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Holding Onto My ManChapter 65


TL: Cat
TLC: Mina
Editor: Evan

Because of the fluctuation of the original host’s emotions, Gu Bai was very interested in the Uncle Shen that Xiao Li had mentioned, and he continued to inquire about the situation. UH0VB2

It was said that the Shen family and the Xiao family’s friendship spanned two generations. It was also said that back then, when Old Master Xiao and Shen Guohui came out to the world together to make a living, Old Master Xiao walked down the dark road, while Shen Guohui started walking down the white path of business.

In B City, although the Shen family wasn’t a famous family, it was still a very rich family with a value of more than 100 million. The Shen family was often seen on the TV financial news.

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From the airport, there was no traffic all the way. Half an hour later, Gu Bai followed Xiao Li to a suburban villa.

This was a very European-style villa. With a glance, it could be seen that it wasn’t a place ordinary people lived in. There was also a large garden covering a wide area and valuable sculptures placed in the courtyard. All of them showed the wealth and taste of the host’s family. btdSWQ

Although it was Xiao Li coming to visit, Gu Bai thought it was more like the Shen family was eagerly inviting Xiao Li to come, because when they first arrived at the gate of the villa, they saw a young man in a suit who seemed to have waited at the door for a long time.

At the sight of Xiao Li getting out of the car, the man in the suit hurried to meet him. He, wanting to talk, but was worried since they were still outside, instead invited Xiao Li to the study so that they could prepare to talk alone. For Gu Bai, he was taken to the living room by the housekeeper to amuse himself.

This time Gu Bai didn’t follow him and instead followed obediently behind the housekeeper towards the living room. His facial expressions outside looked lovely and peaceful, but inside, his heart was experiencing extreme turmoil.

He found that he was very familiar with this strange Shen family villa, and the original host’s emotions became fierce and complicated. At this time, he was sure that the plot he didn’t receive was definitely related to the Shen family! b5Wu B

He just didn’t know what exactly the main point of the mission was. He felt that the hatred that resonated in the original host’s heart wasn’t strong. It wasn’t to avenge the original host and was very complicated and hard to guess. Gu Bai pondered over it quickly.

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While Gu Bai was waiting in the living room, in the Shen family study, after Shen Guohui saw Xiao Li, he straightforwardly told him all about the world ending.

In order to keep his son’s strange rebirth hidden, the Shen family only said that they had received some relevant information.

Although Shen Guohui was very sure that it was the best choice to cooperate with the Xiao family, they still needed to protect themselves and not lower their guard too much. They didn’t need to be too forthcoming with everything. NPqwMS

Shen Muze was also eagerly hoping that his father and Xiao Li would cooperate with each other.

After the outbreak in his previous life, the Shen family was destroyed, and all the money was turned into waste paper. However, because the Xiao family had a large group of loyal men under them, they were able to establish a security base.

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The strong people he knew after the world ended was numerous, but Xiao Li was the best choice.

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Regarding the apocalypse issue, Xiao Li had already guessed that something wasn’t right since Ah Hu had been bitten yesterday. He had sent someone over to investigate.

So at this moment, it wasn’t too surprising for him to hear about the apocalypse from the Shen family. As expected, he agreed soon. He didn’t believe people easily, but Shen Guohui was still someone he could believe.

In particular, Shen Guohui’s willingness to tell him that his son had awakened a “space” ability represented his great determination and sincerity to Xiao Li. sUjWcY

Everyone in the circle knew about Shen Guohui’s love for his only son. Since the other side dared to use Shen Muze’s safety as a bargaining chip, this sincerity was absolutely great, and he had no reason to refuse.

Shen Guohui was relieved when he saw Xiao Li being convinced with what he said. Especially Shen Muze, who was just thinking about cooperating with such a strong person such as Xiao Li, thought that the future would be much better when the end of the world came.

When the discussion was settled, Shen Guohui invited Xiao Li to stay at his home to eat dinner with him. After that, several people came out of the study.

