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Holding Onto My ManChapter 37


Edited by Elestrea

When Gu Bai returned to the starry space, he felt weak. DAJT8H

He speculated that it might be the nostalgia for the man in his heart that led him to indulge in this world and touch it.

The rules the mysterious master once talked about all carried the punishment of death.

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“How do you feel?”

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded in his ear. He looked up and saw a shadow floating in the air opposite him. He was wearing armor and a helmet. It was the mysterious master. akBoXO

As soon as Gu Bai recovered, he immediately bowed over his hands. “Thank you master for your help.”

In the world, he clearly felt that his soul was about to dissipate, but he still returned to the starry space alive. It could be seen that the mysterious master saved him.

“Do you remember what this prince told you before?” The mysterious man didn’t accept his thanks. His voice was as cold as ice.

“…” Gu Bai didn’t speak. He was a little stiff.


“If you indulge yourself in the world, you will be destroyed!”

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The mysterious man’s cold eyes stared at him slowly, and his tone was still filled with endless majesty.

“For these mission worlds, you are an outsider. You are not limited by the reincarnation cycle of these worlds. If you cannot return to the starry space and the world cannot accept you, the end result will be to erase your existence…”

“I……” Gu Bai’s face was slightly pale. He already felt like his soul was very weak at the moment. pdWzy3

The mysterious man looked at his state, paused, and waved up a black light which entered Gu Bai’s body. After his soul solidified, he murmured.

“You finished your task well this time. You should have been rewarded, but after making such a big taboo, the merits and demerits cancelled each other out. Remember, next time you indulge in a world, this prince won’t save you…”

“Thank you, master, this subordinate knows.”

Gu Bai nodded hoarsely. 9HqoMg

In the previous tasks, he could not understand why the original owners were willing to exchange their souls, and could not understand the feelings of these love-obsessed men and women in their tasks.

But this time, when he saw Ji Changyin’s death, he couldn’t control his emotions and had wanted to follow him. It wasn’t anticipation or a lonely sense of companionship he felt for that man, it was love. He fell in love with the man who he had met three times.

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But this kind of love seemed to be too difficult for them. Every time the man reincarnated, he would lose his memory, and his appearance would change. There were 3000 worlds, so many and so big, and the chances for them to meet were too slim.

Dea fnfc lo atf mtjcmfr kfgf rilw, ja ifjra atfs ralii fzlrafv. oBvb2l

Ktlcxlcu bo atlr, Xe Djl’r fsfr yfmbwf mifjg jcv ecmibevfv. Lf abbx j vffq ygfjat jcv rjlv gfrqfmaoeiis ab atf fwqas rtjvbk lc ogbca bo tlw.

“Zjrafg, P’w gfjvs. P kjca ab mjggs bc atf cfza ajrx ja bcmf.”

As long as he was in a task world, he would have a chance to see that man again.

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Seeing his request, the mysterious man looked at him deeply before nodding. bh0d3Z

“Well, I hope this is not the last time I see you…”

“I understand. Thank you for your concern.”

Gu Bai raised his head and said firmly that he would not be addicted to the world anymore. As long as he was working in different worlds, he would have a chance to see that person again. If he died, they would have no chance to meet again.

The mysterious man didn’t speak and waved him off to the task. GmguRs

After he left, the mysterious person spread out his hand, and a black light flew from his palm and fell in front of him, forming into a human figure. If Gu Bai was still there, he would have recognized him, that figure was Ji Changyin!

“Finished watching, you should come back…”

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The mysterious man stared at Ji Changyin and said faintly.

“Can you treat him better? What were you so serious about… ” AY6ndg

Ji Changyin looked at the place where Gu Bai disappeared and smiled softly. Then he immediately recovered his face and looked at the mysterious man in displeasure.

“Hmph, you actually have the face to teach this prince a lesson!” The mysterious man snorted coldly, and his mood seemed very unhappy.

“You were even moved by another person in that world. Even if it was just an avatar, if he finds out later, he will certainly be angry with you!”

Hearing the “he” in the mysterious person’s words, Ji Changyin’s face slightly changed, his eyes suddenly set, his hands hanging on both sides clenched, and he was a little grumpy and worried. 1Ym3Q2

“How is he?”

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“As usual…” The mysterious man closed his eyes. His eyes were as cold as ice.

“But this prince will never give up! So don’t make trouble for this prince, help this prince recover as soon as possible… ”

“Don’t worry, how can those people think that you dare to take such a risk as to divide up yourself, hide yourself in the three thousand worlds, and draw strength to cultivate? Before long, we will recover. However, we must make sure that those people will not die well! ” 8hGtQf

Ji Changyin looked at him and nodded coldly, then said “But there’s something I want to tell you…”

“What is it?”

“It’s Gu Bai… We are all part of you, everything comes from you, including our feelings and thoughts. I will never be moved by him just because of myself. It’s most likely because I’m influenced by you… ”

Before Ji Changyin finished, the mysterious man interrupted in a cold voice, “Impossible! I will never be attracted to people other than him! ” F8khdp

“But you didn’t kill him just now, which shows that you are soft-hearted…Besides, you dare not face him with your real body. You are afraid that he will find out… ”

“But even if you don’t have to face him in person, and erase his feelings for us, so that he can’t find us in the next world, but after all, he has absorbed our original power, so sooner or later he will find out…. Moreover, because of you, our characters in the mission world, which lie dormant, will also instinctively approach him.”

