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Holding Onto My ManChapter 66


Edited by Evan

Xiao Li was a man of great courage. Once a decision had been made, he wouldn’t drag his heels and do things sloppily. 8f7PnA

At the time of the change in the Xiao family, he had already killed the restless people of the Xiao family. Now the whole Xiao family was in his hands. No matter what he did, no one could or would stop him. Now all the people who followed him were all his most loyal subordinates.

However, the news of the apocalypse was too bizarre. If he hadn’t seen the situation of Ah Hu himself, he might not have believed it.

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Moreover, there were many people with many mouths, and he couldn’t guarantee that if these people’s families knew that they wouldn’t disclose the news. If that occurred, it would cause panic, and then the state would use this excuse to immediately remove the illegal and secret thorn in their side, the Xiao Family.

Therefore, Xiao Li didn’t tell the news, but instead collected a large number of munitions with the cover of expanding the “industry”, and chose an appropriate place as the post-apocalyptic security base. quW2Y0

Gu Bai saw his actions and didn’t need him to explain. He also guessed that his apocalyptic idea was correct.

At the moment, he had another thing he was certain of, which was that there was definitely a reborn person in the Shen family. Generally, only a reborn person would have such advantages and confidence, and this person, maybe, was that Shen Muze.

In this way, it could explain why the original host didn’t know Shen Muze at the moment, but was already hostile to him. There was more than a 90% possibility that the two people had a dispute in their last life.

However, since the original host didn’t hate him, Gu Bai wouldn’t do anything for the time being. He would just be on guard because the original host’s mood was too complex. If he went in the wrong direction, the task would probably be one step wrong, and he’d lose it all!


Since it was certain that this was the end of the world and that the source was demonic qi, Gu Bai naturally had to prepare for cultivation.

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The Shen family had also gone into action. All their money had been dedicated to the collection of materials without any reservations. The space brought back by Shen Muze’s rebirth was very large, so they didn’t have to worry about having nowhere to store things.

While everyone was busy with preparations, time was also passing. Gu Bai was also preparing, but still didn’t forget his task.

Since he had determined that the Shen family’s father and son were his mission targets, he naturally needed to make contact and explore the mission clues. 6XdlaD

Every time Xiao Li went to the Shen family to discuss the apocalypse, he would follow and appear frequently in front of Shen Muze, observing the other’s emotions and thoughts to confirm the direction of his task.

With this kind of contact, Shen Guohui’s impression of him was getting better and better, but Shen Muze’s expressions were getting more and more fearful and bewildered.

Especially seeing the relationship between Gu Bai and Xiao Li made him both happy and worried.

If Gu Bai was really with Xiao Li, he wouldn’t try to steal Wu Dage from him. Yet it was worrying that if Gu Bai had Xiao Li’s support, he would become more of a threat to him in the future. va24Do

He didn’t know how long Su Yu could keep his identity a secret, but seeing Shen Guohui’s closer and closer relationship with Gu Bai made him panic, and he didn’t want to lose everything he had.

After watching Gu Bai leave, he couldn’t help but walk to Shen Guohui.

“Dad, do you like Su Yu very much?”

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“Su Yu is a good boy, very well-behaved. What’s wrong? Xiao Ze, dad doesn’t think you like Su Yu very much. Every time he comes, you’ll even hide and won’t leave your room. Su Yu is a very smart child. You’ll learn a lot if you get along with him, especially when you have such a character, so you have to change…” LWIHwd

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Thinking up to there, Shen Guohui had some self-reproach. He blamed himself for those years of being too extravagant with his spoiled son, so that his spoiled son was too naive and too simple.

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“Xiao Ze, dad and Xiao Li have already agreed to let Su Yu come to our house in a few days. You need to get along well with him. You know, Su Yu is a very clever child…” arOBIE

“What-he’s coming to live in our house?”

Shen Muze’s face suddenly panicked, and the anxiety of his previous life suddenly hit his heart. His fear of the last few days had finally occurred. Su Yu had come back, Su Yu had come back, so would dad find out, would he find out?… His face turned pale in a flash.

