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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh68 - A Certain Someone Was Dead


Edited by Noks and Wiji

After lifting-off smoothly, the spaceship soon entered into the vast galaxy. The Flying Wolf Division’s station on Huaxia was bathed in sunlight, but that had nothing to do with the people on the spaceship for the time being, because they had left in a darkened dawn. aMI0de

When Le Yao woke up, he put the five little dolls in front of a window and told them to look at the scenery outside together. As a result, the five dolls exclaimed in unison.


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“My goodness!”

“Whoa ~” SVRXDC

There were two big ones on the left and right sides of the window with a small one in the middle. This scene looked cute when viewed behind. They probably didn’t expect to be able to visit outer space since their birth, so regardless if they were big or small, they were all quite excited. 

“Uncle Le Yao, do you think I can fly outside?” asked Bei Nuonuo, Bei Hongli’s daughter.

Le Yao replied, “No, Nuonuo can’t keep up with us outside, it’s too dangerous.”

Bei Nuonuo did not complain. She smiled, “That’s right. Dad said the spaceship was very fast.”


Le Yao unwrapped a piece of candy for Bei Nuonuo, who inhaled the sweet and asked, “How long will it take before we reach Tarot?”

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“It’s about three days,” replied Le Yao. He turned around and confirmed, “Isn’t it so, husband?”

“Un,” uttered Xu Yao in reply.

Although Bei Nuonuo was still a child, she didn’t know exactly how many years she had spent wandering around in the Underworld. So, for her, three days wasn’t that long. She kept looking out of the window without feeling bored. Le Yao wanted to tell her that in less than two years, the speed of transportation between planets would become even faster. But before he spoke those words, Xu Yao suddenly shouted, “When?” uCZjqa

Obviously, Leslie made sure to not let everyone on the scene overhear his conversation with Xu Yao, so he conveyed the information through Xu Yao’s personal terminal.

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Everyone became quiet and were confused at the ongoing event, while Le Yao looked at Xu Yao doubtfully.

We Tjb abbx tbiv bo Of Tjb’r tjcv jr lo tf kjr atlcxlcu jybea rbwfatlcu. C wbwfca ijafg, tf rjlv, “Cgf sbe regf la’r tlw ktb kjr ajxfc jkjs? Qfii, yf mjgfoei jcv vbc’a ibrf rluta bo atfw.”

Obbxlcu ja We Tjb’r fzqgfrrlbc, Of Tjb xcfk atja tf jcv Ofrilf rtbeiv tjnf olclrtfv rqfjxlcu ab fjmt batfg jcv jrxfv meglberis, “Leryjcv, ktja’r atf wjaafg? Pr atfgf rbwfatlcu kgbcu?” CxGVP9

“Just now, Le Tianyu was taken onboard a large spaceship,” said Xu Yao.

“So what about it?” asked Le Yao.

“If it was just about going around Tarot, he wouldn’t have been able to use a large spaceship at all.” Xu Yao continued, “It’s obvious that someone wants Le Tianyu to leave Tarot. In addition, Jiang Xinduo bought lots of things for Le Tianyu every single day before his departure. Don’t you think this kind of style is a little familiar?” 

A little familiar? Ah!  lqBd9Y

Before Le Yao departed for Huaxia, Jiang Xinduo and Le Tianyu had also gone out to buy him a lot of things. Although, at that time, Jiang Xinduo didn’t have any good intentions towards him, whenever a person did something, it would usually have something to do with one’s subconscious thoughts and habits. Jiang Xinduo had bought things for him when he was leaving for Huaxia. Assuming that Le Tianyu was going to travel faraway, Jiang Xinduo was likely to also buy things for Le Tianyu as well, and a large amount of it at that.

But why? Did they send Le Tianyu away just because of the video? Or is what Xu Yao said true, that Le Feishan is guilty?

Since Le Tianyu had posted an apology on the Internet, the popularity of the videos he had posted had gradually declined. However, there were many people whom Le Tianyu had trampled upon to pave his own path all the the way till now. It seemed like they wouldn’t let go until there was a result. Le Yao didn’t know if this was all planned by Xu Yao, but he could be sure that this incident would have a great impact on the Le Family, and especially more on Le Feishan.

