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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh66 - A Sign from Heaven


Edited by Wiji and Noks

What do you think about this? It’s impossible!  sYdvPq

Le Yao hadn’t heard of anyone like him in his entire life! There was no way a talisman could be effective without God’s help. Could Xu Yao really do it that easily? Casually drawing some talismans which were effective and worked all night just like the ones he drew did…

Le Yao felt like he had been hit by a fatal blow! 

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Of course, this situation was beneficial for Le Yao. From now on, he was no longer the only person who could draw talismans, so it would save him a lot of trouble in the future. If it was another person who had learnt this skill, he might’ve needed to worry about whether or not his position would be threatened, or whether it would even be dangerous for them. However, Xu Yao was the closest person to him in the world, and more importantly, he was his husband. With him having acquired this skill, it was better than anything else.

“Husband, then in the future, I really don’t need to draw Tianyan talismans, right?” As soon as Le Yao thought about this, he realised he could concentrate on other things. Anyways, it took him too much energy to draw the Tianyan talisman. It’s better not to draw it! YZd7fX

“Un. There’s no need to draw it anymore. Now, you can have more time to rest, play, eat or even do something else. But, to tell you the truth, we may need to go back to Xingdu in a few days.”

“Go back to Xingdu?” Le Yao was slightly confused, “Why do you want to go back to Xingdu all of a sudden?”

“The Emperor and Empress want to see you.” Xu Yao continued, “The Empress had actually wanted to see you right before you got your estrus period, but you suddenly entered estrus on the same day. Thus, this matter was delayed, and since we were then surprised by your pregnancy, I never told you about this matter. I asked President Liu today, and he said that as long as you are careful, it will be alright. Including…” Xu Yao smiled meaningfully.

“Don’t say it!” As soon as Le Yao thought about the punishment from losing the bet where he would be eaten again, he became speechless and his face burned! UTnvyh

This old rouge is going to be a father soon and is still so perverted, humph!

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Le Yao quickly looked around and saw that there were no soldiers nor any undead, and was relieved.

Naturally, Xu Yao knew that Le Yao was willing to go and that everything would be alright. So, he didn’t probe about losing the bet anymore. He dealt with the matter of his guards and then took his wife back to walk together to their house. 

He felt that Le Yao’s whole body was like fire, hot and enthralling. The fire burnt fiercely, until both men had finished their breathless activities. B7JkPa

Le Yao stretched out his body, lay on the bed with a visible ‘bulging’ stomach, and slowly recovered his breath. “Husband, I think I’ve received some benefits from these three little guys.”

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Xu Yao’s hand slowly caressed Le Yao’s stomach. “What’s the benefit?”

“Tbe jgf rb ufcaif, la’r rb mbwobgajyif~” rjlv Of Tjb klat j rwlif.

We Tjb: “…” 361 YA

Of Tjb vlvc’a tfjg jcs gfqis obg rbwf alwf. Lf aegcfv tlr tfjv jcv ragbxfv We Tjb’r jyvbwlcji wermifr, “Leryjcv, P qgjlrfv sbe, kts jgf sbe cba ajixlcu?”

We Tjb delmxis ugjyyfv atf cba rb lccbmfca tjcv jcv gfqilfv, “Scbeut!”

Le Yao sensed forbearance from his tone and immediately closed his mouth and withdrew his naughty hand. He turned to the other side and buried his body inside the quilt like an earthworm.

Xu Yao had not entirely quit smoking, but he couldn’t do that now. After lying down for a while, trying to suppress the heat, he still felt that his big fish was wide awake so he got up to take a cold shower. Hearing the sound of water from the bathroom, Le Yao unconsciously slipped into dreamland. WLJhGy

The next day, as expected, Le Yao did not need to draw the Tianyan talisman anymore. Instead, he used the time required to draw the Tianyan talisman to do other things.

Originally, he didn’t want to go back to Xingdu this soon. Now that it was essential for them to go there, he had a lot of things he needed to prepare. However, he also thought that it was also beneficial for him to go to Xingdu. He could meet Ye Linran and probe into the matter about the offshore construction designing with him. Also, he could go back to his school to have a look. Suspension didn’t mean that the student status would be cancelled. He was still a student and might be able to apply for an online course for the next semester.

