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Holding Onto My ManChapter 67


TL: Cat
TLC: Mina
Editor: Evan

Like Gu Bai, Shen Muze and the others were in the exact same solemn mood, especially Shen Muze. As a reincarnated person who had already experienced his past life, he didn’t want the apocalypse to arrive more than everyone else. wCkRlc

However, no matter how much you didn’t want the apocalypse to come, what should come would always come.

Just like that, since Gu Bai’s arrival at the Shen family just a short few days ago, he had already won Shen Guohui’s praise and affection, along with a favourable impression of everyone in the Shen family.

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The day before the apocalypse, Shen Muze looked at the gloomy sky and then at Gu Bai, who was joyous and harmonious while being in contact with Shen Guohui. His mind pushed him into making a decision.

“Father, I want to go to the amusement park with Su Yu…” sO8G9M

Shen Muze, who had been struggling for a long time, finally faced Shen Guohui.

Gu Bai paused for a moment, his heart becoming vigilant. He turned his head sideways to stare into Shen Muze’s eyes, and only then did he laugh.

“Today? I don’t think the weather outside is good. It’s very overcast. It may even rain later…”

“Yeah, Xiao Ze. These past two days, it hasn’t been safe, so just stay at home…”


Shen Guohui also agreed by nodding, not because Gu Bai had said it was going to rain, but because tomorrow was the beginning of the apocalypse, and now there was a lot of disorder outside. It wasn’t safe for the two teenagers to go out and play now.

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However, it seemed as if Shen Muze seemed to have reaffirmed his belief to seek this path and pleaded.

“Father, today’s the last day. After today, we can’t play anymore. Father, let me go with Su Yu. The news says that the chaos has been controlled. Many people have been on the streets these days…”

He was unaware whether Xiao Li had told Su Yu when the world was ending, but even if Su Yu knew when the world was ending, there were still some things everyone didn’t know. GKbXVr

Although the beginning of the apocalypse began tomorrow, B City was already in shambles the day before, and in addition, the amusement park was the earliest gathering place for the zombies in B City.

He couldn’t let Su Yu stay with the Shen family any longer. Even more, he couldn’t do anything. If Su Yu continued to exist, he surely would follow the same road as his past life, which would truly be disastrous for him. The only method was to take Su Yu out and take advantage of the chaos to leave him behind.

Thinking of this, Shen Muze looked over at Gu Bai and invited him, saying, “Su Yu, Let’s go to the amusement park. You probably haven’t ever played there before. It’s really fun. Let’s go together…”

Although he tried his best to cover up the panic troubling his heart, his flashing eyes had betrayed his ideas. From childhood to adulthood, he had been protected by Shen Guohui too well, so he never learned how to plot schemes and intrigues. g7mwuc

The emotions in Gu Bai’s heart also fluctuated violently because of Shen Muze’s invitation. It was complicated, very complicated. He couldn’t clearly describe what the feeling was, and after a while, his heart finally became tranquil.

He took a deep breath as his thoughts went in circles, and at last, he nodded his head and smiled at Shen Guohui.

En, let’s go, Uncle Shen. I haven’t been to an amusement park yet, so let Xiao Ze and I go together…”

“Father, if you don’t feel at ease, just send some people to protect and follow us. After today, I’m afraid I won’t have the chance again…” CYz4xf

Gu Bai nodded along, so Shen Muze’s heartbeat faster, and he hurriedly continued to convince Shen Guohui.

“Okay, but you can’t stay out too late. You have to come back before six in the afternoon.”

The pleading gaze of the two teenagers was just too enthusiastic. Shen Guohui thought that there would no longer be such a wonderful life after the world ended. In these last few moments before the world was shrouded in darkness, he might as well give the two teenagers some everlasting memories. With bodyguards protecting them, it shouldn’t be a problem.

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After getting Shen Guohui’s approval, Shen Muze breathed out a sigh of relief. Accompanied by bodyguards, they got into the car and drove to the amusement park. RAB0Ga

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Gu Bai had been paying close attention to his state of mind and complexion for an awfully long time. After half of the day had passed, he finally uttered a sound and spoke to him.

“Xiao Ze, beforehand, didn’t you used to hate me? For what reason did you invite me today to go to the amusement park with you?”

“I—I… I don’t hate you.” Shen Muze pulled back his thoughts, and his eyes flickered while he shook his head, lacking any confidence. nL5Vgc

“Really?” Gu Bai gazed at him with clear eyes.

