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Holding Onto My ManChapter 79


Translated by Elestrea
Edited by Evan

The guards were dismissed. Inside the private room, only he and Gu Bai were left. Xue Han didn’t ask Gu Bai how to detoxify his own body but handed him a cup of wine first. vmoMJ

“Thank you…”

Gu Bai took it without thinking. After thanking him, he drank without suspicion nor precaution.

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He wasn’t afraid that Xue Han would drug him. Although Prince Yu had a reputation for being unruly, he wasn’t someone who liked to do dirty tricks. On the contrary, Gu Bai really hoped the man would do some dirty tricks right now.

Xue Han was a master at enjoying himself. Even when he was in the tea garden outside the palace at the moment, he also brought imperial wine with him. Also, the wine, which had been warmed by boiling water, tasted very delicious. G2 7xb

Gu Bai squinted slightly after drinking. His man liked to drink, especially strong wines. After getting along with his man in so many worlds, Gu Bai also got into the habit of drinking some good wine. This wine wasn’t bad and was a fine product.

Glancing at Xue Han, who had been staring at Gu Bai, he stuck out his tongue and licked his lips before putting down the wine cup.

“Your Highness, it’s true that in this world, almost no one can cure Your Highness’s poison, but Rong Yi has a way to cure Your Highness. As long as Your Highness does Rong Yi a favor…”

“What’s the favor?”


Xue Han seemed to be listening, but in fact, he wasn’t really paying attention; he fixed his eyes on Gu Bai’s lips after seeing him lick them.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Gu Bai’s pink tongue licking his lips was a very attractive sight. Xue Han’s Adam’s apple couldn’t help but move, and he felt a surge of emotion. A certain part somewhere below, which had been calm a moment ago, suddenly reacted…

But this man, whether he was happy or angry, wouldn’t show it on his face. If one didn’t take a closer look, they wouldn’t be able to find anything. Coupled with the table in the middle acting as a shield, this meant that Gu Bai didn’t find anything unusual.

He was really excited to see his man for the first time in this world today, but he didn’t forget his mission. However, he had to say that his man had such a good identity in every world that he would really feel sorry for himself if he didn’t hug his thighs, ah. bXB4vM

Gu Bai looked at Xue Han and continued to hook up with him.

“Your Highness, what Rong Yi will say next may be a little offensive and bold, but it’s all true. Rong Yi thinks that out of everyone else, Your Highness knows his own body the most. There is no doubt that the struggle for the throne of Great Qi is about to begin. His Majesty the Emperor has at least twenty princes, and seven or eight of them are capable. Rong Yi is wondering whether Your Highness has a candidate for a new emperor in his mind…”

“What if there is? What if there isn’t? Why do you think this prince can’t take the throne, ne…?”

Xue Han’s deep eyes showed no emotion. aRLBZm

However, Gu Bai instinctively sensed the dangerous atmosphere. Xue Han, this man was more profound and terrifying than what the rumors had said, but Gu Bai wasn’t afraid at all. His man was truly “cold on the outside but very passionate inside”. The scarier his outward appearance was, the more likely he would go along with Gu Bai in the end.

The love from his man in many worlds made Gu Bai have this kind of self-confidence. He smiled secretly in his heart and continued unhurriedly.

“Your Highness is of course qualified to ascend the throne, but Rong Yi believes that the throne isn’t a good thing for Your Highness. First of all, even if Rong Yi can detoxify Your Highness, because Your Highness has been poisoned for too long, it will take at least five or six years for Your Highness’s body to recover. Rong Yi is afraid that Your Highness’s body will become an obstacle if he wants to ascend the throne…”

“Moreover, if Your Highness wants to ascend the throne, the current princes will of course be unwilling, and I’m afraid there will be a bloody mess. Of course, Your Highness doesn’t need to be afraid because he holds the military power, but the title of emperor won by such forceful means will certainly be disgraced by the future generations…” lATbE5

“The discussions of later generations will all come from history books. If this prince commands the court scribers, they will change the historical records!”

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As soon as Gu Bai’s words fell, Xue Han’s eyes flashed, looking arrogant and domineering.

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Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Qtja Tbeg Llutcfrr rjsr lr gfjrbcjyif, yea Ebcu Tl tjr j kjs obg Tbeg Llutcfrr ab rjalros ybat rlvfr…” PAd3p8

“Vjs la!”

Xue Han picked up the wine on the table and took a sip.

“Requesting Your Highness to help the Third Prince ascend the throne!”

Gu Bai spoke slowly. zkAsqK

“As long as Your Highness is willing to help the Third Prince, Rong Yi will certainly do his best to cure this poison. Your Highness also holds the military power. Even if you can’t ascend the throne, Your Highness can still be the regent and hold authority all over the world. In this way, because Your Highness gives up the throne, you’ll also gain a virtuous reputation. Moreover, among all the princes, the Third Prince has the kindest temperament, and he’s also the most respectful one towards Your Highness. After ascending the throne, he will respect Your Highness as an imperial uncle and senior, and since Your Highness was originally the crown prince, it’s even more justifiable…”

When he said this, Xue Han suddenly burst into laughter, and his eyes flickered dangerously at Gu Bai.