What well-behaved and clever, what good child? It was all fake; it was all just the other party’s act to confuse everyone. He couldn’t let Su Yu come back, he couldn’t!

He swooped down on Shen Guohui and begged, “Dad, can you not have Su Yu come? Please, dad, I don’t like Su Yu, I don’t like him…” EeqSrJ

His mood was too excited. This was Shen Guohui’s first time seeing his son like this, and for a while, he was puzzled and worried.

“Xiao Ze, why don’t you like Su Yu?”

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“I, I……” Shen Muze didn’t dare to explain what had happened with Su Yu in his previous life. He hesitated for a few seconds and then continued to beg for another way with red eyes.

“When he comes, dad won’t like me anymore. Dad has already ignored me these last few days. Please don’t let Su Yu come to our house. I really don’t like him…” vAFeNV

Even if he didn’t discover Su Yu’s identity, his father had already begun to have a favorable impression of Su Yu. He couldn’t imagine what kind of expression his father would have if he knew this time and couldn’t imagine the consequences.

He knew that his father wouldn’t hurt him, but as long as Su Yu looked smart and obedient, everyone would start to like Su Yu. Even if he was just an ordinary person with no ability, everyone still liked him.

Shen Guohui didn’t know what he was thinking. Hearing his words, he naturally regarded them as the expression of a child’s jealousy, rubbed his head, and laughed.

“You’re already this old, and you’re still jealous? Dad likes Su Yu very much, but he won’t dislike Xiao Ze. Alright, dad still has something to do and needs to go out, so you just safely stay at home. Recently, it’s more and more chaotic outside…” Az83JN

Comforting with a few words, Shen Guohui then hurried out again. The doomsday was near, and he had to finish the preparations as soon as possible and give his son a safe future.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Everything Shen Muze wanted to say was swallowed in his throat. His eyes were red, and he looked at Shen Guohui’s back with eyes full of complex emotions. He couldn’t help crying.

Wu Donghan was usually cold in the business world and was as stable as a rock, but he wasn’t good at comforting people. He could only pat him on the back and repeatedly comfort him by saying, “Xiao Ze, don’t cry,” with his stupid mouth.

But the more he comforted him, the more Shen Muze cried. The better Shen Guohui and Wu Donghan treated him, the more afraid he was of losing these good things. rfyk 9

When he had cried enough, he raised his head and looked at Wu Donghan with red eyes and said, “Wu Dage, don’t dislike Xiao Ze. You promise me that you won’t like other people in the future. Can you promise me that, promise me…”

Wu Donghan didn’t know that he was afraid or why he had said that, but he still nodded his head.

But this kind of promise still couldn’t alleviate Shen Muze’s fear. The news that Shen Guohui wanted Su Yu to live in the Shen family’s house had made him very upset.

On the other hand, Gu Bai wasn’t happy because he was being sent to the Shen family’s house. Although he was very close to Shen Guohui, he wanted to stay with Xiao Li more. YbxoOc

As soon as he got in the car, he took the initiative to ride on Xiao Li and asked, “Are you really going to send me to Shen family’s house?”

“What? Don’t want to go?”

Xiao Li stretched out his hand to hold his body. It was only a few days before the Shen family said the world would end, and there were still some things in hand that he hadn’t finished yet.

Also their excessive actions had attracted some people’s attention. In recent days, Xiao Li wasn’t very reassured leaving Gu Bai alone at home. In contrast, the 100 Li around the villa of the Shen family had become the centerpoint of their post-apocalyptic base. It was best for Gu Bai to stay with the Shen family to welcome the apocalypse. Szsu10

“Of course I don’t want to go. I can’t sleep without you at night, and I’m worried…”

Gu Bai nodded, completely pale, his face looking aggrieved.

“What are you worried about?”

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“Worried about when you’re going to eat me ah? I’ve already fantasized so many times that your blood is boiling, and you’re burning me with your heat, but you’re not moving at all…” qP2KvD

Gu Bai’s eyes were open. When he spoke, he was extremely blunt and shameless. Looking at his simple appearance, Xiao Li felt that Gu Bai radiated an extremely attractive light.