En, I—I really don’t hate you…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Shen Muze nodded, not daring to look into Gu Bai’s eyes, and he lowered his head and whispered. His fingers clasped tightly onto his knees.

“That’s good, Xiao Ze. Do you know that I envy you?…” imMzj5

Shen Muze raised his head when he heard this. His eyes were fixed on Gu Bai. This had been the beginning of his first ordeal. That was exactly what Su Yu had said. Since then, he began to lose everything he had, little by little!

Does he want to take everything from me again? Does he want to try again, ma?!

Shen Muze bit his lip. His eyes revealed fear, vigilance, and worry.

Gu Bai noticed, and his heart skipped a beat, but his expression didn’t change, and he continued to smile. V9ybzd

“Xiao Ze, I probably haven’t told you. I’m an orphan. My parents died when I was just ten years old…”

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Shen Muze didn’t answer, but he raised his head. Naturally, he knew about Su Yu’s history. At the beginning, he had felt sorry for Su Yu. That was his life after all, but Su Yu didn’t care much for his sympathy. Su Yu hated him, so he robbed him of everything.

“When they passed away, although I was still young, I can still remember it. I waited at home for a long time that day. It was already dark, and my father and mother still hadn’t returned. It was only when it was very late that the police dropped by, explaining to me that there was a car accident, and that they hadn’t made it…”

Gu Bai spoke as he stared at him. DfvAX3

“Later, my relatives came to help with the banquet, but after it had finished, they left. They didn’t want to take me in, so instead, they sent me to an orphanage…”

“I don’t like orphanages. They were short on funds, resulting in us only having two meals a day. One in the morning and one at noon, because we had to work in the afternoon. Those of us that were older and no one wanted to adopt had to work to help supplement the expenses for the orphanage. Only when it was at night could we sleep, and if we were asleep, then we wouldn’t feel hungry. So at that time, my biggest wish was to have a big meal to the point that I wouldn’t be able to walk afterwards…”

Gu Bai narrated in a calm voice the hardships of life that only those who had experienced it understood. Shen Muze still didn’t make a sound, yet his complexion changed a little, as if he was enchanted by the words that were spoken.

“When I was able to work for myself, I secretly snuck out because the newly-changed dean wanted to sell us, who were freeloading, off…” NH1Ys

“However, when I ran away, I was still underage, so it was hard to find a job. I wasn’t educated, and no one wanted to hire me. I didn’t know what to do. I wandered around on the streets for several months. I slept under a bridge everyday. I had to scavenge through garbage dumps and fought with other homeless people. I almost starved to death several times…”

“Why—why didn’t you go to the rescue station and ask for help…?”

Shen Muze finally made a sound. Living in an ivory tower, he couldn’t imagine the life of a commoner.

“I’d been there, but it was useless; at most they’d give me two meals. They found me annoying after I went there too often. They got annoyed with me, so later on, I dedicated myself to be a faithful follower to this one Da Ge and managed to get something to eat and drink out of it… But they weren’t good people and sold me off to a nightclub…” 2qguCT

“Night—night club…”

Shen Muze’s eyes distinctly fluctuated. He didn’t know this. His father didn’t say much when Su Yu was brought back.

No wonder at that time, he always felt that Su Yu was a little different from all the other boys. He didn’t know what kind of temperament he had, but he just thought that Su Yu was very vulgar, and that he was also very good at observing people and pretending…

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Thinking of this, he looked at Gu Bai with complex eyes. “Then you…” rx4kIc

“It’s nothing, I was lucky. Xiao Li Da Ge saved me, and as a result, I’ll repay him and promise to devote my life to him!

Gu Bai smiled. The smile was pure and bright, but it made Shen Muze’s thoughts more complicated.

Was that why he stole away Wu Ge during his last life? After all, Wu Ge brought Su Yu back with his father…

However, Su Yu had come back from all that suffering, so was he going to snatch and keep his place? Would Su Yu pretend to act so pitiful and destroy everything? He was obviously pretending, so why did everyone still like him so much… iHd6YZ

Shen Muze was trapped in all kinds of memories of his previous life, and he was unable to figure out how to deal with them.

“Both young masters, we’ve finally arrived at the amusement park.”

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The car soon arrived at the entrance of the amusement park. One of the bodyguards opened the door and asked them to go down.

