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My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal IllnessChapter 46


Bonus ko-fi chapter

The reason why Xie Yang dared to call this person out for a confrontation was because he was quite sure there was no item related to Mu Zhouyi among all the things left behind by the original owner. Apart from that one Weibo side account, there was no other relationship in all of the social media accounts and social media traces left by the original owner. C6fj5N

It could be inferred from how the original owner registered this side account but didn’t dare to even praise his idol on her Weibo that even if the original owner was a fan of Mu Zhouyi, he had never done any blatant pursuit of a fan.

Buying a photo must be something fake that someone deliberately made up.

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Xie Yang didn’t panic.

His response was too courageous and was much like a wronged person who was angry and directly wanted to find the person who made up the rumour. This reaction was more convincing than directly denying the news. JQuGn0

The barrage area briefly cooled down. Then someone ran out to say that Xie Yang was using his identity as a star to exert pressure and induce fans to go to the person who broke the news.

Xie Yang just raised his eyebrows. “My fans are all obedient and law-abiding cute children. They won’t do things like taking flesh from the person who smeared me. AS for online violence… assuming that all the information is true, isn’t the behaviour of exposing a person’s shopping records another type of online violence? If everyone here was exposed by the seller for their shopping experience and this led to a lot of discussions and rumours then do you think it doesn’t matter? If the information is false then this matter is even worse. I was used by someone to create a rumour and this rumour even involved an innocent senior. In order to clarify everything and prevent the rumour from continuing to spread, I should confront this person, right?”

The barrage area was quiet again.

“People are responsible for what they say and do. You can’t defame me just because I am a star.” Xie Yang sat upright. “Celebrities are also citizens protected by law and have the right to use the law as weapons to protect ourselves. Today’s marketing accounts that spread the rumours and deliberately manipulated the angle of the surveillance video to lead the battle, think about whether your behaviour violates the law. Don’t wait until the police uncles come to the door and then accuse me of cyber violence.”


Hu Biao, who had been sitting off-camera and using his phone to follow public opinion on the Internet, suddenly sat up straight in an excited manner. He grabbed a piece of paper, wrote a large sentence on it and showed it to Xie Yang.

Xie Yang glanced over there, smiled and turned to the camera. “The full version of the parking lot’s surveillance has come out. Let’s go watch it.” Then he closed the live broadcast and walked to Hu Biao.

Hu Biao opened the video for Xie Yang and explained, “The newly released video is particularly clear and complete. From when you and Ji Zehui left the elevator and met Yuan Peng and to when you left, everything is clear. The scene where Mu Zhouyi hit you was deliberately enlarged. It is nonsense that you held hands when your hands were in your pocket!”

Xie Yang took a look and saw that the released video was really as clear as Hu Biao said. Even Ji Zehui and Yuan Peng’s disgusted expressions after seeing each other were clear. The angle of the video was also very generous and open. It was directly from the front and above the head, so that everyone’s movements could clearly be seen HITV0y

“By the way, why do I think that the process of Mu Zhouyi hitting you accidentally is a bit weird?” Hu Biao replayed the last section of the video. “She was looking for an assistant. How did she deliberately go from behind the assistant to you and just happened to raise her hand… it is too coincidental. It is as if she wanted to hit you deliberately.”

Hu Biao looked at Xie Yang suspiciously. He stared at Xie Yang’s face and hesitated. “Does she… actually like you? Is this a conversation?”

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Old Huang in Hot Water: ??? Entertainment news? Who are you talking about? No, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you usually only publish social news and economic news? Why did you go to the entertainment industry today?

Xie Yang suppressed his laugh and called Qiu Xing. kMoVcZ

The other person answered in seconds but didn’t speak.

“You had someone find the surveillance video?”

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Qiu Xing still said nothing.

“You also asked someone to release it?” Qzamnu

Qiu Xing finally spoke coldly, “Have Liu Sha bring the person in charge of your legal department to Rongding to meet with He Jun. Don’t let go of any of the marketing accounts who spoke nonsense.”

Xie Yang laughed silently. “Yes, thank you for helping me. Shall we eat together at noon?”

Qiu Xing was silent.

“I’ll go find you at noon.” q01BbC

Qiu Xing directly hung up.


The bombshell news about the popular singer and popular flower being in love quickly became a joke after the full surveillance video of the parking lot was released.

It didn’t take long for Mu Zhouyi, Ji Zehui and Yuan Peng to post clarifications on Weibo, saying it was really just a chance encounter. uoZKCh

Later, Hu Biao took the opportunity to explain that Xie Yang didn’t go to school for a long time because he had completed the internship procedures and was trying to complete the internship. He used this chance to help clarify things for Xie Yang.

The funny thing was that once news of Xie Yang’s internship was exposed, it quickly became a fresh and amusing subject. The reason was because someone lamented under the news that the internship of rich people was really different from everyone else. They went out to find work and were enslaved. Meanwhile, Xie Yang’s internship was a combination of debuting and opening a company. Immediately after this sigh came out, it attracted the support of countless people eating melons. Everyone started to share their hard internship experience and expressed envy, jealousy and hatred for Xie Yang.

