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Holding Onto My ManChapter 64


TL: Cat
TLC: Mina
Editor: Evan

The next morning, Gu Bai woke up in Xiao Li’s arms. His man was domineering even in his sleep, as he held Gu Bai’s head with one hand, while the other was tightly wrapped around his waist. In this way, Gu Bai was strongly confined to Xiao Li’s side during his sleep. ISY0G

Gu Bai’s sleepiness immediately disappeared when he woke up in this embrace. He didn’t know why but he just loved this kind of possessiveness from his man. Excitedly moving closer, he kissed his man on the mouth, causing the soundly sleeping man to wake up.

“You’ve got a lot of guts…”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The wide awake man opened his eyes and tightened his hold around Gu Bai. Suddenly, in a certain place there was a reaction. The Adam’s apple of the man bobbed up and down a couple of times, unable to speak.

Gu Bai laughed happily when he discovered that a certain place also woke up. cl D15

His man this time obviously appeared indifferent, like that of one who possessed abstinence. However, presently, a simple and light kiss, like a fluttering dragonfly, could stir up the beast hidden away. It was clearly seen that his charm was still good. In short, he still had the ability to affect his man.

“Do I? I don’t know either. Do you want to feel it?”

Gu Bai continued to laugh, but in fact, he was very surprised that he could be so shameless enough to actually seduce people, but he couldn’t help it.

Following each world, he had found out that his disposition seemed to be changing slowly. Someone once said to him that he was just like a piece of nevermelting ice. nmsytH

However, now his cold disposition was getting hotter and hotter, and his empty heart was also filling up, full of his man.

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It was somewhat unimaginable, yet he was quite pleased.

He laughed and reached out his hands to hug Xiao Li’s neck, then his thighs wrapped around his man’s waist, clinging to him like an octopus. Gu Bai got closer to Xiao Li and nestled up against him.

“May I have a good-morning kiss? I want you to kiss me. I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday…” 3gfUrD

This kind of active temptation could make any man go crazy. Xiao Li, in a daze, looked at the youth who was nestling up against him. He had a feeling that he had met his match in this youth.

He couldn’t believe that his self-control that he was so proud of was so easily stripped away in front of the youth, unexpectedly he still felt somewhat good.

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“Don’t you know there’s a saying that if the seller is too urgent, the seller would end up paying more? When you come to the door like this, do you think I’ll take you? With my identity, there is no shortage of people…”

Lf wbnfv mibrfg ab Xe Djl’r fjg jcv ufcais yla tlw jwylueberis, tlr abcf kjr oliifv klat j vjcufgber jlg. nUxMQf

“P vbc’a xcbk flatfg, yea P’ii vfolclafis olcv j kjs ab wjxf sbe ilxf wf, yea cbk, P klrt wbgf atja sbe’ii xlrr wf gluta cbk, P’w yfmbwlcu lwqjalfca!”

Gu Bai comfortably said this before laughing. He clung tighter to him, the body temperature of his man was indeed very comfortable.

This eager and joyful expression filled with real emotions made Xiao Li laugh uncontrollably. He stopped hesitating and bowed his head to block his lips.

He stretched out his tongue, and while stirring it in Gu Bai’s mouth, he sucked the other’s tongue, enjoying the ineffable delicacy. His actions were fierce as well as gentle. This boy had to be the treasure given to him by heaven, the long-awaited treasure. uIdg1E

Gu Bai also narrowed his eyes in full delight, and he took the initiative to open up his mouth, inviting and enjoying the wonderful morning kiss. He waited in anticipation for his man to be unable to bear it, and shoot accidentally, which would be even better!

However, in the end, Gu Bai failed to have his wishes fulfilled. After ending the morning kiss, the man restrained himself, and instead he personally dressed Gu Bai up and pulled him out of bed to have breakfast.

Gu Bai’s heart was filled with resentment. Inside a pair of round eyes, the four words “Desire not satisfied” could be seen clearly. This delicate and beautiful naked young man was set in front of you, and husband you unexpectedly can actually restrain yourself!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The meaning in his eyes was too obvious. Xiao Li felt a painful kind of happiness. He couldn’t help but laugh. Once again, he lowered his head and bit Gu Bai’s lips before explaining. xg7bR6

“Breakfast first, then come with me to B city later…”

“B city?”

Hearing these words, Gu Bai gave a stunned expression, and suddenly, in the pit of his stomach, the emotions carried by the original host rolled out of control. The emotions that Gu Bai felt were that of complex feelings which ranged from eagerness, expectation, and excitement. However, even so, he had also felt the emotions of fear, cowardness, and apprehensiveness. To finish, he couldn’t exactly pinpoint on what kind of word to accurately describe what he was feeling.

