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Heavenly WifeCh20.1 - Mingyang Park (1)


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On Feng Yang’s back, Ban Yu could see three long, silver scars, peppered with thorn-like bumps, which slanted all the way down to his waist; at a closer look, these thorn-shaped bumps looked like countless tiny ice cones stuck into his flesh. However, these scars could not be seen by ordinary people, because they were not from wounds that had been inflicted on the physical body, but from ones that had been engraved on the soul.

Ban Yu reached out to touch them, but Feng Yang slapped his hand away, quickly put down his clothes, and turned to look at the door.

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The rain had come so fast and suddenly that all the students who were near the supermarket ran inside to avoid it. Although most of them were talking about the unexpected rain at the moment, some were also looking at the two of them.

Ban Yu knew that he might have said something he shouldn’t have, but he really felt anxious. The scars on Feng Yang’s back were totally different from those caused by an ordinary wound on one’s body, these were more like the remnants of a curse. If they were not removed in time, they would always affect the person bearing them. U0PTC9

“Change your clothes first. Don’t catch a cold.” Ban Yu strongly suppressed his immediate urge to hug Feng Yang. He was very, very angry. Someone had dared to hurt his baby! And he knew nothing about it!

“Be quiet, don’t ask anything,” Feng Yang said in a low voice, turning around a little, so Ban Yu could not see the scars on his back anymore.

Feng Yang had not expected Ban Yu to be able to see the scars from his injury. He had gotten the wound, courtesy of his father, not long after he had taken the Xianjue grass. If not for the sake of getting his hands on the Xianjue grass, he would not have been wounded or branded with these three whiplash marks, let alone have had his spiritual roots damaged.

Yet, if it wasn’t for the spirit of the Xianjue grass which had also protected him, he might have been spirited away by now.


However… possessing only the spiritual Qi that was absorbed by the Xianjue Grass was not enough for him to effectively heal and ascend.

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Feng Yang changed out of his wet clothes and into a very large t-shirtthe t-shirt most likely belonged to Ban Yuit was very comfortable to wear and super large, but it was too ‘bling bling’, because the back of the t-shirt was full of shining rhinestones.

Feng Yang folded the sleeves twice and said, “I’ll return these clothes to you later.”

“What’s mine is yours,” said Ban Yu. jkx2tm

Ban Yu was distressed. With a dark face, he warmed a glass of milk for Feng Yang and put it in his hand. Then he sat down and sulked.

He was the great prince of the Dragon Clan of the East China Sea, yet he didn’t know when his fiancee had gotten hurt so badly. Was he really sick, just like the others said he was? Was that why he hadn’t figured out such a big thing?

Feng Yang drank the hot milk and felt much better. He didn’t argue with Ban Yu anymore. Just then, He Tingting sent him a message.

He Tingting: Hey deskmate, we’re back in class, where are you? jAHlp2

Feng Yang didn’t reply. Instead, he put the phone in his pocket and looked for a place to sit.

He sat on the sofa that had been ravaged by Ban Yu and asked Uncle Liu, “Uncle, why is this sofa like this?”

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Just as Uncle Liu was about to answer, he suddenly received a warning look from Ban Yu and had to close his mouth. Ban Yu told Feng Yang, “I’m not comfortable sitting on that. I want to buy a new one. Yangyang, help me pick one in the afternoon.”

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This news had made the whole family happy, especially when they found out that the little girl who had been lost all these years had a very upright character, even though she had lived a hard life. They thanked both God and Feng Yang from the bottom of their hearts.

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Now the family had been reunited. The old man and the old lady had met with their little daughter and son-in-law, and strongly requested that the two of them should also thank Feng Yang. Shen Qiang was going to reserve a table at a restaurant. Actually, the old man had said that he would visit Feng Yang in person, but he did not have his address, so he asked his son to make the proper arrangements for meeting at another place. g17TRj

Shen Qiang had already told Feng Yang that he would come to pick him up after school on the phone.

Feng Yang told him then—as he had before—that he wouldn’t accept money for helping them find Shen Yuzhu. But Shen Qiang had replied that he had other things to talk about with Feng Yang.

