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Holding Onto My ManChapter 71


TL: Cat
TLC: Mina
Editor: Evan

Hunger was sometimes enough to control a person, and although he was a zombie who lived to devour, Gu Bai always had a voice in his head trying to dissuade him from doing so. SbeZmW

However, at the moment, as he looked at the helicopter full of people, his mind began to struggle. His mouth couldn’t help but open, salivating so much that drool started to overflow in his mouth. As it gushed out, dripping all over the floor, a silver thread of saliva hung from his mouth. His drooling appearance made everyone’s legs tremble with fright.

“Bo–Boss, he– he seems really hungry…”

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There was a subordinate with a poor psychological strength who began to shiver at the sight. They weren’t afraid of dying, but death by being eaten alive by zombies challenged their courage.

“I know. He needs to eat…” dj0mpR

By now, Xiao Li’s blood red eyes finally returned to normal, but as he looked at Gu Bai, who had been zombified, an unspeakable coldness could be seen in his eyes.

He gently caressed and stroked Gu Bai’s tender and small pale face, yet he turned his head and set his line of sight towards Shen Muze. His gaze was like that of a sharp knife while his voice was gloomy.

“I said, if something happened to him, none of you will leave here alive. Now he’s hungry…”

He didn’t finish the rest of his sentence, but this half sentence made the people on the helicopter shiver with terror.


Especially the Shen family, whose backs turned cold. There was no doubt that Xiao Li, who had never acknowledged his family, wanted to feed them to this zombie boy!

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Even though Wu Donghan was used to the business, he currently couldn’t help but be afraid when confronted with Xiao Li’s eyes. After all, the Shen family was a family that dealt in business, which was different from the Xiao family who mixed with the underground.

What was more, he knew how cold-blooded Xiao Li was more than anyone. When Xiao Li did business, any owed favors wouldn’t matter. No matter the rules and morality, if Xiao Li wanted to move against the Shen family’s people, he wouldn’t care about the Shen Family.

Wu Donghan looked at the pale Shen Muze behind him and then looked at Xiao Li as he spoke heavily. 5juTHi

“Xiao Ze owes Su Yu his life. I’ll take his place in paying it back for him!”

There was no point in hoping for Xiao Li to put out his anger and let him beg for mercy. You could only exchange one life for another. Wu Donghan had said he would protect Xiao Ze forever.

“Wu Ge…”

When Shen Muze heard this voice, he was once again stupefied. He gaped at Wu Donghan in front of him, and his chest seemed to have been hammered down by a huge stone. 1fKbwp

He didn’t think that Wu Donghan would save him, just like how Su Yu saved him.

Obviously, everyone surely hated him. Obviously, in his previous life, Wu Ge could easily empathise and fall in love with Su Yu. Obviously, there were so many “obviously”s , but why, why…

Shen Muze’s eyes blurred again. He couldn’t help— really couldn’t help crying.

The guilt in his heart flooded over him like a volcano. He didn’t know why this happened, but he had caused this entire situation. He couldn’t say anything. M5dcBH


At this time, Gu Bai, who had been struggling for a long time, was attracted by Shen Muze’s crying, and after roaring, he walked up to Shen Muze, who had already been tied up.

He looked at Shen Muze and drooled.

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This must be the little white pig in the ivory tower!

C kbgv revvfcis jqqfjgfv lc tlr hbwylf ygjlc. Ciatbeut tf mbeivc’a ecvfgrajcv la nfgs kfii, jii tf xcfk kjr atja atf qfgrbc lc ogbca bo tlw kjr ktfaalcu tlr jqqfalaf!


The zombie was so hungry that he was unable to resist and grabbed Shen Muze’s hand. Before Shen Muze’s panicked eyes, the zombie was about to bite his arm. Yet when Gu Bai touched Shen Muze’s skin, he stopped. fJtj U


There was suddenly a voice in his head, raging and yelling. It was like before, when he really wanted to join the zombie group to eat, the voice had strongly stopped him.

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Why can’t he? He’s really hungry! Annoying, annoying! Don’t bully this zombie!

The zombie drooled in vain and roared at the voice in his heart, but that voice didn’t say anything to him except those three words. 7AdifL

Like a machine reminding him, seemingly, if he ate this person, he might not be able to accomplish a very important thing, and he wouldn’t be able to turn back. He can’t eat people, can’t eat people…

The zombie Gu Bai’s face showed a human-like expression of frustration. He tried hard to bite Shen Muze, but he kept stopping every time he was about to bite down, as his eyes flashed in pain due to the struggle.

“Su Yu…”

Shen Muze was closest to him, so he could see Gu Bai’s expression the most clearly. He didn’t know what was going on, but he could feel that the zombie Su Yu still kept a trace of human intelligence and didn’t want to hurt him. GQdbu3

Absent-mindly, he recalled that a nameless zombie researcher had once said that, in fact, zombies weren’t really walking corpses as everyone imagined.

