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Holding Onto My ManChapter 74


TL: Cat
TLC: Mina
Editor: Evan

The demonic qi in his body disappeared, and Gu Bai recovered his awareness almost instantly. Just when he was excited and was about to waste no time sorting out his mind, his attention was quickly captured by a voice that was buzzing into his ear. qjFSNH

“Master, is that you?”

He looked at the source from where the excited voice had come.

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At the moment, there was what looked like an ordinary light barrier from the outside, but there was a sort of heaven and earth vibe inside of it. Inside the light barrier, it looked like a boundless void, and only the ground looked like sand.

On the sand, a huge mythical beast with a horrible and ferocious appearance was lying on its stomach. On the top of its head was a sheep’s horn, and it had sharp rows of tiger teeth protruding out of its mouth. Its body was also fully covered in black fur. CdvVGg

It was just that in contrast to its horrible and ferocious appearance, the beast’s condition wasn’t so good.

Its whole body was pierced by a golden sword which was firmly fixed onto the ground, immobilising the beast so that it couldn’t move. From where its majestic and formidable body lay, it could clearly be seen that it was injured with numerous amounts of wounds so deep that even the bones could be seen.

The black blood that was exuding demonic qi was very corrosive, and it seemed to flow endlessly from the beast’s wounds to the ground, eroding the land around it. Accompanied by the beast’s weak and painful cries, the scene looked very depressing.

There was no doubt. From the blood that was exuding demonic qi, Gu Bai could confirm that the apocalypse in this mission world was caused by this beast. fUwNJk

The moment the beast saw Gu Bai, its eyes had an inexplicable excitement, but soon, the excitement vanished and turned into bewilderment, which was followed by a loud roar.

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“You are not my master! Who are you? Why does your body have my master’s original power?!”

“Who is your master?”

The beast’s words weren’t very clear. Although Gu Bai didn’t understand much, he was able to keenly capture some information. He forcefully pushed back the joy of becoming a human again and directed his attention back towards the beast that was in front of him. Vdo5e9

There were too many coincidences in this mission. First, he had lost the plot data, then there was the accident of him turning into a zombie, and now this beast who seemed to “know” him appeared. All of these circumstances were way too strange.

“You don’t know who my master is? Then why do you have my master’s original power?! My master would never give it to you, unless… You guys killed my master! No, impossible. How could you guys possibly kill my master? Impossible. Ao, ao, ao. You bastards!”

The beast’s state of mind was emotionally stirred up. It stared at Gu Bai and asked him questions. Then it quickly reasoned with itself. And at last, the beast became violently furious and angry as it tried to stand up. It was obvious that it wasn’t willing to accept the fact that his master was dead.

It struggled angrily, but although the long sword that pierced it into the ground appeared to be fragile, in fact, it was indestructible. No matter how much the beast struggled, it couldn’t get rid of the sword. 1Y5nia

On the contrary, because of its fierce struggling, the wounds on its body became more serious, and the black blood began to flow out like a fountain.

The rapid loss of its power made it unable to struggle anymore. It could only lie on the ground and wail. The two pairs of eyes that belonged to a wild animal revealed a sorrowful appearance…

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I didn’t kill your master…”

Gu Bai stared at it, and his thoughts were deep with uncertainty. Rocsn6

“Liar! You bastards, if you guys didn’t kill my master, how could you have his original power in your soul?!”

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Besides that person, how could Master voluntarily give his original power to other people? The only explanation is that these people have already killed Master! dKEYlG


Ktf yfjra’r yglfo kbgvr kfgf mbcoerlcu, yea Xe Djl ralii obecv bea j iba bo lcobgwjalbc. Pc qjgalmeijg, atf batfg rlvf tjv fnfc qblcafv bea tlr rbei, ktlmt wjvf tlw atlcx vffqis.

His soul and body belonged to two different people, and since the beast pointed out his soul, then he was referring to Gu Bai and not the original host of the body.

What Master? What original power? 4tSrKG

Gu Bai’s mind was just a wall of 10,000 question marks, but he was keenly aware of a trace of something unusual. My soul is nothing special, so then the beast is referring to the owner of the original power… his man!