He could also buy small clothes and supplies for the babies!

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Most importantly, he could try to take Ji Fengyu away from Huaxia. Previously, he had wanted to take him to Vodapei but the timing wasn’t right. Now, he could try to see if he could bring a ghost to Tarot. If it worked well, he would have two trustworthy spies to watch Le Feishan and Jiang Xinduo. Just in case, having more information about them wouldn’t be wrong. B6nPeK

It was also possible to put the two ‘spies’ to observe those who were not good to Xu Yao, so that they wouldn’t have to be afraid of any unexpected pits.

But their existence couldn’t be known to too many people…

That night, Xu Yao went out with the stack of Tianyan talismans he had drawn for the other officers who had not seen their late comrades-in-arms. He accompanied them to see the undead dormitory army, as well as Sarna’s Orcs, who were imprisoned. Le Yao didn’t go with him, and instead he summoned Ji Fengyu and the other ghost brothers at home.

“I’m going to Tarot with my husband in a few days. Do you want to go with me?” Le Yao asked them. There were only four ghosts inside the house; Ji Fengyu, Song He, Bei Hongli and Rong Gui. The rest didn’t come because they were busy working at the hotel and restaurant. UHQ7Vu

“If we all go with you, what about your business here?” asked Song He.

“My husband can, fortunately, draw the Tianyan talisman by himself. He will definitely draw a lot of them and leave them to the other officers before we go to Tarot. Anyways, he will make arrangements for the things here. We also have Shen Weilin and other undead soldiers who can help maintain order. There should be no trouble. What I’m worried about is…” Le Yao continued, “If you go out with me to another planet, will it be dangerous for you?”

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“Well, I’ve already died. I’m not afraid of any danger.” Ji Fengyu said, “I’ll go with you. I haven’t been out of Huaxia yet. I want to see what Tarot is like.”

“I want to see it too,” said Bei Hongli. “And if it’s convenient for you, I’d like to bring my wife and child with me.” They had been separated before their deaths and had only reunited after they became ghosts. No matter what, their family never wanted to be separated again. 1mJ3qh

“I won’t go.” Song He thought for a moment and continued, “I’d better stay here for the time being. I’ll go again the next time if I have a chance. If there’s something wrong here, I’ll take care of it. Not to mention, we have to look after those burial objects that we’ve been getting recently, as well as the fact that there are more and more people who want to stay in the hotel and eat delicious food. It’s better to be careful.”

“Un. That’s true.” Le Yao nodded in understanding. Then he stared at Rong Gui who was sitting at the other end before he asked, “What about you, Master Rong?”

Although the old hungry ghost had recognized Le Yao as his Master, he usually didn’t talk much. When Le Yao sent him food, he would enjoy it. When Le Yao wanted to arrange something, he would help him immediately. He seldom said anything out of the topic to others. Moreover, it also happened that Ji Fengyu’s and ideas were similar, so he didn’t need to talk more. He had a complete ‘not close to strangers’ attitude towards the others.

Rong Gui still carried that ‘angry’ expression on his face, but when talking to Le Yao, his tone was quite calm. “Naturally, where you go is where I go.” cZdjus

Le Yao smiled, “Alright then, I’ll prepare for our departure in these few days. That’s all you need to know. As for Big Brother Bei, if you want to take sister-in-law and Nuonuo with you, it’s alright, but it may not be very comfortable on the road. You should tell them to be mentally prepared.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After all, they were going to be stuffed into small dolls and then taken on a spaceship. Although Le Yao hadn’t experienced it personally, he thought that it wouldn’t be too pleasant.

So it was settled.

