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Heavenly WifeCh25.2 - A Bolt From The Blue (2)


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In contrast to the heavy rain that was pouring on the Ban Family’s side of the city, Feng Yang and his friends just got caught in a little drizzle, and it stopped affecting them right after they left the city. Guan Jinfei’s father drove the car while playing some popular songs on the car stereo. He took the five boys to the Rainbow Farm in his company car.

Perhaps it was because of the recent spate of good weather in the daytime and the spring rain that had soaked the earth not too long ago, but all the grass surrounding the farm looked green and fresh, and all the trees seemed to have changed their appearance overnight. Feng Yang got out of the car and looked up at the sky, squinting slightly under the bright sunlight.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Oh, here comes my great nephew!” When Guan Meifeng, Guan Jinfei’s aunt, saw the visitors, she immediately laughed and shouted in the direction of Shed No. 1, “Lao Chang! Jinfei and his classmates are here! I’ll take the children around!”

“Yes!” A middle-aged man came out from Shed No. 1 and waved in the direction of the farm gate. “Jinfei, have a good time! Just tell your Aunt what you want to eat!” AJwkFB

“I know, Uncle!” Guan Jinfei smiled and replied.

“Come on, I’ll take you to put your things away, and then we’ll walk around.” Guan Meifeng continued, “Have you eaten yet? If you haven’t, Auntie will make you something to eat first.”

“We already had breakfast, Auntie. We’re here to play, because we are tired of studying at school.”

“Yes ah, you need to take a break sometimes.”


“Big Sister, I need to go back first. I’ll pick them up tomorrow,” Father Guan said, “I have something to do after this.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Guan Meifeng obviously liked her eldest nephew very much, because she didn’t pay the slightest attention to her younger brother. When she heard that he was going to leave, she quickly waved her hands and said, “Go, then go. I also don’t want to accept you as a guest, haha. Come on, children, let’s put down your things first, and then go around for a walk. “

Guan Jinfei introduced his friends to Guan Meifeng along the way. Although Guan Meifeng was in her fifties, her memory was still very good. She remembered all of their names after hearing them just once. 

She looked at Feng Yang and smiled. “This guy looks like a celebrity. Actually, I think you look even better than one.” InKZXP

The class monitor added, “Fortunately, his academic performance is good too.”

Zhou Xuan seemed to be deeply hurt upon hearing such praises, and said, “Handsome and smart? Oh god, it’s unfair! Ah~”

Guan Meifeng laughed at his remark and led all of them to a three-story building located to the east of the shed. 

The first floor of this small building was used as a dining hall, and the second and third floors housed the guestrooms.  dLsFSX

Guan Meifeng’s relatives usually stayed on the third floor, so she also arranged for the group to stay on the third floor. Both normal beds and were available here. Normally, guests could choose their own type of bed according to their preferences. 

Guan Meifeng said, “Do you want to sleep on the bed or on the kang? If you sleep on the kang, you can warm it up using electricity and stay together in one room. If you sleep on the bed, you can choose to divide yourselves into 2 rooms.”

Guan Jinfei replied, “Why don’t we sleep on the kang together? It’s more fun and lively that way, and we can play poker at night.”

The others didn’t have any opinions. They simply piled their bags  in a corner of the kang bed. 6dbeV0

Guan Jinfei asked, “Auntie, can we pick strawberries?”

“Yes! Your Uncle knows that you’re coming. So today, Shed No.3 hasn’t been opened to the public for picking. He’s waiting for you to go and eat your fill first. I checked the strawberries this morning. There are so many ripe ones inside. Just take a basket before you enter and come out whenever you’re satisfied.”

Guan Jinfei happily hugged his aunt. “Auntie, you’re the best. Then I’ll take them downstairs. You can do what you need to do. Don’t worry about us.”

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“Go ahead. I’ll bring you two quilts.” dQ2JfN

Then, the group of boys went straight to Shed No. 3. On their way there, they saw that this farm didn’t just have geese, but also had chickens and ducks, six sheep, and a horse. Among the animals, there were four big sheep and two small sheep. The small ones were sucking milk from their mother.

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Qjcu Qfl revvfcis fzmijlwfv, “P fcns atfw.”

“Qtja vb sbe fcns?” Itbe Wejc jrxfv klat j uglc. “Gb sbe fcns atfw obg ufaalcu ab remx wlix?”

Qjcu Qfl gfqilfv, “Vtla, atja’r cba la! P fcns atja atfs jgf jyif ab rajs lvif jibcu klat atflg ojwlis fnfgsvjs, klatbea cffvlcu ab raevs ilxf er. Itbe Wejc, sbe jgf fnli!” VHnStf

The class monitor also joined in. “Zhou Xuan just asked if you envied them for being able to breastfeed from their mother, and you said he’s evil. In the end, who is the one who is really evil?”

Wang Wei leaned on Feng Yang’s shoulder and said in an aggrieved manner, “Feng Yang, they’re bullying me.”

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Feng Yang pushed Wang Wei towards them as he said, “Go ahead!”

