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Holding Onto My ManChapter 51


TLed by Shirubame
TLCed by Dandan
Edited by Evan

The next morning, Gu Bai woke up in Pei Moqian’s arms. Recalling the passion from last night, Gu Bai felt ashamed, but at the same time couldn’t help holding Pei Moqian again to breathe in his familiar scent. IRsjk7

Although he didn’t know why he hadn’t felt the familiarity from Pei Moqian before, the intimate contact between them at this moment told Gu Bai that Pei Moqian was that man. In any case, being able to meet was a good thing. There was no need to think about it too much. He just needed to care about every moment in the present.

After the meet-up, the two left by plane in the afternoon.

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Pei Moqian didn’t ask Gu Bai why he was so opposed to him before, especially the reason behind the current change in his demeanor. Gu Bai didn’t explain much either. He was in a good mood and let the other lead him.

Tang Linyi flew back to Nanshi the night before. When Gu Bai got home, he only knew that Tang Linyi never came out of his room since the moment he got home. wBNKCH

Tang Dahai and the others obviously didn’t know about the meet-up. The people who had to go to the company went to the company as usual, those who went to the salon went to the salon, and those who were to busy themselves in the kitchen busied themselves in the kitchen.

Due to the last bit of the original host’s emotions remaining in his chest, Gu Bai thought about it and then boldly knocked on Tang Linyi’s door.

“Ge, it’s me……”

After knocking for a while, Gu Bai called out to the other before opening the door.


When the door opened, Tang Linyi saw Gu Bai standing at the door. Tang Linyi looked haggard, and he had a complex expression on his face. He didn’t speak, nor let Gu Bai in, remaining silent for a long time.

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Gu Bai didn’t know what Tang Linyi was thinking about, but the turbulent emotions in his chest told him that what Tang Linyi was thinking about had to be about him.

“Ge, are you okay? Yesterday…..”

“Zihao, I want to ask you a question.” ZHTAMm

Tang Linyi suddenly interrupted Gu Bai.

Gu Bai nodded, indicating to him to continue, while feeling a little moved in his heart. Tang Linyi could actually call him Zihao so kindly? It was like the sun was rising from the west.

“Your gaming ID, ‘Bai’, when did you start playing on it?”

“Around 3 months ago. What’s the matter?” jpTO1v

Around 3 months ago, the timing was just right…..

The expression in Tang Linyi’s eyes became even more complicated, and his hands by his sides shook. Something seemed to break at this moment.

It turned out that the “Bai” who cooperated with him was Zihao, the “Bai” who talked cheerfully with him was Zihao, and the clever “Bai” who he resonated with in his heart was Zihao. The person he liked was, yes…Tang Zihao….

At the same time, Gu Bai felt that the emotional distance in his chest overturn and gradually disappear, which meant that his task was finally completed. h3le9

“Zihao, the ID called ‘Bai’, give it to me later…..”

After a while, Tang Linyi spoke, then turned around back into his room. The view of his back felt indescribably dispirited. At this moment, his aura was no longer so cold.

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Gu Bai looked at Tang Linyi’s back and sighed with regret.

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Rbk, Vbcu Wljczec tjv cba bcis wjvf tlw ibrf ojmf, yea la tjv jirb aegcfv bea atja, lc atf fcv, atf “ulgi” tf ilxfv kjr j wjc, tlr sbecufg ygbatfg. Pa kbeiv ajxf j ibcu alwf obg Kjcu Olcsl ab gfmbnfg ogbw atlr yibk.

Gu Bai speculated that the last remnant of the original host had remained because of his unspoken wish for Tang Linyi’s love.

The simple-minded teenager fell in love with a man he could never obtain. He yearned but was afraid. He could only hide his love in his heart.

Gu Bai took a deep breath and left. HvYVnK

After that day, he discovered that Tang Linyi seemed to have changed somewhat, but was still cold and aloof. He and Song Xianxun broke up. No matter how the other explained, his face didn’t change.

He merely responded, “You were never the person I liked,” and left coldly without even looking back.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Song Xianxun visited him twice in a row and didn’t dare to find him anymore. She left with red eyes. She got together with Ling Chen two days later.

Whether it was Tang Linyi or Ling Chen, both were famous students known to be rich and handsome, so Song Xianxun becoming the girlfriend of both of them, before and after, naturally attracted her classmates’ attention. Ue2GIV

In addition, because of Tang Linyi, she had a falling out with Wang Lele. Wang Lele hated her to death and told everyone that Song Xianxun had a foot in two camps. For a while, the three characters “Song Xianxun” became the name that all the students of Qing University knew of. Everyone looked at her strangely.