Le Yao searched for a template and then designed five paper dolls; four big ones and a small one. Three of them were wearing parent-child clothes. The bigger one with a blue-white T-shirt was obviously Bei Hongli, while the big and small ones in the pink-white T-shirts were his wife and daughter. As for the other two, needless to say, Ji Fengyu’s doll looked like a college student whereas Rong Gui’s looked like a noble who was a heavy smoker. dyIRx6

Four of the dolls were only 20 cm in height, with the smallest one being 10 cm. They could be placed upright firmly on the table. As long as Le Yao didn’t specify their usage, anyone would treat them as ordinary decorations. Le Yao inserted their respective eight characters talisman into the corresponding doll and then called Ji Fengyu over to try sealing his spirit in it.

“How do you feel?” Le Yao asked, “Can you stay inside?”

“Yes, it’s just that I feel a bit stuffed. Can’t you make it bigger?” Ji Fengyu continued to complain, “Your husband is so rich and he pampers you so much, ah.”

“I’m not trying to save him money.” Le Yao took out the little dinosaur rattle and knocked it against the head of the doll. “Isn’t it easier to hold like this? Otherwise, how can I bring the five of you along when we’re going out? Do you want to walk by yourself?” cHAmJP

“Ah, that’s right.” Ji Fengyu came out from the doll and said, “Then the doll’s matter is done. I’ll go back first.”

“Wait!” Le Yao stopped him and said cautiously, “Fengyu, you…” Le Yao scratched his head and looked a little bit awkward. He continued, “Do you want to be reborn? I don’t care that much about the others, but if you want, I can take advantage of them…” Le Yao caressed his stomach. “They’re still pure and I can help you transcend before they grow up. Nevertheless, if I can, I still want to help you reincarnate.”

“Let me be your son?” Ji Fengyu said with a smile, “Leave it, it’ll be weird.”

In fact, Le Yao also felt a bit awkward, but it was hard to find a baby anywhere else now, so he wanted to ask Ji Fengyu if he wanted to take this opportunity. NPx5bB

Ji Fengyu said, “If I think that it’s my time, I will tell you.”

Le Yao nodded and smiled, “Then you go back. Don’t forget about the thing that I asked for.”

Ji Fengyu uttered an “Un” and then disappeared.

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Le Yao wanted him to inquire if there were any Taoist Master spirits in the Underworld. This possibility was very low, because it was wise to assume that they had arranged for their afterlife themselves properly before dying, thus making it almost impossible for them to remain as a spirit in the Underworld for a long time. But what if they still existed? He wanted to ask them about the kind of ability Xu Yao possessed. IXDAwh

He hadn’t seriously paid attention to Xu Yao’s past before, because if he knew too much, then living with no surprises would be boring. But since he had discovered that Xu Yao could draw his own talismans without asking for God’s blessing, he had tried to calculate his fate. The strange thing was that, no matter how hard he tried to calculate Xu Yao’s past and future, he couldn’t.

Le Yao then inquired some information from Xu Yao’s closest person, Uncle Ming. 

“Uncle Ming, when the General was born, you were already working for the Old General, right?” 

“Yes, Mr Xiao Le. If I’m not wrong, I had been working for the Old General for less than two years at that time. What’s the matter?” w6Mv9h

“I would like to ask if anything unusual had happened when the General was born. For example, if the sky had a strange shape or something.”

“Strange?” Uncle Ming tried hard to remember, “Ah, I remember! On the day the General was born, the night seemed to be very long! He was born in summer where the days were long and the nights were short. He was born in the morning, when the sky should have been bright already, but it was still dark. Many experts were left puzzled by this phenomenon and could not explain it. Why do you suddenly ask about this?”

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“Are you sure it was dawn even when the sun hadn’t shown?” asked Le Yao in bewilderment.

“I’m sure.” Uncle Ming continued, “The sky probably became bright after an hour and half, it was later than usual. It was so scary that many people thought that there would be a natural disaster. What’s the matter?” EcDXmN

Le Yao replied, “… No, it’s nothing.”

Le Yao silently looked in the direction of the Command Center and could not help shivering. How was it that he could vaguely remember his Master saying that only when God came down to the Underworld would there be an occurrence of the night’s abnormal prolongation…

He must have thought too much.


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

Remember, Rong Gui was the old and furious evil spirit that had possessed Tang Ye?

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