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Heavenly WifeCh19 - These Broken Clouds


Sorry for the late update, we’ve got our hands full so only one chapter for this week :blobcry: 

Editor: PM87 HcTQEG

Proofreader: Noks

Feng Yang really held himself back from beating Ban Yu up really badly after his ‘rain’ display, but he was so angry that he didn’t talk to Ban Yu for three days.

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Needless to say, Ban Yu was saddened, and Feng Yang’s newly increased merits and virtues dropped rapidly. Hua Cheng was really turning bald from worrying too much. But no matter how much he pacificed or persuaded Feng Yang, he still ignored Ban Yu.

In fact, Feng Yang also knew that he shouldn’t be like this, but he was a hot-tempered person, and he was afraid that he would kill Ban Yu if he was careless. ZVHO8

At first, He Tingting—seeing that the very air around Feng Yang was taut with tension—dared not ask him any questions. However, her deskmate’s bad mood seemed to stretch on for several days, so she became curious.

“Hey, deskmate, are you alright? Why do I feel like you’ve been on fire these days? I can smell the strong odor of gunpowder from you!” Just then, the supermarket boss—Ban Yu—and Uncle Liu had come by specially to deliver drinks, as they had their PE class today. Originally, the PE classes were held on Tuesdays and Fridays every week, but the PE teacher had something to do last Friday, so he had swapped periods with the history teacher and so they had PE on Saturday instead. 

During that time, Feng Yang hadn’t uttered a single word to the supermarket boss. He Tingting always felt that the boss’s expression, throughout the time he distributed the drinks, looked like someone who’d been wronged.

“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask.” Feng Yang sat under the willow tree and watched the boys from his class play basketball. As for the drinks, he didn’t even look at them. They were not for him anyway.


“You didn’t quarrel with the supermarket boss, did you?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Quarrel?” Feng Yang snickered. “Hah, do you think I’m a person who quarrels easily with others?”

“Yes, don’t you look like one?” Who was the one who had kicked Qi Ze’s chair last time? And the supermarket boss hasn’t dared to follow you again during running exercises, especially these last two days. Isn’t that because of you?

He Tingting found that after jumping from the building and surviving, her deskmate had really changed; he was like a different person now. Seeing Feng Yang’s cold gaze, she became frightened and goosebumps erupted all over her body. L3F5qe

Feng Yang didn’t want to talk, so he got up, flicked the dust off his trousers, and walked to the basketball court. What Feng Yang didn’t know was that his class played basketball really badly, and that they were about to be abused on the court by the Class 3 students!

In the past, Little Feng Yang didn’t play basketball. When other students played basketball, Little Feng Yang would sit quietly in the classroom and read books or study. Anyway, as long as the teacher didn’t force him to go out, he seldom went out. He would try his best to reduce the friction between himself and his classmates, and use that time to improve himself.

But the current Feng Yang had been holding back too much anger recently, and he needed to vent.

Zhou Xuan saw Feng Yang come over to the basketball court. He wiped the sweat off his forehead using the arm which had a rolled up sleeve and asked, “Feng Yang, why are you coming here?” dU6c0N

“How do you play?” Feng Yang asked.

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Zhou Xuan replied, “The game lasts for 40 minutes, the class which scores more wins, the losing team must buy ice cream for the winners. Do you want to play? It just so happens that our class is short of one person.”

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Recently, Feng Yang’s character was different from before, and he interacted more openly with other students. Zhou Xuan thought that the current Feng Yang was better, else, if the old Feng Yang was the one who had come to play, Zhou Xuan might not have invited him.

The captain of the Class 3 team didn’t know Feng Yang very well. He said with a smile, “Can he play?”

None of the other members of the Class 2 team were as short as the person in front of them.

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Feng Yang’s 1.72 meters was actually not that short, but it was much shorter compared to those basketball players who were close to 1.8 meters tall, or even 1.9 meters tall. Ydf7D0

The other team obviously took this scene as a joke, so much so that their vice-captain even said, “Zhou Xuan, I think you should just buy the ice cream directly.”

Zhou Xuan frowned and replied, “Buying ice cream is buying ice cream, and playing basketball is playing basketball.”

The other side said again, “It’s the same thing. After losing the game, you have to buy it anyway.”

Feng Yang smiled and asked, “Are you that confident?” z5418m

The captain of the Class 3 team said, “Just so-so.”

His girlfriend was watching him today, so this time, he must show off!

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Feng Yang raised his hands without turning his head. “Give me the ball.”