Song Xianxun, who had always been regarded as a goddess, couldn’t stand this kind of sudden treatment. However, she was now a third-year. It wasn’t easy to transfer to another school, and not only that, Qing University was the best university in Nanshi. So she could only brace herself and continue to go to school, passing each day as if it was a year.

But fortunately, Ling Chen was there, so no one dared to say anything directly to her face. He took her out to play around after class, which made it less unbearable.

But the good times didn’t last long. Song Xianxun soon found out that although Ling Chen liked her, he was simply a playboy with many ambiguous partners around him. He once kissed another woman in a KTV in front of her. xk1e0o

Song Xianxun was very angry, but Ling Chen didn’t care at all. Naturally, before, she was the best that couldn’t be obtained. Now that he had obtained the goddess, she was no longer a goddess.

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Also, Song Xianxan’s temper wasn’t as gentle as her appearance. She was impulsive and irritable. It was cute to be coquettish and jealous occasionally, but it was annoying to be jealous and running wild every single day.

It wasn’t long before Ling Chen became too lazy to coax her, and they quarreled everyday.

By the end of the term, before Song Xianxun broke up with Ling Chen, the Ling family faced bad luck. The government used Gu Bai’s prior anonymous incriminating evidence to uproot the Ling family. tEuUas

Ling Chen’s parents were arrested and his family’s property was frozen. Ling Chen couldn’t escape. Although he was a student at school normally, he did a lot of work with his father secretly. Furthermore, he was over 20 years old, so he was also arrested.

When Ling Chen was arrested, Song Xianxun was shocked stupid. She gave everything to Ling Chen, but now the other was saying that he was being confined immediately. What was she going to do now?

But being stupid couldn’t change reality. Tang Linyi and she had broken up, and Ling Chen was now in confinement. Naturally, the two of them were finished.

Without Ling Chen’s care, her classmates were no longer afraid of talking about her and didn’t hide their words. RJokQ9

Especially her former good sister, Wang Lele, whose relationship with her was now incompatible as fire and water. Every time Wang Lele saw her, she had to mock her before she left.

Song Xianxun was enraged. Holding a grudge in her heart, she couldn’t help but spread some of Wang Lele’s private affairs to the public, and the two good sisters were at each other’s throats.

Finally, with great difficulty, Song Xianxun was able to get an internship, so she went through the procedures and left school as quickly as possible.

However, it was unknown why she was so unlucky. There were several students from her school who were also interns at the company, and her affairs were naturally spread again, to the extent that her relationships with the people of the company weren’t at all good. WAIOw4

After that, there were no male colleagues who pursued her in the company, and she didn’t get the chance to know any high-quality men outside. She always felt that the person she was introduced to was not worthy enough, and she didn’t get married until she was in her thirties.

Song Xianxun was very depressed after her marriage. Whenever she recalled the glory of her youth, then looked at how busy and tired she was now, she felt very sad….

Gu Bai didn’t stay in the Tang family for long. After graduating from university, he and Pei Moqian went abroad to get married. Zhang Li was astonished, but accepted it at once.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhang Li could be Tang Dahai’s little wife with no name, proving that she was definitely a person of no moral integrity, so whether Gu Bai liked men or women, she didn’t care. zYOVKo

On the contrary, Tang Dahai, who didn’t know that the original host wasn’t his own, and therefore thought Tang Zihao was his own son, naturally was in a bad mood.

But Pei Moqian’s identity wasn’t ordinary. Among the world’s top 500 largest corporations, the fiery hot “Record of Immortal Cultivation” was under his control. The Tang Family wasn’t much bigger than an ant in front of the Pei family. He had no choice but to give his consent. Fortunately, he had a son who also accepted the situation.

Not long after Tang Linyi and Song Xianxun broke up, Tang Linyi went to work as an intern at a company. After Gu Bai and Pei Moqian got together, he married a wife from a family of similar status under the arrangement of his family. He never played games again. It seemed that the past events were buried in his heart.

When Gu Bai returned to the starry space, he felt that his weak soul had finally recovered its solidity. k7WsZi

“The task was completed well. Tang Zihao was very satisfied…”

The familiar voice sounded. Gu Bai looked up and saw the shadow in black armor, who seemed to have been waiting in the starry space for a long time.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Unlike the cold and emotionless voice from before, this time he heard a trace of joy in the voice of the mysterious master.

But Gu Bai didn’t look into it too much, and instead directly clasped his hands in greeting. uPBgzE

“Thank you very much for your appreciation, Master. I want to enter the next task right away…”

Only when he entered the task could he continue to be with that man.

As soon as his words fell, the mysterious man across from him didn’t immediately make a sound. His eyes, which once had been ice-cold, stared at Gu Bai and fluctuated several times.