The original host’s state of mind had unexpectedly rolled over, which showed that the task of the original host had a very close relationship with B city. To be more accurate, it should be that his target was more than 90% likely to be there this time! irv7sk

Gu Bai’s thoughts overturned. Without delay, he accepted it quickly. After all, although it was important to be with his man, it was more important to complete his task first. This was the basic condition for him to be with his man. He had to live if he wanted the chance to stay with his man.

After having a special breakfast prepared in the kitchen of the hotel, Gu Bai put on the new clothes that were just bought from the shopping mall and got on the car to the airport with Xiao Li.

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Along the way, Gu Bai keenly felt that the air around him was carrying a kind of chilling, dangerous feeling of oppression and an unknown omen, as if there was an impending disaster brewing in the world that was about to erupt.

However, this kind of omen could only be felt by people with a powerful soul like him. Ordinary people couldn’t realise it. Therefore, pedestrians on the road were still the same as usual. Only occasionally could they see the confusion caused by several rabies patients on the road. 13mvpf

The radio in the car was also broadcasting messages. It was about the recent emergence of a variant of rabies. They called on the public to pay attention to the streets. If there were sightings of any infected people, then they had to immediately be sent to the hospital for isolation. Experts had been studying antibodies, great progress had been made, and so on…

Ah Hu and the others were relieved to hear the news. After all, they still couldn’t believe the existence of the so-called “zombie” that came from Gu Bai’s mouth. After all, they all knew what a zombie was from watching TV.

If that really happened, would the world become the same as it was on TV? Then that really would be too frightening and extremely difficult for them to accept!

Nevertheless, at the moment, the news of “curable variant rabies” was still more acceptable. rAbkmX

Gu Bai shook his head in his mind. This news broadcast was obviously a lie to pacify the public. Others didn’t know it, but he knew it best.

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Once these people were infected by demonic qi, there was basically no chance to cure them, such as Ah Hu, whose recovery was a pure and lucky accident.

Nevertheless, those who were completely eroded by the demonic qi would want to change back into a normal human. Unfortunately, unless they found the Master who sent out the demonic qi and made him take it back out of his own accord, only then they could turn back into humans.

However, such powerful demonic qi proved that the devil was very formidable. It was almost impossible to find the other party and let the other party recover the demonic qi. WFT1Qj

In the six realms of humans, ghosts, Yao, gods, devils, and immortals, the demons were indeed well-known for being unreasonable. Moreover, the devil race advocated strength. If one didn’t have enough power, the demons wouldn’t wholeheartedly accept and yield to the other person, and they would absolutely be disobedient to the other person.

Even if Gu Bai had a heart, he couldn’t be the saviour. Now he was also a clay Bodhisattva who couldn’t even protect himself when crossing the river. He should try to finish his task first.

There was cause and effect in everything. Since God had arranged that this world would break out into an apocalypse, there had to be a reason for it. There was no need for him to worry about it. He would just let nature run its course properly and well.

Pressing down on his thoughts, Gu Bai recovered his positive attitude and got on the plane to travel to B city with Xiao Li. F97rqn

Along the way, Gu Bai had a good spirit. He acted as a chatterbox and constantly harassed and teased his man. In passing, he asked about the identity of his man. Although he didn’t care, he was just curious to know.

Xiao Li himself, contrary to what one might expect, didn’t have much to say, but he was no match for Ah Hu, who was by his side and was also a chatterbox. In a short amount of time Gu Bai managed to get all the information about his man from Ah Hu.

Just as he suspected, this time his man was indeed on a dark path. On the surface, he was the Boss of a very large-scale bodyguard company, but in fact, he was one of the big shots in the underworld in China.

Starting from Old Master Xiao, the Xiao family started to prosper using the shady path.. Ubd9QS

Back then Old Master Xiao was naturally a playboy. Apart from his few blatant wives around, there were many orioles and swallows out there. In total, there were more than 10 legitimate children and illegitimate children.

Therefore, as soon as he died, the Xiao family fell into a fierce dispute over the family property. Xiao Li, who was born from the first wife, was the most qualified son to inherit the property of the Xiao family. Naturally, he became the target without any suspense.

However, Xiao Li wasn’t a troublesome master. He had been very clever and brave since he was young. Since he was ten years old, he had followed the Old Master Xiao to learn how to deal with family affairs.