Wang Wei wanted to go complain to Guan Jinfei next, but the other party turned around and said, “That’s the shed, let’s go inside and pick strawberries!” 9VoPxq

Shed No.3 was full of ripe strawberries, ridge after ridge of them. This time of year happened to be the best season for strawberries. 

Guan Jinfei brought out some baskets and handed one to each of them before they all went in. “Brothers, let’s pick and eat at will, but be careful not to step on the seedlings as much as possible.”

The people in the shed made an ‘OK’ gesture.

Just then, the class monitor asked, “How come some of the strawberries have pink flowers? I thought they were all white.” r3UTNF

Guan Jinfei said, “Oh, I also asked my Uncle about this before. He said those are Toscana strawberries. They’re mostly for viewing.”

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“Have these been sprayed with pesticides? Can we eat them directly?” asked Zhou Xuan.

“No, no pesticides. But it’s best to wash them before eating. After all, the fruits grow just above the soil’s surface.”

Feng Yang had gone fruit-picking before as a child. So this experience wasn’t new for him. He walked to a strawberry ridge that had many ripe fruits and squatted down to pick them.  Oz Ya6

However, soon after, his mobile phone rang. Feng Yang instinctively groaned, because the other four people of the ‘Fire Pot’ group were all in the shed with him, so it was impossible for the caller to be one of them. And the Bai Chen couple should be busy with their coming-out-of-the-closet-day preparations, so then this caller would be…

On the other side, Liu Jianghe was not far from the Rainbow Farm. He looked at the over-excited Ban Yu in the rearview mirror and heard Feng Yang’s voice from the other end of his cell phone. “Hello? Is this Young Madam?”

Feng Yang said, “No, this is Feng Yang.”

Liu Jianghe sighed. “It’s the same. Anyway, the Young Master said he was going to meet you. I asked him to call in advance and find out where you were, but he said he would find you as long as we came to this area. We are on our way to the Rainbow Farm, and are about five or six kilometers away. Are you really there?” oZ9MKr

Feng Yang rubbed his aching temple and said, “Give him the phone.”

Liu Jianghe was on hands-free mode, so Ban Yu took the initiative to take the mobile phone. “Yangyang, I’m listening.”

“Why did you follow me here? Didn’t I say not to go anywhere on Sunday?”

Ban Yu replied, “I miss you. Besides, it rained just now. I was afraid that you hadn’t taken an umbrella and had gotten drenched. I also brought you hot milk.” WNeHFI

Feng Yang looked up at the bright sunlight shining into the shed and sighed. “…You can come for a while, but you’re not allowed to talk nonsense.”

He was almost here anyway. Feng Yang thought that if he rejected him, his merits and virtues would be reduced. 

Feng Yang rubbed his temple again and hung up the phone, feeling sure that this relaxation trip was likely to fail, just like all of his other meetings.

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Ban Yu showed an unprecedented sense of excitement. “Xiao Liu, you see? He’s my fiancée, I can find him anywhere!” 3t2 dT

Xiao Liu was a little puzzled and found it to be quite strange. So you really do know his whereabouts in advance?

“Was that Big Brother Ban?” Guan Jinfei asked after Feng Yang hung up. Since Guan Jinfei was the one nearest to Feng Yang, he’d overheard the words ‘hot milk.’

“Who else can it be. I’m sorry, I’m causing trouble for you all.” Originally, Feng Yang had wanted to say that this guy was like a spirit that haunted him all the time and that he was mentally ill, but after he thought about it a bit more, he decided that these people wouldn’t understand it. 

It was unreasonable to talk about it if they didn’t understand it. pUfbHi

Moreover, as a member of the Four Big Clans, even if he didn’t care about the other party, there was no need to talk bad about them.

“Actually, Big Brother Ban is a very nice person. He doesn’t seem to be much older than us. We can hangout together later,” said Guan Jinfei.

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“That’s right. Six people, three per group, we can play some games later.” Zhou Xuan added, “He gave us free drinks a while ago. So it’s unreasonable for us to reject his coming here.”

“En.” Feng Yang nodded. I wish that silly thing won’t act mad even for a moment when he’s here! UEZnoL

Feng Yang had warned Ban Yu before that he was not allowed to talk about this ‘fiancée’ thing, especially in front of his classmates at school, so Ban Yu had kept this in mind and acted accordingly. But, Feng Yang now felt that he didn’t need to remind him of anything. After all, Ban Yu had never done anything out of the ordinary in school.

However, there was a good saying—there is always a gap between ideals and reality.

Feng Yang and his friends continued picking strawberries. From time to time, he thought about giving some of his strawberries to Ban Yu and asking him to return to the city first.

But, even after waiting for a long time, Ban Yu didn’t arrive.  GfgjSw

Didn’t he say he was just five or six kilometers away? 

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Rainbow Farm was located next to the provincial road. The condition of the road was very good, so logically, it shouldn’t take a long time at all for him to arrive.

Wang Wei suddenly asked, “When will Big Brother Ban come? Should we go out and wait for him?” He suggested this mainly because the shed was hotter than he thought it would be! 