“What about tomorrow?” Ban Yu asked, “You should have nothing to do, right?”

” I’m busy tomorrow too.” Shen Qiang had asked him to help look for a cemetery. Feng Yang had agreed to his request because he also wanted to buy some paper ingots to burn for General Wan Xiang and Little Feng Yang, and he could take this opportunity to do so. Ueu5oz

“All right. I’ll follow you wherever you go, or I won’t be able to rest easy.” Ban Yu said, “Why don’t you come home with me tonight?” 

Ban Yu knew that Feng Yang had nowhere to go right now, because after he showered Feng Yang with the artificial rainfall from the lawn sprinklers the other day, Feng Yang had returned to his hotel in a rage. The hotel room was so small that he could not fit anything other than himself inside it. He didn’t want to let his baby go there anymore. It was so cramped, he would feel wronged!

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“Why should I go to your house?” Feng Yang felt speechless when he thought of the ‘rain’ incident from before. That night, if it hadn’t been for the fear that he would attract the attention of all the members of the Ban family, he would definitely have killed this crazy person. He had been so pissed off. Originally, he’d been afraid of getting wet and cold from the ‘rain’ Ban Yu said he was going to conjure out of thin air. And just as expected, Ban Yu had gotten him wet that night. Because of the cold, Hua Cheng had also been chilled, and it was only this morning that he felt better.

“Of course…” Ban Yu whispered, “Of course, it’s because you’re my princess. I told you that I want nine dragons. When will you give birth for me? Ah no, when will you marry me?” Wd2Lxe

Feng Yang realised that he didn’t want to talk to this madman anymore!

Next to them, the students who hadn’t left the supermarket yet couldn’t help but watch Ban Yu and Feng Yang with curiosity.

These two people, some said they were brothers who had been separated for many years, but they didn’t look alike. Especially the supermarket’s Boss big brother. Why did he pamper his brother so much? His brother was already big enough. It was said that this brother brought hot milk for Feng Yang every day. Isn’t that like a wife indulging the husband?!

They are even whispering to each other! 0jNE L

Feng Yang noticed that someone was looking at him and Ban Yu with strange eyes, but he didn’t care. He saw that the rain outside hadn’t stopped and asked Ban Yu, “Can you lend me the umbrella you just took out?”

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Ban Yu replied without thinking, “No.”

Feng Yang went to the shelf and took a new umbrella. “Uncle Liu, check this out for me.”

Ban Yu hurriedly went to grab the umbrella from Feng Yang’s hand. “What do you mean by checkout? Don’t make it difficult for us, okay? Right, it’s time to eat. We should go to the canteen, don’t go back to the classroom. In such heavy rain, you will get wet even with the umbrella.” After that, Ban Yu suddenly yelled out, “That’s enough, don’t rain anymore!” JwTB3m

He shouted so loudly that people around him looked at him like he was a crazy person. However, the strangest thing was that, after he shouted into the air, the rain really slowed down. It was still raining, but not as heavily as before.

Hua Cheng said, “Ga! He’s fucking great! Ga! Fucking great! Ga! Fu-“

Feng Yang: “Shut up!”

Hua Cheng: “Ga! Turn on silent mode!” UA0itK

Hua Cheng immediately attracted the attention of all the students. Although the rain did slow down because of Ban Yu’s yelling, it hadn’t stopped completely, so at most, the students thought it was a coincidence. They didn’t think it was related to the words Ban Yu had yelled out. Hua Cheng, however, did attract their attention. As a little parrot, he was really smart.

Some of the students in the supermarket couldn’t leave yet, and they were bored. They teased Hua Cheng with the snacks they bought. Hua Cheng had a good time playing with them and Feng Yang let him do so.

It took about another ten minutes for the rain to stop completely. A few students who weren’t patient enough opened their coats and, using them to cover their heads, ran to the canteen, because they knew that if they were late, the best meals would be gone.