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While other children still acted spoiled in the arms of their parents, Xiao Li, who had already followed along in Old Master Xiao’s shadows, killing people with a gun. His indifferent face caused even Old Master Xiao to feel apprehensive. xaq U7

Furthermore when he was 18 years-old, he led a group of friends to the Golden Triangle and took down a weapons selling business. He was definitely as ferocious as a tiger and wolf, possessing an entire group of subordinates who were whole-heartedly devoted to him.

When the legitimate brothers and sisters, along with the illegitimate children, had besieged and fought for the family property, He struck them down fast.

His method was very cruel, and in front of everyone, with a cold, indifferent expression shot them in the head one by one. As if he didn’t recognise them as his family, the indifference of Xiao Li had frightened everyone present into peeing themselves.

From then on, he took control of the Xiao family’s white and dark businesses. The clean business called him ‘‘Mister Xiao”, while the dark one called him “Xiao Sanye”. His family’s man was wild, so he could break the sky! 7jdKWV

After listening, Gu Bai raised two small fists in his heart and praised himself. He was so happy that he could hold his man’s golden thigh safely and boldly.

No matter what difficulties or problems, as long as he had his husband, the world is his!

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It takes two hours by plane from N city to B city, in a blink of the eye, they arrived at their destination.

After getting off the plane, Xiao Li was going to let the bodyguard take Gu Bai home to rest, and he would go out alone. kL IFt

Originally, Gu Bai didn’t have any complaints about not going with him, but for some reason since getting off the plane, the emotions of the original host became even more volatile.

Especially when hearing that Xiao Li was going to visit Uncle Shen, the original host’s emotions had reached an unprecedented high, which made it hard for Gu Bai to breath.

His mood fluctuate like this. If Gu Bai didn’t understand the direction of the task, then all the prior lives he had lived through would all be in vain. Now it was obvious that his task was definitely related to this Uncle Shen, whom Xiao Li was going to visit.

Cat: damn this was a little bit of an annoying heavy info-dump on our ML. Mw98WD

If you happen to find any errors or typos don’t forget to hit me up on our #typos-and-mistakes channels, since Evan had to go to a family wedding she was kind enough to edit this before Mina could go over it, so some edits may have been overwritten by Mina’s TLC so warning, also sorry for this being an hour late I have no excuses today σ(≧ε≦o) ( ◞・౪・)

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Once again, thank you lovely readers for the encouragement and support love you ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

Thanks to itsnotafineday for the help; because the buyer won’t want to do any business with an anxious person

Translator's Note

Evan: must be nice to not have morning breath.
Mina: lololol, knowing ML he would probably enjoy it
Cat: Why do ML’s always have weird kinks?

Translator's Note

擦枪走火 cā qiāng zǒu huǒ – to shoot accidentally while polishing a gun, (fig.) a minor incident that sparks a war

Translator's Note

“desire not satisfied” in Chinese is written with four characters – 欲求, 不满

Translator's Note

Mina: I think this is a play on 老公, which means husband and also sounds the same as 老攻

Translator's Note

泥菩萨 – clay Bodhisattva, in which 泥菩萨 mean Clay Bodhisattva whilst 泥 mean mud; clay; paste; pulp or it could mean restrained

Translator's Note

Mina: not the exact translation but kinda similar meaning, like he was a loose person, played around a lot type

Translator's Note

莺莺燕燕 [yīng yīng yàn yàn] – metaphor on a group of women discussing things together, other transliterations orioles and swallows — a bevy of young girls; a crowd of women chattering together pleasantly

Translator's Note

white and dark means like the clean registrated into the government kind of clean white business, whilst black or dark businesses are the shady ones that go against the law so the black market, the sex slave industry etc.

Translator's Note

Mina: 萧三爷 – Third Boss Xiao

Translator's Note

Mina: 老攻 again, like I mentioned earlier, a play on 老攻 sounding like husband

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        Tranquila, sí entendí.

        Ah, así que era así.

        El dueño del cuerpo actual de GB, entonces sí fue adulado.

        GB sufrió un dificultades técnicas al llegar a este mundo o su sistema falló…

        Bueno, es lo que he entendido jeje.

        Ahora, hay algo extraño aquí sí el dueño original fue adulado ¿qué remordimientos tendría?, ¿acaso la muerte del hijo del Sr Shen?, como sea la vida del anfitrión al principio no fue nada agradable… me lo imagino violado y teniendo que ser vendido a muchos hombres en esos 6 meses, dudo que su mente no se haya retorcido un poco.

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