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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh64 - A Sincere Apology


Edited by Wiji and Noks

“Le Tianyu! Are you mentally retarded?” Le Feishan immediately contacted Le Tianyu and scolded him, “You didn’t think that you’ve already caused enough trouble for me, did you? Delete the video you posted immediately!” Gdy Nf

“Dad, Dad, don’t shout. I’ll delete it, wu wu wu…”

It didn’t take long for Le Tianyu to regret posting the video. But it was too late. By the time he realized what he had done was wrong, someone had already taken a screenshot and reposted his video. Now everyone on the Internet knew that he had evidence of Le Yao ‘black history’.

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In the video, Le Yao fought with people, smoked, was always grumpy and also damaged public facilities. He was arrogant and rebellious, with a ‘wild’ attitude written all over his face.

If someone had seen such a video before, it was predictable that they would criticize the person without question. But now, it was different. With Jiang Xinduo’s ‘smile at his misfortune’ and Le Tianyu’s hypocritical ‘care’ toward Le Yao, these videos led to two outcomes in the people’s eyes; some people criticized, but more people expressed sympathy. eQfBjG

[Punch lovers: Growing up in an environment where the father doesn’t care and the mother doesn’t love, it’s normal to have psychological problems. But isn’t this certain step-brother’s heart too dark?]

[I’m a B: Think about it carefully, how could his younger brother unexpectedly still keep all the videos of his brother’s ‘bad deeds’? What the hell?]

[Su Yun: Is it a psychological twist? Le San Shao doesn’t like you. I don’t like you either!]

[Lucky little fool: Don’t like + 1] AGTQpY

[Two days in the past: Don’t like + 2]

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[I’m a B: Wait, aren’t these videos the ones that have been posted online before? Could it be that the videos from that time also came from Heart of Shit?]

[My A is far away: That’s really possible. I feel like almost all the videos that he had posted in the past were the same as these ones.]

Le Tianyu, who had been expecting everyone to abuse Le Yao, suddenly lost his strength. He had no time to delete the videos, and instead abruptly closed his Tarot account! dyFSjh

Unable to leave any comments and scold Le Tianyu, the netizens turned to bother Purple bubble again for more explanations. Purple bubble had always been paying attention to Le Tianyu’s account. He was also one of the accounts who had reposted Le Tianyu videos. When he checked his account again, he realized that he had received a bunch of messages and immediately left a string of comments.

[Purple bubble: I don’t want to talk about it. Everyone, see it for yourself, @Heart of jade is this kind of person!]

[Purple bubble: All day, his exterior looks like a white lotus, but his mind is darker than anyone else!]

[Mining for three generations: Look! @Le San Shao also posted a video!] tkgT4M

Purple bubble had waited for Le Tianyu to apologize to him in public on the Tarot network, but he never showed up. Instead, Le Yao had recorded an apology video after seeing the videos that Le Tianyu had posted.

Le Yao had actually been about to sleep. But, after seeing the videos that Le Tianyu had sent, he got up again. He wore a very simple white shirt and light gray shorts. After bathing and washing his hair, he laid on the bed for a while without drying it with a hairdryer, so his hair was still a little messy. He looked innocent, and even seemed a bit cute. His back was facing the window and he said directly into the camera, “Today I’m here to apologize to all the people that I’ve hurt. I’m sorry, I didn’t understand before that what I was doing was hurting you. I know that some of the injuries that I’ve caused can’t be forgotten and my words will not help you to erase them. But still, I want to solemnly say to you: I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

Le Yao bowed deeply to the camera, his attitude sincere as he seriously apologized. Compared to some people who did something wrong but didn’t know how to apologize, everyone knew who was better.

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As soon as he posted this video, the view rate rose rapidly. There were many people who mentioned @Heart of jade and @Purple bubble to let them see what the right attitude of repentance was. Even more parties came out to reply to Le Yao’s video and told him that they had already forgiven him. TK9meD

[Male god’s underpants: Previously I had also bad-mouthed you. But you were really cruel. You beat me so badly that I had to stay in the hospital for two weeks. However, now I think it’s even.]

When Le Yao saw the profile picture, he immediately recalled it and replied, [I’m sorry, I was young and frivolous.]

[Male god’s underpants: I forgive you.]

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[B Dong B Dong: Why am I feeling a little touched?!] 1XV5ld

[Speeding snail: Wow, I hadn’t noticed before, but this photo of the whole body… Le San Shao is quite meaty!]

