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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 10.6


Translated by Eve

Edited by Juurensha, Cat & Wuxian m8UgjL

The result of last night’s ‘fight’ was that Sui Yuan didn’t get out of bed until midday. In contrast, that person who had a ‘miserable and gloomy atmosphere’ and was ‘drinking his worries away’ appeared refreshed, not appearing hungover in the least. He was pleased as punch.

Although the young married couple had fought and quickly made up last night — any issues between the two could be resolved with a bit of tumbling between the sheets, perhaps it was because Zhao Xihe played around a little too much this time but Sui Yuan still wasn’t happy with him. Rather, it seemed like they had fun last night — maybe too much fun last night — that Sui Yuan wasn’t happy with him? In summary, Zhao Xihe tried his best to fawn over Sui Yuan and atone for his sins afterwards. Of course, he was perfectly happy and willing to do this.

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They entangled themselves with one another on the bed until it was past 11 o’clock. During this time, all kinds of immoral activities a.k.a., ‘massaging but actually taking advantage of you’ occured. Fortunately, Zhao Xihe still had some semblance of self-control and graciously restrained himself at this time, not daring to do it till the end. Finally, Sui Yuan, who was teased until his whole body flushed red, kicked him out of bed to order takeout since he was unbearably hungry.

After going down to the restaurant, the server who greeted Zhao Xihe was a familiar person. It was the kind little sister who had helped Sui Yuan drag Zhao Xihe to their room. After all, both Zhao Xihe and Sui Yuan were good-looking. In addition, there was the matter of that ‘break-up’ that evoked sympathy from other people. Together, this left a profound impression of Zhao Xihe on the female server, enabling her to recognize him with just a glance. d5XwkH

…However, he didn’t look heartbroken at all right now. On the contrary, he looked like he had gotten what he had wished for. Why on earth did he suddenly appear so satisfied? Did she miss something?

The female server donned a standard service-person smile and wrote down Zhao Xihe’s order while imagining all sorts of things in her head. A moment later, she noticed that Zhao Xihe’s order was clearly not just for one person but two — it couldn’t be that his friend had taken care of him all night and hadn’t gone home? Then, what’s that ‘laozi is at the peak of happiness’ aura coming from him all about?!

The female server is a fujoshi. Fujoshis have an innate sense for these kind of things. Immediately, the gaze she directed at Zhao Xihe became unreadable.

It was just, last night that the female server had asked too much about the clients’ personal matters and further gossiped about it with her coworkers to entertain themselves during downtime. However, she was caught by her supervisor and scolded fiercely. Therefore, even though she was very curious right now, she could only firmly suppress it. It was simply too stifling to the point of almost suffering an internal injury! 8U5BIm

Zhao Xihe didn’t pay any attention to the server girl’s look of wanting to say something but hesitating. He was currently in a hurry to go back and have a lovey-dovey meal with Sui Yuan. He politely thanked her and immediately turned around to return to their room.

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Sui Yuan, who had been tossed around until he couldn’t even raise an arm, naturally accepted Zhao Xihe’s extremely eager and attentive feeding service. However, his expression grew worse and worse. When he had regained some of his strength, he decided to immediately leave this ‘heartbreaking place’ to seek asylum and find solace in his comfortable little nest. Meanwhile, Zhao Xihe, who had been longing to enter Sui Yuan’s home since they had first met in this world, naturally could not miss this good opportunity.

While he supported his aching waist as he headed downstairs, Zhao Xihe walked next to him wearing a fawning expression, looking ready to lend him a hand at any time. Sui Yuan’s expression made it easy for any person with a shred of common sense to deduce what had occurred. Of course, the female server who had long been paying attention to them also noticed.

The female server who had just put an end to her imaginative thoughts confirmed her conjecture after laying eyes on Sui Yuan and Zhao Xihe. Dogblooded plots such as ‘went drinking with a friend after a break-up, unexpectedly made a drunken mistake, with a freak combination of factors leading to his discovery of who he truly loved ’; along with other conspiracy plots like ‘pretending to be heartbroken to drag his secret crush to go drinking, act drunk and do things afterwards, and succeed in getting some action’…all kinds of interesting scenarios spiraled around the female server’s head. The gaze she used to look at Zhao Xihe and Sui Yuan was especially scorching. jQ36qn

Naturally, the sensitive Sui Yuan could feel her gaze. He subconsciously tilted his head to glance at last night’s female server. The other’s gaze was too intense. Although it made Sui Yuan’s scalp feel a bit numb, his good upbringing would not allow him to ignore her.

