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My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal IllnessChapter 60


The phone hung up. He Jun put down the hands-free phone and glanced at Qiu Xing behind his desk. Qiu Xing’s expression was strange. The corners of his mouth were slightly curved upward and he looked angry and happy. “He said… my husband?”

He Jun pretended not to see Qiu Xing’s almost distorted expression and answered, “The little boss just said that on the phone.” 2k6JSF

“I’m his husband?”

“In a legal sense, you are indeed the little boss’ husband.”

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Qiu Xing was quiet for a long time.

“Ha!” He suddenly struck the table. “A pure buying and selling relationship?” xudK7Z

He Jun didn’t answer.

Qiu Xing was somewhat mystifying. “That mouth really dares to say anything… he doesn’t know shame!”

He Jun lowered his head. After another quiet period, Qiu Xing suddenly stood up and strode out. He Jun grabbed Qiu Xing’s phone and followed while asking, “Boss, where are you going? There will be a meeting.”

Qiu Xing stopped and fortunately, turned back to sit at his desk. He glanced at the opposite Yang Xing Building and ordered, “Go and tell that uneasy guy to take his agent to Rongding at 3 p.m. I only have one hour of free time and won’t be waiting!”


He Jun was relieved and hurried to do it.


At three in the afternoon, Xie Yang took Qin Cheng to Rongding’s parking lot and took the special elevator to the ninth floor.

He Jun was waiting in the reception room. The moment Xie Yang stepped out of the elevator, he stepped forward and said, “The boss is approving an important document and will come out immediately. Little boss, please sit down.” OnrVtE

Xie Yang nodded and led Qin Cheng to sit down on the sofa. He saw the hot tea on the coffee table and leaned over to pour a cup for himself and Qin Cheng. Then he pulled out some snacks from the drawer below.

Qin Cheng saw Xie Yang’s natural movements, looked at the spacious office hall and drank tea to suppress his surprise.

Five minutes later, the door of the inner office opened and Qiu Xing indifferently came out of the room. He glanced at Qin Cheng and Xie Yang and spoke in a cold and noble manner. “You came?”

Qin Cheng immediately stood up and introduced himself to Qiu Xing. Qiu Xing responded lightly before sitting down opposite them. “What do you want to say? I’m very busy.” STew 9

Xie Yang smiled suddenly. Qiu Xing’s expression stiffened and he resisted the urge to question why Xie Yang was smiling. He didn’t look at Xie Yang and continued to make an indifferent face. Qin Cheng couldn’t understand the atmosphere between Qiu Xing and Xie Yang. He feared that Qiu Xing would be impatient and started to talk about business.

Qiu Xing heard this and replied, “I won’t intervene in his career planning. He can develop as he likes.”

So cold? Could it be that these husbands had a bad relationship?

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“Kissing and bed scenes?!” Qiu Xing’s indifferent expression was finally broken. He frowned incredulously and stared at Xie Yang. “Do you still want to shoot these messy things? Aren’t you a singer? What movies?!”

Xie Yang spoke slowly. “You just said that you wouldn’t intervene in my career planning.”

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“…This is planning? You’re not allowed to shoot!” Qiu Xing glanced at Qin Cheng. “Don’t allow him to do kissing and bed scenes! He is only 20 years old. How can you be an agent? How can you arrange kissing scenes and bed scenes for an artist who is only 20 years old? Do you want to commit a crime?!”

Most 20 year old entertainers were doing kissing scenes and bed scenes. How was this a crime? Qin Cheng silently swallowed down the words. He understood now. It wasn’t that the feelings between husbands were bad. Rather, they were too good. 6KUbhY

“Then I’ll try to avoid giving Xie Yang roles with intimate scenes in the future.” He was good at this and saw Qiu Xing’s expression become better. “In addition, regarding the marriage relationship between the two of you, do you want to keep it a secret or are you going to make it public at the right time? In addition, I would like to ask how many people know about the marriage between the two of you and if a wedding has been held. If not, do you plan to hold a wedding celebration in the future?”


Qiu Xing raised a finger and stared at Xie Yang opposite him.

Xie Yang concentrated on eating and drinking and didn’t give Qiu Xing a single look. Y2C1RT


Qiu Xing restored his indifference and replied, “It isn’t open. Only a few close people around me know about the marriage. There will be no wedding.”

This answer…

Qin Cheng asked, “Then if the two of you are photographed outside, the public relations aspect…” Xlmo31

“It won’t be photographed.” Qiu Xing stood up and spoke to He Jun. “Carefully write down Mr Qin’s requests.” He nodded at Qin Cheng before heading back to the office.

Qin Cheng frowned and stared at Qiu Xing’s back in an uncertain manner.

Not making it public, no wedding and no photographs… wasn’t this marriage too bad for Xie Yang?

He Jun took over the conversation with Qin Cheng. Qin Cheng mentioned some things that needed attention and understanding and He Jun took notes. Then the two of them exchanged contact numbers. He Jun said he would wait until he asked Qiu Xing before answering some of Qin Cheng’s questions in detail. VRH8hz

They finished talking about things and it was time to leave.

Suddenly, Xie Yang opened his mouth. “He Jun, you help me send Qin Cheng downstairs. I will wait for Qiu Xing to get off work before going home with him.”

He Jun hesitated. “I will consult with the boss.”

Xie Yang nodded. D7SPIg

The moment He Jun entered the office, Qin Cheng stared at Xie Yang. “Do you and Mr Qiu have a bad relationship?”