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They were just conscious sleepers whose bodies were being controlled by an unnatural force. If a person’s will was formidable enough, they might be able to resist the zombie virus coursing through their body.

Just as humans evolved supernatural abilities to survive, that was the potential inside the human body, which would help humans resist the invasion of foreign enemies.

However, the chance of this happening was too small, and people who had studied zombies in the past had said that if a person who turned into a zombie still retained a little humanity, it must have been due to their heart’s deepest affections for the other. qs8Swn

In Su Yu’s heart, from the bottom of his heart, he didn’t want to hurt him…

As he came to this realization, Shen Muze’s eyes were blurred and his heart was suffering.

Su Yu didn’t want to hurt him, and even after he became an unconscious zombie, he still didn’t want to hurt him. Was this really the Su Yu who was like his enemy in the past?

In his previous life, did he overlook something? In Su Yu’s heart, what had he been thinking…? jAXL7a

Shen Muze looked at the young zombie in front of him, and he was tortured by his own guilt to the point it was hard to breathe. He couldn’t understand Su Yu no matter how seriously he thought.

He bit his lip hard and forced himself to calm down and focus before looking at Xiao Li.

“Mr. Xiao, I can save Su Yu. I know of a way to save him…”

That was right, he had a way. During his previous incarnation, some people had speculated that the evolution of zombies after the world ended might not be merely the change in power. From the behaviour of those high-level zombies, everyone had speculated that if a zombie’s ultimate evolution was completed, it was even possible that the zombie could restore their consciousness. VGpMPt

And during his previous life, before his death, he had heard from his father that during the conference meeting between the leaders of major bases, a very powerful Daoist priest had said that the zombie wasn’t a virus, but an invasion of “demonic qi”.

As long as the root of the demonic qi was found and the demonic qi was eliminated, all the demonic qi would disappear and the world would regain peace and return to what it was like before.

The origin of the demonic qi was in the Northwest. Finding the root might save Su Yu. Shen Muze wanted Su Yu to recover. He wanted to know why…

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“Why should I believe you? You knew that the end was coming, but you still dragged Su Yu out. Can I understand that as you wanting to kill him…?” Ikm460

However, Xiao Li wasn’t a man who easily believed in others. He stared at Shen Muze coldly without even a hint of warmth in his eyes.


Shen Muze stopped talking. He couldn’t refute it, but the guilt eating his heart wanted him to fix this, and he was eager to know why, why Su Yu, who obviously hated him to the bone, had saved him.

He was naturally timid, but at that moment, he somehow summoned up the courage to speak to Xiao Li, who was emitting a terrifying air and killing intent towards him. 58mGCJ

“Mr. Xiao, I know that the zombies weren’t caused by a virus. Those experts can’t create a vaccine at all. The only way to make Su Yu come back is to go to the Northwest and find the root cause of the apocalypse…”

“Please believe me, I’m not lying. Anyway, you have me in your hands, so you can kill me anytime. But you wouldn’t want to see Su Yu remain a zombie forever. And if one day he wakes up, he certainly won’t accept that he became a zombie who ate human flesh. You may as well try my method. If it doesn’t succeed, you can always kill me later…”

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Shen Muze said all that in a hurry. He hated the fact that the situation was like this today because of him, but it was useless to regret it now. The only way was to find a way to cure Su Yu. More importantly, there were still questions surrounding Su Yu that he needed to know.

However, his words didn’t change Xiao Li’s mind. Besides, even the others on the helicopter didn’t believe him. No one could believe that there was the possibility of changing a zombie back into a human. This was too subversive to everyone’s knowledge. oz3 Sg

Ah Hu was an exception, because he was the only one who was cured after being bitten by a zombie.

Hesitating for a moment, he finally walked towards Xiao Li to try to persuade him.

“Boss, why don’t we try it? Last time when sister-in-law treated me, he also said that the zombies weren’t caused by a virus. If it really doesn’t work, we can cut this boy up as revenge for sister-in-law…”

Xiao Li didn’t speak, but his eyes still remained somber. mFV6dw


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At this time, Gu Bai finished his final struggle. Although he was extremely hungry now, he felt very uncomfortable when he listened to the meaning of the voice in his head, which informed him that he would lose something important.

Forget it, forget it, wasn’t it just hunger? If Heaven gave this great responsibility to a zombie, he must first of all, endure this suffering, train his body, and starve his stomach. He must become a strong and determined zombie!

Gu Bai’s deathly pale and zombified complexion revealed firm eyes, and he smelled Shen Muze’s hand before carelessly throwing it aside. It wasn’t that fragrant anyway. His man smelled more pleasing. 4HjRfg

Ao ao!”

He ran back to Xiao Li and howled at him. His eyes were pure and his behaviour was childish, like a child who saw something he loved.

Yet because he didn’t eat and was hungry, he was feeling aggrieved, so he pouted as if he was seeking comfort from the other.

