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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh69 - The Reason For A Visit


Edited by Noks and Wiji

Le Yao had seen many people praise him on the forum before, so he had thought that Aldrich would be quite handsome, but the reality turned out to be that he was only so-so, bah. Le Yao held Xu Yao’s arm and groaned in his heart: He has a face as long as a horse and he has the nerve to compare himself with my husband? Urgh! 2KL5v

“When did you two come back?” asked Le Feishan.

“Five minutes before you had returned.” Le Yao continued, “But a certain person doesn’t welcome us, so we plan to go back now.”

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“What nonsense are you saying? This is also your home, who doesn’t welcome you? What’s more, such a big incident has happened at home. As the eldest son of this family, you don’t want to help and just turn around to leave instead? How could that be?” Le Feishan glared at Le Yao, speaking with his eyes to say: There are outsiders here, do you dare to talk back to me?

“I don’t know how to deal with the funeral. How can I help you? Besides, if I’m not present at home in such a situation, it should also count as doing you a favor right? It saves you from the discomfort of looking at me.” Le Yao continued, “Aunt Jiang just scolded me for harming Le Tianyu, and she even pushed me. I can’t help but be afraid of her after this accident.” PLHo5g

“You!” Jiang Xinduo didn’t expect Le Yao to have the audacity to turn the happenings of the previous event into an accusation. So she tried to defend herself and screeched, “I didn’t push him!”

“Stop! What are you starting a quarrel for?” Le Feishan then turned and looked at Xu Yao, “Since you’re back, go and take a seat for a while.”

“Let’s call it a day, General Le. You have many guests. Besides, Le Yao is pregnant with children now. I don’t want him to be too stimulated. If there is anything you need from us, please feel free to contact me directly. Le Yao and I will be staying in Xingdu for a while.”

Le Feishan was obviously dissatisfied with such an answer, but he was stumped on what to say next. In the end he just nodded in reply, “Alright, take him back first.” fSv pa

Xu Yao didn’t pay any attention to Aldrich from beginning to end. After gaining Le Feishan’s permission to leave, he took Le Yao straight to the yard and entered their hover car.

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Aldrich also didn’t open his mouth, not until Xu Yao and Le Yao had left and completely disappeared in their hover car. He said to Le Feishan, “This Xu Yao is very arrogant.”

Hearing this, Le Feishan’s face darkened. In fact, he hadn’t wanted to bring Aldrich home during this time. It was Aldrich who had said that he had something to discuss with him, so he couldn’t refuse. Although Aldrich was a junior, he was ultimately from the Davis Family, and he had to receive him to give face to Old Davis.

Jiang Xinduo didn’t want to talk to anyone. She looked at Aldrich briefly, turned and went upstairs. She couldn’t forget that the reason for her son’s death was inseparable from this man! In the beginning, if it wasn’t for the comparison between Aldrich and Xu Yao, Le Yao would not have come out to justify himself, let alone the misfortunes that followed. During the latter period of the fiasco, if Aldrich had behaved a little better towards Le Tianyu, her son would not have been distressed and ended up like this. miGVhg

“I’m sorry, her condition isn’t very good and she can’t entertain you,” said Le Feishan.

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“It’s nothing,” Aldrich glanced towards the door and a touch of annoyance flashed by in his eyes.

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“En,” said Ji Fengyu. ZTjrk7

They had deliberately arranged their flight arrival time at Tarot for night time, so as to facilitate their ‘night operation’.

Rong Gui suddenly interrupted, “Wait, let me go instead.”

“Why?” asked Le Yao.

Rong Gui replied, “At any rate, I’ve lived long enough and I’m not afraid of disappearing. In case this method doesn’t work and I am gone, Ji Fengyu can stay and help you.” xkBPHt

Le Yao hesitated, but Rong Gui continued to persuade him, “Don’t worry. After a while the Le Family’s house will become even farther away. It’ll be harder to fly there. Just do it.”

Le Yao knew that Rong Gui was kind-hearted and decided to do it after a lot of consideration. Holding his breath, he took the sealing talisman out of Rong Gui’s paper doll…

The whole hover car was silent. Everyone was worried about Rong Gui disappearing. After all, Le Yao had said that he hadn’t succeeded in summoning Ji Fengyu when he was on Tarot previously.

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At this time, Rong Gui’s spirit body slowly floated out of the doll, and at a speed visible to the naked eye, he gradually became larger, till he became the ‘original’ Rong Gui, standing inside the hover car. HdvNJc

“How do you feel, Master Rong?” asked Le Yao. 

Rong Gui responded, “All’s good. Let me stay and watch them.”

Le Yao said, “Alright, I’ll call for you before dawn.”

Rong Gui then flashed out of the hover car. Le Yao still felt insecure about Rong Gui’s condition and tried to summon him back with the talisman. Rong Gui, who had just floated out of the hover car, came back inside and asked, “Why did you summon me back already?” OZ4BmN

Le Yao smiled, “It’s nothing. I just wanted to try and see if the summoning is working, else I’ll feel uneasy. Now go, be careful and don’t let them find you.”

Previously, Rong Gui had eavesdropped on Wang Hao and his team in Huaxia, so this wasn’t his first foray as a ‘spy’. In fact, he wasn’t afraid at all. He had been summoned back by Le Yao and a thought sprouted in his mind. He now understood that this child truly cared for him.

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Not long after, Ji Fengyu also asked, “Le Yao, can you let me out too?”

“What are you going to do outside?” Le Yao asked in return. PyvwHJ

Ji Fengyu answered, “Of course, I’ll go around the Le Family household with Old Rong and find more information for you. Since he can leave, then I’ll have no problem. Furthermore, we can protect each other.”