Compared to the crowd in the past, there were currently quite a lot fewer people at the amusement park. After all, the epidemic was only slightly suppressed. Many people were still afraid of going out, but the amusement park was still bustling with noise and excitement. fS kCX

Gu Bai didn’t continue the discussion, and instead he got out of the car with the absent-minded Shen Muze, and began to stroll around.

To tell the truth, he had never been to an amusement park even after he had completed so many tasks. Before starting to do tasks, he was a child who grew up in an orphanage, so he also had some hardships. He had never experienced such happiness and contentment, and right now his frame of mind was quite good.

“Xiao Ze, what do you think of the transformer? It’s beautiful, ah!”

Gu Bai excitedly walked to a game stall where they threw sandbags to exchange for prizes. WoTI2d

Shen Muze lifted up his head and took a look. The prize was just a pirated and inferior product. Inside his playroom were a series of limited edition products, so this wasn’t rare at all.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, watching Gu Bai’s excited appearance of “never having seen the market”, he squirmed around, and the corner of his mouth lifted up slightly as he gave a stiff smile in return .

“I’ll gift it to you!” Gu Bai smiled slightly and immediately had the bodyguards pay the machine. This kind of game wasn’t very difficult. Even if there was something fishy about it, he was still a cultivator, so it wouldn’t pose a problem for him. He quickly hit the mark and gained the reward, giving it to Shen Muze.

Shen Muze stared at Gu Bai’s smiling face, and for a moment his frame of mind became even more complicated. J7dEHA

Just then, there was a commotion in the distance. The tourists who were playing happily just a moment ago suddenly started to run away in panic and shouted, “There are infected people here biting people! There’s many infected people! Everyone, run!”

Gu Bai looked past Shen Muze, and his pupils dilated instantly. He saw that at a distance away from where they were currently at, along with the frightened crowd that was running away in panic, a densely packed, innumerable group of zombies was following closely behind.

Yes, these already couldn’t be called infected. Those infected by the virus would at most have green faces. They would mindlessly attack others. However, these pursuing zombies were already fully rotted corpses. Furthermore, they were exactly the same as the zombies portrayed in the movies.

“Quick, run!” dVCQcT

The two bodyguards, who had immediately followed behind to protect them, also turned pale with panic. Pulling Gu Bai and Shen Muze, they ran towards the nearest exit they could find.

At present, it was impossible for them to escape the amusement park. They had already entered the innermost part of the park, so it would take them at least ten minutes to get out.

Furthermore, the crowd gathered at the amusement park was numerous, and their running speed wasn’t fast. In addition, the people who were continuously being dragged into the zombies changed into the same type of beings that had killed them. The number of zombies increased exponentially, which made people’s limbs weaken and their scalps feel numb!

Seeing the stampede in front of them blocking the way out and the zombies pursuing closely at the back, both bodyguards showed an expression of “we’re done for”. CTNgud

In this case, even they couldn’t run out by themselves, let alone with two spoiled young masters.

Shen Muze’s complexion was also a tad bit pale. Though he knew for quite a while that this would happen, and he was even prepared to just easily hide in his space whenever the situation turned for the worse.

His space was different from that of others. Due to the relationship with him and his rebirth, not only could he store materials, but as the owner of the space, he was allowed to enter it whenever he wished. Even during critical moments, he could save his life by just entering his space.

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However, he didn’t expect the circumstances to be even more frightening than what he had heard of in his previous life. dRqaiA

He looked at the spatial patterns on his hands and then at Gu Bai. His complexion changed a couple times before he decided not to hide in his space for the time being. Instead, he took out a couple of guns and gave them to the bodyguards.

“Use the guns, and look for a secure place we can stay at, so that we can wait for rescue!”

After he finished speaking, he also handed a gun over to Gu Bai. When all was said and done, he was the person with the most experience for the apocalypse. No matter how stupid and foolish he was, he still had the courage to calm down. In these types of circumstances, they absolutely couldn’t run out. They had no other choice, and the only option was to wait it out until support arrived to rescue them.

“Thank you, Xiao Ze…” 0pXYqR

The corner of Gu Bai’s mouth slightly raised, and he smiled and thanked him.

“No need. Let’s go quickly…”

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Shen Muze shook his head guiltily and urged him to leave.

With weapons in their hands, they felt a little more secure. The two well-trained bodyguards quickly calmed down and swiftly took Gu Bai and Shen Muze to find a safe place. Lnf2z9

Although Gu Bai could shoot, there were too many zombies at the moment, so a gun wasn’t very useful. He no longer hid his abilities. He immediately took out a refined double-edged sword that was in his space which he had stored in advance for situations such as these.