The topic #internship for the rich# strangely went on the hot search and gave Yang Xing free publicity.

Xie Yang liked this unexpected joy. He forwarded the first comment that was lamented and wrote: Welcome all graduates who want an internship to submit their resumes to Yang Xing. Yang Xing will never enslave employees. sr3WY6

“Come and eat.”

Xie Yang, who was prepared to refresh the comments, heard the voice and obediently put down his phone. He went over to the table and sat down.

Qiu Xing was sitting on the other side of the table, his expression better than this morning. He stated, “The rumour clarification must be fast. At the latest, before the end of the day today, the person who broke the news about you will come out to apologize to you.”

Xie Yang looked at Qiu Xing. 90GJ6k

“What’s the matter?” Qiu Xing’s expression was cold again and his tone strangely sharp. “Do you think it is bad for me to interfere in your affairs at will?”

“I’m not Feng Qinglin. I’m not as bad as he is.” Xie Yang scooped out a bowl of soup for Qiu Xing and then filled up a bowl for himself. He picked up the bowl, gently touched it against Qiu Xing’s bowl and said, “Thank you.”

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Qiu Xing’s expression eased again. He put his spoon into his soup bowl and stirred. “That Mu Zhouyi… you should stay further away from her in the future.”

Xie Yang’s heart moved and he carefully looked at Qiu Xing’s expression. “Why? This matter shouldn’t be Mu Zhouyi’s doing. She likes your nephew and it is bad for her to have gossip with me like this.” 3zcMH6

“Does this have nothing to do with her?” It was unknown what Qiu Xing was thinking but his tone became cold. “I don’t believe in coincidences. She deliberately went around to hit you. She must’ve thought carefully. This time, the news wasn’t made by her but if it wasn’t for her intentionally touching you, things wouldn’t have become so big.”

Qiu Xing had just finished speaking when Xie Yang’s phone on the table shook. He had received a text message.

Xie Yang instinctively scanned it, noticed a word in the text message and immediately reached for the phone.

Qiu Xing tapped on the table with a dark face. “What are you doing? Concentrate on eating.” RWkgtY

“It’s interesting.” Xie Yang showed the text message on his phone to Qiu Xing. “Your nephew finally contacted me. He explained to me that this matter definitely wasn’t done by Mu Zhouyi and I shouldn’t misunderstand Mu Zhouyi.”



Qiu Xing threw the spoon back into the bowl. nMXEzw


Qiu Xing saw that Feng Qinglin contacted Xie Yang just to explain Mu Zhouyi’s behaviour and went into his office without finishing his meal. Xie Yang was afraid that Qiu Xing would be hungry and took the initiative to send Qiu Xing a plate of snacks.

After sending the snacks, Xie Yang once again read the text message sent by Feng Qinglin. The more he read, the more he suspected that Feng Qinglin just had his goodwill increased by the female lead’s skill. Otherwise, how could a normal person with high self-esteem and pride do such a stupid thing?

Last time, he spoke to Feng Qinglin on behalf of Qiu Xing yet Feng Qinglin didn’t take the initiative to contact him. This time, Feng Qinglin found him because of a woman. Wasn’t this telling Qiu Xing through action that in Feng Qinglin’s eyes, his uncle wasn’t as important as a strange woman? l jJAZ

It was really trash.

Xie Yang chose to reply to the text message: Take medicine if you’re sick.


Around 3 p.m., the marketing accounts that previously spread rumours of Xie Yang and Mu Zhouyi’s love suddenly issued an apology, admitting that they actively spread malicious rumours related to Xie Yang and Mu Zhouyi. They also expressed their willingness to accept legal punishment for what they had done. L2gk7J

Netizens who thought the storm had subsided were all stunned.

They had been eating melons for many years and watched these marketing accounts blacken movie emperors and newcomers with no fear. They thought they would never see the scene of these people being afraid and hadn’t expected happiness to suddenly come. It was like these marketing accounts had taken medicine. They honestly, consistently and quickly apologized to the person they had blackened!

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This rhythm was a bit wrong. The melon eating netizens smelled something different and made a fuss.

However, it wasn’t over yet. It didn’t take long for the person who wrote the anonymous post to apologize using his Weibo account, saying that he knew Xie Yang didn’t come to class because of an internship and was jealous. 9iPk6p

He also admitted that the latter person who responded with the screenshots was also another one of his roommates. They were both jealous and dissatisfied. The so-called chat record was obtained by his roommate from a group of alumni and the degree of truth couldn’t be determined.

Finally, the recording studio associated with Huangtian also apologized to Weibo. They said that the surveillance video leak was caused by their improper management and they were willing to take responsibility for it.

At this point, all the participants who caused the explosion of public opinion had apologized to Xie Yang.

The melon eating friends were dumbfounded and Xie Yang’s fans were also stunned. The marketing accounts who talked about Xie Yang’s self-speculation and rubbing Mu Zhouyi’s popularity were quiet in an instant. A storm ended in a manner that could never be reversed but the lingering aftertaste was something that everyone didn’t dare think too deeply about. WgTLNn

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