Hu…” tv5JGY

At last, everyone was relieved to see that he didn’t eat people. However, when they saw Gu Bai’s pouting action, they couldn’t stop their eyelids from jumping because of fear. Fuck, does this zombie have to be so human-like?!

Nevertheless, because of this human-like action, Xiao Li’s gloomy eyes gradually became warm with colour as he peacefully caressed Gu Bai’s face. He slowly walked to Shen Muze and drew out a military dagger at the same time.

The atmosphere on the helicopter was tense once again. Shen Muze’s complexion also changed, becoming paler.

“Don’t worry, what you said just now is very reasonable. I won’t kill you for the moment, however, my Bai is hungry. Therefore… from today on, you will provide him with food!” zHqdx5

Xiao Li revealed a strange smile on his lips.

After that, in front of Shen Muze’s frightened eyes, a military dagger was taken out and was then used to cut a huge and ferocious gash directly on his arm. Then Xiao Li caught the fresh blood that poured out of the wound with a water bottle.

Shen Muze cried out a name in pain and completely didn’t notice what he had said. The Shen family were all tied up and couldn’t stop him. Xiao Li’s subordinates definitely wouldn’t stop him.

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Ignoring the terrified Shen Muze, after receiving the blood, Xiao Li went back to where Gu Bai was, wiped the dust off of his face, and handed the bottle to him. cnCZIP

“Darling, drink it, and then you won’t be hungry…”

The tone was obviously gentle and tender, but everyone on the helicopter shivered. In their minds they all knew that if the youth couldn’t recover and make it to adulthood, this man would definitely use everyone in the world to feed this zombie!

However, what was even more frightening was that Gu Bai, despite being a zombie, didn’t react with excitement like they expected after seeing and smelling the fresh blood that Xiao Li gave him. Instead, he took the bottle and threw it away. Then he grabbed Xiao Li, hugging and rubbing himself on him.

Obviously, Xiao Li’s smell was more attractive to him than the fresh blood. He rubbed and twisted himself on top of Xiao Li continuously. h6z8TY

Ah Hu’s and the others’ scalps turned numb at the sight. They just couldn’t imagine the feeling of being so sticky and close to a zombie. However, the blood in Xiao Li’s body boiled up because of this move.

Even though Gu Bai’s zombie appearance wasn’t that good-looking, the wound on his neck as well as the revealed purple and blue tendons crawling up both of his arms were very frightening. However, this person seemed to have a strange attraction towards the zombified Gu Bai, just like the first time they had met, and without any hesitation, he wasn’t afraid to take this person away.

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Gu Bai laid down on top of his body and immediately felt a hard object poking his thigh. He whined in confusion, looking down to try to find what was poking him, and at last, his gaze landed between Xiao Li’s legs.


A certain stupid zombie, with burning white and curious eyes like a baby’s, extended out his hand and poked at a certain place with his fingers.

Is this a mythical horse thing? It’s both hot and hard, yi, unexpectedly it can still become bigger! KiNds

A certain small, white zombie’s mouth dropped open, and his face looked like this: (⊙o⊙)!!

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All of a sudden, Xiao Li’s eyes darkened, and there was a strange silence on the helicopter.

“Tell the others to return now!”

Ten seconds later, Xiao Li threw out a sentence and carried Gu Bai into the special single person cabin, leaving behind a frightened crowd. sE Nc4

Boss, what do you want to do? Even if you raise a zombie, you– you– you couldn’t be thinking of… I didn’t think you’d be so hardcore...

“The Boss has always been a more aggressive person…”

Ah Hu touched his chin and added solemnly.

When everyone didn’t speak, their minds all simultaneously received a shock. Then they quietly crouched down at the door of the engine room, resting their ears against the door, listening in on the “discussion” going on in the room with excited expressions. Boss would even do a zombie; Boss is so mighty! 2WUqlS

Cat: This Chapter title or Apocalypse arc is called; 第71章 末世之无剧情(12) or Chapter 71: No Plot in the End (12)

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Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Evan: Yes, we do.

Translator's Note

Mina: 这一定是象牙塔中的小白猪 – The treasure or like crown jewel kind of meaning

Translator's Note

Mina: it’s 3 characters in chinese but it’s like 1 or 2 words in english

Translator's Note

行尸走肉 – term used here is walking corpse but it can also be translated as zombie

Translator's Note

Mina: zombie gu bai why are u saying philosophical things, how is ur brain still working

Translator's Note

呼 hū – to call; to cry; to shout; to breathe out; to exhale

Translator's Note

this wasn’t actually in the raws, but it would’ve been awkward without the word, so I took some liberties and put it in

Translator's Note

滚动 – to roll; (to do sth) in a loop; to scroll (computing) etc… I took some liberties again and changed it to boiled as it made more sense in this sentence.

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神马 shén mǎ – internet slang for 什麼|什么 shén me

Cat: Reminds me of that Dinghai spoiler that Zryuu and El spoiled for me, orz

Mina: im dying LOL

Translator's Note

Mina: waoooo ML is hardcore

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