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My Husband is Suffering from a Terminal IllnessChapter 35


Around a quarter of an hour later, Ji Zehui also came to the practice room. Unfortunately, he also brought drinks for the staff but the drinks he bought were bottled, not hot. Ji Zehui saw that the staff had arrived as well as the cups of coffee and milk tea they were holding. He laughed in a false manner, “Xiao Xie is very sensible.”

Xie Yang explained with a smile, “Senior, it is because you taught me.” KI52Dz

Since it wasn’t time to record, the cameraman didn’t follow them. At this time, only the fixed cameras in several corners of the room were on. Ji Zehui found an angle where his expression couldn’t be seen and smiled lightly. “You’re really awesome.”

“My senior worked so hard to pave the way for me. I always have to work harder.”

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Ji Zehui turned sideways and recovered the good appearance of a senior. He said, “Xiao Xie, I went back yesterday and thought about it. I think it is better to change the song. What do you think about the song ‘One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn’? 3BrhoV

One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn was Ji Zehui’s first song and it was the theme song for a classic martial arts TV drama. The style was unrestrained and heroic. The requirements for singing weren’t as high as Angry Waves but the tone was very critical. Not all voices could sing it.

The most important thing was that due to the TV series, One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn was regarded affectionately and as a classic by the TV drama’s audience. The emotions and singing had long been tied to the TV series and it was difficult to come up with a new arrangement. Thanks to the numerous replays of martial arts dramas in recent years, One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn had filled the ears of TV drama audiences numerous times and the public’s impression of One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn had long been fixed.

Under this premise, it was too difficult for Xie Yang to perfect such a classic song with the original singer. It was too hard for Xie Yang to perform brilliantly and successfully so that he wasn’t criticized and rejected by the fans of this song.

Xie Yang didn’t directly answer Ji Zehui’s question but suggested, “Teacher Ji, you asked me to try and adapt Angry Waves yesterday. I had some ideas and changed it. Would you like to listen to it first and see the effect after adaptation?”


This was Ji Zehui’s sudden willful desire to change the song. Xie Yang had made the adaptation of Angry Waves according to Ji Zehui’s proposal yesterday.

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Ji Zehui nodded. “Then you sing it again. In fact, I’m also very reluctant to give up Angry Waves and it isn’t absolutely decided to change the music. If your adaptation of Angry Waves is better then we will naturally use Angry Waves.”

“Thank you, Teacher Ji.”

Xie Yang showed a happy appearance as he walked to the piano in the practice room. He sat on the bench, lifted the lid and placed his fingers on the keys. He was just about to play when he suddenly stopped and turned to look at Ji Zehui. “Teacher Ji, I’m starting.” ymLgib

Ji Zehui suppressed his surprise that ‘Xie Yang can actually play the piano’ and nodded.

The staff inside the room heard the exchange between the two and realized they had entered the main topic. The staff called for the cameraman to start shooting in advance.

The camera turned to the right side but Xie Yang didn’t pay attention. He lowered his head, closed his eyes and imagined that he was standing in the centre of the sea and something was dragging him by his feet into the deep sea. A suffocating feeling covered his body… he raised his fingers and pressed it down.

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Ji Zehui’s expression didn’t change but the hand on his knees shook.

After a tense prelude, Xie Yang inserted the lyrics at the right time. His tone was different from yesterday. It was lowered a bit and filled with rage. The entire song gave off the impression that the person who was pressed by the waves into the deep sea was burning the last of his life to try and escape the crisis.

The waves trying to pull the person into the deep sea and the person trying to get back to short pull continuously at each other. The piano sound was swift and steep, stopping and turning like a person floating in the sea. j6Kfod

Finally, after the last angry singing, the man conquered the crisis and breathed in fresh air again. The piano rhythm was suddenly soothing and the song ended on a long sigh of satisfaction.

The room was silent.

Xie Yang looked toward Ji Zehui and asked, “Teacher Ji, what do you think about this adaptation? I think this change is more in line with your voice as well as your personal style.”

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Ji Zehui slowly loosened his clenched fists while his heart felt like it was on fire. Thanks to the change, Xie Yang’s treble tone was actually damn suitable for Angry Waves! In addition, Xie Yang could actually sing angrily! 4D0rgW

Ji Zehui suppressed his emotions and told the other person, “It’s really good but it is too accommodating toward me. I have to take you into account. Let’s look at One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn again.”

All of the eavesdropping staff stared at Ji Zehui with disbelief. It was like this and he still wanted to change the song?

Xie Yang knew that Ji Zehui would say so and showed a dull look at the right time. He touched the piano keys and answered obediently, “Then I will get acquainted with One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn. I have heard this work many times but I haven’t studied it carefully. Teacher Ji, do you have any ideas about the adaptation of One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn?”

“A bit.” Once it came to this, Ji Zehui’s smile finally became natural. “I want to add a rap part to the song.” OIvFH7

It was possible to add a rap to the song of the happy and brave heroes but if the rap part wasn’t added properly then it would destroy the mood of the entire song, making it seem superfluous.

Xie Yang determined that Ji Zehui really wanted to make him look ugly and asked, “Teacher Ji, do you want me to take care of the rap part?”

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“Of course. Xiao Xie, you’re so good. I believe you can do it.”

