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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh65 - Gifted


Edited by Wiji and Noks

What the hell! aLWsv4

It’s working!

“B… Brother Xu, are you serious?!” Yan Jie pointed at his forehead with his finger, and then pointed to the direction where Shen Weilin stood. 

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“What? Is it really working?” asked Xu Yao with raised eyebrows.

“Yes, yes, ah!” Yan Jie continued, “But how did you do it? Captain Chen and I have drawn many of them, but it’s always useless! At that time, Mr Xiao Le had said that without God’s divine power to bless the rune we drew, the talisman would have no effect. But here… Oh my God, aren’t you too powerful?” PrkaxD

“It’s normal.” Then he put the brush down on the table. “I’ll ask Le Yao about it when he wakes up.”

Honestly, Xu Yao just drew the talisman casually and didn’t think that it would really work. He only did it because he had seen Le Yao draw it twice, so he tried to recreate it. He was not sure whether it was right or not, and just followed his gut feeling.

Le Yao was sleeping now. He had become sleepier than before, either because the weather was getting hotter, or because the children were growing fast. Now, Le Yao’s weight gain was apparent. His previously sharp chin had become a little round, and his flat stomach had a slight bulge. It was not so obvious when he was dressed, as he usually wore a lot of layers when he was outside. But when it was only the two of them at night, Xu Yao could tell that his children in his little wife’s stomach were developing. At a touch, he was softer than usual, and very comfortable to hold in his arms.

Le Yao had now scheduled his classes for the morning, as it was much cooler and he himself was more energetic. In the afternoon, he would draw some talismans or print something for the Underworld, play with his light brain and search for things on the Tarot network, or find information that could be uploaded onto the Huaxia webpage with Yan Jie. As for nighttime, he would go for a walk with Xu Yao and together they would take a look at his Underworld business situation, before he was forced to rest and not allowed to do anything anymore. AuXW2Y

Even if it was just the beginning period, it was still hard to carry three children. Not to mention, the living environment in Huaxia was much harsher than that of Tarot. Of course, Xu Yao wouldn’t let Le Yao become too tired from his activities.

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The only thing to be thankful for was that Le Yao had not had morning sickness or any other pregnancy symptoms so far, so he could still eat very well.

Le Yao had laid claim to being the most ‘gluttonous’ in the whole division now. It might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it was difficult to find other people who could eat like him. No one knew where the food went in such a small body.

“I have already asked President Liu. He said that during this time, the hormone levels in my body will be different than usual and my digestive capacity will increase, so as long as I don’t eat too much, it’s fine.” Le Yao had a fruit pie in his left hand and a pair of chopsticks in his right hand to pick up the beef belly rice noodles from the bowl before him. He didn’t know where this urge to eat was coming from, anyways, he just felt it was very delicious! Eh0pZQ

Munch munch! Damn, it’s so good!

Xu Yao said, “Un, as long as you like it. Tell me what else you want to eat. If we don’t have it here, I’ll ask someone to bring it from Tarot.”

“It’s alright, we have everything we need here.” Le Yao’s whole body was feeling a little hot, and he had beads of sweat on the tip of his nose. “By the way, did you draw a talisman yesterday? I noticed that someone had moved one of my brushes.”

“Yes, I drew a hundred Tianyan talismans,” said Xu Yao casually. jy0QdA

“Ah?!” Le Yao was instantly dazed and forgot to put the rice noodles into his mouth. “What would you do with so many talismans?” What a waste of paper! Can you even make them work? This Le ‘stingy-wife’ Yao was very distressed…

“I did it so that you wouldn’t need to draw them. In the future, don’t draw any talismans except for special circumstances, so that you won’t become too exhausted. You can also sleep more if you want.” Xu Yao continued, “I think the talismans that I drew can be used.”

“How could this be, ah?” Husband, even if bragging doesn’t need you to pay tax, you still can’t brag carelessly!

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“Olrafc, P’nf cfnfg tfjgv bo jcsbcf ktb mbeiv vgjk j tecvgfv Kljcsjc ajilrwjcr lc j vjs. Zs Zjrafg mbeiv bcis vgjk eq ab atgff bo atfw j vjs. Ktbrf ktb mjc bmmjrlbcjiis vgjk obeg ilxf wf jgf jii uloafv.” Ccv fnfg rlcmf tlr qgfucjcms, tf vlvc’a vjgf ab vgjk wbgf atjc akb j vjs. RjaLie

Xu Yao did not forcefully refute him, anyhow, Le Yao would realise the truth at night, as long as he used the talismans on other people.

