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Heavenly WifeCh18 - Shua Shua Shua Shua


Editor: PM87

Proofreader: Noks Q elTS

Finally, Ban Yu was taken to the police station because he refused to hand over the ‘Dinghaishen staff’ and the owner of the staff refused to settle the matter privately. 

So, when Feng Yang arrived at the River Street Police Station, he saw Ban Yu sitting on a small stool and getting criticized by the other party. He still held the so-called Sea God Staff in his arms tightly, not letting go of it.

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“Young Madam, you finally came.” When Uncle Liu saw Feng Yang, he was so happy it was as if he had seen his own mother. “Please say something to the Young Master, he is really worrying me to death.”

Feng Yang knew what was going on as soon as he saw the scene inside the police station, and he didn’t want to waste time talking nonsense. “Ban Yu, hurry up and return that walking stick to its owner.” iSFH3O

“No way! This is the Dinghaishen staff of our East China Sea Dragon Palace. If it’s not placed back in the palace to stabilize the sea, and if all the villagers on land are caught in the ensuing flood, who will bear the responsibility?”

“Are you fucking sick?! Where is the East China Sea Dragon Palace?” A man who looked about thirty-five or thirty-six years old, with a fierce face, pointed at Ban Yu and exclaimed again, “Return the walking stick to me quickly! I tell you, if something happens to my father because you riled him up, you must pay with your life!”

“That’s right, just in case my father has an accident, can you afford it?” The woman holding on to the man’s arm also added, “You look like a good man, so how can you talk like a madman?”

“Hey, what do you mean by that?” Uncle Liu said, “I told you we’ll return the walking stick. How can you still scold him?” He had spoken to them in private about the Young Master’s special situation beforehand, to make them understand, yet these people were still scolding him!


“What are you talking about? He is sick! If he wants to rent a house, we can talk about it nicely, but he said that our house is not even as big as his bathroom. Oh, his bathroom is in the alley, right?! He dares to say that my father’s walking stick is his? If he is not sick, then what else is it?! He’s not only mentally ill, but he’s also poor! Hmph, he sees everything as his!”

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“What is all this noise? Calm down!” The policeman couldn’t stand it anymore and glared at the group of people, then asked Feng Yang, “This student, do you know him? Can you persuade him to return the walking stick quickly? Do you think it’s worth fighting over such trivial things for such a long time?”

Feng Yang wanted to say that it was not worth it. He wanted to turn around and walk away from this mess right now. But if he dared to ignore Ban Yu like this, his merit value would be reduced, and that was one of the reasons why he’d agreed to come over after he received Uncle Liu’s call. RPpLF0

Of course, the most important persuading factor had been the snacks and the hot milk that Ban Yu had given him. When you receive favours from someone, it’s hard to speak out against them!

Seeing that Ban Yu was still holding on to the walking stick, Feng Yang sighed, “Ban Yu, return that thing to them. Think about it, they are mortals. Can mortals hold the Dinghaishen staff? The one that’s in your hand is obviously a fake.”

When Ban Yu heard this, he looked down at the walking stick and said, “Fake?”

Feng Yang said, “Yes. Do you think the real staff would be so light? Besides, can you make it bigger? It’s just a stick made out of wood, costing merely tens of yuan. If you like it so much, you can ask Uncle Liu to buy you a hundred of these tomorrow. You can break or burn them if you want and play with them to your heart’s content.” syZdBr

Mr. Walking Stick’s son sneered at his words. “Really, what a boasting b*tch.”

Feng Yang turned to look at him, but he didn’t say anything, while Ban Yu suddenly yelled, “No!” He stood up from the stool and grabbed the man’s collar. “Who are you talking about?”

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Ktf qbilmfwjc delmxis lcrfgafv tlwrfio yfakffc atfw. “Ofa ub! Qtja jgf sbe vblcu?!”

Zg. Qjixlcu Valmx’r rbc rjlv, “Qtb lr atf bcf ygjuulcu tfgf? Qtb jw P ajixlcu jybea?! Qtja’r atf wjaafg? Lf vjgfr ab yfja qfbqif lc atf qbilmf rajalbc?” A4WVBS

“Pa’r sbe! Lbk vjgf sbe rjs atja ab ws oljcmff? ” Djc Te gjlrfv tlr olra ab tla tlw, yea tlr kglra kjr mjeuta ys Mfcu Tjcu lc alwf.

“He owes a lot of debt and wants to sell his house secretly. His plan is that, once you beat him, he can demand that you pay him some money as compensation.” Feng Yang continued, “Return the walking stick. Let’s go.”

“You, how do you…” The arrogant man looked at Feng Yang with a stunned expression. How did this kid know that he owed a lot of money and planned to sell the house secretly?!