Xie Yang didn’t answer. ‘Of course I can do it. I just hope you won’t regret it.’ GHI1Z7


Later, Ji Zehui didn’t let Xie Yang intervene at all in the process of adapting One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn. No matter what opinions Xie Yang put forward, Ji Zehui would make excuses to deny them. In the end, Xie Yang stopped talking and nodded to whatever Ji Zehui said.

The adaptation time that the program gave to the guests was three days but in fact, it was actually only two and a half days. Everyone had to use half a day to let the band become familiar with the adapted tune.

By the end of this day’s recording, Ji Zehui’s adaptation of One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn was still just an idea and Xie Yang didn’t have a concrete adaptation score. DcsO8Q

Time was running out. Before Ji Zehui left, Xie Yang asked him, “Teacher Ji, can I try to adapt One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn myself? It is just adapting the rap section.”

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Ji Zehui wanted to refuse but then he thought about how he already rejected several of Xie Yang’s suggestions this afternoon and that it wasn’t long before the rehearsal. He was afraid of the camera and had to nod. “Okay, I don’t have a clue about this part.”

“Thank you, Teacher Ji.”

That night, the emergency lights in Xie Yang’s room were left on very late and the guitar sound was heard from time to time. LepRhl

Downstairs, Qiu Xing leaned against his bed with a dark face. Once it was 12 o’clock, he finally couldn’t bear it and took out his phone to send a WeChat message to Xie Yang: Sleep!

The guitar sound stopped. A few seconds later, the phone vibrated as Xie Yang returned the message.

Xie Yang: Is it noisy for you? Sorry, I won’t play anymore. Have a good sleep.

Qiu Xing threw his phone away with a dark face. He was full of anger as he lifted the quilt and lay down. Am6dXP

The next day, Xie Yang received a new set of clothes before going out but it was given by Wu Shui, not Qiu Xing.

“Boss Qiu had a meeting to prepare for so he left early.”

Xie Yang nodded in understanding and took the clothes to change.

Today, Xie Yang didn’t arrive at the practice room early but arrived at the agreed time. Immediately after entering the practice room, he apologized in an embarrassed manner to Ji Zehui. “I’m sorry, I stayed up too late thinking about the adaptation last night and didn’t wake up early today. Teacher Ji must’ve been waiting for a long time.” r2V9sK

Ji Zehui saw that Xie Yang was really tired and was happy at the thought of Xie Yang having difficulties due to his operation in changing the music. He replied in a tolerant manner, “It’s okay, I haven’t been waiting long. How is the adaptation coming along?”

“It’s almost there.” Xie Yang took out his phone. “I made the accompaniment version myself based on the original sound. I’ll sing along to the original sound. Do you want to hear the effect?”

He could actually modify the accompaniment.

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Ji Zehui once again scolded Mo Bin in his heart while agreeing to Xie Yang’s request. KRZ9 z

Xie Yang plugged his phone into the equipment of the practice room and pressed play.

The prelude to One Sword is Equal to Spring and Autumn played. It seemed the same as the original version but there was also something different about it. After the prelude, Ji Zehui’s original vocal part sounded very ordinary. Then after the first chorus passed, the accompaniment changed and became more anxious. Drum points were also added. Xie Yang’s clear voice came in at this time, like the son of an aristocratic family waving his fan in Jianghu, like a breeze in the forest.

If Ji Zehui was a mature hero who had already penetrated deep into Jianghu then Xie Yang sang the young person who first entered Jianghu. It was a collision between the old and the new. One was a senior who still persisted in chivalry while the other was a successor full of sincerity. In the original music, Jianghu had become heavy and sorrowful due to all the grudges. Now it was suddenly broken by the recklessness of a young person. Like a breeze in the forest, a new vitality was raised.

The staff in the room were stunned and then their eyes lit up. tTnSzW

Ji Zehui’s expression stiffened again.

This wasn’t the end. After the end of the first rap, a flute sound suddenly joined the accompaniment and then Ji Zehui’s singing was added in time. Xie Yang began to sing along to Ji Zehui’s original sound. His voice was deliberately lightened and it actually blended perfectly with Ji Zehui’s original sound, as if the senior was taking his successor to understand JIanghu.

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Ji Zehui clenched his fists again.

The harmony continued until the second chorus part. Once Ji Zehui’s heavier singing came out, Xie Yang changed and started the second rap full of pride. oziLrp

Clearly, there were two voices. One was a rap and one was high singing but the two weren’t in conflict. On the contrary, they were extremely harmonious. They complemented each other and suddenly aroused the heroic spirit of the song, giving people a sense of freedom from shackles.

This chorus was followed by an elegant flute sound and then the last chorus was heard. Xie Yang started the harmony again, helping Ji Zehui further render the mood of the song.

There was one last perfect flute sound and the song ended.

Xie Yang glanced at Ji Zehui and asked politely, “Mr Ji, do you think this adaptation is okay?” 617LqX

Ji Zehui had to use all his reason to control the urge to throw his hands out or drive Xie Yang away. He took shallow breaths and barely managed to say, “Very good, it is much…. stronger than my adaptation.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

It was too strong and his version of the adaptation would definitely be too shameful. He must use his own adaptation to remove Xie Yang’s adaptation. However, Xie Yang was a monster. How could he even rap?!

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