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“You’ve been talking for a long time, and it turns out that you’re doing this for that third kid…”

“What does Your Highness think of this?” kj0IqX

Although Gu Bai was very confident, this time around, Xue Han’s morals and character obviously weren’t the same as before. He looked quite willing to attack ghosts and animals, and this gloomy look made Gu Bai’s scalp numb slightly.

However, as a worker who had been through many missions, Gu Bai didn’t really have any bottom line, and he had always been taking all kinds of risks. Gu Bai’s mental fortitude was also very strong.

There was no sign of panic and fear on his face, but in order to hide his diffidence, he drank the wine on the table.

But his current mission’s body didn’t drink often, so his alcohol tolerance wasn’t good. The wine on the table was delicious, but it was very strong, and so after two cups, Gu Bai cheeks appeared slightly red and he looked tipsy. Xg4znH

Such a sight made Xue Han’s pupils shrink, and his fingers unconsciously stroked the wine cup. The action didn’t look like touching the surface of the cup, and it was as if he was enjoying the feeling of smooth skin.

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“This prince doesn’t think so!” Xue Han suddenly laughed and said with a clear voice, “Concerning your method, this prince thinks that no matter how you’re doing it, this prince will suffer a lot…”

“Your Highness’s life is more important…”

Gu Bai smiled, as he wasn’t afraid of death. With Xue Han, this kind of person, he couldn’t lose momentum. Not to mention that the negotiator was his own Old Gong, so he truly wasn’t afraid of death. aw3IkH

Xue Han paused before laughing again. He looked deeply at Gu Bai. “You’re the most daring man this prince has ever seen. There’s really no one in Great Qi who dares to threaten this prince…”

“Then Rong Yi feels very honored to be the first.”

Gu Bai proceeded to lift up his own chin, his eyes burning and smiling.

Obviously his face looked pure, but Xue Han always felt that there was a faint feeling of challenge in those eyes, threatening him. His smile seemed to say: Come. Come. Come try to kill me and I’ll beat you up. H2avQw

Against reason, his indescribable heart started to beat wildly after seeing those burning eyes and that courageous look. He stared at Gu Bai for a while before narrowing his eyes.

“Good, you have the courage. This prince helping the Third Prince isn’t impossible. Apart from the fact that you must cure this prince’s poison before this prince will let the Third Prince ascend, this prince has one more condition…”

“What condition? Begging Your Highness to say….”

Seeing that he was about to achieve his goal, Gu Bai was in a good mood. Since his man had also been giving out hot gazes, he felt even better. K8CAdN

Xue Han wasn’t in a hurry to speak. He stood up and walked towards Gu Bai, then bent down and reached out to his ear. His warm breath hit Gu Bai’s ear as he whispered into it.

Fellows in their glory in bygone days, such were Anling and Longyang. As fresh as the blossoms of peach and plum, shimmering, they gave off a glow… If Young Master Rong Yi is willing to be this prince’s Longyang-jun, this prince will help the Third Prince sit on the throne.”

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As he spoke, Xue Han provoked Gu Bai by taking a strand of his ink-black hair and putting it up on his nose. The faint and fragrant scent made him feel very good. XBrwOg

What was the relationship between King Anling and Longyang-jun? They were a well-known gay couple for thousands of years!

Xue Han’s words were so clear that Gu Bai wouldn’t be able to get the wrong meaning behind his words. They were interpreted precisely as: “Beauty, Laozi wants to top you!”

As he realized that, Gu Bai couldn’t help but smile.

Sure enough, his man was really his man. Old habits died hard. Only five minutes had passed, yet his reserved and frightening appearance already switched to its original state, teasing him. qL3rYz

But after smiling, Gu Bai immediately pulled back his hair, then got up and moved three meters away, leaving the man who had been breathing in his scent.

“Your Highness, Rong Yi is His Highness the Crown Prince’s man…”

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“So what?”

Xue Han didn’t care. The world knew that Prince Yu of the First Rank was so flirtatious and unruly that even the emperor’s male pets dared to brazenly ask him for “it”. Gu Bai was merely a beauty who had no power and was discarded by the crown prince. If Xue Han wanted him, who dared to say no!? 8cV NR

With a smile on his lips, Xue Han suddenly stepped forward to hold Gu Bai. From behind, he put his arms around Gu Bai’s waist. His hands were on Gu Bai’s belt, his head was resting on Gu Bai’s shoulder, and he exchanged an ambiguous look with him.

“What do you think of this prince’s proposal?”

It’s amazing! Gu Bai nodded vigorously in his heart, but his hands quickly grabbed his man’s sinister claws which stayed on his belt, as Gu Bai tried to break away.