Thus, Sui Yuan expressionlessly nodded to the girl in greeting. Subsequently, Zhao Xihe scrutinized the girl, examining her with vigilance.

The female server simply did not know what to say to Zhao Xihe’s attack range that was as ridiculously large as that of a weapon of mass destruction. It was clear that he was putting in a great effort to chase that person. He regarded anything that even moved to be a formidable enemy, as if he was afraid that the person in his arms would accidentally be taken away.

In order to show that she was a friend and not foe, the female server revealed a standard service-person smile, exposing a row of 8 teeth, “May all be well with your love! Although it’s a day late, Happy Valentine’s Day! May the two of you live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss. May you live a long and happy life together!” JGPehl

Sui Yuan, stupefied:“………………”

Zhao Xihe, smiling:“Thank you.”

While she watched Zhao Xihe leave as he modestly grabbed Sui Yuan’s waist with a rapidly warming expression, the female server secretly raised her fist in triumph. She felt that her motivation today was through the roof! She was itching to get off work and go home so that she could gossip online.

En…what should the subject line be? It absolutely had to be beautiful, passionate, and amusing! MAtOdc

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Ktfgfobgf, Vel Tejc’r jcv Itjb Wltf’r vjaf mgfjafv akb qbqeijg atgfjvr: bcf kjr atf wbnlf atfjagf almxfa rfiifg’r mbcofrrlbc atja kjr oeii bo tfg uglfnjcmfr jcv gfugfa, jcv atf batfg kjr atf ofwjif tbafi rfgnfg’r tjqqs jcv tlut rqlglafv yifrrlcur — bo mbegrf, jrlvf ogbw atf qfgrbcr lcnbinfv, cb bcf mbccfmafv atfrf akb atgfjvr abufatfg.

Because of Sui Yuan’s body’s condition, Zhao Xihe unyieldingly took up the task of driving. He first went to his previous hotel and efficiently checked out of the room with his luggage that he had packed up earlier. Then, they went back to Sui Yuan’s apartment, and he officially invaded Sui Yuan’s personal territory in this world.

Although he was still unhappy with Zhao Xihe’s deeds and conduct, Sui Yuan knew that he could not stop him and was simply too lazy to waste his energy and strength — anyway, he had long since known that Zhao Xihe would run over here to live with him. When he went to purchase things for the place, he had subconsciously bought two of everything. 

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While watching Zhao Xihe happily unpack his things, Sui Yuan who was sitting on the sofa suddenly thought of [Hua Xinlei] who had been sacrificed by Zhao Xihe. qMcIHl

“…What happened to [Hua Xinlei]? Why did you come over here instead of him? You didn’t do anything to him, right?” Zhao Xihe shoved a couple’s keychain that he had bought yesterday into Sui Yuan’s hand. Sui Yuan silently hung it on his key loop and asked that question at the same time — en, it was just because he had too much time on his hands that he had considered using these kinds of couple things with Zhao Xihe!

“Do you really think I’m that savage?” Zhao Xihe felt a bit helpless, “Although I’ve treated human life like dirt before, I’ve still got a good sense of what to do at what time. Right now, we’re in a lawful and civilized society. Moreover, my identity doesn’t have a particularly powerful backing, so naturally, I have to be law-abiding.” Zhao Xihe placed the couple cups onto the coffee table and sized them up, satisfied, “I just spent a little money and smoothly bought [Hua Xinlei]’s account. Although the man is greedy for money, his service isn’t bad. He didn’t ask any superfluous questions. He even gave me the train ticket that he was going to use to come see you as a bonus.”

“That won’t cause any problems, right? You have control of [Hua Xinlei]’s account now….” Sui Yuan was a bit worried.

“Relax. Even if there’s a problem, it won’t affect you,” Zhao Xihe walked to Sui Yuan’s side and stooped down to kiss his forehead appeasingly, “I’ll settle everything. You just be at ease and act as your [Disdaining the King of Hell] . Don’t concern yourself with other matters.” yCtLnZ

Sui Yuan had a lot of faith in Zhao Xihe — as long as he didn’t secretly get up to no good — so he immediately threw this matter to the side. Anyway, [Hua Xinlei] only had one scene in real life, and that was their meeting together. Furthermore, according to his profile, as long as he fought against and smoothly forced [Wind-Like High Official] out of [Heaven’s Alliance] in accordance with the plot, then that would be enough. The requirements for this role were not high.

