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Holding Onto My ManChapter 54


Translator: Callis
Editor: Evan

Don’t think that the position of Emperor was very grand. In fact, this position demanded that he wake before the rooster and sleep later than the dogs, worrying and working hard, needing to handle all of the Imperial edicts piled onto his table. uO pbn

While Emperor Tianchen was reading through them, Gu Bai didn’t make any trouble, obediently nestling in the other’s arms. His tail slowly wagged, his eyes also resting upon the edicts.

Although the Wei Country was certainly rich and powerful, and the small neighboring states didn’t dare to provoke them, there were always unforeseen natural disasters.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wei Country’s fortune for the next few years wasn’t good. The northwestern region had been going through a drought for two years, while the eastern region had been repeatedly flooded. The common people had no way of making a living. They managed to find a decent solution, but natural disasters were difficult to predict. Although Emperor Tianchen had the talent for ruling a country, he had no other alternatives.

In the middle of the plot, Prince Rui whom Su Xinru had conspired with used this to sow discord. HPUli

The uneducated commoners didn’t understand, and adding on the superstitions of this dynasty, they began to complain one by one. So when Prince Rui seized the throne and the natural disasters receded, there was unexpectedly not a single person that protested. They all supported the ascension of the new emperor.

Emperor Tianchen carefully read the edicts with wrinkles on his forehead. Gu Bai’s heart was also heavy.

The original host wanted to stop Su Xinru from harming Emperor Tianchen. So, of course, he needed to think up a way to preserve Emperor Tianchen’s position. It was just that these natural disasters were truly difficult to settle.

Even though Yao could perform magic, the problem was that the original host was too lacking. He couldn’t even transform. If he wanted to move mountains and drain seas, summon lightning and bestow rain, it would be as difficult as scaling the heavens.


When he thought of his current situation, Gu Bai became depressed and couldn’t help but sigh.

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“What are you thinking of?”

Emperor Tianchen who had just been reading through the edicts suddenly took note of Gu Bai’s movement. When he saw the other’s human-like movements, his furrowed brows suddenly loosened. He had already determined that this little dog was very special. If it wasn’t a Yao, then it was a supernatural being.

He couldn’t resist putting down his brush and edicts, his hand comfortingly stroking over Gu Bai’s back. 6y4cNO

A dog’s body was typically more sensitive than a person’s, so the petting brought forth a limp, trembling sensation. Gu Bai couldn’t help but let out a satisfied whimper.

After he called out, black lines ran across Gu Bai’s face, but he quickly adapted to it. The original host’s emotions caused him to greatly like being intimate with Emperor Tianchen.

Besides, he noticed that this short moment was similar to the middle of the plot. He wasn’t like other Yao and wasn’t afraid of Emperor Tianchen’s Purple Dragon Qi. Instead, when he was by his side, he could feel indications that his abilities were growing.

In other words, Emperor Tianchen’s Dragon Qi was very beneficial to his cultivation. VIS02Q

Thinking of this, Gu Bai immediately cheered up. If it was like this, then it would be easy to handle. As long as he had the energy, he could help Emperor Tianchen settle the natural disasters!

Emperor Tianchen actually didn’t know what he was thinking. When he saw the extremely dependent movement from Gu Bai, his heart was very comfortable and a wave of affection came over him. He felt that when he had come across this little thing, it was like his heart had softened into a puddle of water.

“Your Majesty, this dog likes you very much……” The eunuch by his side observed and started to flatter him. “Seeing that it is no longer early in the day, would Your Majesty like a meal? This slave can see that the dog looks hungry……”

When Gu Bai listened to the palace eunuch’s words and heard about a meal, his ears immediately perked up. His eyes brightened when he thought of an emperor’s meals. YSjkD2

When he was staying in the pet room for a month, if the palace eunuchs didn’t give him raw meat, they gave him dog food. He didn’t have a single ounce of human rights, and he’d long since had enough!

“Woof, woof!”

