100 Ways to Heal a Psychopath

100 Ways to Heal a Psychopath 拯救精分的一百种方法

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Author: 豆花米线
Total Chapters: 79 (ongoing)
Genre: Comedy, Manhua, Quick Transmigration, Shounen Ai
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Translators: Crepescule
Release Schedule: Sporadic


Tang Dong Bao was so close to becoming an immortal. Before he could receive an official certificate, he had to complete a task. Thanks to the guidance of his senior immortals, he accepted an amazing task! His objective was to travel to different worlds and save the target, Xiao Yi. However, in the first world, Dong Bao was directly killed by him! What exactly can I do to save you, my dear target?!

This is the story of one man’s attempt at treating a psychopath.

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  1. Ooh, a bl quick transmigration manhua? This is the first time I’ve seen one. Normally it’s always novels of this type. But seriously, the synopsis sounds so fun! Really excited to see exactly how psychotic this ML is xD

    Thanks for picking this up! 🙂

  2. Ara~? It’s actually a BL QT Manhua? If I didn’t read the comments beforehand, I would’ve missed that tag! It’s quite a delightful surprise to see something new, so I really hope this won’t disappoint~ I’m not expecting it to have a storyline that is as entertaining as DPUBFTTB, but I do hope it’s at least somewhat enjoyable~! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

  3. WOAH. A MANHUA?!?!

    I’m super duper excited, holy moly, congrats Crepescule for starting a manhua here on CG instead of elsewhere!! 🎉🎉 Hopefully, your manhua team won’t be you alone! 😘 (I-It isn’t, right?)

  4. This is a first.

    My lifelong dream has been realized.

    I’m shedding tears. I didn’t even know I have this kind of lifelong dream.

    Looking forward to this~

    Thank you for picking this up!ヾ(≧▽≦*)o