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How A Queen Was MadeCh5 - Side Mission I (1)


Translator: Shirubame
Translation Checker: Callis
Editor: Evan

The next day, Chu Sicheng was awakened by the dazzling sunshine. He pried himself apart from Shi Kuan, who reeked of alcohol, and walked into the narrow bathroom to wash his face. He had just washed his face with cold water when Zheng Jun also came in, bleary-eyed and kneading his temples. His clothes had wrinkled overnight. This was probably the first time he had seen the calm third eldest with such a sloppy appearance. Chu Sicheng brushed his teeth, but his mind wasn’t idle. Jiwz7G

After he quickly finished washing up, Chu Sicheng went back to the room, ignored the two people sleeping like the dead nearby, and changed his clothes there. He unplugged his fully charged phone, picked up his file bag, and didn’t forget to say goodbye to the person moving at the speed of a turtle in the bathroom. Before leaving, he said, “Ah Jun, I’m heading out.”

His voice hadn’t yet faded before the door closed. In the bathroom, Zheng Jun responded with a hum after hearing it and then continued to be distressed. How could he make the bird’s nest in the mirror look like his usual chic hairstyle……

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Hastily leaving for the fear of being late to work, Chu Sicheng finally arrived at the bus station, only to realize that today was Saturday, a personal holiday. So under the flabbergasted looks from everyone, he got off the bus, saying “drinking screws things up” in his heart, and went back to his rented house, buying breakfast for the others along the way.

Back in his own room, the pair that was asleep were still asleep with their postures unchanged, and the person in the bathroom hadn’t come out yet. 7a5HRl

“Ah Jun?”

“What’s the matter?” Zheng Jun wiped his dripping hair and finally came out of the bathroom.

“Nothing…… I bought breakfast, so you eat first.” Chu Sicheng pointed to the breakfast on the computer table and muttered silently in his heart, I can’t say that I thought you fell asleep on the toilet……

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Only after solving his hairstyle problem did Zheng Jun realize that he was hungry. Zheng Jun threw the towel somewhere and immediately went straight for the food, kicking the two obstacles sleeping on the ground to wake them up along the way. O6ix e

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“Wljb Jtfcumtfcu, sbeg ygbatfg tjr delaf atf afwqfgjwfca bo j deffc \\\\\\\\(^b^)/~.”

Qtfc Jte Vlmtfcu tfjgv atf “rfiilcu wfcu” abcf, tf xcfk atja atf raeqlv jcv meaf Vsrafw Rb. 1 atja kbeiv jqqfjg veglcu atf vjsalwf tjv rtbkfv eq.

Due to the visit from the three brothers, Chu Sicheng nearly forgot about the system, so he was startled by its sudden appearance. Dvbugz

“Brother?” Chu Sicheng thought for a moment and asked, “Zheng Jun?”

“Yes!” System No. 1 affirmed. “This is the first time that this one has seen such a queen-like person!!!! Xiao Chengcheng, rest assured, although he’s more in line with this one’s cultivation path, this one won’t abandon you (╯3╰). However, you can use him as a model of learning~~~ This way you should be able to meet the requirement of the first stage for the queen’s cultivation, whoo~\\\\\\\\(≧▽≦)/~”

Chu Sicheng resigned himself to his fate and began to tidy up the room, which was more disorderly than yesterday, while bickering with the system, “Although I wouldn’t like to be cultivated, I never thought of leading my brothers astray. Also, why did you pick me at that time instead of Ah Jun?”

“……Because the system didn’t detect gong or shou attributes from him TAT.” The system added another sentence, “That is to say, he doesn’t have the possibility of bending o(╯□╰)o.” dxisNh

He originally just wanted to complain about what the stupid and cute No.1 really meant by “abandon”, but it resulted in him getting hit by the truth. Chu Sicheng finally understood what no zou no die meant.

It was rare that he got a day off, but he had to spend it clearing up the mess, being bombarded by the system, and urged on by his editor. Chu Sicheng, who was occupied with writing to deposit his manuscript, discovered the arrival of System No. 2 by its stiff and cold sentence.