In actuality, even if it wasn’t for Zhao Xihe, after getting [Hua Xinlei] to lower his evaluation of him, Sui Yuan had planned on making an alternative account to replace him and act as both. After all, as long as the plot progressed without a hitch, even if his marks were deducted, it wouldn’t be too great a deduction.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After setting his heart at ease, Sui Yuan, who felt that he had rested enough, decided to log into <Jianghu Online> to let people know that he’s still alive. After all, the day before yesterday, he had gone to the train station to pick Zhao Xihe up. Yesterday, he had spent the day with him. And today, they had papapa’ed so much that he had stayed in bed for more than half the day. In this way, he already hadn’t touched the game for nearly three days. This was rather abnormal for [Disdaining the King of Hell] who was always online, aside from when he slept.

Indeed, when Sui Yuan logged on, he was immediately surrounded by a group of enthusiastic and gossipy greetings. Fv ZCY

His good friends teased him in private, asking whether or not he had a lover in real life since he hadn’t logged on for three days after Valentine’s Day, and whether he had run off to go on a date. Furthermore, the guild members were even more vulgar, saying all kinds of things. After all, [Disdaining the King of Hell] had always acted easy-going and open. He was amiable and had good relations with other people. Even if he was faced with a few over-the-top jokes, he wouldn’t take it to heart.

Towards these kinds of gossipy conjectures, Sui Yuan kept up [Disdaining the King of Hell’s] usual attitude of ‘hehe’ing at it all. He neither denied nor confirmed any of them. After all, he still had to take [Wind-Like High Official] into consideration. This matter should be left to ‘[Hua Xinlei]’ to handle.

[Hua Xinlei]: Aiya, don’t speak nonsense. Yesterday, I went to C City to play and looked for Disdaining Gege to spend some time with me, la!

When he saw the words appear in the guild channel, Sui Yuan raised his head to look at Zhao Xihe who was situated not far from him. He saw the other man straightforwardly set down two laptops. On one laptop’s screen was [Hua Xinlei]’s character. On the other, was [Elegant and Humble Autumn Leaves]’s account. m1cyi0

Sui Yuan: “………………”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sensing Sui Yuan’s gaze, Zhao Xihe raised his head and flashed a smile, “Having both open on one laptop isn’t too smooth. Furthermore, having to switch back and forth is too troublesome, and it’s easy to mix up personas. Besides, when I’m too busy, 0007 can help out.”

Sui Yuan once again was ‘….’ Soon after, he looked at 5237 in disdain — compared to the omnipotent 0007, 5237 was inferior to death! Aside from selling meng and digging pits for its teammates, it couldn’t do anything!

5237 getting emotional:“…………QAQ” zOdd7t

In the room, the two people and three laptops passed time harmoniously. In the game however, it was like a scene of bloody carnage because of [Hua Xinlei]’s words. Everyone was stupefied by this god’s sudden appearance. For a few seconds, there was silence. Soon after, the chat erupted once more.

【Guild Member A】:WTF! Huahua, you’ve met Guild Leader in real life?! Is this for real?! 

【Guild Member B】:To meet on Valentine’s Day…hehe, who would believe that this was a pure and honest meeting! Huahua and Guild Leader, quickly tell us the truth!

【Guild Member C】:Asking for details! Asking for selfies! Is Huahua cute? Is Guild Leader handsome?!  o6t1L

【Guild Member D】:Meeting on Valentine’s Day is romantic to death! Are you two together?! 

【Hua Xinlei】:Guild Leader is very handsome! Attentive and gentle, he took good care of me. [blush]

【Guild Member C】:Worthy of being called my male god!

【Guild Member E】:Say, I actually don’t know if Huahua is a boy or girl…. hKfyDm

【Guild Member B】:Huahua is so over-the-top cute, he definitely has to be a boy!

【Guild Member D】:Don’t even joke! Huahua is clearly a cute little sister, OK?! Fujoshis don’t need to come and make a mess of things!

