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Heavenly WifeCh30 - Three-Leaf Golden Scale


Editor: PM87

Proofreader: Noks NTCLsA

The wisps of spiritual Qi inside the xianjue grass—that even Feng Yang couldn’t freely use—seemed to have found their master, one who had been lost for many years; they tried to fly away towards the door and in the direction their master was located. Feng Yang couldn’t stop this from happening even if he wanted to. He quickly followed after the wisps to see where they were going. 

However, as soon as he opened the front door of his house, there was nothing there. The stream of spiritual Qi seemed to have been cut off, as though by a knife. When its traces reached the door, they seemed to have completely stopped, leaving only a wide column of the spiritual Qi behind.

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Feng Yang looked upstairs and downstairs, but found nothing unusual. He absorbed the remaining Qi in the air and then headed back into his room.

Among all the people he had met in the mortal world, only Ban Yu was different. He was the only other who could absorb this Qi. e4VWJw

Is it Ban Yu?

Feng Yang quickly sent a message to Ban Yu —Where are you?

Ban Yu replied immediately —I’m in the supermarket. Baby, do you miss me?

—Feng Yang: I just moved to a new place and want to buy a few towels. Do you have some there? Can you show them to me through video?


The very next second, Ban Yu called him, and his handsome face that was full of smiles appeared on the cell phone screen. 

“Baby, as I said before, what’s mine is yours. What do you mean by buying?” With that, he pointed the camera at the towel shelf and let Feng Yang take a good look at the selection of towels there one by one.

Then, without waiting for Feng Yang to speak, he said, “The quality of the towels here is average. I’ll buy the best one for my baby tomorrow. Your skin is so tender, so you must use the softest towel. What kind of color…” Ban Yu switched control back to the front camera on the phone, so that it would show him. “Baby, what color do you like?”

Feng Yang stared at Ban Yu’s eyes for a long time. “You’re all alone in the supermarket?” gaxbtn

“Yes, Uncle Liu just went to the bathroom. Baby, you want to come over? I’ll fry some cicadas for you.”

Don’t tempt me with cicadas again!!!

After glancing at the paper bucket that he hadn’t been willing to throw away, Feng Yang directly turned off the video call. 

It’s disturbing!  3MLT5t

He was really afraid that Ban Yu would give him fried cicadas in the next second!

Seeing Feng Yang disappear from the screen so suddenly, Ban Yu’s smile slowly deepened.

Ban Yu gathered some of the spiritual Qi in his surroundings to his fingertips and set a barrier around him. After that, he released a little bit of the newly absorbed spiritual Qi from his body. The Qi’s soft golden light formed a circle around his body. The Qi looked and felt exactly the same as his original Qi, both in color and purity.

He suddenly understood why Feng Yang had been able to ‘awaken’ his original soul with a kiss, and why Ban Yu had been able to absorb his spiritual Qi when Feng Yang had attacked him at the Four Seas Dragon Palace Hot Spring.  7WNwp3

It turned out that the fragment of primordial spirit in the xianjue grass that was inside Feng Yang’s body had absorbed Ban Yu’s spiritual Qi and now regarded him as its master. Now that he was the master, the primordial spirit and the spiritual Qi in the xianjue grass had naturally begun to search for its master.

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Previously, at the Four Seas Dragon Palace Hot Spring, the not-yet-sober Ban Yu had felt a strong desire towards Feng Yang, and today too, when he was standing outside of Bai Chen’s house earlier, he had felt some agitation.

By nature, dragons were libidinous. They were born with strong emotions and desires. In addition, his ears had just been greatly stimulated by the sounds released by the two men next door. If he had not possessed enough self-control, and hadn’t suddenly heard Feng Yang’s panicked footsteps from inside, he wouldn’t have been able to control himself. iMAomC

But now, these matters weren’t important. To his surprise, he had discovered that Feng Yang’s spiritual roots were severely damaged.

Ban Yu had obviously noticed that the spiritual Qi inside Feng Yang’s body wasn’t coming from his dantian, but from the xianjue grass. He could be said to be someone who had only ‘borrowed’ a small portion of its spiritual Qi, because the xianjue grass didn’t recognize Feng Yang as its master.

But, Feng Yang was the eldest prince of the Feng Clan. Who had laid such a heavy hand on him and gone so far as to break his spiritual roots?

Ban Yu gathered some Qi to his fingertips and slowly opened a portal to the immortal world, and summoned his servant. XdphW

Soon after, Yan Liu came out from the portal.