So on this afternoon, Le Yao still drew a Tianyan talisman, put it in his small talisman box, and then contacted Commander Guan’s wife, Ye Linran.

Since Le Yao had said that he wanted to sell the small fish pendant, Ye Linran had thought about building a group chat for the customers. But at that time, Le Yao had a lot of things to deal with, so he didn’t have the time to get in touch with them. Recently, in these two days, he was not as busy as before. Thus, Ye Linran had created a group and then added some of his insomniac friends into this group. It had five people currently.

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Five people didn’t sound like much at first, but only five had been added because the four other people besides Ye Linran himself were definitely trustworthy. HbTcZO

These people believed in Ye Linran, but they were not very convinced of Ye Linran’s ‘Little Master’. Ye Linran had spoken highly of this Little Master, but he hadn’t revealed the specific identity of the man. He had only said that he could surely cure their insomnia. As long as they provided their name and exact date and time of birth, he could cure it.

It sounded like a scam, but Ye Linran repeatedly recommended it to them, and the most important thing was that they really were troubled by their insomnia, which had already plagued them for many years.

[Sun: Let me say it first, bah. Lao Lin, I’ll agree to try it just because I believe in you. If there is something wrong however, I will withdraw immediately.]

[Dark cloud: What do you think about it? Is it true, ah?] d8fiRQ

[Nature: Don’t worry, I’ve recommended it to you because I’ve used it myself and it was extremely effective. If you were not my friends, you would not have had an opportunity like this.]

[Strong wind: How is it so divine?]

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[Thunder: Yes, tell us about it.]

[Nature: I wear a small wooden fish pendant as a bracelet around my wrist, you’ve seen it before. It’s very useful.] 2 4pPy

[Dark cloud: Small wooden fish pendant? Don’t be fooled. I think that ever since the Yang Family has started to wear this kind of wooden fish pendant, everyone has been selling this wooden fish everywhere, but no one has been as lucky as that family. What’s more, the Jiang Family… Haven’t you seen that they have had a streak of bad luck recently? Didn’t they also show off the wooden fish pendant previously? What was the result of that? Do you dare to wear the wooden fish pendant?]

[Nature: The Jiang Family is the Jiang Family, we are us. Besides, not everyone has it. In a moment, I’ll bring the Little Master who gave me the wooden fish pendant into the group. Listen to me, you can get one if you believe me, and it’s up to you if you don’t want to. Needless to say, I’m telling you this because I regard all of you guys as fellow brothers.]

[Strong wind: Okay, let’s see this powerful Little Master.]

__The group leader has invited Little Master to join the group chat.  0AfH8k

__Little Master is not your friend. Please pay attention to your privacy.

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[Little Master: Hello, everyone. This is the Little Master who specializes in curing insomnia caused by various non-physiological problems. Who needs treatment services?]

[Dark cloud: …]

[Strong wind: …] CDR2W5

[Nature: They all need it.]

[Sun: Little Master, how much does it cost?]

[Little Master: No charge! Everyone here is Uncle Ye’s friend. I can provide free treatment for you. If you find that it’s effective, you can recommend it to some familiar friends later.]

Ye Linran immediately sent a private message to Le Yao: “No charge? Aren’t you making yourself busy for nothing? Is it proper for me to receive this? What I mean is, you are still pregnant with children.” z826rY

In the future, most of his friends will remember his favor, wouldn’t it mean that he has taken advantage of his pregnant daughter-in-law then?

“Originally, I wanted to make money, but I don’t think it’s good to gun for money as soon as I come. After all, they are your friends,” said Le Yao.

Ye Linran acquiesced, “Well, you can do what you want. If you need my help later, don’t hesitate and tell me. Your Uncle Guan and I treat Xu Yao as our own son. This makes you my daughter-in-law. We are not strangers.”

Le Yao smiled and replied, “Alright Uncle Ye.” cRBoel

[Strong wind: How can you treat it? By wearing the wooden fish pendant?]

[Little Master: It doesn’t have to be a wooden fish pendant. You can use something else for it as well.]

[Nature: Then why is mine a wooden fish pendant?]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[Little Master: Because wood is cheap and good wood fragrances can calm your nerves.] RIF5KT

[Nature: Because it’s cheap?!]

[Thunder: Pfft, what a straight kid.]