I can’t stand it! Want to go out and breathe. 5HdFZP

“If it’s hot, just go out for a walk and come back here.” The class monitor saw that Wang Wei was sweating. “You are going to bathe the strawberries in your sweat.”

“Damn, I don’t want to. My mother said it would be windy today. So she asked me to wear one more layer of clothing. I’ll just take it off later, ” Wang Wei said as he stood up. 

Right then, everyone heard Aunt Guan’s startled voice coming from the outside.

“Hey, boy! What are you doing with our horse?” Aunt Guan was just getting ready to make stewed goose in an iron pot for lunch for her nephew and his friends. She’d gone outside to collect firewood for cooking when she saw someone enter her stable and untie the rope of their horse! He even released the horse! kg4zED

“What do you mean your horse?!” Ban Yu stared at Aunt Guan angrily. “You stole my third brother and locked him here. What’s your motive?”

“Th-third brother?!” Aunt Guan was completely aggrieved. “What are you talking about? How come it’s your third brother? You! Quickly bring my Xiaobai back to the stable! Or I’ll sue you for stealing!” 

Aunt Guan raised her hands to her mouth and hollered, “Lao Chang! Come out! Someone here is trying to steal our horse!”

“Ah! Aunt! No, no, no! We know him, we know him.” Guan Jinfei hurriedly ran over to his aunt and said, “That, Brother Ban, this is my Aunt. What are you doing with the horse?” t05i1a

“What horse? He is the third son of the West Sea’s Dragon King! He’s my cousin!” said Ban Yu. “I’ll take him home!”

Feng Yang ran over to Ban Yu and stared at him. “Stop it, you stupid fool! Take it back to the stable! That is not your third brother!”

“Impossible! Do you think I can’t recognize him just because he changed his hairstyle?” Ban Yu fondly stroked the little white horse’s mane which had been cut not too long ago, and looked at its hooves. “He isn’t even wearing a pair of shoes!”

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“Ha?!” Guan Jinfei was confused. “What shoes do horses wear?” AhzSyc

“What Big Brother Ban is referring to should be… a horseshoe…” The class monitor’s expression was hard to decipher.

Zhou Xuan silently pinched his legs. 

Damn it, it hurt. Isn’t this a dream? What kind of skit is Big Brother Ban acting out?!

“In a word, I will take him back!” declared Ban Yu. mwXsR5

Feng Yang stopped him and yelled, “Don’t make a fool of yourself! That’s Aunt Guan’s horse, not your third brother! Your third brother and Monk Tang went to the West to get scriptures and haven’t come back yet!”

Ban Yu yelled back, “You’re the one fooling around! Monk Tang is not stupid. Taking a plane is faster. He must have gone to collect the scriptures by plane!”

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Wang Wei: “…” I can’t hold it anymore!!!

Zhou Xuan and the class monitor looked at each other silently, turned their heads, and coughed softly to suppress their laughter. 51WBJl

Guan Jinfei was dumbfounded. He poked Feng Yang and whispered, “What’s this situation?”

Feng Yang couldn’t wait to bury Ban Yu in the ground, alive! 

However, just then, an accident happened. 

Xiaobai, who had been standing beside them with a wet and runny snout, suddenly started to gallop away, pulling Ban Yu along with him, because his reins were still being held by him!  LV4Kjp

Ban Yu, who had unexpectedly been dragged along for the ride, could only follow Xiaobai’s movements. 

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As he ran, he shouted, “Third brother, wait! Go back with me and put on your shoes first!”

Aunt Guan then shouted, “Xiaobai, come back!”

“Neighehehe….” The white horse ran in the direction of the main road. When it saw a car, it hurriedly turned around and ran back in the direction of the farm. However, it sensed that because its reins were being pulled by someone, it couldn’t move freely.  Kl Gd4

The horse felt very angry at not being able to move as it wanted, so it kicked Ban Yu!

Ban Yu, who was kicked, arched through the air as he flew far out. Actually, he could have stopped in time before falling to the ground, but when he saw Feng Yang running from the opposite side, he just flew straight into Feng Yang’s arms!


The people around all heard the sound that indicated intimate contact between flesh and flesh… UpP7dY

Feng Yang’s whole face suddenly turned bright red. He pushed the person who was lying on top of him!

Ban Yu, who had just been pushed away, sat on the ground and touched his lips in a daze.

This is… What just happened?


The author has something to say: 

Ban Yu: Wait… I need to calm down!

Noks: So Ban Yu got his first kiss… by controlling his trajectory to land on FY after being kicked by a horse. Pfffft….

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Frozenmirage: That’s not romantic at all (╯ಠ_ ಠ)╯︵ ┳━┳ d2iNJ7

Translator's Note

Bigeneric hybrids, grown mainly for the color of their flowers rather than their fruits, are created using a closely related species to introduce pink or red colouration to the flowers

Translator's Note

Tang Sanzang, based on the historical Buddhist monk Xuanzang, is a central character in the novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en, whose mission is to seek the “Three Collections of (Buddhist) Scriptures.” He rides a horse named Bai Longma who is actually a Dragon Prince, Ao Lie who is the third son of the Dragon King of the West Sea. More info here

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