Feng Yang wanted to get the set meal with meat, so he had left for the canteen even earlier . The class monitor and the ‘Zhou Xuan trio’ came over to the canteen from the nearby school building a little later, so by the time they arrived, Feng Yang was already there. zJ1Fvg

Zhou Xuan looked at the long queue in front of him and said, “Feng Yang, excuse me, can you help me buy lunch with your card first? I’ll transfer the money to you later.”

The class monitor also asked, “Me too… Is it convenient?”

Feng Yang’s meal card had enough balance to buy three sets of meals, so he asked directly, “Do you want the Set A?”

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Zhou Xuan and the class monitor nodded.  dP 26z

The two boys behind them who were always with Zhou Xuan hesitated to ask him. Although they had become more familiar with Feng Yang after playing basketball together, they were not that close, so to borrow money from him to buy food was a bit…

Feng Yang didn’t say anything. Before he swiped the card to pay for the food, he recharged another hundred yuan into it directly and asked for five sets of meals. He called the group of four over to come and collect their meals.

The four took this favour for granted, and sat at an empty table together.

Feng Yang picked out the shredded meat for Hua Cheng as usual, and after tearing it into smaller pieces, he put them on a clean spot on the table. Hua Cheng was nibbling on the meat when suddenly 0u2Mo1


Something landed on the table that frightened Hua Cheng so much that he reflexively jumped and flew to Feng Yang’s shoulder. After taking a closer look, it was a warm glass of water that had scared him.

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Six pairs of eyes stared at the person who had dared to startle them.

Ban Yu was very upset. His fiancée had bought food for others instead of him! And he was also eating with them at the same table right now! AOlv3n

The class monitor said awkwardly, “Er, boss, do you want to sit down and eat together?”

Ban Yu stared at Feng Yang and replied, “No, you all eat slowly. I’ll get some water for you.”

“Thank you, thank you,” said the four boys.

After a while, Ban Yu placed four bottles of lemonade on the table—that too the most sour ones. ZPqOt2

Class monitor: “…”

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Zhou Xuan trio: “…”

When Ban Yu left, Zhou Xuan whispered, “Feng Yang, does your brother have a brother complex? If he wasn’t your brother, or if you were a girl, I would suspect that he’s after you.”

The two boys also nodded fiercely. “Mm-hmm.” 8fkK3V

These two were called Wang Wei and Guan Jinfei.

Hua Cheng muttered to himself in his heart while he was eating the meat: Young man, you are still naive. Isn’t it a fact that my Guye has nothing to do but chase my master?

Feng Yang said nothing.

The class monitor asked, “Oh, yes, Feng Yang. Have you ever played basketball before? Your scoring rate is too high.” JFj4Ee

Although his skill at defending was not good, his shooting was awesome, and the speed at which he launched an offensive attack was also very fast.

Feng Yang said, “My skill is still far from yours. I can just throw the ball, nothing else.”

“If you want to join our school basketball team, it’s better to exercise,” said Zhou Xuan. “Your body is small. Today, it was raining heavily, but if there’s ever a storm, you’ll be sent flying.”

Feng Yang raised his head and glanced at Zhou Xuan with an evil smile. “Don’t worry, if there really is a day like that, it’ll be you who will fly first.” 6a7cOB

Wang Wei nodded and said, “Yes, one day, if he goes flying, Feng Yang will be pulled back by the boss! What about you, do you have such a boss?”

Zhou Xuan leaned over and swiped all the meat from Wang Wei’s plate. “Your mouth is too poisonous to eat meat! I’ll help you eat today!”

Hua Cheng finished the meat on the table. He hadn’t had enough to eat. He looked around and then stood in front of the class monitor’s plate. He fixed his eyes on a strip of lean meat on that plate!

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The class monitor already knew about Hua Cheng’s temper and said with a smile, “Which one do you like? Take it yourself.” Xyeds3

He Tingting and the student council member, both had said the same thing to him before.

Hua Cheng didn’t bother with being polite. He leaned forward and dragged out the skinniest and longest piece of meat. This time, he didn’t ask Feng Yang to tear the meat, instead, he pressed one end down with his claw and pecked at the other end with relish.


Translator's Note

He means he would be died by now

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