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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh62 - Don’t Dare to Go to School


Edited by Wiji and Noks

No wonder they all say that with a new child, there will be stepmother.》 a Bgsq

For so many years, have we misunderstood him?》

Heart of jade? I think it’s a heart of shit, right?》

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It was a fact that netizens were very powerful in gossiping. Within half a night, these people had found out all the things that had happened to the Le family in the past few decades. Of course, Le Feishan’s identity was crucial and sensitive, so the netizens were very smart to not mention it. They only specifically talked about Le Yao and Le Tianyu, as well as the Jiang Family. 

[Waiting for the wind to come: I used to be in the same school as Le Tianyu. He is a white lotus with a black heart, with a large difference between looks and the inner content. At that time, there was a literature and art competition in the school. The school had chosen another student who danced very well to participate in the performance. As a result, in order to grab that place, he secretly added food that the student was allergic to into his water cup. I had accidentally seen it and went to report it. But the teacher told me on the spot that it would be difficult for me to graduate if I said this. Now I’m not in the same school as him anymore. Damn, I finally have a chance to say this!] 5KmJpY

[B need to be reasonable: I always thought that he was more disgusting than Le San Shao. Le San Shao is grumpy, but at least he has a real temperament. Unlike him, he says one thing and does another. I don’t know how so many people can think that he’s harmless. His mind is too dark and filled with desires.]

[Yan Xiao: Did you notice Madam Le’s reaction when he spoke in the video? She didn’t stop him immediately, and her face was full of smiles instead. What kind of mother is that? It’s too scary!]

[Bing Ling: So the ‘good mom’ image had actually come from such performances all these years. No wonder she can teach such a son. Really, what kind of mother and child pair is this.]

[Goliath: /picture of Le Tianyu’s teacher who had taught him skills since childhood vs. Le Yao’s teacher who had taught him skills since childhood. Say, is that Jiang Xinduo as good as his biological mother? Ha ha ha ha ha ha, laughing off my front teeth!] 1iDdP

Netizens saw that Le Tianyu’s teachers were all masters, whilst Le Yao’s teachers had all never been heard of before.

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[Little gun egg: Although I don’t like Le San Shao, I suddenly understand why he is always hostile towards his brother. If it was me, I’d not only be hostile, but I’d also beat him up! What a thing! The most annoying kind of hearts are those which are darker than ink, but still pretend to be weak all day. Is it true that Alphas really like this type of Omega? If my son grows up and brings home a daughter-in-law like this, I will definitely break his legs!]

Although what this person said was ruthless, at this moment, many people seemed to agree with it. People who didn’t know Le Tianyu, and only used to occasionally see this child with a white and clean image show up on the news for winning awards or something, had thought that he was a good person. Now, they only showed disgust.

One way or another, a wall pushed by everyone would collapse. In the past, whenever Le Tianyu did something bad, they wouldn’t dare to come out and say anything. Now, when they saw that something had happened with him, they all came out to say a few words. blq7e3

The Jiang Family had made many enemies in the past years and it was also impossible for Le Feishan to be able to sit in such a high position without any competitors. So this time, Le Tianyu’s matters became a good incision.

The Le Family household suddenly became very chaotic. He had just been sitting at home and misfortune started falling from the heavens. Le Feishan was furious!

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“You said you would contact Le Yao to see if he was doing well! Is this how you contacted him? Jiang Xinduo, you are too—!” Le Feishan put his hands on his waist and walked around angrily. Sometimes there was the sound of a broken ‘teapot’ and sometimes it was a ‘vase’ falling onto the floor. “And you, Le Tianyu, you even advised your brother to get a divorce at that time?”

“Gjv… Gjv, qifjrf ilrafc ab ws fzqijcjalbc. P pera rjk ws ygbatfg ygertlcu ja rabcfr atfgf jcv ofia atja tf kjr abb qlaloei, jcv atfc …” Of Kljcse ibbxfv ja Of Mflrtjc klat j ojmf oeii bo uglfo, jcv tlr fsfr kfgf gfv klat afjgr. “Pa’r cba ktja atf qfbqif bc atf Pcafgcfa tjnf rjlv.” 97RXNJ

“Not your ass! What did you tell him then? I told you to move into his room without telling him! But you, right after moving in, you contacted him, even used a holographic call, and specifically told him that I agreed to it!” Le Feishan continued, “No wonder Le Yao always looked down on both of you. No wonder he also hated me! Jiang Xinduo ah Jiang Xinduo… I was so stupid to believe that you would treat him well!”

“What’s wrong with me? Did I freeze or starve him? No! I bought everything for him. I bought everything that he wanted! Why are you saying this to me?!” Jiang Xinduo had endured for a long time and her anger also rose up, “Oh, since you know that he’s useful now, you have started to regret it. Wasn’t it you who had agreed to marry and send him off to Huaxia? Why are you blaming this on me now?”