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It didn’t seem like they conversed for a long time, but after waiting for half an hour, Gu Bai was already anxious from waiting in the living room for so long. When he saw Xiao Li coming out, like a swallow returning to its nest, he got up and greeted him cheerfully. Hzy0tk

“Be careful…”

Xiao Li hurriedly caught him and asked with a smile, while wiping away the stains of the juice he just drank. Gu Bai pursed his lips and allowed him to wipe. His eyes were smiling, and his intimate gesture wasn’t concealed.

“Xiao Li, this person is…?”

Shen Guohui and his adopted son, Wu Donghan, both had wide eyes and were shocked. They couldn’t believe the scene they just saw a moment ago. NHxP15

Outsiders wouldn’t know, but how could they still be unclear on what kind of person Xiao Li was? A real cold king of hell! But they didn’t dream up the soft and doting smile just now! Who is this young man? How can he get Xiao Li to treat him like this…?

The boy that was following beside them, Shen Muze, also opened his eyes wider, and his gaze was filled with even more disbelief than theirs. His eyes were fixed onto Gu Bai, and he thought, Su Yu! It’s Su Yu! How can he be here?!

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Hearing Shen Guohui’s voice, Gu Bai, who was currently so happy, trembled as the original host’s emotions suddenly erupted, making him unable to press them down. They caused him to feel excited, and he felt a “wanting to get close” kind of emotion. The original host’s emotions couldn’t be suppressed, which made him feel very excited and close.

Gu Bai turned back to look at Shen Guohui. Without the plot, he could only rely on the original host’s emotions to confirm the mission’s direction. CSuHcL

At the moment, his emotions were fluctuating so much, which confirmed his previous speculation. It seemed that the mission this time was related to the Shen family.

There was also that handsome boy beside Shen Guohui. The boy’s eyes, which were looking at him, were too sharp, making Gu Bai notice him even if he didn’t want to. Almost instantly, he became alert. The sharp gaze was very emotional and held a strong sense of hatred in them.


Gu Bai couldn’t find any information related to the boy after searching the memory of the original host, which only meant that they weren’t familiar with each other before. So why does he hate me then? AuwT 2

Besides, the original host’s emotions also fluctuated greatly towards the boy, but there wasn’t much hate, just a “complicated and unable to describe” kind of emotion. Between the original host and this boy, were they enemies or friends?

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Since there was no hatred in the original host’s heart for the time being, he still couldn’t guess the specific wishes. Gu Bai could only hold back for a while, and presently, he could determine at least two tasks.

All of this thinking seemed like it took a long time, but actually, it all happened in a split second, as his busy brain stopped. Gu Bai looked at Shen Guohui and said hello with a clever smile.

“Hello, Uncle. My name is Su Yu. I….I’m Xiao Da Ge’s boyfriend!” FIpnxL

After saying this last sentence, Gu Bai looked at Xiao Li and grinned, almost breaking Shen Guohui’s and the other spectators’ jaws as they dropped down in surprise.

Xiao Li was delighted by his grinning face. This little guy’s possessiveness was more than his. He nodded and reached for his shoulders. He didn’t need to talk, as just this action showed his meaning.

Shen Muze almost choked on his own saliva. He stared at him in horror and continued to stare. What did Su Yu say? What was he saying? How can he be Xiao Li’s person?!

He remembered that Su Yu didn’t know Xiao Li at all during his last life. What’s more, how could Xiao Li, such a ruthless person, like Su Yu, this scheming person? However, the tenderness portrayed on Xiao Li’s face didn’t seem to be a joke. gSiTO2

He thought that as long as his father didn’t bring Su Yu back, everything would be fine. Yet, he didn’t expect that Su Yu not only came back, but also tangled with Xiao Li.

Look, that adorable smile was exactly the same as that of his previous life. Su Yu took away his father with this exact same expression, as well as robbed his Wu Ge from him. Now he still wanted to come back and continue to take away everything from him?!

In Shen Muze’s heart, a tremendous panic and vigilance boiled over.

Others didn’t pay much attention to him, but Gu Bai, who had been watching him carefully until now, saw right through the panic and vigilance in his eyes and thought over it in his mind. wnisN1

Even if there wasn’t any hatred for the boy in the original host’s emotions, judging from the boy’s appearance, it seemed like they would definitely not be friends.