Ji Changyin pondered.

“You are right. We can’t have feelings for anyone, but now we have an exception for Gu Bai. It’s not normal…” uIiTWD

“You mean…” The mysterious man’s tone was also dignified.

“This time, I felt that Gu Bai’s body has his aura …”

“What did you say? A-are you serious, but at that time… ” The mysterious man’s body shook suddenly, and his breath fluctuated violently.

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“There are exceptions to everything…” xUivd8

“I see. Come back first.”

The mysterious man took a deep breath and nodded his head under the strong fluctuating emotions in his heart. He waved to Ji Changyin, and his body turned into black light and returned to his original body.

After feeling that the strength in his body had been strengthened a little, he raised his hand and looked at the jade carving of a delicate puppet on his hand. The ice-cold eyes showed a lingering tenderness.

When he woke up again, there was silence all around him. Gu Bai opened his eyes and found himself in a modern decorated room. 3qEjJH

He was lying on a soft big bed, with a white ceiling and gorgeous crystal lights above his head, and a beige curtain on the opposite side. The sun outside the room was very big and looked very hot, but the air conditioner was on in the room, which was very cool.

It seemed that the world of his mission this time was modern, and according to the decoration and size of the room, the family conditions of the original owner should be good.

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He had gotten used to holding the golden thigh after several times. Gu Bai was very satisfied with the environment he woke up in. He took a drink from the water glass on the bedside cabinet, then lay down again, closed his eyes and began to receive the plot.

His body was 19 years old, and his name was Tang Zihao. o0hspJ

In his early years, his father, Tang Dahai, was just a very ordinary small contractor. With his own skills and the support of national policies, he soon established a real estate company from a small contractor and became a famous upstart in the southern city.

However, Tang Zihao was not Tang Dahai’s legitimate child, but his mistress’s illegitimate son.

Zhang Li, Tang Zihao’s mother, was born into an ordinary family. Her parents were all small employees of the company. She was a very beautiful girl since childhood. After graduating from college, she went to work in Tang Dahai’s rapidly advancing real estate company.

Like most of gold diggers, Zhang Li, a young and beautiful woman, was eager for the rich life of the upper class, and soon hooked up with Tang Dahai, an upstart. Qig5jZ

Zhou Sufen, Tang Dahai’s original wife, was just a rural woman with no culture and no opinions. Zhang Li walked into the door with her stomach full, only to find out that her husband was stealing bites to eat elsewhere.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, Zhou Sufen was really a woman with no brains and opinions. Although she was sad, Zhang Li was already pregnant with Tang Dahai’s son and was about to give birth. She was deceived by Tang Dahai. Although she was unwilling, she still agreed let Zhang Li and her son join the Tang family.

Fortunately, Tang Dahai had some conscience. He didn’t abandon Zhou Sufen this waste and Zhang Li also didn’t have the desire to turn it into a huge domestic fight.

Although she worshiped money, she was also very discreet. She just wanted to live as a rich wife without worrying about food and clothing. jNnufT

Birthing Tang Zihao into the Tang family, Zhang Li became Tang Dahai’s little wife. She peacefully becoming sisters with Zhou Sufen, which made Tang Dahai enjoy the highest happiness of all people.

Tang Dahai was very fond of this illegitimate son Tang Zihao since he was young. He was an upstart who wasn’t very cultured and made a fortune by chance. Therefore, he raised Tang Zihao into a very arrogant and willful person.

Tang Zihao was now at a famous Qing University in Nanshi. In fact, according to his achievements, he couldn’t get into Qing University. However, Tang Zihao wanted to come to Qing University to study, and so Tang Dahai threw around some money to get him into Qing University.

As for why Tang Zihao was determined to come to Qing University, of course, it was because of his brother, Tang Linyi. Tang Zihao liked his brother, not as friends and relatives, but actual love! xehcfk

But Tang Linyi didn’t like Tang Zihao. He was a normal straight man. Let alone talking about liking a man, with his relationship with Tang Zihao, how could he like the son of the mistress who destroyed his happy family.

Tang Linyi didn’t like Tang Zihao, but Tang Zihao seemed to be hellishly in love with him. However, it wasn’t normal. Tang Zihao himself knew that and never said anything about it.

However, this did not prevent Tang Zihao from focusing on Tang Linyi to solve the problem of his lovesickness. Therefore, as soon as the college entrance examinations were over, Tang Zihao pulled Tang Dahai to Qing University in order to see Tang Linyi.

His secret love for Tang Linyi would not bear fruit. Tang Zihao knew that very well, but that did not prevent him from continuing his secret love for Tang Linyi. 8WTKJk

Tang Linyi’s performance was excellent, but he had a hobby that his parents had never approved of. That is, he liked playing games.

Therefore, in order to understand his secret love, Tang Zihao, after learning that Tang Linyi liked to play games, also followed him into game called “Record of Immortal Cultivation.”

And when he signed up, Tang Zihao specifically chose a female character, and naively expected to conduct an online love affair with someone he liked in the game world

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juurensha: Start of the gaming arc! (And somewhat hilariously to me, yet another MC pretending to be a girl online…)

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