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How A Queen Was MadeCh2 - Attribute Identified, Queen Shou~


Translator: Shirubame
Translation Checker: Callis
Editor: Evan

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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Onto the chapter:

When Chu Sicheng’s irritable mode activated, the system obediently began to follow the beautiful rule of “silence is golden”. An hour had passed by the time he finished venting. He usually never complained outwardly, but when he did, he really flew off the handle!

“Do you have anything else to say?” After Chu Sicheng went berserk and finally vented out his depression, he recovered his calmness and resumed his usual lazy manner.

The system curled up a little in fear and said, “That…..that is, this system has analyzed your condition and identified that the most suitable attribute for you is….. the Queen……shou.”


“Oh, is there anything else you’ve hidden from me?” In order to ensure that he wouldn’t be damned into a pit by the system’s stupid attributes, Chu Sicheng was very patient for the first time and asked the system.

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“Nothing else!” the system vowed.

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“Very well, I’m not going to make a fuss about you bringing me into this parallel space without my consent then.” Chu Sicheng expressed his magnanimous tolerance.

“Y(∩_∩)Y Ktjcx sbe~” jHxzZM

Jte Vlmtfcu lucbgfv la jcv mbcalcefv, “Lbkfnfg, P vbc’a lcafcv ab mbbqfgjaf klat atja ubcu-rtbe meialnjalbc atlcu. Vb lo sbe mjc rklamt tbrar, ifjnf cbk. Po sbe jgfc’a, atfc vbc’a wfcalbc atja atlcu lc atf oeaegf. P’ii ajix klat sbe ktfc P’w ybgfv.”

“(⊙o⊙)! Don’t!!!! This one, this one is already bound to you TAT. None of this one’s previous tasks have been completed. If this one fails this time, this one will get melted down to make new systems!!! ::>_<::”

“Melted down to make new systems? Where the hell did you come from?!” Chu Sicheng was finally concerned with the system’s origins.

“This one can’t say……” The system began to act dumb. “Xiao Chengcheng wouldn’t watch this beautiful and lovely one get melted down, would he?~~~⊙﹏⊙” uie 4K

“What does it mean, getting melted down? Will you disappear?” Chu Sicheng didn’t give an explicit answer, but instead asked about the specific outcome.

“(⊙_⊙) Yes!”

“Well then, I’ll try my best to cooperate,” Chu Sicheng replied awkwardly, but added, “though I’m not willing to do it if it’s too troublesome. It’s fine as long as I meet your so-called attribute requirements, right? I don’t really have to be gay, right?”

The system replied gloomily, “Yes, it’s good enough just to meet the attribute requirements. That said, this one will never choose an intelligent person again, or else they’ll find loopholes in this system!! ~>_<~” 4bH8Z5

Privately, the system let out a long sigh of relief. Fortunately, the system was smart and clever and fabricated the entire thing about being melted down to make new systems. Otherwise, there was nothing it could do if Xiao Chengcheng didn’t cooperate with it ╮(╯▽╰)╭. It was just that if it didn’t complete this task, it would have to go report to the boss with face paralysis. . . That result was just as bad. Therefore, this one didn’t actually scam its host. It was still a good and honest child~ Its host thought of reaching the attribute requirements without getting bent?~ Xiao Chengcheng was so naive. Even if you didn’t want to get bent, the little gong you would hook up would be sure to bend you~~~ Ah, pei, it said something bad~ Plain seduction, a man seduced~

Because he was feeling gloomy after he forced a successful gamble, Chu Sicheng silently continued to clean up the room and directly regarded the system, which he had just given his full attention to just a moment ago, as air.


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“Xiao Chengcheng, you’re so sloppy~~~” The system was recklessly looking for a sense of existence. NlOKFy

Chu Sicheng’s hands kept moving as he ignored the system who was failing to find a topic of conversation.

“Say, Xiao Chengcheng, you can’t form this kind of boring personality just because of this one failed confession. Listen carefully to what I’m saying, there’s plenty of fish in the sea……” The systems once again began to talk about the problem of grass and flowers.

“I said, shut up.” Chu Sicheng’s muting sentence made a certain stupid and cute character quiet down.

Chu Sicheng was reminded of the past by the system’s previous words. rk7fXD

It could be said that although Chu Sicheng was a bit lazy before, he wasn’t a bystander that watched everything from the sidelines either. He cursed in his heart. Everything was done according to the principle of “avoiding anything troublesome”. His popularity wasn’t bad in college, but because of his lack of initiative, while all his fat and ugly brothers he shared rooms with chased after girls, he was alone.