Xie Yang didn’t answer directly and just said, “How did you look after a married artist previously? You just need to do the same for me in the future. There is no need to care too much.”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qin Cheng didn’t know what his brain was making up. He glanced at the office door and nodded slightly, unaware of the heavy expression on his face. In the end, Qiu Xing agreed to Xie Yang going home with him after work and He Jun sent Qin Cheng downstairs first.

After sending the person away, He Jun brewed a fresh pot of tea for Xie Yang and brought over a fruits tray. “There is nothing important that needs to be dealt with today. The boss should be able to get off work on time.” xeTKd1

Xie Yang thanked him and inquired, “Has Qiu Xing been having headaches in the past two days? How about his appetite?”

He Jun thought about it before answering, “The boss has been in good condition these two days. He no longer raises a hand to press against his forehead and he has eaten lunch and dinner on time. It is better than the previous two days. He will drink half a bowl of soup for every meal.”

Xie Yang nodded and didn’t ask anything else. He Jun entered the inner office.

Qiu Xing was leaning against his office chair with his eyes closed. He heard the noise and asked, “What is he doing?” Pz53GN

“The little boss was taking out his phone when I left. In addition, he asked if you had any problems in the past two days and about your appetite. I answered truthfully.”

Qiu Xing opened his eyes and was quiet for a while before straightening up. “Go out and watch Xie Yang. Arrange it if he wants to eat or drink anything.”

He Jun nodded and turned to leave.

“Wait a minute… go and turn up the temperature of the heater slightly.” A 2Je4

He Jun replied again and left the office.

Qiu Xing stared at his office door and raised his left hand to his right hand, pinching it.


Xie Yang watched Weibo while waiting for Qiu Xing to get off work. RDbddn

He found that Huangtian had started to do public relations for Mu Zhouyi.

Huangtian first suppressed the fermentation speed of public opinion by having many marketing accounts delete the messy black materials. Then they asked the water army to stir up the water by using passersby to mock all the people scolding Mu Zhouyi, saying these people were too sensitive. The behaviour wasn’t necessarily intentional and many were obviously just coincidences.

After muddying the water, Huangtian released some articles that refuted Mu Zhouyi’s touching addiction. The gifs showed that Mu Zhouyi had more than seven physical contact opportunities with guests in an event but Mu Zhouyi might only touch a person once or twice.

In order to increase the persuasion, Huangtian also asked the marketing accounts to release many gifs of Mu Zhouyi normally delivering things to people and politely avoiding being touched by others, suggesting there was no such thing as an addiction to touching people. This time, someone just interpreted the photos malicious and looked for an angle to blacken Mu Zhouyi. They stressed that Mu Zhouyi paid attention to her body distance with others when she wasn’t familiar with them. 82yp7O

Later, some people who had been touched by Mu Zhouyi came out to help Mu Zhouyi speak. They said that Mu Zhouyi didn’t touch them deliberately and it was only an accident. Everyone had a good relationship and they asked fans not to follow the rhythm.

After this operation, public opinion was basically stabilized. Those who previously felt that Mu Zhouyi was disgusting didn’t dare to show their heads again out of fear they would be criticized by the water army for being malicious to a beautiful woman.

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Xie Yang refreshed again and found that the topic #Mu Zhouyi touching people addition# had disappeared from the hot search and was replaced by the hot search of several other artists of Huangtian.

He clicked back to the previous topic and sure enough, the collection of Mu Zhouyi touching people was gone. Only the Weibo posts of the stars who helped Mu Zhouyi were among the top hits. XFWvQn

Muddying the water, refuting the black materials, finding someone to talk for them, diverting public attention and maintaining the exposure of the whitewashing articles… Huangtian was truly worthy of being Huangtian. They were really powerful at manipulating public opinion.

Now as long as Mu Zhouyi posted a self-deprecating Weibo post to weaken the nature of the incident and bought a few marketing accounts to strengthen the whitewashing impression, this crisis was considered to have passed completely.

Xie Yang opened Ji Zehui’s WeChat and sent him a message.

Xie Yang: Mu Zhouyi and Huangtian have re-signed? WPY6yK

Ji Zehui replied in seconds: How did you know? I just received the news on my side.

Ji Zehui: Mu Zhouyi voluntarily lowered the contract specifications and also extended the signing period so Huangtian protected her. At the meeting, Lu Zhi already flew to H City with a lawyer and a new contract. I heard it was to help Mu Zhouyi stabilize the movie Crazy Musician.

Ji Zehui: Once an artist has work next to them, the black materials will be easily washed away and the public will forget. You… you seem to have struggled in vain.

Who said it was in vain? Mu Zhouyi was now trapped in Huangtian and had a bad relationship with the top management of the company. Her resources would definitely be limited in the future. Moreover, after his incident, Mu Zhouyi would never dare to casually touch a person ‘accidentally’. It wouldn’t be as easy as before to gain the love value. q6bH1a

His goal had been achieved.

Xie Yang put away his phone and watched the office door.

The thing he had to do wasn’t to die with the female lead. It was to protect his own living space. Since Qiu Xing was destined to die, Mu Zhouyi’s golden finger was too troublesome. In order to change his destiny, he had to be cautious and pay attention to Mu Zhouyi’s actions. Right now, his ability had awakened and the female lead’s golden finger was no longer a threat. Qiu Xing didn’t have to die.

Qiu Xing didn’t have to die. As long as Qiu Xing lived, the male and female leads would be nothing. As long as Qiu Xing lived. lXqSyj


The door of the office opened from the inside and Qiu Xing emerged from behind it. The eyes of the two people met.

Xie Yang smiled at Qiu Xing and asked, “You aren’t busy anymore?”

Qiu Xing’s expression briefly stiffened before returning to its usual coldness. He walked out while ordering, “Get up and go home.” dMBxiL

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