Continuing on, during their meal, Gu Bai didn’t pay any attention to Shen Muze, but was instead interested in Shen Guohui. He instinctively felt close to Shen Guohui.

However, he had found out that the closer he was to Shen Guohui, the more hateful the gaze that Shen Muze looked at him with, and there was also a hint of fear in his gaze.

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As soon as he thought about it, Gu Bai, when eating zongzi, deliberately followed the original host’s eating habits, poured soy sauce and sugar over the zongzi, and immediately found that Shen Muze’s gaze had changed again. Wang Ma, the servant beside him, laughed and couldn’t help but speak. kKJpAo

Aiya, Young Master Su also likes to eat like this. My family’s madam used to like eating zongzi like this. This salty and sweet taste isn’t something many people are used to…”

Hearing this, Shen Guohui also looked over. He had very deep feelings for his wife who had passed away early and was very familiar with her habits.

Noticing Gu Bai’s special preference in taste he thought of his wife for a while, before sighing with dejection. Unknowingly, Gu Bai gained a favourable impression from Shen Guohui. He took the initiative to grab some vegetables with his chopsticks and gave it to Gu Bai.

“Thank you, Uncle. This zongzi is truly delicious!” HUPVj

Shen Guohui had a very kind smile and had left a good impression on Gu Bai.

“You’re welcome. Eat more if you like. This is Wang Ma’s craftsmanship. You can’t buy it anywhere outside. Let Wang Ma pack some more later for you to take back so that you can eat it slowly and enjoy it…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Shen Guohui had a very kind smile and had left a good impression on him.

This joyous and harmonious scene fell onto Shen Muze’s heart, resulting in a painful prick and making it resemble that of a pincushion. He wasn’t convinced by Gu Bai’s simple smile at all. 1sD6Cf

This was their first time meeting, and the other side already won the attention and favour of his father. He just knew that as soon as Su Yu came back, nothing good would happen!

“Dad, I’m not feeling well. I’ll go back to my room first….”

Shen Muze was unable to bear the thoughts surrounding his heart, to the point that he felt unwell. He bit his lip and put down his chopsticks. At lightning speed, he ran back to his room.

“Father, I’ll go to take a look at Xiao Ze…” STK8cE

As soon as Wu Donghan, who was sitting next to him, heard that he was feeling unwell, he immediately threw down his chopsticks and said goodbye to Shen Guohui before quickly running out to catch up with Shen Muze. Looking at his back, Gu Bai felt that he had an idea about this time’s mission.

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This Shen Muze was absolutely the key to the task. Since the original host had no hatred for him, he couldn’t guess what the original host wanted to do based on his complex emotions. If Shen Muze didn’t do anything threatening to him, then he would just be on guard.

As he thought about this, Gu Bai became more relaxed and continued to enjoy his delicious food. If the apocalypse really came, this comfort he felt at this very moment would be absolutely luxurious.

Cat: Hey guys an early release~ During the time this publishes, it’s still Wednesday my time. I normally release a chapter around 4:00pm my time since somewhere in America it’s 12:00am over there, which consists with HOMM’s release day’s. Unfortunately I cannot release this during my usual time as i’ll be on a plane going to another state, so I decided to release this chapter early time-wise, as the day is still Wednesday for me. As for any typos or mistakes you found in the chapter, I won’t be able to fix them whilst i’ll be away for about 4 days, i come back Saturday night, but i’m not quite sure at what time, so for any typos or mistakes you guys find, it will have to be fixed on Sunday in which the next chapter will be released on. Other than that, enjoy reading and thanks for all of your guy’s support! kvqI0r

Translator's Note

世交 [shì jiāo] – old family friends

Translator's Note

伯父 [bó fù] – father’s elder brother; term of respect for older man

Translator's Note

粽子 zongzi – traditional Chinese rice-pudding

Translator's Note

王妈 – Wáng; surname Wang. Other translations are; wáng; king or monarch; best or strongest of its type; grand; great; wàng; to rule; to reign over. Mā; mum; mother.
佣人 – yōng rén – servant

Translator's Note

伯父 [bó fù] – father’s elder brother; term of respect for older man

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