[Little Master: If you want to use other things, such as gold, silver or other jewelry, you can still do it. But too many ornaments aren’t good for the body.]

[Dark cloud: Is it enough to just provide our name and specific time of birth?] E4gy0B

[Little Master: Yes.]

No charge, just wear it like an accessory, and it’s introduced by a trusted friend…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After a moment of consideration, they all agreed to it and gave their names, birth dates and times one after another. Anyways, such details were not a special privacy. Besides, these people in the group were all familiar with one another.

Le Yao wrote them down one by one, and then decided to take some time to start drawing the custom-made fortune talismans. As for the appearance, these people didn’t seem to want to use the wooden fish design, but they also didn’t specifically emphasize any other design. After some consideration, Le Yao asked Xu Yao to make four different kinds of small wooden carvings for him, in the shape of a sun, a cloud, lightning and wind. A smooth and exquisite small wooden carving, which was also fragrant, and wasn’t harmful to wear. HzRP10

Xu Yao asked him, “Do you want to send it to someone?”

Le Yao replied, “Ah, it’s for Uncle Ye’s friends. Also, are all his friends in the design field? I don’t think that it’ll be bad to know more about them. In the future, we’ll definitely need some designers to help us with our Underworld’s offshore construction. No matter what it is, no one in our division has created something like buildings in our sea area, so there is no example. If we want it to be good, I think it’ll be better to find a professional designer.”

Xu Yao spread his arms and hugged Le Yao. “You’ve thought a lot about it.”

Le Yao smiled, “I learned it from you.” rlT63B

Xu Yao said, “Alright, I’ll ask someone to help with the wood carving. Let’s go out, I’ll take you to try the Tianyan talismans I drew last night.”

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Le Yao hummed, “Do you still want to try? You’ll lose face if it doesn’t work.”

Xu Yao smiled, “Shall we make a bet?”

Le Yao was full of confidence and replied, “Who’s afraid? Let’s bet!” JqYnQm

Le Yao didn’t believe it. How could he really draw a hundred Tianyan talismans in one night? Do you think you’re Lord Yan?! 

Xu Yao whispered something in Le Yao’s ear, which made Le Yao’s face turn red and he glared at him, “I’m serious! I won’t lose!” 

Xu Yao smiled and took out the talismans he had drawn. “Let’s go. We’ll know who the loser is later.”

Le Yao hurriedly followed behind Xu Yao, who had also called the guard team ahead of time. There were a total of six members in this squad led by Han Mo. Only Han Mo had seen what the Underworld really looked like. No one else had. At this time, these people were all very excited. The most important thing was that they were very curious. If it wasn’t because the Tianyan talisman was too precious, they would have begged to see it a long time ago! lAv wK

Several people closed their eyes and stood in line. Xu Yao then took a talisman and put it on the head of one of the guards, while saying nonchalantly, “Open ~”

Le Yao stared at the expression of the guard and couldn’t help but ask, “Mr Guard, can you really see it?”

After a moment, the guard opened his eyes and then nodded slowly, “Yes, Mr Xiao Le.”

Le Yao looked at Xu Yao doubtfully. “Have you learned how to invite God?” fIqiF

Xu Yao replied, “Invite God? No. I just drew it directly with the cinnabar solution.”

“Ah?” exclaimed Le Yao. “Don’t lie to me!”

At this time, Xu Yao had also put the Tianyan talismans on the remaining five members of the squad and had opened their sight. At first, Le Yao thought that it was impossible, but when he saw the expressions of these five guards, his jaw almost fell to the ground! He witnessed these five people stare in the direction of the dormitory of the undead army, and their eyes almost popping out of their sockets!

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“Oh my God… That’s how it looks,” said one of the guards. q6HzVB

“General, can we go and take a look?” The others were also very excited.

“Go.” Xu Yao then turned around and asked Le Yao, “Do you believe me now?”

“You!” Le Yao backed away by two steps, and with an expression of disbelief, looked at Xu Yao as if he was looking at Godzilla. Hell, no! If it wasn’t because he hadn’t recognized the talismans in Xu Yao’s hand at a glance, he would’ve doubted whether or not Xu Yao had secretly taken the talismans he had saved in his small box!

Is his ancestor a God?! 1vGnhQ

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Ye Linran

Translator's Note

I don’t know why the author compared him with Godzilla. I think his expression showed disbelief and fear, just like when people look at Godzilla (?)

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