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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh63 - Using Their Own Tricks


Edited by Wiji and Noks

It turned out that the reason why miracles were called ‘miracles’ was because their probability of occurrence was very low. Instead of a miracle occuring, things just became even worse for Le Tianyu. No one knew who started it, but someone said that although he and Le Feishan were obviously not biological father and son, they resembled each other to some degree. Especially the ears, the auricles looked too similar, as if they were carved from the same mold.  OfdQq9

Tarot Empire’s military law clearly stipulated that any active military personnel would be severely punished if they had extramarital affairs. Military marriages were protected by law, but the guilty side wasn’t. No matter if the offending side was military personnel or non-military personnel, the one who cheated would be punished. Also, the ‘other’ person involved in the affair with the one in a military marriage would be punished as well.

The age gap between Le Tianyu and Le Yao didn’t seem that far apart. At most, they had a difference of one or two years. Hmm? That was strange. Didn’t Le Yao’s mother die from an illness when he was two years old? Was there something hidden within Le Tianyu and Le Feishan’s similarity?

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However, these were all guesses made by netizens on the Internet. There was no definite evidence to prove that Le Tianyu was related to Le Feishan.

Xu Yao asked President Liu, “President Liu, do you know if there is any medicine that can tamper with the individual’s genetic or blood test results, and it will not be discovered even after being consumed? Does such a thing exist?” er6aXI

“Hmm? Can tamper with the individual’s genetic test results and blood test results, huh… This kind of medicine that will not be discovered after its intake exists but is very rare…” President Liu frowned, thought for a moment and continued, “But it depends on what test is being done.”

“Could you give me a list of all such medicines?”

“Sure, General. Just a moment.”

President Liu immediately listed all the medicines for Xu Yao, and not only gave the names of the medicines, but also those of the research and development companies, as well as the manufacturing companies that could produce these medicines.


Xu Yao looked at the list on the light brain and found that there were indeed very few types, and they were all relatively special medicines. He ordered Leslie to write them down and search the Internet to see if there were any corresponding pictures.

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“No.” Le Yao sighed as he looked at the pictures Leslie had found and continued, “I would have hidden one or two of them if I had known. You don’t have to bother yourself to check into it.”

“It’s already good enough that you can remember so many details. Besides, maybe if we look more into it, we’ll find something.”

“It’s hard to say. In fact, if you think about it now, Le Feishan definitely treats Le Tianyu too well. Whatever he says, in the end, I’m his own son. How could he treat Le Tianyu better than me? Although Le Tianyu is indeed better than me in some aspects, an outstanding son is his own son and an inferior son is still his own son. Think about it, could a stepson possibly be better than your own son?” f3tTEz

“I don’t need to think about it as I won’t have a stepson. No one can seduce me except you.”

Upon listening to this sentence, Le Yao’s heart swelled with sweetness. He smiled, hugged Xu Yao’s neck, and kissed him on the mouth, before they left together.

It was dinner time so they went to eat at the cafeteria. Later, Le Yao planned to drop by his Underworld businesses and take a look at Ji Fengyu’s achievements since last night. He didn’t know how many guests and how much harvest Ji Fengyu had acquired, but according to Le Yao’s calculations, the profits should be very good.

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At the entrance of the cafeteria, Le Yao rudely took a large and a small meal box. uyZWeh

We Tjb jrxfv tlw, “Qts jgf sbe fjalcu rb ilaaif abvjs?”

Lf atbeuta atja atf ijguf bcf kjr obg tlw jcv atf rwjii bcf obg Of Tjb. Efmfcais, ilxf tlw, Of Tjb tjv yffc ajxlcu atf ijguf bcf ab fja ja atf mjofafglj.

Of Tjb gfqilfv raloois, “Ktfrf akb jgf obg wf, sbe mtbbrf sbeg bkc.”

Thus, he attracted countless surprised eyes… v7gYoD

The soldiers with opened mouths all watched as the smallest person in the cafeteria took the most food. No one dared to rob him…

Xu Yao rubbed Le Yao’s stomach, smiled and took a box for himself, while Le Yao quickly carried the two boxed meals into the private room.

When they got to the private room, officers were already sitting around the big table and had started eating. They all had a single large meal box in front of each of them, and only Le Yao had two. He opened both of the meal boxes, mixed the different dishes in the two and quickly ate.

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Yan Jie suddenly asked, “According to this appetite, is Mr Xiao Le pregnant with three Alphas?” BGFW27

Tang Ye said, “Is that even possible? Three children, I think there must be at least one Omega.”

