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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh70 - A New Ghost


Edited by Noks and Wiji

When Ji Fengyu left the Le Family’s house, his entire body was boiling as if he was going to explode from anger. If he hadn’t remembered what Le Yao had repeatedly told them not to do, he would have definitely already strangled Aldrich using Le Feishan’s hands.  pfkLH3

Son of a b*tch! How dare you have such a shameful idea about my brother!

Rong Gui was also furious after he heard Ji Fengyu recount it. He even wanted to encircle Le Feishan and Aldrich, and wrap them up in their resentment. But if they did that, Le Feishan and Aldrich would become unlucky together. They were afraid that people would easily suspect Le Yao and Xu Yao as the culprits, so they decided to bear with it for the time being. 

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About an hour and half before dawn, Le Yao summoned them to Xu Yao’s residence. By this time, the ghosts had already adjusted their mood so that they wouldn’t show any expressions of displeasure. Frankly speaking, they were, after all, old ghosts who had been drifting around for at least several hundred years, and their ability to manage their facial expressions was quite adequate. Mainly, they just didn’t want to let Le Yao know the truth. He was pregnant with children and distressing him was the last thing they wanted to do.

“That’s all?” Le Yao looked at Ji Fengyu with disappointment. “They didn’t say anything else?” Ji Fengyu had told him that Jiang Xinduo really thought Le Tianyu was dead. As for Le Feishan, Aldrich had come to inquire news about Le Tianyu and had also offered to help. 1QRCtH

Ji Fengyu replied, “No, that’s all we heard. Previously, the man Le Feishan had sent to Huaxia to find you may have said something to Le Feishan after he returned. I think Le Feishan is being careful now. Of course, it may also be that Le Feishan hadn’t planned to tell Aldrich the truth from the very beginning.”

“All right. Then I’ll give you some incense first, and you should rest up.”

Le Yao lit the incense sticks and then yawned. Recently, he became tired easily. After returning to Xu Yao’s residence, he had felt a little uneasy about Ji Fengyu, so he hadn’t slept very well. Coupled with their early departure from Huaxia, he felt very sleepy right now.

Ji Fengyu didn’t say anything more. He inhaled the fragrance and winked at Xu Yao when Le Yao wasn’t paying attention. p7jK6d

Xu Yao understood that Ji Fengyu had something else to say to him, so he accompanied Le Yao into the bedroom. After Le Yao was comfortable, he made an excuse about dealing with something, and then came out again.

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Le Yao was really sleepy. Naturally, he didn’t think much about it and quickly fell asleep.

“When we got home, Le Yao was really worried about you guys. He didn’t get to sleep well at all. I believe he won’t wake up before dawn.” Xu Yao raised his chin and pointed at the translucent table and chairs placed opposite his sofa. “Please sit down and rest, this new furniture was made by Le Yao as soon as we had arrived here.”

“Rest isn’t important.” Ji Fengyu said, “Mr. Xu, is it true that an Omega’s mark can be washed out?” ta7Lol

“Yes, it’s true. Why did Brother Fengyu suddenly ask about this?”

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“That scum Aldrich had actually said that he wanted to wash away Le Yao’s mark!” Ji Fengyu gritted his teeth and suppressed his voice. When he recalled the conversation between the two people, he became furious again. “I never heard him ask Le Feishan about Le Tianyu since I arrived at all. They were basically only talking about Le Yao. Aldrich already knew that Le Yao has special abilities, so he wants to take Le Yao as his own person. He also suggested that Le Feishan should help him. I was afraid that Le Yao would be too angry after hearing that, so I said nothing.”

“Qjrt jkjs atf wjgx, bt, tf vjgfr ab rjs la!” We Tjb’r ojmf revvfcis yfmjwf yijmx, jcv tlr fsfr rffwfv ab yf oliifv klat j wegvfgber jlg. “Qtja kjr Of Mflrtjc’r gfrqbcrf?”

Al Mfcuse rjlv, “Ktfgf kjr cb jugffwfca cbg jcs bypfmalbc. Qf vlvc’a vb jcsatlcu yfmjerf kf kfgf jogjlv bo jgberlcu rerqlmlbc. Gb sbe kjca er ab oglutafc atja Civglmt olgra?” Adg30n

“Frighten?” Xu Yao stared at Ji Fengyu and smiled, but this smile was far from reaching his eyes. “Brother Fengyu, do you think I am such a good person?”

Ji Fengyu: “…”

Xu Yao stood up and said, “It’s almost dawn. You should rest first. Naturally, I will deal with everything else.”

Ji Fengyu wanted to ask a couple more questions, but in the end, he didn’t say anything. Even though  there was no wind in the room, Ji Fengyu felt a little cold involuntarily. He felt cold air spilling in from the top of his head directly to the soles of his feet. So, after a little hesitation, he took Rong Gui and Bei Hongli out. F21OEx

When they had returned, they had already seen the other ‘house’ that had been burned by Le Yao situated in the yard.

Xu Yao went back into the bedroom and sat silently beside the bed. When he saw that Le Yao was not sleeping very well, he gently grasped his hand and whispered into his ear. Le Yao magically relaxed, as if he knew that it was him, and arched towards his arms.

How could he be willing to let others lift their fingers toward his dear person, who needed and depended on him the most?

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Xu Yao looked at the darkened sky outside and whispered, “Leslie,” k2FqRx

Leslie also answered in a whisper, “Yes, General.”

“Help me check on a specific person’s birth time, and then use the software written by Yan Jie to calculate their eight characters and send them to me,” said Xu Yao.

“Alright General, who is it?”