The ball happened to be in Zhou Xuan’s hand. He didn’t know what Feng Yang was going to do, but he still threw it over to him. 26upaj

As soon as Feng Yang caught the ball, he aimed and threw it toward the opposing team’s basket without any warning. It was a side throw, from more than 10 meters away, but the ball went precisely into the basket with a ‘whoosh!’ without even touching the edge of the ring!

“Holy shit!” The vice-captain of the Class 3 team was a little dumbfounded. “That’s just a coincidence, right?”

“Ball.” Feng Yang reached out again. “If I make ten baskets from this position, will you accept your loss and buy us ice cream?”

“Don’t be arrogant, can you do that? Don’t say ten, if you successfully score five in a row, we’ll admit defeat.” The Class 3 captain felt that from this distance and angle, it would be difficult even for a professional player to shoot five such baskets in a row, let alone an amateur. x8I3zU

“Feng Yang, catch the ball!” His team captain retrieved the ball and threw it to Feng Yang.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Feng Yang didn’t move, and raised his hand to catch it. Then, without the slightest hesitation, he shot the ball; the ball arced through the air and dropped into the ring!

He didn’t even look at the basket!!! 

The Class 3 captain was a little surprised at the second successful shot. This time a substitute player from their team picked up the ball for Feng Yang. 7twTBY

Feng Yang was still standing in the same spot and in the same position without moving his feet. His left hand was even casually tucked into his trouser pocket. He just tossed the ball with his right hand and it went straight into the basket again!

Five in a row. The basketball field suddenly became quiet, as though someone had pressed the pause button. Almost everyone nearby was looking at Feng Yang.

Feng Yang threw the ball for the sixth time, and Zhou Xuan simply knelt down at their victory!

The Class 3 captain cursed in his heart! I want to shine in front of my girlfriend. How can I catch up if you make such spectacular shots?! Rr bHB

But since the words had been said, they must be carried out. So he told Zhou Xuan, “We’ll buy the ice cream later. Do you want to continue the game?”

Zhou Xuan said, “Go on.”

The Class 3 captain nodded. “Brothers, let’s continue!”

The players still couldn’t believe it. Feng Yang might be able to shoot well, but could he beat them on the court with such a small body? Playing basketball was not just about shooting hoops! ak369t

Zhou Xuan was a member of the school basketball team, he played well. But so did three of the Class 3 team’s players, who were also on the school basketball team. In addition, one of his teammates was injured and had left the field. As a result, he had fewer people on his team and had suffered a loss in the previous game. 

But now, things were different. Feng Yang seemed to have a hidden talent for basketball. During the game, Zhou Xuan found that although Feng Yang was not tall, he was very agile and quick to react. Although he wasn’t used to the game at first, he got better after Zhou Xuan ran back and forth twice with him.

Feng Yang felt that playing basketball was fun. Although he couldn’t let out all the anger in his heart, he felt very good after sweating.

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While this was happening, Ban Yu watched Feng Yang from the supermarket entrance in a depressed mood. He was very upset! 9eqbC3

Not only had his fiancée ignored him for several days, he was now happily playing basketball with other boys! All of whom were touching his family’s Yangyang’s raised arm at regular intervals. And that boy, the one who took off his school uniform jacket, had even touched his back! Damn, how dare that boy give his family’s Yangyang a high-five?! Ban Yu himself had never even given him one!

When Uncle Liu finished his task at the cash register counter, he turned around and saw that the upholstery foam inside the sofa cushion was being pulled out by Ban Yu, bit by bit. He was so shocked that he stopped him quickly. “Young Master, what are you doing? What is making you so upset?”

Ban Yu turned his head and smiled, not realizing how evil his smile looked. “Am I not happy?”

Do you even need to ask? Who’s the one venting his anger on the sofa?! Nwf 2l

But Uncle Liu couldn’t say that. He had been following Ban Yu for a long time, so he knew where Ban Yu’s attention was directed to. He followed Ban Yu’s line of sight, and sure enough, saw Feng Yang playing basketball with his classmates. It was a very lively game and often involved a lot of physical contact!

It was getting hotter and hotter after playing the match. Feng Yang took off his jacket and tied it around his waist. He rolled his shirt sleeves up to his elbows, revealing two white and slender arms.

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Ban Yu’s eyesight was so good that he could see every movement and detail clearly, even from a distance of 180 meters away, and he couldn’t stand it anymore. Until now, Feng Yang’s physical contact with people had included clothing as a barrier. Now, anything could be directly touched, without any separation!