【Guild Member F】:My OTP has been torn apart. This cruel and unfeeling and deliberately provocative world…I’m so tired, I don’t feel like I can love again. I had always thought that Guild Leader daren belonged to Vice Guild Leader daren QAQ @Wind-Like High Official  

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Guild Member G】:I also thought that Guild Leader and Vice Guild Leader were a couple. Vice Guild Leader High Official, your family’s gong has been snatched away!  8LcESx

【Guild Member A】:Guild Leader, come tell us the truth! Be a man! Are you and Huahua really together? You didn’t log in at all during Valentine’s day, did you abandon yourself to pleasure and forgot your home and duty?! 

The guild channel was full of members wailing like ghosts for details about their meeting and what happened afterwards. As for the guild leader who had been called for many times…the guild leader expressed that he currently could not attend to matters in the flooding guild channel and straightforwardly threw it to Zhao Xihe to handle. He was also messaged by [Wind-Like High Official] in private for their final chat before breaking up.

【Wind-Like High Official】:Are you and Huahua together? No need to deceive me, I’m very calm. I just want to know the truth. I don’t want to be left in the dark about this. 

【Disdaining the King of Hell】:…Sorry. You’re really great, but you’re too cool-headed and rational. It caused me to be unable to feel that passion that we had when we first started dating. I don’t think that we are well-suited for each other.  k2fvBJ

【Wind-Like High Official】:Heh…I saw this coming since long ago. If you had come speak to me frankly, then I wouldn’t have caused a fuss. However, it makes me sick that you got involved with another man before we broke up. 

【Disdaining the King of Hell】:That’s my fault. I’m sorry. Actually, what I wanted to tell you but didn’t know how to put it was…you…I still really like you. 

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After typing out that last sentence, Sui Yuan didn’t know why but his back grew cold. He subconsciously turned to glance at Zhao Xihe and discovered that the other man hadn’t made any noteworthy actions. He continued to lazily recline on the sofa, his slender and nimble fingers dancing around on the keyboard. Occasionally, he would yawn, showing that he felt a bit indolent and bored. All the while, he was acting like an active, bashful cute person in game. His appearance in real life and his cute words online were simply complete opposites.

——All actors are Multiple Personality Disorder Emperors. dKSdc2

He shook his head and tossed that inexplicable chill to one side. Sui Yuan inwardly mocked himself. He was just feeling excessively guilty for no reason — he was just saying his lines, that’s all! Furthermore, Zhao Xihe couldn’t see his private messages just now!

【Wind-Like High Official】:Alright. Even if you pretend to have deep feelings for me now, it’s useless. I don’t plan on doing anything about you and Hua Xinlei. After all, our relationship before was not public. No one knew. As far as everyone else knows, you haven’t been two-timing.  

【Disdaining the King of Hell】:Wind-Like, you don’t have to say it like that. A mistake was a mistake. I want to make it up to you. 

【Wind-Like High Official】:No need. I just want for this trivial matter between you, me, and Hua Xinlei to not hinder my gameplay nor the guild’s matters. I’m too lazy to care about other matters, nor do I want to.   SnDRHm

【Disdaining the King of Hell】:…I understand. I won’t let this influence you. You are Heaven’s Alliance’s Vice Guild Leader, my most trusted assistant. No one can take your place.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【Wind-Like High Official】:OK. Then that’s enough. Let’s break up. You and Hua Xinlei can openly get together. The road of gay love is not an easy path to walk. If you choose a woman in the end, I’ll understand. 

[Wind-Like High Official] cut off the conversation. Having just moved his fingers around a bit, Sui Yuan had satisfyingly passed this plot point.

At this time, [Wind-Like High Official] and [Disdaining the King of Hell]’s breakup should be considered peaceful. Although [Wind-Like High Official] loathed [Disdaining the King of Hell]’s conduct, he did not want to fall out with him, nor did he want revenge. After all, like he said before, in order to be cautious, he and [Disdaining the King of Hell] did not tell anyone about their relationship. Only a couple of fujoshis thought that they seemed close, so they fantasized about the two of them. Once [Hua Xinlei] sat steadily in the position of ‘Guild Leader’s Wife’, even if [Wind-Like High Official] wanted to criticize him, he had no qualifications to do so. e6l1rR

Although there were quite a few fujoshis wandering around <Jianghu Online> and {Heaven’s Alliance}, making the general attitude towards homosexuality rather kind, a large majority of players still abhorred it. They would even harshly curse it, saying that two men being together was actually too disgusting.