Raising his spiritual energy, he wielded his double-edged sword towards the group of zombies behind him. The sudden release of spiritual energy directly cut off the heads of a dozen or more zombies that were close to him, allowing him to escape a dozen meters away.

“Su, Young Master Su…”

…(⊙_⊙;)…!!!! q6lDWx

The two bodyguards couldn’t close their mouths. They weren’t the only ones shocked, as Shen Muze was also flabbergasted by the mystical scene and forgot to run away.

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“Crap! Total annihilation, ah!”

A middle-aged man running next to them also gaped and cried out in alarm.

Gu Bai didn’t have time to explain to them. He just said, “Go to the small shop in front; I’ll protect the rear!” Once again, a zombie pursued closely from behind. Gu Bai went out waving his double-edged sword. iGLXPT

Gu Bai used spiritual energy in his voice when he said this. Immediately, several people felt their minds quiver in response, resulting in them not being able to afford staying shocked. They hurriedly listened to his words and ran to the small shop that he had pointed to.

A moment ago, the middle-aged man who had cried out in alarm and said “total annihilation” also was affected and cleverly followed them as they ran away.

Although there were many zombies at the rear, after Gu Bai killed them all, he had won enough time for the others to escape, and soon after they ran into the small shop that they had seen before.

Unfortunately, when they finally went in, they realised that there wasn’t a single door in the shop. Just ordinary transparent glass windows, which would shatter easily, surrounded them. What was the use of hiding in here?! 87PEe9

Several people cried and cursed at them, before running away. Shen Muze looked at the surrounding environment, and then looked at Gu Bai, who was killing the zombies with a double-edged sword in his hand. Shen Muze forced himself to calm down.

He then hurriedly took out several guns which were specifically for group attacks from his space and distributed them to the bodyguards and the remaining survivors, before shouting.

“Trust him! Those who know how to use a gun, take one and try to buy us some time!”

Cat: Hi guys I’m back, sorry for the late release, I don’t remember if the next chapter or the chapter after that is my favourite one, but something really adorable is coming, well adorable in my own terms I don’t about your adorable factor, but damn squeal anyway. Hoped you enjoyed the chapter and please say thank you once again to the beautiful Mina and Evan who I keep whipping with my love and annoyance. kc3rso

Translator's Note

Shen Muze

Translator's Note

上辈子 [shàng bèi zi] : one’s ancestors; past generations; a former incarnation

Translator's Note

阴谋诡计[yīn móu guǐ jì] : schemes and intrigues; conspiracies and plots; intrigues and conspiracy; intrigue and Machiavellian tricks

Translator's Note

叔叔 [shū shu] : father’s younger brother, also a child’s form of addressing any young man one generation their senior

Translator's Note

Shen Muze

Translator's Note

半晌 bàn shǎng – half of the day, a long time, quite a while. it’s not being literal when it says half of the day had passed, it’s just exaggerating in saying a long time had passed since that moment.

Translator's Note

你 nǐ – informal ‘you’

Translator's Note

你 nǐ – informal ‘you’

Translator's Note

你 nǐ – informal ‘you’

Translator's Note

戒备 [jiè bèi] – to take precautions; to guard against (emergency)

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

the banquet is a Chinese Funeral practice, in which the families pay respects to those that have died, here is a website explaining the practice more thoroughly, http://www.flavorandfortune.com/dataaccess/article.php?ID=607

Translator's Note

means being highly protected and nurtured when young, so like rich people who are stereotyped into being naive on how common people live like

Translator's Note

以身相许 [yǐ shēn xiāng xǔ] – to give one’s heart to; to devote one’s life to; have sexual relations with the beloved willingly; pledge to marry somebody

Translator's Note

Shen Muze

Translator's Note

this kind of gives me SML vibes, for those that don’t know what SML is it’s short for It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male Lead, you guys should go read it if you haven’t already as the translation is close to finishing~

Translator's Note

上辈子 [shàng bèi zi] – one’s ancestors; past generations; a former incarnation

Translator's Note

Sorry just need to give some credit to bobeep for helping me with this passage as this went over my head, continue reading now~

Translator's Note

少爷 [shào ye] : son of the boss; young master of the house; your son (honorific)

Translator's Note

横扫千军 héng sǎo qiān jūn : total annihilation, sweep away the millions of enemy troops, sweep all before one

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