“Does the host wish to enter the parallel space and execute the side mission?”

The hands that were typing on the keyboard came to a halt. “Yes.” logK2y

Chu Sicheng thought that he would have an experience like those in the novels where it would immediately go black before his eyes. The result proved that he thought too much!

“The parallel space is ready. Host can enter when you fall asleep.”

After hearing this explanation, Chu Sicheng continued to write, washed his face and brushed his teeth, changed into his pajamas, and went to bed.

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As for just how much he felt wronged but remained silent, it could be seen several days later when the content of his saved manuscript caused readers everywhere to complain. 3zolpE

At this moment, Chu Sicheng had entered the first mission world —— the campus novel “Prince, Quickly Express Your Feelings For Me”.

Dressed in silk pajamas and lying on a comfortable bed, Chu Sicheng, who was listening to System No. 2’s overview of the plot, began his good habit of doing two things at once —— venting.

This rich young master’s bed was sure enough different from his own. It was so comfortable. No wonder some hosts would get overly attached. (Every host attached to the mission worlds roared: who would refuse to return to the main world for a bed!!!)

“……In short, this is a campus novel similar to F4 and Girl’s Love Story. What you need to get is the second button of the school uniform of this world’s F4 leader, Xiahou Xuecheng. The side mission reward: skincare capsule x1.” 0cKJ1x

“A button? It’s that simple?”

“Furthermore, the owner of the task item’s favorability towards the host must reach 60.” The system added, “Please keep in mind the relevant events and characters. You can refer to the ‘original text’ in your mind.”

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“OK, I understand.” After replying to the system, Chu Sicheng rolled around on the big bed, showing his childishness. He was engrossed in the feeling of the big, fine bed, until he saw the unfamiliar and gentle face in the mirror. Only then did he begin to genuinely care about “his” identity and this world’s plot.

The body Chu Sicheng occupied was also called Chu Sicheng, a student of Jinghua College. In Jinghua College, there were three people whom their fans praised as princes. They were Xiahou Xuecheng, the successor of the Wanghou group, Baima Qian, the second young master of Baima International, and Feng Hua, the young master of Feng Palace Hall. As the three major shareholders of Jingua College, a school of nobility, coupled with their outstanding appearances, what the three did would always seem reasonable to the people at the college. However, by accident due to a strange combination of circumstances, a commoner girl managed to enroll in this aristocratic school. Her unique thoughts and behavior evoked the curiosity of the three men, and eventually, that curiosity turned into love. After fiercely competing, it was Xiahou Xuecheng who won the maiden’s heart, and as for the other two, one sadly left and the other became a playboy. In the original work, there was really no mention of Chu Sicheng, whose role was probably created due to the system. sZxUVf

“My information.”

Chu Sicheng, the successor of the Sian Corporation and one of the shareholders of Jinghua College, was a senior and a year ahead of the three campus princes. His family was only slightly inferior to the three major families. Please note: The world places importance on etiquette and hierarchical relationships, which can be used by the host.

Hearing the system’s helpful tip, Chu Sicheng had already figured out what identity to use to approach the main characters. “Has this identity ever met them before?”

“No. However, as this is the host’s first mission, in order to reduce the difficulty, the identity set by the system has a high reputation in Jinghua College. In a nutshell, he is the amiable and approachable senior who excels in morals and studies next door. Therefore, the three of them had only heard of the host’s name but have never seen him. rzt0G2

“Very good.” Chu Sicheng took out a school uniform from the closet and neatly dressed himself. He smiled “gently” and said, “Let’s start working!”

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Finally the first QT world!

Which system do you like better? System No. 1 or System No. 2?~


Translator's Note

Original text: nozounodie (idk why no spaces)
Basically means: if you didn’t try to cause trouble, you wouldn’t be in trouble
No zuo no die why you try. You zuo you die why you cry.

Translator's Note

Meteor Garden/Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers
F4, aka the Flower 4, are four rich and handsome guys that are all heirs to influential families

Translator's Note

another Korean drama

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