“The three-leaf golden scale from my last heavenly calamity that I had left behind…” Ban Yu continued, “Bring it to me.”

“Xianjun, are you sure you want to use the three-leaf golden scale?” Yan Liu was a little surprised.  FLjQ4V

The three-leaf golden scale was a unique scale that would only fall off the dragon’s body when a nine-clawed golden dragon successfully passed through a heavenly calamity and became a high-level immortal. It was named as such because the shape of the scale resembled three interconnected leaves.

The Dragon Clan had existed for many years, and so far, only three such scales had been produced throughout the whole clan. One belonged to an old Dragon King from thousands of years ago, another belonged to Xianjun, and the third one belonged to the current Dragon King. 

These three-leaf golden scales were currently being stored with care, because not only were they beautiful, but they also had the wonderful power to bring the dead back to life.

“En, there’s no doubt about it. What’s more, catch some more golden cicadas and make sure they’re the fattest cicadas from behind the mountain.” I7VWjC

“Dead or alive?”

“Alive, of course.” Ban Yu smiled. “Your Master, I, want to raise a bird. How can I feed it something that’s not fresh?”

Yan Liu looked around and didn’t see any birds, only a middle-aged man who was sleeping on the sofa.

Ban Yu waved and drove Yan Liu away. He then gently flicked a wisp of spiritual Qi into Uncle Liu’s body. Dn6oFu

The latter woke up and rubbed his eyes in confusion. “Oh, how did I fall asleep?”

Ban Yu said, “You may be feeling more tired than usual recently. Let’s close the supermarket early today.”

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After the evening self-study session, the students either left school or returned to their dormitories. If they needed something, they preferred to go to the supermarket outside the school or to the one at the other end of the dormitory, rather than choosing this supermarket. 

Uncle Liu indeed felt a little tired. He didn’t object to Ban Yu’s words about closing the supermarket early. dFrL90

The main reason for that was because recently, Ban Yu was not acting as crazy as he used to be. Hence, Uncle Liu’s nerves had more or less relaxed, and the tension that usually accumulated in his body had disappeared. But still, he felt that something was amiss. 

Uncle Liu put the money that the supermarket had earned today into Ban Yu’s small pouch. He was just about to ask Ban Yu whether he should send Ban Yu home or somewhere else first, but before those words could be uttered, he felt his mind become empty and devoid of all thought. By the time he recovered, there was no one else except himself in the supermarket. His memory told him that he had already sent the Young Master home safely.

Great, I can finally get off work today!

Ban Yu saw Uncle Liu leave happily from the sidelines. Then, he teleported and arrived at Panyun City’s largest shopping mall in a blink of an eye. 3u86QN

At the same time, Feng Yang, who was asleep, had a dream. He dreamed of a tall sycamore tree, with each of its branches heavy under the weight of many hanging golden cicadas. He wandered from one branch to another, back and forth, and caught every cicada that fell into his sight. He stored all the cicadas in a bamboo cage; but suddenly, the cage slipped and fell off the tree, only to be caught by a man whose face he couldn’t see clearly.

The man was holding a basin of water in his hand; he washed the cicadas Feng Yang had collected thoroughly, drained the excess water, and tossed the cicadas into a hot pan full of oil! Then, he sprinkled some glittering seasoning on top of the fried cicadas!

Sizzle sizzle…

Feng Yang couldn’t help but lean forward. “The cicadas are so damn fragrant. Can I taste one?” noHVvf

The man laughed. “How about calling me ‘husband’ for each cicada?”

Feng Yang felt emotionally tangled for quite a while, but he finally called out in a voice as low as a mosquito’s hum, “Husband.”

The man’s face suddenly became clear… But, wasn’t this Ban Yu?!

Feng Yang suddenly opened his eyes wide and touched his cheek, only to find it wet. AszY1b

“Prince, you’re drooling so much!” Hua Cheng pecked Feng Yang’s ear with his beak and continued, “What are you dreaming of? All the pillows are soaked.”

“Go to the side!” Feng Yang wiped off the saliva at the edge of his mouth and turned to look out of the window. “What time is it?”

“It’s five o’clock.”

Feng Yang washed up and prepared to go to school. After entering the class, he realized that only a few of the students had arrived before him.  IUctVJ

There was a brown paper bag on his table. He opened the paper bag and found a thermos cup, a small paper box, a greeting card, and a small linen bag the size of a business card. The thermos cup was filled with vegetable porridge, and inside the paper box were crispy fried cicadas. This portion of food was not much, the porridge would suffice for just about a few mouthfuls, and there were only about 20 cicadas.