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“Big brother Bei, if you were Le Feishan, what would you do?” Somehow, Xu Yao posed this question to Bei Hongli. fHwk6R

“It depends on the truth. If the rumour on the Internet is true, it would be obvious that the best way out would be for people to never find Le Tianyu. But if the information on the Internet is fake, then why would he need to send Le Tianyu away?”

“I asked my friends in Xingdu to check. Le Yao’s mother really did die early because of illness. But Jiang Xinduo’s ex-husband’s cause of death is somewhat suspicious.” Xu Yao gently shook his wine glass. “Of course, even if his death is not an accident, as long as the matter about Le Tianyu is true, Le Feishan will inevitably have to face a lawsuit.”

“You mean…” Le Yao said, “There really is a blood relationship between Le Tianyu and Le Feishan? Where are they going to send Le Tianyu then?”

“Yes, where is he going?” Xu Yao smiled and said no more. HDeY3t

Was there truly a place in the world which would never be found? Yes. Heaven and Hell. Obviously, for Le Feishan, the safest way out wasn’t to send Le Tianyu away, but to kill him. Unfortunately, Le Tianyu was still his favorite son after all. Could Le Feishan really sacrifice his loved one?

Xu Yao expressed his doubts about this.

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In the beginning, when Le Tianyu found out that his family wanted him to leave for the purpose of relaxation, he had disagreed. He only wanted to stay at home and didn’t want to either meet any people or go out. But later, his mother persuaded him to go see the fluorescent snail on Planet Dransson, and he finally agreed.

Dransson was a small planet which belonged to the Tarot Empire. There was no special mineral resource worth using found there. However, it did have a very unique and beautiful creature, one which could not be found on any other planet, called the fluorescent snail. Every year, wealthy and respectable people would travel to visit this planet and watch the colorful fluorescent snails. vIJLds

In the past, Le Tianyu had always wanted to go and see this beautiful creature, but either he was not free, or his parents wouldn’t agree. This time they had finally conceded, and if he didn’t grasp this opportunity, he was unsure of when he would be able to go next. Thus, he just followed his parents’ arrangements and boarded the spaceship.

In truth, it was also an escape of the psychological kind.

However, less than four hours after the spaceship left Planet Tarot, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

“What’s this? Where’s this place?!” Le Tianyu looked in horror at Zhao You, the captain of his personal guard squad, who was sitting opposite him. “What about our private spaceship?” 2knhE4

Neither of his parents had followed him on this journey. Only one servant and eight accompanying guards had been sent, resulting in exactly ten people on the spaceship. But now, only the Guard Captain opposite him was present, and he wasn’t familiar with this spaceship! He felt like he had been locked in a four-sided box, which had stopped flying!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The servants and the guards were all gone!

The Guard Captain who had accompanied him turned out to be the vice-captain of the main guard squad, and was Wang Hao’s subordinate. After Wang Hao had returned from Huaxia with no result, Le Feishan stopped using him. Thus, this time, Wang Hao was not allowed to go.

“Don’t be nervous, Young Master.” Zhao You smiled, “There’s just something wrong with our spaceship. We only have to wait for reinforcements.” kZVNte

“What? How could I not know that there was something wrong with our spaceship?” Even if Le Tianyu was a bit stupid, he didn’t believe in Zhao You’s words. He didn’t have any memory about problems with the spaceship, and he had watched movies to pass the time, but then suddenly felt dizzy…

“I… Do my parents know?” Le Tianyu subconsciously backed away. Although he was a young man, he was also a fragile Omega, while the person in front of him was an Alpha. Being the only two people in such a narrow space made him panic.

“They know. I’ll call Madam for you.” Zhao You then took out his communicator and contacted Jiang Xinduo.

“Mom!” Upon hearing Jiang Xinduo’s voice, Le Tianyu felt a little relieved. “Zhao You said that there was something wrong with our spaceship, what should we do? Can you pick me up?” Cm7gTG

“Mom can’t pick you up. But you can rest assured that Zhao You will send you to a safe place.” Jiang Xinduo continued, “Just listen to him and don’t make a fool of yourself, you understand? When you arrive, Mom will contact you again.”