[I’m a B: Quite fat.]

[There are three treasures in my belly: Currently I eat enough for four people everyday T_T]

[Frozen flame: Damn! The real person replied. So it’s really triplets?!] W0oxNT

[Little orange O: My god! Screenshotting for a blessing! I hope I have triplets too! Oh no! Two babies will do!]

[It’s time to eat: Upstairs, do you mean ‘twins’? Ha ha ha]

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[Fireworks world: Is it just me or is Le San Shao’s new name kind of cute?]

[Secret: Cute + 1] 9hQdov

[Waiting for the wind: Cute + 2]

[Treasures in my belly Mrs Xu: It’s changed again! But, it’s time for me to go to bed now, Lord Yan is watching me closely. Everyone go to bed early, it’s good for your health!]

[Qin Xiaochu: Sleep well! Good night!]

[Sister A: So is it true that no matter how difficult he is to handle, Lord Yan can transform him into a well-behaved person?  It feels like Le San Shao has really changed himself. I’ve seen you before and you were very arrogant.] CD6sLh

[Treasures in my belly Mrs Xu: Well, it really is Lord Yan who has educated me well. In the past, no one told me what was wrong, but now, he teaches me. I have learned a lot after I married him. I will try my best to be a better person in the future, and time will definitely prove everything.]

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Cr obg Of Kljcse, raeqlv qfbqif jikjsr qjlv j qglmf. Ktja cluta, tf kjr rijqqfv obg atf olgra alwf lc tlr ilof ys Of Mflrtjc.

“Pa!” When the crisp sound rang out, everyone in the room froze. vonHI

“Dad?” Le Tianyu looked at Le Feishan in disbelief. “You hit me?”

“What’s wrong with me hitting you? Do you know how much trouble you’ve caused me?” Le Feishan roared, “You go quickly record a video, apologize to Xu Yao and your brother, and that Purple bubble!”

“But I won’t apologize just to admit that I am the wrong one!” Le Tianyu fisted his palms tighter, and felt extremely uncomfortable at the thought. “It is Le Yao who is wrong! It’s him! It must have been him who posted the screenshots in the forum. He must have also asked a water army to scold me. Why don’t you ask him to apologize to me?”

“I ask him?! Do you want me to ask him? He has already apologized for what he did!” Le Feishan frowned and his face was very dark and frightening. “You don’t want to? That’s fine. Jiang Xinduo, hurry and pack up his things and let someone take him away!” HgELXV

“Go? Where to?” Jiang Xinduo’s heart thumped wildly.

“Where? Anywhere he wants! If he dares to not listen to my words, then don’t stay in this family!” After Le Feishan said that, he went into the study room and shut the door with a loud ‘bang’.

In the past, Le Feishan had also said such words to Le Yao: Since you dare to not listen to my words, then don’t stay in this family! Later, Le Yao had been locked up for more than half a month. 

Remembering the situation at that time, Le Tianyu shivered fiercely and finally didn’t dare to disobey Le Feishan, and recorded the apology video and sent it out. hxE5Au

In the video, he cried like raindrops on a pear blossom and looked pitifully aggrieved. However, when the video was posted, the netizens didn't buy it at all

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What are you aggrieved about? Can you be more sincere? ix0lX1

Purple bubble no longer cursed him. Prior to the previous videos being deleted, he had left only four words: You’re disgusting, stop it!

Unfortunately for Le Tianyu, the netizens’ brains were not computers. It was not like deleting something on your computer, wherein they would automatically delete the previous memories. Not to mention the fact that a lot of information had already flowed outside. For a while, Le Tianyu’s matter became a hot topic, which even led to Le Feishan and Jiang Xinduo becoming the next hot subject. In the end, the Jiang Family was also greatly influenced by this matter.

Le Tianyu became completely afraid of going out. After his three day leave was over, he still refused to go to school. Jiang Xinduo had no choice but to ask the teachers to teach him at home. But those teachers who had previously wanted to give Le Feishan a good impression, refused for various reasons. And those Alphas who had a little interest in Le Tianyu also put him on their blacklist.

At first, they had thought that Le Tianyu was kind-hearted. Although he was not as good-looking as Le Yao, he seemed to be very virtuous and worthy of their friendship. But now? Not only were his looks ordinary, but his heart was also extremely ugly?! M9k3ig

A day after this whole debacle, when he came back from work, Le Feishan told Jiang Xinduo, “Let Tianyu go to Planet Blood Prison by the end of this month.”