The linen bag contained one cricket.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Feng Yang unfolded the greeting card and discovered that the watermark on it was of a dragon. A line of words was written beside it:

Don’t forget to have breakfast in the canteen. I didn’t give you too many cicadas. Eat them as a snack when you’re hungry, it’s good for your health. YqX7Ts

Although the card wasn’t signed, Feng Yang clearly knew who had sent it.

He really didn’t expect a tricky person like him to be able to write such bold and powerful characters.

Feng Yang put the card away and looked at the crispy fried cicadas. Today’s cicadas were bigger than yesterday’s, and each one of them was as long as his thumb. The most amazing thing was that the skin of the cicadas seemed to be glinting with golden light. These ones appeared to be more delicious than yesterday’s batch. 

For a moment, his stomach shamefully made multiple ‘Gu ~’ sounds, and his mouth couldn’t help but secrete saliva. He couldn’t wait to take a disposable spoon to scoop the cicadas out and eat them. Tj1pkn

Hua Cheng stared at his ‘one cricket’ in the small linen bag and compared it with Feng Yang’s box of shining cicadas. Hua Cheng then felt that he was starting to hate crickets. 

But still, even if he didn’t have an appetite, he dragged the cricket out and found that there was another card inside the small bag!

A sack of crickets – 2

Hua Cheng: “…” s CTgF

Hua Cheng stared at the word ‘2’, and Feng Yang also looked at it. Clearly, it was just one cricket. How could it be ‘2’?

Feng Yang glanced at it and smiled. “Didn’t you eat one yesterday? It adds up to two, no problem.”

Hua Cheng thought in his heart: This is so sour!

As soon as Feng Yang finished eating his snacks, which he did right before breakfast, Ban Yu sent him a message. CcWPRI

—Big Dog Ban: Baby, are the fried cicadas delicious?

Feng Yang thought that he needed to get a privacy screen protector for his phone, so that the notifications would not be seen by anyone but himself. 

—Feng Yang: They are delicious! Why are they so big today? They are also shiny and golden.

—Big Dog Ban: Aren’t you afraid that I put poison in there? YGw96q

Feng Yang suddenly felt dumbfounded. His finger paused over the mobile phone screen. He really didn’t think that Ban Yu would poison him. Maybe this was becausealthough Ban Yu had been out of his mind from time to time, he had always been pretty good to him?

—Feng Yang: I didn’t think so much about it. They were too delicious.

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—Big Dog Ban: Delicious? I ground my dragon scale and sprinkled it over them. Although the recovery effect from this may not be as fast as the direct application of my dragon spirit is, it can also help to treat your whiplash.

—Feng Yang:!!! wvQKkM

—Feng Yang: Where did you get the dragon scale from? You can change into your dragon form?!

—Big Dog Ban: En. It hurts so much when I pull out the scales. I’ve pulled out three pieces. I’ll feel better if you blow on the wounds.

Feng Yang thought: You’re going to trick me again, aren’t you? 

He had been freaking terrified when Ban Yu had used his dragon essence as the main ingredient previously, not to mention his dragon scales. However, when he went to the bathroom and opened his clothes, he saw that the whip wounds from the ice thorns had really recovered. Moreover, his spiritual roots were feeling hot. There were faint signs of recovery. He felt that the effects were particularly good. xcZIFH

Damn, it’s over. I owe him a lot. I can’t be cruel to him.

When Ban Yu didn’t show up during the running exercise, Feng Yang wondered whether the places where the scales had been pulled out from still hurt, and he felt uncomfortable. So, after a moment’s hesitation, he decided to go check on him.

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Translator's Note

元神: primordial spirit; fundamental essence of life. It is defined to be a level of existence surpassing that of physical existence, capable of existing independently in the form of a soul.

Translator's Note

The very foundation of one’s body and soul. Associated with a person innate talent and affinity with elements.

Translator's Note

Refers to the region in the body where a person’s Qi is concentrated.

Translator's Note

The raws said 知了猴 (literally means cicada-monkey) well-known as 金蝉 (golden cicada). To tell you the truth, fried cicadas contain high nutrients and medicinal value, hehe~. More info here.

Translator's Note

Sour also means jealous

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    Thanks for the great translation ♥️

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    Feg Yang is stirring up feelings for Ban Yu. Asked me which part of her body Ban Yu got the scale from.🤔

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