Gu Bai immediately curried favor with Emperor Tianchen and called out twice. He wanted to eat rice, he wanted to eat dim sum, and he wanted to eat what people ate. He didn’t want to eat raw meat and dog food anymore.

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He he, you want to eat? Then we shall……” Weyj2h

Rbgwjiis, lo tf tjvc’a olclrtfv tlr ubnfgcwfcaji joojlgr, Swqfgbg Kljcmtfc kbeivc’a gfra. Lbkfnfg, tf kjr lc j nfgs ubbv wbbv abvjs, jr lo atf qfbqif bo atf mbecags kfgfc’a jr lwqbgajca jr atf ilaaif vbu lc ogbca bo tlw.

As the emperor, everything he did was bound by rules and regulations. Though Emperor Tianchen certainly wasn’t extravagant and wasteful and could be considered more frugal than past emperors, there were still nine dishes on his table, which symbolized the authority of the emperor.

“Kjxf atbrf atlcur jkjs. Lf klii fja atf rjwf atlcur jr Itfc……”

Sitting in front of the spread of dishes, Emperor Tianchen placed Gu Bai directly onto the table. Having seen the little palace eunuch bring over the minced-meat dog food, Emperor Tianchen waved him away without a second thought. Tf9luQ

When he turned and faced Gu Bai’s delighted gaze, he smothered a smile. Since the dog was a Yao or a spirit, then it couldn’t eat pet and livestock food. Besides, he would also have hated to do such a thing to the dog.

He watched Gu Bai’s expression, and when he saw him looking at a dish, Emperor Tianchen would take a piece from the dish and place it into the bowl in front of him.

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Gu Bai had long since begun to drool. The hosts in his tasks didn’t lead poor lives, so his appetite and standards had been raised early on. As the saying went, going from a simple to an extravagant lifestyle was easy, but going from an extravagant to a simple lifestyle was difficult. Even moreso, this time, his body and temperament was a dog’s.

Just when Emperor Tianchen brought over the chopsticks, Gu Bai ducked his head as quick as lightning, extended his tongue, and gulped down the small morsel of food. v NOKn

The action was like a clap of thunder, vigorous and nimble. When the food was in his mouth, his cheeks puffed up around it.

His eyes narrowed; he was so deeply intoxicated and happy that he wanted to cry. Compared to the raw meat and minced meat……it really was too, too, too, too damn tasty! It was still better to be human!

“Woof, woof……” He still wanted more!

Gu Bai shamelessly bowed down under the temptation of good food. He called out to Emperor Tianchen two more times, his tail wagging, and his glossy eyes full of expectation. rd4JRt

With his limited understanding, the palace eunuch rushed over. Even if it was a dumb animal, it still couldn’t offend His Majesty in such a manner.

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“Your Majesty, let this slave serve the dog……”

“No, Zhen likes him very much……”

Emperor Tianchen seemed indifferent, but he was in fact in a very good mood. Even his words towards the palace eunuch were more gentle than usual, and he picked up a piece of braised meat and used his chopsticks to feed it into Gu Bai’s mouth. zVxDsF

Seeing him eat it and even use his pink and tender tongue to lick the chopsticks, Emperor Tianchen couldn’t help but laugh with joy.

Seeing this, the always attentive palace eunuch could only drop the matter. He muttered gloomily in his heart that he had served His Majesty for so long, but he had never heard him laugh. Regardless of whether it was towards the court council or towards the harem, His Majesty had always maintained an enigmatic, cold expression. This little dog really was amazing……

Gu Bai didn’t care what the palace eunuch thought, as now he just wanted to eat and drink well. His body originally wasn’t that of an ordinary dog’s, so his appetite naturally was large. After a short amount of effort, the table was cleared of a good number of dishes.

Aware that Emperor Tianchen had been feeding him but hadn’t eaten himself, Gu Bai stopped eating and raised his head to look at the emperor. In his heart, the original host’s emotions bubbled up, giving him an indescribable happiness. IHWif2

Thinking of this, Gu Bai wanted to grab more dishes, but he remembered that he was currently a dog and that he couldn’t do a difficult action like picking things up with chopsticks. Picking things up with his mouth didn’t seem very appropriate either.