Finally, when he was about to graduate at the age of 24, under the encouragement and instigation of several brothers, he also tried to confess to the girl he always had good feelings for. It happened to be the flower of their class.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Only, he didn’t know if he had just so happened to catch the class flower in a bad mood that day, or if she always did a good job of maintaining face. Regarding Chu Sicheng’s confession, the class flower replied, “Sorry, but who are you?” Then the female companion next to her began to indirectly criticize him by saying, “The toad wants to eat swan meat.” With no money and no appearance, he ought to learn from other people’s confessions. She said a lot of sharp and unkind words. The class flower had no intention to stop her, playing with her delicate fingernails beside her.

After coming back, Chu Sicheng got dead drunk in the house he had rented for the first time. After asking for a leave from the company he was interning on the second day, he went to work normally on the third day, and everything was normal. However, since then, a certain person was no longer interested in pursuing girls. Rather, he was like one of those otaku guys who enjoyed cute girls and hot ladies on the internet, saying that “distance brings about beauty” was the truth. NOFisz

Later, when some of his roommates mentioned this situation when they came out for a party, Chu Sicheng merely said flatly, “Failed,” exposing it right away. The others hadn’t been aware of this.

At this moment, Chu Sicheng had returned to the point where his confession failed, the day after the night he got completely drunk.

“Alright,” Chu Sicheng thought hopefully. “At least there’s a chance to live a new life, even if it’s only five years in the past.”

As Chu Sicheng was about to tidy up, his cell phone rang. The caller ID read “Team Leader Zhang”. Chu Sicheng realized that he forgot to ask for leave. qbcw4d

“Hello, Team Leader?” Chu Sicheng picked up the phone.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A bright female voice came out from the phone, “Xiao Chu, why haven’t you arrived yet? Are you not feeling well?”

“No, it’s because something happened yesterday and I drank too much alcohol.” Since he would have to go to work tomorrow and thought that pretending to be ill would also be troublesome, Chu Sicheng answered honestly.

“Are you heart-broken? Say, all of you young people ah, drink away your sorrows at the drop of a hat like your body isn’t yours. Okay, I’ll help you ask for a vacation, so stay at home today.” She rambled on, but it held a sort of tearful warmth for Chu Sicheng. HiuWSM

En, thank you, Sister Zhang.” After taking a deep breath, Chu Sicheng stopped her words with a thick, nasally sound.

“Thank you, you can hang up now.”

Chu Sicheng realized that his “rebirth” wasn’t meaningless. The very least he could do was help those who cared about him change their fate.

He hadn’t worked for other companies since he began his college internship until the age of 29, not just because he thought it would be troublesome to change his environment, but also more so because of the elder sister who had guided, instructed, and cared about him from the beginning. G1IKWn

Sister Zhang was the leader assigned to the team when he entered the company. She was a senior employee, and at the time, the team helped out interning university students. Although they were frank and blunt, they also cared for them, especially Chu Sicheng, as they knew that he was an orphan. Even more so, he was often invited to eat at her house during New Years, despite Chu Sicheng agreeing only a small number of times.

Finally, the woman, who was always strong in people’s eyes, discovered that she had breast cancer. Because she discovered it too late, she ultimately passed away. Chu Sicheng had promised before to get married, because she was still worried about his life while lying in the hospital bed.

He thought of her words, “I’m leaving, but I’m still afraid that since no one is going to nag you anymore, you’ll laze away and turn into something unrecognizable”, and he couldn’t help but feel a burst of sadness.

Sister Zhang’s son died from an accident, so for Chu Sicheng, her maternal love overflowed, and she cared so much for him that she was more of a mother than the mother dean. QsYo9C

Translator Corner:


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

System here is again referring to itself as 伦家, girls usually use this word online when they are trying to act cute. Last time I will be adding a T/N for it~

Translator's Note

Crying emoji, not a typo

Translator's Note

Xiao means little

Translator's Note

spitting sound

Translator's Note

System here is using what someone called “uwu speak” basically trying to sound cute

Translator's Note

Grass -> A normal person
[School] Flower -> Prettiest girl at school

Translator's Note

scold the locust while pointing at the mulberry (指桑骂槐)

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  1. Ooooo so him repeating the word “rebirth” means time travel in the same world ?

    I got a little bit confused. I mean in qt novels Mcs usually travel through different words.

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    • This novel takes place in the main world (a parallel world that is 5 years before Chu Sicheng’s actual world) and QT worlds! More information of the QT worlds in further chapters.

      Thanks for reading!

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