The blood in Xiao Li’s body was mobilized, and he couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

He shouldn’t have had even the slightest smidgeon of pity. He should have immediately and mercilessly gotten rid of people, so that the naughty teenager couldn’t speak provocative words anymore and could only groan and beg for mercy under him!

The two bodyguards in front also clicked their tongues. Ah Hu was quite straight. He couldn’t help turning around, covering his face, and pleading, “Boss, please take care of the little temptress in your honorable self’s house. Everyday the two of you do this, and my ears are nearly pregnant…” NJVcXC

He understood that the kid accidentally saved by the boss wasn’t a pitiful guy or an ignorant young man, but was instead a mysterious person, specifically a temptress from hell focused on seducing his boss!

As a temptress, Gu Bai was very conscious of being one. He nodded his head, his eyes bright.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“See, your subordinates even have suggestions. As a good boss who cares for his subordinates, what are you hesitating about? How about tonight? As his small lordship has pointed out, today’s a good time to spend together having **!”

“Pfft… Cough cough…” Fv73bd

The other two bodyguards in the car who had always been pretending to be deaf finally couldn’t help laughing out loud, and then they choked again, coughing and coughing. Ah Hu directly covered his face and didn’t speak. It’s finished, it’s finished, my ears are already pregnant!

Xiao Li finally couldn’t help grabbing Gu Bai’s little head and firmly grasping it. He lowered his head to give him a deep kiss. He also used his big hand to heavily pinch Gu Bai’s bottom. He only let go of him after a long time and spoke in a harsh voice.

“I’ll send you to the Shen family tonight…”

His self-control had reached its limit. He’d go crazy if the teenager tried to seduce him like this again. Once things were done, he would make sure this tease couldn’t get out of bed! SWrnt9

“You can be rest assured that cultivators have good physical strength and flexibility and won’t be unable to get out of bed. Besides, I prefer riding people…”

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Seeing into his inner thoughts, Gu Bai curled his lips and came up with some words.


Xiao Li took a deep breath and closed his eyes to recite the mantra of tranquility. FADY56

Several bodyguards turned their heads and stared at the owner of their house. They silently expressed, Boss, you can just pretend we’re not here and deal with this person, and we definitely won’t peek!

It was a pity that Xiao Li’s self-control was absolutely powerful. One minute later, the bodyguards regretfully looked away.

Gu Bai also sighed in his heart with regret. He resented the fact that he had been trying a thousand times with this hypocritical man. He accepted the fact that he had been sent to the Shen family to live alone for several days.

What Xiao Li was busy worrying about, Gu Bai naturally knew, but it was just the matter of how to store things. Although the Shen family was reliable, all their eggs couldn’t be put in one basket. qVCrxb

So when he left, he gave Xiao Li what he had finally refined.

In the end, this kind of world space was a must-have. When he was in the mysterious world, he had learned to refine a storage space, so he had naturally refined one now.

Besides Ah Hu, the other people hadn’t seen Gu Bai get the space jade when he was treating Ah Hu at the beginning and only now reacted. The young man who everyone had looked down upon and did nothing but hug the boss’s thigh all day was actually a master who was pretending to be a pig, but actually ate lions!

In this both tense and relaxed atmosphere, the footsteps of the apocalypse gradually came. FAbsRM

In just a few days, “rabies”, which were regarded as a variation, had spread rapidly, not only in China, but also in other countries. The whole world was in a panic over “variant rabies”.

No one knew what these “variant rabies” were. The top medical personnel from all the countries gathered together to study the vaccine, but no progress had been made.

In order to prevent the country from falling into turmoil, the government was afraid to tell the truth and could only try its best to appease the people, placing all infected people under quarantine to prevent the spread of infection.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This kind of powerful means of force effectively suppressed the infection for a while. The chaos in the street had been reduced by a lot, and people who didn’t dare go out had a chance to breathe. W bSGX

But Gu Bai looked at the news and only fell into a heavy mood.

In this so-called “epidemic” lull, he felt the magic in the air grow stronger and stronger, with the blue and bright sky’s color also growing deeper and deeper. By even just breathing, he could sense the rotten smell of blood.

The Shen family told Xiao Li that the apocalypse was in just three days, when everything would finally explode…

4 sFSy

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