this obvious! 

【Carefree Member C】:…I recall that the relationship between Elegant and Humble and Disdaining the King of Hell was not bad. They seemed to have frequently been together?

【Heaven’s Alliance Member A】:WTF, our cute leader’s charm is indeed boundless! 2rn41s

【Heaven’s Alliance Member B】:That {Carefree} dog can go f*ck off! Cute Leader already has a wife! Cute Leader and Huahua are a match made in heaven!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

【Heaven’s Alliance Member C】:…Can I say that I actually think that Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves and Cute Leader make a more meng CP?

【Carefree Member D】:Isn’t Elegant and Humble a CP with High Official?

【Carefree Member E】:Elegant and Humble belongs to Great God Wan Yi, OK?! Although recently, Great God seems to have fallen for High Official instead…. VgQ94d

【Carefree Member F】:Fallen for High Official? I feel that rather than him, Great God has obviously set his heart on Disdaining King of Hell….

【Carefree Member G】:Stop joking around! Great God and Disdaining the King of Hell being a CP—that’d shock me to death, alright?!

【Heaven’s Alliance Member D】:…What messy relationships. I can’t get a hold of just who is with who in the end….

【Heaven’s Alliance Member E】:…I suddenly feel that Lone Wind Wan Yi and Cute Leader’s CP is a bit meng…thus, you all must hurry and knock some sense into me! AQG71a

【Heaven’s Alliance Member F】:I’ve come to knock some sense into you! Cute Leader X Huahua will never waver even after a thousand years!

【Carefree Member B】:…Didn’t we come to fight a group war? Don’t you guys feel like we’ve digressed?!

【Heaven’s Alliance Member E】:WTF, you really hit me?! Quickly turn guild war mode back on! I, this old lady, am about to die!

【Carefree Member F】:What the heck are you guys doing, hitting one of your own?! Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves, hurry and switch modes! What did I do to make you chase and beat me up?! 27TJG3

【Carefree Member G】:…You said that Great God Wan Yi and Disdaining King of Hell are a CP [disdain]

【Carefree Member F】:QAQ

Sui Yuan fell silent for a long time and angrily flipped his keyboard.

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——There was no use in playing this game anymore! Originally, it was already chaotic enough after he leaked his actual skill. Now, Zhao Xihe had also unexpectedly come to stick his foot in! CcFL1l

Sui Yuan, who was racking his brain trying to think of how he should wrap things up, did not respond in-game yet. But then he saw his [Disdaining the King of Hell] get enveloped in a green light, and get restored to full health. Furthermore, in the lower right corner of the screen, the battle message section informed him that a certain Emei from {Carefree} had used a healing spell on him.

Sui Yuan rubbed his eyes and repeatedly confirmed that it had been {Carefree} and not {Heaven’s Alliance}. He suddenly felt that this world was being more and more fantastical.

Immediately after, the Great God [Lone Wind Wan Yi], who was enshrouded in a golden light, appeared before him.

【Lone Wind Wan Yi】:Replenish your MP. Let us swap pointers once. hGuwY1

Immediately, the originally crazy, uncontrollable scene quieted down. Everyone stopped fighting and left the stage one by one. Even the local chat gradually abated. The last message to float lightly onto the chat was: Indeed, Great God Wan Yi and Disdaining the King of Hell have an affair?

Sui Yuan felt that this was rather unbearable. However, he really looked forward to fight with [Lone Wind Wan Yi] again. Thereafter, he would be able to wash away the ‘disgrace’ of his label of being ‘better than [Lone Wind Wan Yi]’.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sui Yuan silently recalled the ‘limit’ he had found today, responded by refilling his blue bar, and then accepted [Lone Wind Wan Yi]’s PK request.

It could not be said that the PK that occurred afterwards had not been marvelous. After all, [Lone Wind Wan Yi]’s strength was formidable and Sui Yuan also made it so he did not lose too wretchedly. He only controlled himself so that he appeared slightly inferior to the other. The two sides were ‘locked in battle’ for a period of time. In the end, when [Lone Win Wan Yi] still had a third of his HP left, [Disdaining King of Hell] died without a care. rI3Qcv

【Disdaining the King of Hell】:…You’re so strong, you win.