“Woof, woof.”

After thinking, he crawled towards an untouched dish and used his paw to push it towards Emperor Tianchen. He called out to hint to the other that he should eat. He was currently the golden thigh that Gu Bai had to hold close, so he knew he had to fawn over him to achieve the desired results.

“This small thing is full of intentions, hahaha……” Uzjoa1

Emperor Tianchen was instantly delighted by Gu Bai’s fawning, and he dotingly picked up the chopsticks. He didn’t care that Gu Bai had just licked the chopsticks; his gaze was overflowing with delight.

The instant Gu Bai heard his words, his good mood vanished. He couldn’t help but cover his forehead, he wasn’t a “small thing”, so could he not take him for a dog……

Even though he looked like a dog, his expression was too human-like. At a glance, Emperor Tianchen could see his despondent expression and understood what the other was thinking.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Putting down his chopsticks, Emperor Tianchen couldn’t help but stroke the other’s fur, picking him up until they were eye level. When they were on the same eye level, it just so happened that he gave Gu Bai a mouth-to-mouth kiss. YbUFtd

In a split second, the palace eunuchs and maids inhaled sharply, all having the urge to rub their eyes.

Gu Bai’s body had also stiffened and his eyes suddenly widened. If what he had just felt wasn’t wrong, then that familiar feeling was…… that man!

“What happened? You don’t like it when Zhen kisses you?”

Emperor Tianchen had noticed that Gu Bai’s body stiffened, so his expression dulled, his smile fading. He was very careful; he didn’t want this dog to be alienated from him at all. He very much liked his intimacy and dependency. LfhxFD


When Gu Bai returned to his senses, he let out a small whimper. He stared at Emperor Tianchen, his gaze bursting with emotion. Aside from the original host’s emotions, his heart also throbbed with his own feelings.

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He remembered the mysterious master’s last words when he had left the starry space. The mysterious master had answered him, saying that he would definitely meet the other man in the worlds. This type of familiar feeling could only be the other’s.

In other words, this world’s Emperor Tianchen was him! G7BZwe


Gu Bai called out with emotion, then jumped and fell on top of Emperor Tianchen. The other was flustered by the sudden movement but still promptly caught him.

He was actually incapable of containing the happiness in his heart. Before, he had always been anxious about the end of his task being their separation, but now that they could reincarnate together, how could he not be happy? How could he not rejoice?

Now that the distance between them had closed, Gu Bai was happy enough to immediately extend his tongue and lick Emperor Tianchen’s Adam’s apple, softly and warmly. There was a moist sensation, but Emperor Tianchen didn’t think that it was disgusting, rather, that it was a titillating feeling. oHlctz

While he was holding and teasing Gu Bai, he also took a few bites of food. When he saw that Gu Bai’s stomach was rounded, he carried him out to the Imperial Gardens for a short walk before returning to the Imperial study to look over more edicts.

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With numerous natural disasters, there were many things for the Imperial court to handle. It wasn’t until night that he finished dealing with all of the governmental affairs on his desk.

“Your Majesty, do you need Her Majesty to wait upon you today?”

As per regulation, the palace eunuch served up all of the Imperial concubines’ green tablets. 2ZsgQY

When Gu Bai, who had been dozing off, heard the noise, he suddenly opened his eyes. His gaze fell upon the palace eunuch’s tray and he immediately stood up.

If Emperor Tianchen had only been Emperor Tianchen, then he wouldn’t care how many people the other had. However, now that he knew that Emperor Tianchen was the man he was looking for, he couldn’t bear to hear about the harem of three thousand beauties. It wasn’t jealousy, but the natural course between lovers.

“Woof, woof!”

He suddenly threw himself at the old palace eunuch, knocking over the tray in the other’s hand with a paw. Then he jumped over to the scattered green tablets and hopped all over them, taking special care to step on Su Xinru’s. Ki47o9

Finally, he turned around and barked twice at Emperor Tianchen, then turned back around with his butt facing the other, a sigh coming out from his nose.