Thus, the seals in the remaining four dolls were lifted. Their spirits also floated out, then whizzed and disappeared.

The hover car then sped up and flew towards Xu Yao’s residence in Xingdu.

Le Yao suddenly asked, “Husband, do you think I have made a mistake? I have calculated it three times and the result is still the same… Le Tianyu is still alive. But just now, Jiang Xinduo didn’t look like she was pretending.” eYMaQ7

Xu Yao also felt like Jiang Xinduo wasn’t putting on a sad pretense, which left only one possibility. “The news of his death shouldn’t be real. It is likely that Le Feishan has lied to Jiang Xinduo and told her that Le Tianyu had died in the accident.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Xu Yao came to the conclusion that Le Feishan might really be that ruthless. To prove his suspicion, he later contacted Wang Hao and discovered the identities of the people who had accompanied Le Tianyu on the ‘journey’. He found out that only one person from that group was valued by Le Feishan, and the others were all mediocre and had no family. That was to say, even if a big accident took place, no one would care about their disappearance.

Why had he chosen such a group of people for Le Tianyu’s protection? If he really cared about Le Tianyu, he would have definitely sent more capable guards. But Le Feishan hadn’t done that. Isn’t this a contradiction?

“But you also said that there’s still a capable person,” Le Yao continued, “What about this person’s existence?” MBd2oX

“Someone must run and take care of Le Tianyu. Otherwise, for a sheltered Omega like him, do you think he can take care of himself?”

Let alone Le Tianyu, even Le Yao could not survive by himself.

Xu Yao then contacted Yan Jie, “Yan Jie, check which transfer stations are nearest to Le Tianyu’s accident location and see if there have been any major spaceship activities in the past three days.”

“Brother Xu, do you suspect that Le Tianyu has actually escaped by pretending to be dead?” o6NYPJ

“It’s not suspicion, it’s verification,” said Xu Yao. “If Le Feishan really wanted to kill Le Tianyu, there would be no need for him to leave Tarot at all.”

Le Yao calculated Le Tianyu’s fate with his fingers. After some time, he said in a pained voice, “I don’t know what his destination is. I used to be able to calculate it when we were on Huaxia, but now, it’s like he’s in a faraway galaxy. I can’t calculate it.”

“Don’t worry. Let’s see if Mr Rong gets any information later.”

At the same time, Rong Gui, Ji Fengyu and Bei Hongli’s family of three had arrived at the house of the Le Family. In order to not let the low temperature cause Le Feishan and the other people inside to doubt things, they didn’t go in together, and only two of them slowly drifted to the main hall. 1SJEGf

The main hall was quiet with no one present there. Jiang Xinduo and her nephew had entered the bedroom which originally belonged to Le Yao, while Le Feishan and Aldrich had gone to Le Feishan’s study.

Ji Fengyu and Rong Gui had seen the photos of the Le Family that were hung on the hallway, so they knew what Le Feishan and Jiang Xinduo looked like. Even if they hadn’t seen Jiang Xinduo’s nephew, they would also know their relations to each other by the way they conversed.

Thus, they decided to split up at the end of the main hall. One ghost floated to Le Feishan’s study and the other went into Le Yao’s former bedroom. They were very careful to not stand too close to the target, instead, they blended into the wall and listened quietly. Rong Gui hadn’t heard any useful information from Jiang Xinduo even after a long time of observation. Jiang Xinduo and her nephew just kept scolding Le Yao and were distressed about Le Tianyu.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It seemed that Jiang Xinduo really believed that Le Tianyu was dead. tgZAc3

However, on Ji Fengyu’s side, the situation was very different. The more he heard, the darker his face turned. He looked at Aldrich, who was standing opposite Le Feishan, as if he was looking at a madman.

“You mean, that you were the one who was originally matched with Le Yao?” Le Feishan looked at Aldrich in utter disbelief. “Someone tampered with the data of the Matchmaking Center?”

“Yes, Uncle Le,” confirmed Aldrich. “I have just discovered this matter recently. Although we haven’t discovered who did it, I’m sure I am the one who has a higher compatibility with Le Yao’s genes, and not Xu Yao.”

“But Le Yao and Xu Yao are married now. And he is already pregnant with children. What’s the point of telling this to me now?” vGn6eK

“Of course it’s a fact that can’t be refuted. Let’s speak openly. Now, Xu Yao has managed to gain an undead army for the Flying Wolf Division in Huaxia with Le Yao’s help. It’s still a secret to most people, but not to the Davis Family. Don’t you think it’s a pity that Le Yao’s ability is being used for the 12th Army Corps?”

“Do you think I didn’t want to bring Le Yao back? But he refused. What can I do?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“He rejected you only because Xu Yao had already marked him. You know that an Omega becomes naturally dependent on the Alpha that marks him. But marking isn’t an absolutely impossible thing to remove. Although the process is very painful and it will also be troublesome for Le Yao because of the children in his stomach now, as long as you are willing to help me, I don’t think it will be a big problem.” Aldrich smiled, “Think about it. Do you want to let Le Yao stay in the 12th Army, or…”

Le Feishan frowned and asked, “You’re here today not for me, but for Le Yao, right?” ASDEdT

Aldrich laughed and didn’t deny it.

He had known that Le Yao would return today, so he was curious and decided to visit and take a look at him. It was all to see the kind of person who should have belonged to him, but had been instead handed over to Xu Yao.

Noks: Aldrich, you…. Better not target the three cuties!!!! (╬•᷅д•᷄╬) PXQ3fm

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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