Who is that?! You hit my family’s precious baby’s arm! Your hands are not even clean! JCUgXp

At this time, several students from other classes were also taking PE classes outside. Now that it was near the end of class, a few students had come to the supermarket to buy water and ice cream. One of the customers was a girl who had heard from her classmates about the handsome new supermarket boss. She wanted to see his face and said with a smile, “Brother, would you please settle the bill?”

Ban Yu replied coldly without looking back, “There is no brother here! Go to that old brother!”

The old brother Liu who was holding a calculator in his hand said, “Classmate, come here, I’ll calculate and ring up your purchases for you.”

Uncle Liu decided to put out a call for help from next week onward! There were too many students in this school. If both of them were busywell, one was busy with work, while the other only knew how to think of his ‘future wife’ all day long—this business couldn’t be continued! sPe9Ei

The girl did not see Ban Yu turn his head—to watch her leave—after she finished paying for her purchases. When she exited the supermarket, she felt very sad and suddenly felt a cold breeze blow past.

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Today’s weather was originally sunny, but somehow the sky suddenly became overcast. Thick clouds gathered overhead, as if there would be a heavy rain soon.

Feng Yang also felt the sudden shift in the humid air and looked up unconsciously. He saw that there were only a few white clouds left in the sky, which were quickly being overtaken  by black clouds.

Zhou Xuan and others also stopped to watch the strange change in the weather. He stood beside Feng Yang and said, “I think it will rain.” 9Ncjt7

Two people stood side-by-side and looked up at the sky together. How could this picture look so good? No, it was so annoying! Ban Yu hit the windowsill without thinking and said angrily, “What are these broken clouds doing? Rain for me soon!”

As soon as he spoke these words, the newly forming black clouds which were still gathering in the sky suddenly shot a bean-shaped raindrop onto the ground, just like an arrow. The students who were still engaged in various activities on the school field started whining and running away from the rain.

Feng Yang also got drenched in the rain, and just like everyone else, he too resembled a drowned rat after a while. In these three days, he had been caught in the ‘rain’ twice and he was in a bad mood again. Like the other students, he ran from the rain without looking for a suitable shelter first, having chosen to go back to the classroom. Yet, when he reached the door of the building, he met Ban Yu, who had come over to him with an umbrella!

Ban Yu held a towel in his hand. “Let’s go, go to my place and change out of these wet clothes first.” Qs1ize

Feng Yang subconsciously wanted to reject and avoid him, but Hua Cheng suddenly shrieked, “Your merits! Ga! Merits and virtue…”

No more rejection! If his master refused the merits and virtues he’d receive from being around Ban Yu, he would be left with only a handful; then he would surely start to have bad luck in the future!

Hua Cheng said this desperately as if he was speaking with his last breath. After Feng Yang thought about it, he didn’t refuse Ban Yu’s kindness anymore. Although the rain seemed a bit strange, he didn’t think so much at this moment. 

Today, the sun was up in the sky, yet the temperature was not so high, and the rain was not much warmer than an autumn rain shower. He was afraid of the cold and didn’t like humidity, and just about had enough of his wet state. Moreover, he could not lose any more merits and virtues. DCrS0I

Ban Yu was still anxious in his heart, afraid that Feng Yang would reject him again. But seeing that Feng Yang no longer refused him, he immediately became happy. He placed the towel around Feng Yang’s shoulders and told him, “I have clean clothes, you can change into them later.”

Feng Yang looked at Ban Yu’s concerned eyes and nodded, even though he still had a little anger simmering in his heart. “Thank you.”

Because the supermarket was next to the canteen, both establishments shared one bathroom—so there was no bathroom in the supermarket. Feng Yang took the clean clothes from Ban Yu, and without any embarassment, untied the jacket around his waist.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ban Yu’s eyes widened, thinking how lucky he was that it had rained! He could see Yangyang’s body, and at the same time gain his favor in return for his help! TrwyRd

However, as soon as Feng Yang lifted his wet shirt, Ban Yu’s eyes turned very ferocious. He strode over and grabbed Feng Yang’s arm. “Who dared to injure your back?”



Translator's Note

Basically she means that Feng Yang’s anger is quite obvious that she also feels it.

Translator's Note

In the previous chapter, Ban Yu had promised to bring free drinks for Feng Yang’s classmates after their PE classes

Translator's Note

He didn’t really kneel down, this is just a metaphor >.<

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