His eyelids lifted, and his deep and dark eyes were full of starlight, an unspeakable brilliance in the dark of the night. I1uE8m

“You don’t want to take a moment to rest?” There was some concern that was suppressed in the tone.

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“No need….”

Gu Bai was sure to nod his head. He now only wanted to enter the next world quickly. He had repeatedly met that man so many times, so he had a special feeling that he would definitely meet the other man again.

Seeing his look of eager anticipation, the figure of the mysterious man seemed to tremble a little. He seemed to have an impulse to approach Gu Bai, but in the end, resisted. zrmI9s

“That man, the man you meet every time you enter a world, you like him?”

Hearing the mysterious man’s words, Gu Bai was stunned again, but then immediately regained his composure. He was unsure why the mysterious master would take the initiative to speak. After all, Gu Bai was the one who took the initiative to chat before.

Furthermore, because of that man, the mysterious master had warned him before. Was the mysterious master afraid he would delay the tasks because of that man?

“Master, don’t worry, I won’t make the same mistake as last time…” TfAdYd

Gu Bai thought about it and clearly stated his dedication. He would absolutely never indulge in the world again, because if he died like that, he would never see that man again.

“It’s okay. I just want to know, why you towards him…..” Saying this, the mysterious man paused. His voice seemed a little hoarse with an imperceptible expectation.

“I chose you before, because I was very sure you wouldn’t become enamoured with anyone, but why only him…”

“…I don’t know, but you can be rest assured, Master, I really won’t affect the task again. Please, Master, give me a chance. I… I want to see him again.” LZ3X9W

Gu Bai shook his head and didn’t deny his feelings. He knew that the mysterious master was very powerful. Since the other could send him into worlds to complete tasks, it wasn’t surprising that he knew of his actions in the world.

Maybe Gu Bai used to be a person without a heart, but now he had one. That man was his heart. As long as he saw the other, he felt like he was different. Mysteriously and inexorably, he seemed to have been looking for him for a long time, but at last, he had finally found him.

Thinking of this, a smile appeared on Gu Bai’s face that he didn’t even notice.

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The mysterious man, who had been staring at him, naturally saw his expression. At that moment, he felt that watching all this time was worth it. 67LpVu

“I promise you that you can meet him in every world in the future. Also, don’t call me master anymore… Ye Cang, that’s my name!”

After he said that, the mysterious master’s mouth revealed a smile, then he waved Gu Bai, who hadn’t yet responded, into the next world.

As soon as Gu Bai left, the man drifted to the place where he had just stood and raised his chin, as if he were sensing some kind of aura.

Like last time, a ball of dark light flew out of his hands and turned into a human form. It looked exactly like Pei Moqian, with a slight smile on his face. KorddS

“He really is Bai, there’s no mistake.”

Hearing this, Ye Cang’s face, which was half-covered with a mask, also showed a smile. There was endless excitement and joy in his cold eyes, and his voice was rough and husky, yet also a bit upset.

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“I’m so stupid. In spite of everything, I didn’t discover it before….Just why has the appearance and aura of Bai’s soul unexpectedly and completely changed?…”

“Is it because of that guy? After all, he’s…” Pei Moqian frowned, and his eyes, identical to those of the mysterious man’s, became bloodthirsty. 1PEy2R

“No, he wouldn’t be able to do such a thing….”

Before Pei Moqian finished speaking, the mysterious man interrupted him. He raised his head and stared at the boundless sky. A long time passed before he made a sound.

“The only one in the world who can change the appearance and aura of Bai’s soul is Bai himself. No one can control his soul, not even the underworld, which controls the reincarnation of six realms of life.

“Bai……what’s he doing?” DTbyfc

“I don’t know…But no matter what Bai is doing, I believe in him…”

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The mysterious man shook his head and retracted Pei Moqian back into his body, experiencing the scenes and feelings of being with Gu Bai in that world, with a smile on his lips.

His fingers gently touched the jade figure in his hand. The gentle action was like touching a lover’s skin, sentimental and lingering.

And that’s a wrap for the gaming arc! \(^▽^@)ノ We finally have a name, Ye Cang! KZYp1u

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Evan: sounds chunni

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Onto the next arc: Bark?!


Translator's Note

So 气息 can mean scent, breath, aura, etc. I am not 100% certain which one this is referring to, so I just chose scent.

Translator's Note

脚踏两只船 = to have a foot in both camps / straddle two boats = a two-timer

Translator's Note

Her name is three characters

Translator's Note

super popular

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

There may be some readers who are confused. But he is nodding because he is agreeing to the previous question, as in “Yes, I don’t need to rest.”

Translator's Note

The Bai in Gu Bai means white. This Bai means hundred. From here on, the Bai they are talking about is referring to Bai as in hundred.

Translator's Note

He refers to himself as 本君 ben jun = this prince

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