Zhang Xuwei smiled, “Why don’t we make a bet? Let’s see if Mr Xiao Le gives birth to more Alphas or Omegas. Hey, General, do you want Mr Xiao Le to give birth to an Alpha or Omega?”

Xu Yao said, “Any is fine.”

A group of people nodded along, “Besides, their genes will be super good.” j4Hdzl

In fact, Le Yao could already figure out what gender his children were, but he didn’t think it would be fun to say it. So he kept his mouth shut for now. It’s a secret! But looking at this group of people betting, maybe he could wager on the option that was closest to the truth?

Hehe hehe…

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Under the surprised eyes of the group of people, Le Yao really finished both boxed meal sets, and then went to the Le Xi Lai Hotel with Xu Yao.

This was the official duty station of the Flying Wolf Division’s undead soldiers. Le Yao waited for a while, and soon Ji Fengyu rushed over as promised. Han Mo and Shen Weilin had also come along with him. Han Mo held the records which had the information of the locations where the fortunes of the undead were buried, while Ji Fengyu summed up the problems that had occured during their trial opening last night. yPjVdS

Le Yao looked at both of them and suddenly thought of something. He turned around and asked, “Husband, can you still see them tonight?”

Xu Yao said “Un”, and then he took a look at Ji Fengyu’s list of problems.

As Song He, Bei Hongli, and Wang Feixia had all opened a shop before, these three businesses generally had no big problems. Small details could all be resolved by themselves.

“In the future, we will hand over the report for the night’s earnings to Han Mo before dawn, so you can search for the real objects during daytime instead of waiting until nighttime. As for the incense, how about letting them book in advance?” asked Ji Fengyu. w1S4dt

“I think that’s a good idea. But why is the occupancy rate of the inn worse when compared to the hotel? Yesterday, I saw a lot of undead who belonged to the ancient times.” Le Yao continued, “Why did they choose to stay in a hotel? Did they not like the inn?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Because there is a TV in the hotel’s supporting facilities,” said Bei Hongli. “The majority of them wanted to watch TV, so the hotel was full. There were also some excellent goods in their hands, so they were hoping we could provide a home that they can purchase. Also, one of them asked if we could provide personal professional designing services, and it seemed like he wanted a six-bedroom house.”

“It can be done, but it’ll take a lot of space so it must be carefully considered. At present, there is not much land area that can be occupied, so it is necessary to plan this well, so as to not to have the problem of an overlapping of the land of the dead and the living in the future.” Le Yao turned to Xu Yao, “Husband, what do you think?”

Xu Yao replied, “Have you ever considered building an offshore community? It’s very convenient to build a large cruise ship, and you can even design rooms, amusement parks, supermarkets and so on. This will not only avoid the problem of overlapping residency areas, but will also make full use of the sea expanse.” XoKbRp

“Yeah! Why didn’t I think of that?” Le Yao’s eyes brightened. “The dead are not afraid of water or get seasickness. They don’t even have to use any means of transportation to move freely around the coast and the land.”

“That’s a really good idea.” Bei Hongli also agreed. Otherwise, it would be really troublesome to handle the land use issue. Of course, there may be some undead who wouldn’t want to live in a house on the sea, but there will definitely be some people who would like it. At least they could first accommodate the undead who liked it.

Le Yao happily counted the ‘income’ that he got from the previous night.

There were silver ingots, gold jewelries, jades, pearls, all kinds of gems and so on, as well as a painting from the Ming Dynasty. The owner of the painting had already booked the presidential suite for three months. l3ThGy

“It’s him. He was the one who wanted a custom house. He should have a lot of good things with him,” said Bei Hongli.

Ji Fengyu said, “Speaking of this, these old guys are rich. We modern people have burned paper money, cards, TVs, and so on, but we can’t use those things in the Underworld anymore. Those old guys have lots of burial items that are still valuable.”

Xu Yao said, “We can slowly re-establish the Underworld’s currency system. This matter can’t be rushed.”

“Mr Xiao Le, what will you do after acquiring these things?” asked Bei Hongli. E7JGky

Le Yao replied, “The silver, gold and gemstones can be sold for money, and the funds can then be used to further develop the Underworld. As for the antiques, we are planning to set up a committee to collect them, and then find a suitable time to open a museum, so as to attract more people to come to Planet Huaxia.”

This was what he was talking about with Xu Yao at the beginning.