His eyelids suddenly jumped, and he suddenly remembered that in every world when he was with his man, he would always get a strange power to strengthen his soul. Can it be that that strange power his man was giving him is the original power that the beast was talking about?

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Gu Bai’s heart suddenly quickened. He forced his heart down and spoke again.

“I really don’t know who your master is. I think we may have some misunderstandings. Why don’t you tell me who your Master is? What’s more, you seem to be a very powerful and huge demon. Why are you in such a place where there is so little spiritual power? Let’s clearly talk it out. Maybe I can help you out…” Nwr2zv

“Huge demon?! You stinky boy with no eyes, you even called me a huge demon! Those low-level beasts don’t even deserve to carry my shoes! …Wait, you don’t even know me!”

The currently raging beast exploded completely when it heard Gu Bai’s words.

However, after blowing up, he immediately reacted and stared at Gu Bai with incredible eyes. Since this man could get the original power from his master, how can he not know him?

“…..” Fla TS

Facing the beast’s incredible eyes, Gu Bai’s brain was spinning at a high speed. At this moment, he was more than 90% sure that the owner this beast was talking about was his man.

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After so many tasks, the things he learned were continuously growing. Although he seemed calm, in fact, he had doubts about his man in his heart.

If his man was just an ordinary soul, how could he provide him with the power to nourish his soul? In addition, reincarnation was based on everyone’s merits and blessings. It was absolutely no coincidence that his man’s identity was always either expensive or wealthy.

Coupled with the beast’s performance at that moment, Gu Bai felt that he had caught a whiff of a huge secret. xCQ3py

However, just when he wanted to continue speaking, a powerful pressure suddenly appeared inside the void of the light barrier, and a man in a white long gown, with appearance like that of an immortal, fell out of the sky.

The furious beast’s complexion changed in a flash.

“Evil creature, Benxian was kind enough to let you live for a few more days, but you’ve been making trouble for Benxian all day. Are you tired of living? Sure enough, you’re that lunatic’s animal with the same smelly and unbearable temper!”

As soon as the man in white fell to the ground, he raised his whip and gave the beast a hard lash. ik4RSm

The whip looked ordinary, but it was a powerful weapon. It fell on the beast and left a ferocious wound. The black blood in its body gushed out a little more, causing the beast to hiss in pain.

“You bastards, kill me now if you have the ability. When I get out, I will definitely eat you all to avenge my master! Ao–!”

Pain was pain, but the beast had no fear, so it only grinned and growled out.

“Stubborn….” eYcK0r

The man in white obviously knew the beast’s temper and reactions. He didn’t bother acknowledging him and only snorted. Instead, he looked over at Gu Bai.

After a few breaths, the man was just like the beast in the beginning, and his complexion suddenly changed.

“This–this aura is… Who are you? How could you have the original power of that lunatic? What’s your relationship with him?!”

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Although the man’s reaction wasn’t as furious as the beast’s just now, it had a kind of strange and serious dignification and fear. coDKBa

Yes, that’s right, he was frightened. The strong aura of that person on Gu Bai’s body frightened him. He didn’t believe that such a common soul could kill that man and gain the other’s original power.

However, the aura on Gu Bai’s body was very strong. There was only one other possibility, which was that the lunatic had voluntarily given his powers to this ordinary person.

How was it possible? How was it possible for that lunatic to give his original powers to another…? The man in white dared not to think anymore, as that person’s name was a taboo, a taboo that he didn’t even want to think about.

He hurriedly pulled back his thoughts and stared at Gu Bai, feeling as if he was in a “perilous situation” kind of panic. ScnEzW

This ordinary person in front of him could have never gone to that place, but this person has that lunatic’s aura, which means….

The lunatic was out!

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The man in white’s expression became frightened, and even his hand holding the whip trembled.

He couldn’t help but look around suspiciously, as if he was facing an enemy. Then once he realised that the person he had imagined wasn’t there, when he looked back at Gu Bai, his gaze held killing intent. BH0KAX

No matter what the relationship between this person and that lunatic is, as long as there is a connection, he’s absolutely not allowed to stay alive!