【Lone Wind Wan Yi】:………………

Carefree & Heaven’s Alliance Member :…Although it was very splendid indeed, why did they feel as if something fishy was going on here?

【Lone Wind Wan Yi】:Why did you go easy on me? I know that this isn’t your true strength. 6Ct415

【Disdaining the King of Hell】:…I didn’t.

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【Lone Wind Wan Yi】:I’m very certain that you did.

【Disdaining the King of Hell】:………………

【Lone Wind Wan Yi】:Why? dw50J7

【Heaven’s Alliance Member E】:Because my family’s Cute Leader doesn’t want to seize your title of being the number one Great PK God? WTF, this is true love! It couldn’t be that Cute Leader deliberately lost during last time’s guild war too?!

【Carefree Member F】:…Why do I suddenly feel that this is so meng?

【Lone Wind Wan Yi】:………………

Sui Yuan simply had no clue as to how he should cope with this kind of situation! He felt that the plot has derailed quite a lot. Moreover, he who had always been the type to read his lines verbatim wasn’t very proficient at improv. Therefore, after Sui Yuan hastily typed out ‘I didn’t’, he clicked on the resurrect button and escaped, leaving the members of {Carefree} and {Heaven’s Alliance} in a deadlock, their imaginations running rampant.  QK4MO3

【Heaven’s Alliance Member A】:…Cute Leader, are you a tsundere or are you just shy?

【Heaven’s Alliance Member F】:I had always told myself that it was true love between Cute Leader and Huahua…but it seems that I was wrong….

【Carefree Member B】:…I suddenly feel that Disdaining the King of Hell isn’t all that horrid?

【Carefree Member F】:He’s silly cute, a tsundere, yet also domineering. Simply menging me to death. [facepalm] IYSHZO

【Heaven’s Alliance Member D】:WTF, Lone Wind Wan Yi, why are you adding me as a friend?!

【Lone Wind Wan Yi】:Because it seems that your relationship with Disdaining isn’t bad? Your guild leader has rejected my friend request several times already. In the future, if I need him, I’ll come looking for you.

Carefree & Heaven’s Alliance Members :…Wait a second, what you said just now revealed quite a lot! WTF, we don’t know how we should react!

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The author has something to say:  tpwKJ2

Some time ago, the person who I was doing my internship under scolded me QAQ My mood is a bit terrible. I worked honestly and diligently for a period of time. Coupled with the summary at the end of last month, I found myself extremely busy. My period also came to join in on the fun, sorry to keep girls waiting for a long time…

The internship is coming to an end. There are some worries, and the mood is not too good. Hey… I will try to adjust it .><

Eve: SY the forever ML magnet. Wow baby, look how many ships you’ve got going.

Wuxian: This is quickly becoming a (one-sided) SY harem and I am not opposed to it???  1hfWd6

Translator's Note

Kind of weird usage but 磨人的小妖精 refers to when a person provokes someone else sexually. For example, in BL novels, when the MC says some things that end up making ML’s sex drive go through the roof and ends up with MC and ML going papapa. So it basically means ‘to have provoked someone’ here.

Translator's Note

Loudspeakers are kind of like announcements that users can make. They usually cost real life cash, although usually the game will provide a couple to users for free. How they appear differ from game to game. Sometimes they just appear like in a different font in the world chat or sometimes they appear in the corner of the screen, or in some cases, they show up dead center in your screen and annoy the heck out of you.

Translator's Note

This seems to be a modified version of a line from a novel called ‘Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber’ by Jin Yong. The original line is 他强由他强,清风拂山岗 whereas in the raws the author put 要吵由他吵,清风拂过岗. So the author just kind of changed the verb.

Translator's Note

Literally asking him if he had taken out his own brain.

Translator's Note

Throwback to a previous TN but I thought it might not be too clear here. Basically, he’s telling himself that he really needs to stop this habit of his.

Translator's Note

A character class. Specializes in healing as you can probably guess.

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