Compared to [Wind-Like High Official] who was a man playing a male character and also acted very manly, [Hua Xinlei]’s character was a Lolita ladyboy. He liked to act like a spoiled child and act cute. Although he half-jokingly said that he was actually a boy acting as a girl, the large majority of people did not believe him, thinking that he was just kidding. In addition, [Hua Xinlei]’s himself sounded pure and soft. He used a voice changer to raise his voice. He could easily act as a girl in the voice channel. Naturally, in the eyes of many other people, it was much more logical for [Disdaining the King of Hell] to be with him than with [Wind-Like High Official].

[Wind-Like High Official] had considered many aspects of the situation before deciding to move aside. If the matter of [Disdaining the King of Hell]’s two-timing was exposed, not only would [Disdaining the King of Hell] and [Hua Xinlei] be implicated, but he himself would be unable to dodge its repercussions either. After all, his orientation was a big issue. Thus, [Wind-Like High Official] could only endure. Even if he felt unwell, he could not show it.

If things had ended like this, then everyone would be happy. However, [Disdaining the King of Hell] did not honour his promise to [Wind-Like High Official]. In the end, [Wind-Like High Official] who kept giving in was eventually kicked out of {Heaven’s Alliance} by [Hua Xinlei]. Furthermore, although [Disdaining Kind of Hell] did not throw stones at him when he was down, he still allowed [Hua Xinlei] to do what he liked. He who posed as a person with high morals, but who in fact would go back on his word, made [Wind-Like High Official] unable to endure any longer. In the end, he decided to fight against [Disdaining the King of Hell] and [Hua Xinlei] to the death. 9ABUsg

Thus, the next scene mostly required Zhao Xihe’s work, and Sui Yuan just had to silently watch from the sidelines. Afterwards, at the crucial points in time, he just had to take Zhao Xihe’s side and support him.

“What are you thinking about?” From above suddenly came Zhao Xihe’s low voice. Sui Yuan raised his head vacantly while still immersed in his gratification for the plot’s smooth sailing.

Zhao Xihe moved Sui Yuan’s laptop to one side and smoothly pressed Sui Yuan onto the sofa. He raised an eyebrow and smiled a bit dangerously, “‘…You…I still really like you’, huh?”

Although Sui Yuan was a bit in a daze, he subconsciously perceived that this phrase without context sounded a bit familiar. After thinking about it for three seconds, he immediately exploded, “Peeping at my screen is immoral!” wUdNFx

“If I didn’t peep on you, how could I have found out that you were so ‘sentimental’ about Wind-Like High Official? About how you were ‘reluctant to part’ from him?” Zhao Xihe’s expression was that of self-righteousness.

“That’s not my fault! It’s my lines! I didn’t change a single word!” Sui Yuan felt extremely wronged, “You’re making trouble out of nothing!”

“I know,” Zhao Xihe who was accused by Sui Yuan with bloody tears was unexpectedly calm, “I was just looking for an excuse.”

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

Sui Yuan:“………………” S 8qbF

——To be shameless to this degree, it simply made people unable to denounce him!

“It wasn’t easy to run over here to C City to live with you. Did you think that I wanted to simply play video games with you face-to-face?” Zhao Xihe smiled — this smile looked extremely ridiculing in Sui Yuan’s eyes — ”Hehe, don’t be so naive.”

Sui Yuan:“………………”

——I’m not naive at all! Don’t you feel that, rather than me being ‘naive’, you’re just way too deranged?! Be careful not to die from excessive ejaculation!  ad7A3Y

Juurensha: Well, I hope ZXH doesn’t bully Wind Like High Official too badly.

Cat: ahh finally some plot with romance between the main CP, i’m in heaven.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wuxian: is it weird that I sort of sympathize with Wind? Lol, I kid, I kid.


Translator's Note

Actually refers to a stratagem (of the 36 stratagems) of paying a small price to gain victory. Kind of like ‘sacrifice the rook to save the king’.

Translator's Note

So it’s implying that he’s so cute that there’s no way he would be a girl — which they want — and is actually a guy. Probably referencing how quite often ‘cute girls’ online are actually guys in RL.

Translator's Note

Kind of awkward to word this. Basically, he’s remarking on how they kind of look crazy, being able to switch between personalities like that so easily. In ZXH’s case, he can even act completely different with a straight face lmao.

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