“Your Majesty, this……”

His actions were too sudden, and the eunuch appeared to be embarrassed. To his surprise, Emperor Tianchen was staring blankly. What Emperor Tianchen thought of was a mystery, but he unexpectedly laughed.

“No matter, take these things away……” RWdUbS

Emperor Tianchen only walked over to Gu Bai after sending the eunuch away. He picked up Gu Bai, whose butt and tail were facing him. His deep gaze was overflowing with tender feelings, and he smiled.

“Are you drinking vinegar?” Emperor Tianchen moved Gu Bai closer and asked in a very good mood, carefully observing his human-like eyes.


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Gu Bai barked once then turned his face to the side, his attitude clear. v4m6u3

He was extremely angry. At that time, he was the one who spoke about the tenderness between lovers transcending through time, that he wouldn’t forget him even if his soul went through the cycles of reincarnation. Now that had collapsed, and the other had three thousand beauties in his harem; he really wasn’t afraid of kidney damage!

Even if he hadn’t said anything, Emperor Tianchen understood what he meant. After this confirmation, Emperor Tianchen’s heart burst forth like scalding lava from a volcanic eruption.

He had unexpectedly placed such importance on the little dog’s mood. If others knew that he had asked if the dog was drinking his vinegar, they would think that he was insane.

But at the moment, seeing Gu Bai’s movement, he was extremely happy. His handsome face burst into a smile, his cold and strict features softening. dMiutd

Even though Emperor Tianchen was happy, Gu Bai was still in a bad mood, especially when he thought of his man doting solely on Su Xinru out of the whole harem. His heart was emitting a sour scent.

Sure enough, men couldn’t be trusted about bedroom matters!

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After his souring mood, Gu Bai couldn’t help but worry. In the plot, Emperor Tianchen’s mind had been muddled by Su Xinru.

Thinking of this, Gu Bai pulled himself from Emperor Tianchen’s embrace and jumped onto the table. He bit at the writing brush, dipped it in ink, and shakily wrote the characters “Su Witch” onto the paper. EZSufO

When he finished writing, he barked at the other, his tone incredibly worried and emotional.

As Emperor Tianchen, who had just been very happy, watched him write, the smile gradually receded from his face. A cold look flashed through his deep eyes, and then their eyes met.

“What do you want to say?”

“Woof, woof!” J0DYEO

Right now, Gu Bai couldn’t say anything. He was so worried that he almost died; he could only vigorously pat at the word “witch”. It would only be acceptable if Emperor Tianchen was somewhat cautious.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

No matter how much he motioned, Emperor Tianchen seemed to have no reaction aside from having a deepened gaze. Instead, Emperor Tianchen picked him up to tease him.

“Little thing, you’re actually so smart as to worry…… Since you’ve knocked over Zhen’s green tablets today, then would you accompany and just lie with Zhen? En, if you don’t speak, Zhen will take it as an agreement……”

The other’s expression changed too quickly, and Gu Bai hadn’t noticed the difference. Now, he was helpless, and when he heard the other’s words, his brain froze and he couldn’t react. u1LsPG

Just, just, just, just… just lie with? What did that mean? Could it…… would that be too heavy of a taste?

Gu Bai, who had no bottom line, suddenly thought of certain images and immediately became embarrassed. He couldn’t help but use his two paws to shyly cover his eyes. His tail had also curled up.

Puppy Gu Bai is too adorable (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

I got burnout translating one of my other novels so I took a break and doodled puppy!Gu Bai of an unspecified breed, just that super fluffy tail… dQ3SIp

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

It’s more a chuckle than a weird laugh…

Translator's Note

九五至尊 -> Nine is one of the highest Yang numbers and five is ‘following the right path’, and thus shows the authority of the emperor

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

绿头牌 -> tablets with concubines’ names; an emperor would turn one over to indicate which concubine he wanted to spend the night with

Translator's Note

吃醋 -> To be jealous

Translator's Note

I’m assuming from ** too much….

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