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“Husband, you-you are gambling again?” The woman, whose hand was still holding the man’s arm, stiffened visibly. sCGH4N

“No, no, I don’t!” Flustered, the man waved his hand. “Don’t listen to his nonsense!”

“Keep your walking stick.” Feng Yang took the stick from Ban Yu’s hand and threw it to the other side of the room. “Also, it’s better to shut your mouth and not say another word. I promise that you’ll be scratched all over your face by your wife tonight!”

The man quickly covered his mouth, while Uncle Liu suppressed his smile. “Mr. Policeman, then can we leave?”

The policeman looked at Feng Yang in disbelief and said, “Sign the form before you leave.” tMVxgX

After Ban Yu had exited the police station and walked a few paces, he saw that Feng Yang had been walking next to him all this time. His mood became much better and he was no longer angry. But when he looked back at the couple who was following him, he felt unhappy. “What do you want now? Haven’t I returned the walking stick to you?”

The man dared not speak, yet the woman was quite fierce, and said, “What’s the matter with us walking here? Is this road owned by your family, and should other people just leave? Besides, my family lives in this direction, and I’ll go where I want to go!”

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Uncle Liu reminded Ban Yu in time, “The place where we parked the car is not in this neighborhood.”

Ban Yu then closed his mouth, keeping silent, and increased his pace significantly. He took Feng Yang’s hand and dashed ahead. Poor Uncle Liu couldn’t walk as fast as the two of them, therefore, he couldn’t keep up after a while. ciRXPW

Feng Yang didn’t know where he was being dragged to, until he arrived at the place. It turned out to be the teachers’ living quarters, where all the teachers lived with their families. However, the couple didn’t look like they were teachers, so most likely, they’d moved to this building later.

By this time, Ban Yu and Feng Yang had already reached the car. His black Rolls Royce was parked in the community parking lot. Ban Yu said, “Since the stick is not the Dinghaishen staff, I’ll go up and apologize to the old man. You wait for me here.”

Feng Yang nodded. “Yes.”

Ban Yu took two steps before he came back. “Forget it, you’d better come with me. I’m afraid you’ll run away again.” 1blvAX

Feng Yang removed Ban Yu’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t run away. Go ahead, I’ll stop the couple if they come, so that they don’t see you apologizing. To save some face, right?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ban Yu thought so too, and said with a smile, “Yang Yang cares the most about me.”

Feng Yang looked up at the sky: Care about you, what nonsense! If it weren’t for your great merits, I would beat you up like a dog!

Ban Yu went upstairs. Hua Cheng flew onto Feng Yang’s shoulder and whispered, “Prince, your merits and virtues have increased.” NkyUFx

Feng Yang: “Are you sure?”

Hua Cheng looked into the distance, at Ban Yu, who was making his way up the stairs. “I’m sure. It seems that this Guye really can’t be offended. You must follow him.”

Feng Yang: “Call him Guye again and I’ll pluck all your feathers!”

“Ga!” q5Id a

Hua Cheng hurriedly chased after Ban Yu. He had a hunch that he should curry favor with Ban Yu in the future. Having such great merits, he would also get to bask in it if he stayed beside Ban Yu! Although this so-called ‘Guye’ was a bit crazy, he was really powerful. Perhaps others couldn’t see it, but today, Hua Cheng saw it for himself in the police station. This Guye made a big effort to hit people, but his master was able to stop the blow at the critical moment. In that short amount of time, his master’s merits had increased! Simply awesome.

But then again, he was afraid that Feng Yang couldn’t endure it.

Feng Yang really wanted to find out Ban Yu’s identity. General Wan Xiang had said that Ban Yu was dead, but his soul was not in the Underworld. So, the current Ban Yu couldn’t be a human. Then what is he? He couldn’t be a ghost, because he dared to walk in the daylight; he couldn’t be a devil, because the thick light of merit and virtue he gave off would never appear on the devil; he couldn’t be a demon either, because he didn’t possess any demonic spirit.

Is he really a dragon? 04XOhK

While Feng Yang was thinking about it, Ban Yu walked out from the building. Feng Yang subconsciously asked, “Hey, Ban Yu, can you make it rain?”

Ban Yu replied quickly, “Of course! Why? Yangyang wants to see the rain?”

Feng Yang nodded.

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Ban Yu said, “Let’s go then, I’ll show you rain!” NjdySc

It so happened that Uncle Liu reached them at this time, and he was followed by loud sounds coming from the couple, who seemed to be quarreling about something. 

Ban Yu said, “Uncle Liu, come and drive!”


Ban Yu opened the door for Feng Yang, and Feng Yang sat inside. As soon as the couple saw the Flying Lady on the black car, they immediately closed their mouths. No wonder their house was not as big as his bathroom… fuo7cK

Uncle Liu asked, “Where are we going now, Young Master?”