Not to mention that he currently couldn’t get in touch with his man because of his mission plan, there was also a rumor saying that “Prince Yu of the First Rank was flirtatious and the beautiful men in his rear court were innumerable”. In this way, he absolutely couldn’t be like before, taking the initiative to deliver himself to his man’s door. HFkgKy

Gu Bai struggled hard, but because his body hadn’t been cultivated, even though he struggled for a long time, he wasn’t able to break away from Xue Han’s grasp, from this general who held the military power. On the contrary, because of the rubbing, it aroused the interest of the man behind him even more.

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Feeling something moving against his own butt, Gu Bai almost couldn’t resist the temptation to turn around to hold the other’s head and nibble his mouth.

The most direct embodiment of passionate love was indeed to possess each other, but it was a pity that now wasn’t the right time.

“Your Highness, asking you to please conduct yourself, or else don’t blame Rong Yi for offending Your Highness…” OTwy3

After taking a deep breath, Gu Bai’s throat was hoarse.

“Oh, offend? How are you planning to offend this prince?”

Xue Han was in a very good mood and smiled without much care. His mouth opened dubiously, biting Gu Bai’s white and tender neck. Feeling that Gu Bai trembled for a moment, he became satisfied.

The person in front of him wasn’t as fragrant as his other male pets. His faint scent was very comfortable, and his body was also very soft. This person was really worthy of being fondled by others, and the most important thing was that this person actually made his lower half react… 7EZ3nd

Thinking so, Xue Han couldn’t resist the impulse to pinch Gu Bai’s ass on a whim. But soon enough, he felt pain from his hand. He looked down and saw a sharp dagger stained with his own blood.

“Your Highness, since Rong Yi dares to come today and see you alone, Rong Yi is naturally prepared. It’ll take two years until the poison in your body kills you, but with Rong Yi’s poison, it’ll take less than a quarter-hour to be absorbed by your blood… If Your Highness doesn’t believe it, Your Highness may give it a try.”

The handsome young man raised the dagger in his hand, then stretched out his tongue and licked the blood on the dagger. It was an obviously cold action, but his smile was extremely strange, and he looked like a seductive incubus coming from hell.

“Your Highness!” Jsgz9E

The imperial guard next to him exclaimed in surprise. His right hand pulled out a sabre, showing his killing intent. But Xue Han raised his hand to signal everyone not to move, narrowing his eyes and staring at Gu Bai while showing a bloodthirsty smile.

“Doing it this way, aren’t you afraid this prince will kill you instead, ma?”

“I’m afraid, but Rong Yi believes that the life of a male pet named Rong Yi is certainly not as valuable as that of Your Highness’s.”

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Gu Bai grinned, and his smile was as bright as the scorching sun. It was so dazzling it made people feel dizzy. 1dPvo2

Xue Han only felt that his heart was beating faster. There wasn’t any feeling of being threatened, and instead, there was this kind of fierce emotion in his heart, the kind he had never felt before.

Taking a deep breath, he suppressed the surging feeling in the pit of his stomach. He took the wine pot on the table and drank it. Some of the wine spilled and fell on his sturdy chest, making him look unspeakably unruly and aggressive.

“Good, you have the courage. This prince takes up your offer. You shall detoxify this prince’s body, and this prince will help the Third Prince sit on the throne!”

It was merely a throne; it wasn’t valuable at all. Even if he had no throne, this Great Qi was still owned by him. He was more interested in this beauty which practically made his blood race. KQZ U8

“Many thanks to Your Highness. Rong Yi has committed an offense just now. In fact, Rong Yi’s dagger is not poisonous at all…”

Gu Bai smiled and put away the dagger in his hand. Without any delay, he turned around and left. Enough is enough! I need to stop while I still can. There’ll be no need to worry about not having enough time to flirt with my man after this!

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Xue Han was shocked by his last words and then burst out laughing.

After Gu Bai had left for a while, one of his advisors, a scholar in black clothes, came forward. rfPFuS

“Your Highness, there is such a person on the crown prince’s side, so it seems that the crown prince shouldn’t be underestimated. Not to mention, Your Highness’s poison has already been… Shall we…”

At the same time, the scholar made a horizontal motion in front of his neck.

“No matter. He may not be able to cure this prince’s poison, but he can cure this prince’s illness…”

Xue Han raised his hand and shook his head, and there was a sinister smile on his handsome face. IzW8dS

“Congratulations to Your Highness!”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

After hearing this, the scholar had doubts on his face. But then he saw the prince’s lower half rising high, and he was suddenly surprised.

In case anyone realizes the abnormality about the imperial guards, no, we don’t know when did they come into the room again after being dismissed… Let’s call it author magic! Or, as Evan said: “I’m just gonna pretend they have super-noses and smelled the blood, so they somehow stormed in!” :blobpeek:


Translator's Note

Disclaimer: I used the translation by Stephen Owen and Wendy Swartz for this.

This poem was composed by a famous poet named Ruan Ji and It was one of the earliest homosexual poems ever recorded during Ancient China. Anling and Longyang were both real people who lived years before Ruan Ji; because of some things they did, they became male models of this poem.

Translator's Note

Arrogant way of saying ‘I’.

Translator's Note

您, formal form of ‘you’.

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