“I don’t want to!” Le Tianyu quickly refused Jiang Xinduo’s arrangement. “Mom, can you ask Dad to send someone to pick me up soon? There is nothing around here, I…” Le Tianyu’s words hadn’t finished yet, but the communication was abruptly cut off and the loud sound of an explosion was heard.



Three days later, a piece of news hit the whole Tarot Empire. General Le Feishan’s stepson, Le Tianyu, had died on his journey to Planet Dransson. The people who had been sent for search and rescue only found the wreckage of the spaceship on which he had been travelling. At present, the police was considering this incident as an act undertaken by the Star Thieves.

Xu Yao and Le Yao had just arrived at Tarot on the day this news was released. Originally, they were going to go see Emperor Kunta and the Empress. However, the Empress had also heard the news that said Le Tianyu had been killed, and especially asked him to go back to the Le household first.

Heaven knows how much Le Yao didn’t want to step into that house again. But if he didn’t go back this time, it would make him look particularly unfilial. Moreover, after he thought about the medicine that Jiang Xinduo used to give to Le Tianyu, he decided it would be better to go back.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Of course, Xu Yao would definitely accompany him. UAOf5W

At this time, the Le Family household was shrouded in a gloomy atmosphere. Le Feishan was not at home, but several relatives of the Jiang Family were accompanying Jiang Xinduo. When she saw that Le Yao had come back, she abruptly stood up from the sofa.

“You still have the face to come back?!” Jiang Xinduo’s scarlet eyes glared at Le Yao, “Wicked white wolf! If you hadn’t shot such a video, Tianyu wouldn’t have been scolded like that by people on the Internet! If he was not scolded and depressed, I would not have let him go out to relax! It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault, you wicked man!” Jiang Xinduo shouted and cried again, then raised her hands and tried to push Le Yao away, “Get out of here! You are not welcome here!”

“Are you crazy?!” As soon as Xu Yao saw that she really dared to push Le Yao, he immediately stopped her hands and his face darkened. “Why are you trying to blame Le Yao for Le Tianyu’s death? It was you who let him go out, not Le Yao!” After roaring at her, Xu Yao stroked his wife’s back and asked, “Are you alright? Did she scare you?”

“No, I’m alright.” Le Yao looked at Jiang Xinduo in confusion. As early as when he had seen the news, he had calculated and prophesied that Le Tianyu was still alive. However, Jiang Xinduo’s anger and grief were not fake. Had he miscalculated Le Tianyu’s fate? zXVgbO

“General Xu, my aunt is emotionally unstable right now. Please don’t mind her,” said Jiang Xinduo’s great nephew, the eldest grandson of the Jiang Family. Although he directed this statement to Xu Yao, his eyes kept glancing at Le Yao’s face.

“Le Tianyu has just died. Of course I don’t mind her. But if you don’t keep your dog eyes away from my wife…” Xu Yao smiled and grabbed Young Master Jiang’s shoulder, “I certainly mind.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Ahhhhh!!!” He immediately burst into ghost-like wails and wolf-like howls.

While this ‘howling wolf’ soundtrack played in the background, Xu Yao said to Jiang Xinduo, “Since you don’t welcome Le Yao, we won’t stay anyways.” With that, he let go of Young Master Jiang’s shoulder, and patted him on his nearly crushed shoulder bone with a smile. Then he turned his head and said, “Let’s go, baby.” twGkMI

Le Yao hesitated for a second over whether or not to go back to check on his old bedroom, and eventually decided to leave. However, as soon as he turned around to face the door, he saw that Le Feishan had returned. Le Feishan had a gloomy face, and beside him was Aldrich, whom Le Yao had often scolded whenever he surfed the Internet recently.



Translator's Note

Something like this (?)

Translator's Note

fēi fù jí guì: rich and noble people

Translator's Note

Idiom: guǐ kū láng háo; to shriek in extremely pain

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