Ban Yu hadn’t found a new house yet, and they wouldn’t be returning to the school either. So, Uncle Liu was not sure whether Ban Yu would send Feng Yang back first or take him along to the Ban residence.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Ban Yu said, “Go home first. Yangyang wants to see the rain. Go home and I’ll give him rain.”

Uncle Liu’s expression was muddled. 8GH1Vx

Feng Yang thought: Is it really possible to make it rain? He had heard from his family elders that the Phoenix Clan did not need any tools to create fire, just like the Dragon Clan did not need any tools to make it rain. This Ban Yu, he won’t trick me again, will he?

But apart from being a dragon, he couldn’t imagine what else Ban Yu might be. After all, Ban Yu always said that he was a dragon.

Uncle Liu then drove to the main house of the Ban family. 

Feng Yang asked him, “Uncle Liu, why did you contact and ask me, an outsider, for help, instead of Ban Yu’s friends or family?” 4YaZQd

Ban Yu quickly refuted, “You’re not an outsider!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Uncle Liu laughed. “It’s like this, the Young Master spent most of his time studying abroad before, so few people are familiar with him here. The media don’t know about him either, and only a few things about the Young Master have been disclosed to the public. But if the Old Master and other family members got involved, it is likely that a lot more information about him will spread to the public. So, if it’s just a small problem, we’ll try to solve it by ourselves. Of course, if there is a big problem, the Old Master will not ignore it.”

Feng Yang nodded in understanding. As for the burning gaze that seemed to be boring through him, coming from the person on his right—forget it, if he said something bad to him, his merits might reduce.

At this time, there was not much traffic on the road, so they quickly arrived at the Ban residence. As soon as the car stopped, Ban Yu opened the door and said, “Let’s go get the rain for you!” z2LtEF

Feng Yang was curious, so he followed Ban Yu.

Ban Yu said, “Uncle Liu, you can go. I’ll take Yangyang to watch the rain outside.”

Uncle Liu was also curious, but he understood that he shouldn’t be a lightbulb, so he walked to the house and reported today’s events to the Old Master.

Ban Yu and Feng Yang walked all the way to the garden. There was a small bungalow there, Ban Yu took him to a place about ten meters away from it.  dm8VIR

Ban Yu told him, “Just stand here and wait for me. The rain will come soon.”

Feng Yang nodded. “Okay.”

I will trust you this time.

Ban Yu hurried to the small bungalow and then gently lifted the water valve…  hWpri2

Shua shua shua shua…

More than a hundred lawn sprinklers sprayed water out, cooling Feng Yang’s heart at once!!!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

PM87: Omo Omo Omo… Feng Yang is going to show Ban Yu what it really means to ‘cry me a river’…  OmobdU

Noks: +1 Just like FY, I had decided to trust BY the Dragon. But lo and behold, he started the sprinklers… BY, you deserve whatever’s coming to you… (-‸ლ)

Frozenmirage: Son, I’m so ashamed of you :blobunamused:

Translator's Note

三长两短 means unexpected misfortune; unexpected accident; sudden death

Translator's Note

The man thinks that Ban Yu isn’t in his right mind and disbelief in his words before, mocks him as a poor person who lives in the “alley”

Translator's Note

Note that the ones who came to the police station were Ban Yu, Uncle Liu, and Mr. Walking Stick’s son and daughter-in-law, while the old man was at his house—he was the one that Ban Yu had met with in the afternoon, with regards to renting property

Translator's Note

Basically, Feng Yang will beat him badly

Translator's Note

Remember that this is an affectionate name that Hua Cheng gave to Ban Yu in order to escape from him before?

Translator's Note

魔 commonly translated as devil; evil spirit/creature of remarkable power and cruelty

Translator's Note

妖 commonly translated as demon; a broad term for any animal, plant, or even inanimate object that has gained spiritual awareness and magical powers (usually by absorbing Qi from the natural world over a long period of time)

Translator's Note

Lol, Ban Baby may be too much for Ban Yu, so he changed his nickname to Yangyang (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Translator's Note

The married couple who fought with Ban Yu at the police station before

Translator's Note

The Spirit of Ecstasy or Flying Lady; the bonnet ornament sculpture on Rolls-Royce cars. It is in the form of a woman leaning forward, with her arms outstretched behind her and arching upwards. Billowing cloth runs from her arms to her back, resembling wings.

Translator's Note

Ban Yu’s family is rich, but he himself seldom appears in public. Although this family is not that hella rich, they still need some public exposure to increase their influence in society

Translator's Note

电灯泡 means an unwanted third wheel

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