“To Blood Prison?” Jiang Xinduo was shocked. “What are you going to do?” That planet was the interstellar prison, where all kinds of heavy criminals were located. The environment was much worse than that of Huaxia, and it was also further away.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“The warden there is an old comrade-in-arms of mine. His son is three years older than Tianyu. He is a male Alpha, and he is also suitable for Tianyu.” Le Feishan whispered, “Tianyu can’t stay here any longer.”

“Why?” Jiang Xinduo was anxious. “Even if Tianyu is in trouble, after all, there is still the Jiang Family and you. Even if we can’t find a very good match, at least don’t let him marry so far away.” Y7ZH5

“Someone’s looking into the two of us.”

Jiang Xinduo choked for a moment and stopped talking. After a while she asked, “Who is it?”

Le Feishan replied, “It’s not certain yet. But I asked someone to check the people who have been guiding public opinion on the Internet recently, and found that it is probably related to the Davis Family.”

Jiang Xinduo was surprised, “The Davis Family? Aldrich? Why would he do this?” IU0WOS

“It’s hard to say. But I have a bad feeling that something will happen to us over these days, so we’d better send Tianyu away first. It’s fine, we can bring him back after the problem is resolved.”

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Jiang Xinduo was naturally reluctant to send her son away, but when she thought of what had happened in those years, she could only agree with gritted teeth.

Le Tianyu was still complaining and being jealous of Le Yao. He didn’t know that his life as a noble son was going to be abandoned in exchange for his parents’ safety.

“Brother Xu, the Le Family has helped Le Tianyu go through the suspension formalities.” Yan Jie had been paying attention to the Le Family’s movements. When he found that Le Tianyu wasn’t going to school, he told Xu Yao instantly. wnQq17

“What did they fill in as the reason for suspension?” asked Xu Yao.

“Filled in… sick leave.” Yan Jie had hacked into the school information network and continued, “He hasn’t been to school recently.”

“A man with such a sinister mind will not fall ill with such a slight blow. He’s probably going to do something within this break.” After saying this, Xu Yao took a blessed brush to draw a Tianyan talisman. He didn’t invite God or chant anything. He just held the brush, dipped it in the cinnabar liquid and drew the talisman according to his memory. Then he smacked it on Yan Jie’s forehead!

“Open ~” 9yZsgA

Yan Jie looked at Shen Weilin, who was chatting with Han Mo about 100 meters away, in complete shock!!!

The author has something to say: 

Le Yao: Husband, ha ha ha ha ha! No, I can’t stop~ ETVwH8

Xu Yao: What’s so funny?

Le Yao: Do you know what Yan Jie’s account name is? Ha ha ha ha ha…

Xu Yao: I know, ‘I’m a B’

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Le Yao: Ha ha ha ha ha, don’t you think he is stupid? Ha ha ha ha ha… lPTocv

Xu Yao: ??? What’s stupid?! He originally is a B.

The translator and editors also have something to say:

Frozenmirage: What’s B? Why can’t I understand author’s mind? *running for help

Wiji: Plot twist? OcTXiS

Noks: So, for Xu Yao, the B stands for Beta, as it should. But our not-so-innocent anymore Le Yao probably considers it as B for Bottom, which is another term for Shou or Uke. So, Yan Jie is publicly announcing his position. You understand why Le Yao finds it funny now, don’t you?

Frozenmirage, Wiji: ( ÒㅅÓ) *nods in understanding

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Translator's Note

B is for Beta. So, don’t be confused if you find another A, B or O. ABO World, people~

Translator's Note

zuǐ qiàn; to talk about people behind their backs, or to simply speak impolitely or even offensively. This Internet slang term is used to describe people who lack respect for others or hurt others’ feelings.

Translator's Note

Le Yao’s new nickname

Translator's Note

Le Yao’s new nickname, again~

Translator's Note

shuǐjūn; people paid to criticize or promote others

Translator's Note

Idiom: lí huā dài yǔ; the tear-stained face of a beauty. The idiom originated from two famous lines in The Song of Everlasting Regret:

Loneliness appeared on her pretty face with a tear stain
Like a blossom on a pear tree after a spring rain

Translator's Note

Slang: bù mǎizhàng; not believing it at all

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      • @Junki Yard I agree with what you said and want to add another theory.

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