Boy, since you have such a strong relationship with that lunatic, then don’t blame Benxian for attacking a mortal like you.” CB2ZzP

The man in white sneered, raised his whip, and attacked Gu Bai.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Before the powerful attack fell on him, Gu Bai felt a soul-threatening fear.

He wanted to hide, but he couldn’t do that at all. The other side had already firmly forbidden him from moving. He could only watch the whip fall towards him, and the aura of death began to envelop him.


Yet in the midst of this lightning, there was another sudden change in the light barrier, as an even more powerful threat appeared. The entire space inside the light barrier began to distort, and a black light suddenly stopped the man in white’s attack.


The man in white was frightened, and he suddenly looked past Gu Bai.

However, before he saw anyone, he could feel an intimidating and formidable aura. His face turned white, and his heart stopped beating. 9HgYU

Ye Cang! It is really Ye Cang! That lunatic has unexpectedly come out!!

Suddenly, the man in white reacted, and then he turned around. Without thinking, he ran away, just a little golden fairy. Even if I borrowed ten guts, I wouldn’t dare to face this horrible lunatic! Hurry up, hurry up, run, run!

The man fled in horror, but he was a step too late. At the moment when he turned around, a black flame fell on him.

Ah–!” QLXvKr

He screamed, but it was too late for him to speak, as the entire man was burned to ashes by the black fire.

At the same time, a black hole appeared inside the void of the light barrier. A man wearing a pointy helmet, black armour, and a mask slowly stepped out of the void. It’s the mysterious man from the starry space!

Gu Bai’s face revealed a happy expression.

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The previously furious beast’s eyes also burst with ecstasy. He opened his mouth and shouted, “Master!” 1zaw7c

After it spoke, Gu Bai’s complexion froze. Looking back at the currently ecstatic beast, his heart began to slowly beat. It–it– what did it just shout out at my mysterious master…?

“I can’t stay for too long. Go out and finish the task first. If you have something to say, you can say it later…”

Not letting him think, the mysterious man instantly moved in front of him and reached out, gently touching Gu Bai’s forehead. The missing plot data was poured straight into Gu Bai’s mind, and he was then directly sent out of the light barrier by the mysterious man.

Only after he left did the mysterious man turn around and stare at the beast covered in wounds for a while. He immediately pulled out the long sword that pierced the beast and took it away. PIuLR4


At the same time, an abyss covered by fire suddenly shook a few times and scared a couple of guards, but then they shifted their gazes as if they were used to it.

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One of the guards shook his head and began to complain.

Ah, how long do you think it’ll take for this madman to become quiet? Even after three thousand years have passed, he still hasn’t died. Furthermore, he’s still energetic enough to toss from side to side. What’s he trying to request? That Yin…” OxyBVn

“Shh! Don’t say that name! Do you not want to live?”

Before he could finish speaking, the bodyguard nearby seemed to be frightened to death and quickly covered his mouth.

The bodyguard seemed to realise something too. After a pause, he swallowed the name he almost spat out, and then continued on his path.

“I just don’t understand this madman. After all these years, he hasn’t stopped nor died, so we were all left here to keep watching him. When will he stop…?” iBUCM

“You already said he was crazy and still asked, so don’t complain. So what if you’ve been standing guard here for a couple hundred years… Anyway, there is still that person. Don’t ever mention it again in the future. Remember, that’s a taboo! Absolute taboo!”

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“I got it…”

The bodyguard nodded with lingering fear, looked back at the abyss of burning flames, and with lasting terror, he closed his mouth, not speaking anymore.


Translator's Note

本仙 or Benxian – 本 means roots or stems of plants
仙 means immortal, so his kind of referring to himself as “this immortal” but as more of a superior standing

Translator's Note

author uses the character “he” instead of “it” this time around

Translator's Note

小子 – could mean two things:
1. (literary) youngster; (old) young fellow (term of address used by the older generation); (old) I, me (used in speaking to one’s elders)


2.(coll.) boy; (derog.) joker; guy; (despicable) fellow

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