Le Yao picked up the book which recorded the places where the ‘treasures’ were stored. “Then that’ll be all for today, and you can continue your work. I’ll go back and plan with my husband to see if we will need to recruit more people to help out here.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It would be a problem to always use the soldiers from the Flying Wolf Division. Although no one had said anything, the actual soldiers were not obliged to help him get these things done for his business. The internal affairs of the Flying Wolf Division belonged to military affairs, but they were now helping with his own business, which was under the name of ‘Le Xi Lai’, so he had to think over this again. nUjyrg

If they really wanted to build a museum and attract tourists as he had said before, Huaxia must also have supporting hotels and other facilities, which was not a trivial matter. Who will build it? The construction project in the living realm was not as simply carried out as it could be in the Underworld, and was beyond his ability.

Le Yao realized that there were more and more issues to consider lately and his days were busier. However, he liked the fact that he could get a good sleep after a busy day, as well as the idea that he was helping others live a better life with his own ability. How fulfilling!

This was completely unlike some people, who were currently miserable. They had been busy all day yet their problems hadn’t come to an end.

After bathing, Le Yao laid down on the bed and listened to some prenatal music while idling around searching for news on the Tarot website. Thus he discovered that the Tarot website was even livelier today than it had been yesterday. His Tarot personal account was full of blessings, while on Purple bubble’s side, it had become a disaster zone, and was overwhelmed by various comments. As for Le Tianyu and Hit in one shot, these accounts were both closed temporarily, probably due to being unable to withstand the onslaught of swearing and malicious comments. pdZfOy

Le Tianyu stayed at home the entire day and didn’t dare to go out. But things didn’t get better even if he prayed. His communicator had been ringing all day. Every time he wanted to see if there was any good news, he instead received notifications of a certain group or people who scolding him. Their words were not that frank, but they also hinted at his shamelessness, which made him not dare to touch the communicator, even now.

Le Tianyu couldn’t figure it out. It was a very small thing. How did it evolve and become like this?

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No, he shouldn’t be the only one scolded!

Le Tianyu went downstairs and saw that Le Feishan was not home. Only his mother was, and she was making a call, though he didn’t know who she was talking to. At first, she spoke in a nice tone, but he didn’t know what the other side suddenly said, as her face darkened and she started to scold, “You are the fox spirit! When you need something you come asking me for help, but– Hello? Hello!!” 86 WU1

Jiang Xinduo slammed the communicator onto the floor.

Le Tianyu sat across from Jiang Xinduo and pleaded, “Mom, can we send out the videos of Le Yao doing bad things? In this way, at least they won’t be glaring at me alone.”

Jiang Xinduo rebuked him in a very sharp voice, “Did you think that your mom didn’t think of that way? Your father won’t allow it!”

Le Tianyu shuddered with fear because his mother had never shouted at him like this. He immediately felt wronged and began to cry again, “Why?” AyTQbz

Jiang Xinduo also wanted to know why, but Le Feishan had clearly said before leaving that morning, no way! She had been with Le Feishan for so many years, and she knew when she could disobey and when she couldn’t. Obviously, this time was impossible! Otherwise, she would have already posted those videos by now. She was now labelled as a ‘wicked beyond redemption stepmother on the Internet, because of the video sent out by Le Yao!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At that time, she and her son were talking to Le Yao on a holographic call. They didn’t record it. Who else could it be?! Obviously, it was Le Yao who had pitted her and her son into the fire!

Le Tianyu was not happy, but he did not dare to confront his mother again. It was obvious that his mother was angry. So he went upstairs again and tried to figure out what to do.

Maybe it was because of his lack of sleep, tiredness or the endless scolding for the whole day, he suddenly decided to throw the handle after the blade. He gritted his teeth and logged on his Tarot account. Then he posted all the videos from Le Yao’s ‘black history’ that he had collected over the years. 7tPGSC

However, at this time, no one knew that his father, Le Feishan, had just met Guan Xuefeng after much difficulty. After flattering and sweet-talking for a long period with the Commander, he finally managed to persuade Guan Xuefeng to act as a mediator. He asked Guan Xuefeng to talk to Xu Yao about not dragging out this problem. But in reality, neither side would be able to get along well.

Le Feishan was the one who thought that it was necessary to quickly solve this problem with this method. He wanted to solve the problem as soon as possible with the least effort. At the very least, he could let Le Yao come out and say a few words to ease their relationship on the Internet, so that the netizens would be at ease. Otherwise, if it continued to develop like this, he was afraid that his family would be stabbed till there wasn’t any privacy left. There were some things that he didn’t want the outside world to know about at all!

However, it was too late. He had just exited Guan Xuefeng’s house when he discovered that Le Tianyu had lost his mind and posted the videos!


Translator's Note

Idiom shí’è bù shè; heinous; utterly odious or wicked

Translator's Note

Idiom: pò guànzi pò shuāi; to make hasty or careless decisions; to discard something after encountering a setback.

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