Xu Yao uttered a name, slowly caressed Le Yao’s face and closed his eyes. In his mind was a collection of all talismans that had been drawn by Le Yao. Sheet by sheet, one by one, they were clearly displayed within his mind. 4todJf

Maybe he should try to draw some other talismans. His little wife suspected that he was a God instead of a human, so he would try to see if he really was. Although he had always thought that something like this was impossible, all impossible things had become possible ever since Le Yao’s arrival, so now, he didn’t dare to say too much.

Le Yao had slept late and so, didn’t wake up until noon. When he woke up, he was still a bit dazed, and it took him a long time to remember that he had returned to Tarot.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Leslie? Where’s the General?” Le Yao shouted into the air, because he wasn’t used to the quilt beside his being empty. On the spaceship, Xu Yao had accompanied him until he opened his eyes and got out of bed.

“Good morning, Madam. The General is in the study.” Leslie’s voice sounded from the communication device. “He is currently having a conversation with Commander Guan Xuefeng. It should be about preparing you and the General to meet the Emperor and the Empress. The Emperor and Empress would like to see you personally to understand the issue of the undead army.” LJdY5D

“Has the Team Leader woken up?” In the blink of an eye, Xu Yao’s hologram appeared in front of Le Yao.

“Why do you call me that? Do you still want to play this game at home?” Le Yao laughed, “And how did I become a Team Leader again?”

“You have three little guys in your stomach. Don’t you think of yourself as their Team Leader?” Xu Yao smiled, “Get up and let’s eat breakfast.”

This house was ten times larger than their home in Huaxia. In that house, he could see into the rest of the rooms as soon as he left the bedroom. Here, Le Yao had to let Leslie guide him so that he could meet Xu Yao in the study. When they got to the dining room and sat down, the intelligent chef began to set their breakfast down on the table. J3ZOe4

Le Yao asked casually, “Did Uncle Guan talk about seeing the Emperor and Empress?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Yao said, “Un, we’ll go to Hall of The Great Moon in the evening and have a formal audience with the Emperor. This time, the Emperor will summon all four of the Grand Marshals, as well as the Commanders and a group of high-ranking Generals to talk about the undead army.”

Hearing about the four Grand Marshals, Le Yao felt a little nervous, but after considering that he had Xu Yao beside him, he felt that he had nothing to worry about.

The couple ate their meal. In the afternoon, Xu Yao kept drawing Tianyan talismans in his study, while Le Yao quietly looked for baby products on the online shopping mall. It wasn’t a good time to go shopping now, so he bought a lot of small things for the children online. These things didn’t seem appealing to him before, but now, he couldn’t take his eyes off of them after the first glance. d 4yaR

Xu Yao was very focused. Although he didn’t need to borrow any divine power, drawing the talismans came as easily to him as it did to Le Yao. 

He drew about 150 Tianyan talismans. Le Yao felt that with such a speed, he could be called the ‘human printer’.

“Baby, remember, no matter who asks later, you will tell them that Huaxia’s undead army cannot be brought here. At least not at the moment.” Xu Yao continued, “Otherwise, the undead army of the Flying Wolf Division may be divided.”

“I see. But Ji Fengyu and the undead army over in Huaxia all know about this matter. It will be impossible to conceal it for a long time,” said Le Yao. jceP8d

“That’s why I said temporarily.” Xu Yao said, “It’ll be alright. Just do as I say.”

Le Yao nodded, looked at the thick stack of Tianyan talismans, and exclaimed, “It’s so amazing, ah! But why did you draw so many? Since we want to tell the Emperor that we can’t bring Huaxia’s undead army here, he won’t be able to see the undead. Or do you want to open their sight and let Ji Fengyu show up?”

Xu Yao smiled, “It’s a secret.”

“Aish~” Le Yao then continued to buy things online. x3sKiW

The afternoon passed in a flash and it was already getting dark. Xu Yao changed into a military uniform, while Le Yao wore a clean sky blue short-sleeved shirt with a pair of pure white long trousers. There was no bow tie on his shirt, but his shirt collar was buttoned. Two small diamond buttons shone brightly on the neckline, but because they were relatively small, they were not too eye-catching.

At present, Le Yao’s appearance was like that of a clean, beautiful and innocent student.

Xu Yao couldn’t help but glance at him twice, and then brushed against Le Yao’s lips before getting onboard the hover car. He did not fly directly to the palace, but flew to Le Feishan’s home instead.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Le Feishan had also been invited to the audience. As soon as he was ready to get into his hover car, he saw Xu Yao and Le Yao come to his house. zfBi4p

“Why are you here?” Le Feishan asked, “Isn’t it time to go to the palace?” He had not forgotten that his son and son-in-law were the key figures of today’s audience.

“We’ll be going there for sure. But before that, I’d like to ask you a favor.” Xu Yao took out a Tianyan talisman and continued, “You may not know this thing very well, but you can see things in the Underworld with it, such as the appearance people have after their death.”

“You want me to use it first?” Le Feishan had been hearing about this thing for a long time. And now, he would naturally be curious after hearing about it from Xu Yao.

“Yes. We’ll let you see first.” Xu Yao added, “I’d like to ask you for a favor, after opening your sight with it.” H2XODt

“What’s the favor?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll let you know after using it,” said Xu Yao, and without warning, he slapped the Tianyan talisman on Le Feishan’s forehead and with a ‘pa, pa, pa!’, tapped on it three times.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Le Feishan couldn’t understand what Xu Yao was doing, but he suddenly felt that his surroundings had become cold. Then, a gray translucent man in a hospital patient’s gown came in front of him from afar!

When he saw who was coming, Le Feishan became so scared that he staggered two big steps back, with his widened eyes that couldn’t even blink! jpsvdK

Le Yao was also stunned, because he had never seen this undead person before.

The author has something to say: 

Tomorrow is a good time to clean up Aldrich… hvdRtW

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