“So you just buy him whatever he wants? I think you were definitely very sincere to him!”

“Dad… Dad please don’t be angry.” Le Tianyu cried and said, “Think of a way to suppress this matter. If it goes on like this, what will I do if Aldrich doesn’t like me? Wu wu wu…” KhntFU

Le Feishan stared at Le Tianyu coldly and took a deep breath. In the beginning, he had really thought that all the things that the netizens were saying were intended to be a pit for them. He had then ordered his subordinates to check it out, but he didn’t expect that it was all actually true! He had never thought that his simple and kind second son actually had so many tricks up his sleeves.

Jiang Xinduo scowled at Le Feishan, who was frowning with a dark face, and she quickly buttered him up, “My husband, even if Le Yao is good, he is no longer close to you. Besides, Tianyu is close to Aldrich now. Think about who is more worthy of your attention.”

Of course Le Feishan knew that he had to pay special attention to Le Tianyu at this time, but the video on the Internet was spreading wildly. He was afraid that the people who knew about this matter had already watched it three times!

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He sat on the sofa and tried to calm down. A moment later, he made two phone calls. Eq6p3

It didn’t take long for Leslie to discover that many people on the Internet had started deleting their videos. As his master had ordered him to pay close attention to it, he discovered this change immediately.

“General, do you want to repost the deleted videos?” asked Leslie.

“No need. The netizens won’t let it sink like this,” said Xu Yao. “It’ll be easy to be discovered if we interfere again. The expected goal has already been achieved. Next, you should check the birth time of Le Tianyu and all the physical examinations he has had in recent years, and where he had them done. Also, find all information about Jiang Xinduo and her last husband.”

“Yes, General.” iZqu8y

“Why didn’t you check it earlier? Wouldn’t Le Feishan take more precautions against you if you check it now?” asked Le Yao while lazily lying in his arms.

Le Yao was not asleep yet. He was too hyped up by all the gossip and was a little high spirited. It was estimated that he wouldn’t be able to get up early tomorrow.

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Xu Yao kissed his little wife on the forehead and asked, “Aren’t you sleepy?”

“A little sleepy, but also a little excited from all the chatter,” said Le Yao. “You haven’t answered my question yet.” 4sJGqf

Xu Yao replied, “I’ve checked it before, but didn’t find anything strange. I’ve always felt that Le Feishan’s attitude towards Le Tianyu is a little strange. Now, if he knows someone is checking this matter, if there is really anything hidden, he will definitely try to get rid of it.”

Le Yao guessed, “Do you want him to show it himself?”

Xu Yao said, “Un. What about you? In fact, you’ve been at the Le household for a long time. Have you ever discovered anything unusual?”

After thinking for a long time, Le Yao said, “Well… it seems that every time the school has a medical examination, Jiang Xinduo will let Le Tianyu take a vitamin tablet. He doesn’t consume it regularly, and only takes it when the medical examination day comes. She said that the fasting required for the medical examination is not good for his stomach, so the vitamin she gives him can supplement some nutrition, and won’t affect the examination.”   9U4H8y

“Are you sure it’s a vitamin?” asked Xu Yao.

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“I’m not sure, so that’s why I told you this…”

Le Yao was indeed a little sleepy. He answered softly with closed eyes and finally fell asleep in Xu Yao’s arms.

Whenever Xu Yao heard his voice, he felt that his heart would become comfortably soft. He ignored the mess on the internet and said to Leslie, “Leslie, take away the communication device for recharging. In addition, keep an eye on the development on the Internet and wake me up if there is any abnormality.” WCcIji

“Yes, General. Good night.”

The communicator left Xu Yao’s wrist automatically, the light was turned off, and uniform breathing sounds soon came from the bedroom.

This matter had no effect on Xu Yao’s sleep quality, and Le Yao slept well deeply because of the babies in his belly. However, unlike them, the Le Family’s household was brightly lit, and indicated a restless night for those within.

The video had already been deleted. But the number of times it had been forwarded had never stopped. Purple bubble kept coming back to bite Le Tianyu and kept provoking him to come out and give a statement, never letting go. Anyways, black stains couldn’t be washed white without saying a word. oMCO0G

Anyone that could join that special forum had a little family background, so Purple bubble was not afraid of what Le Tianyu’s family would do to him. In his opinion, this was Le Tianyu’s fault. He considered Le Tianyu to be a friend, but unexpectedly Le Tianyu took him for a gun! It was only that the gun had been used and discarded after its job was done, and then thrown into a pit for everyone to spit on, which was too disgusting!

[Purple bubble: You and Le Yao are in the same school, but whenever you see him, you hide. What’s wrong with you? He didn’t do anything to you at all, yet you are afraid of him. Oh, is it so that the whole school would think that he always bullies you at home? Ha ha ha ha, you are so clever! B*tch!]

[Purple bubble: Le Tianyu, come out and apologize to me! Make things clear, or this matter will not end!]

[Big boss behind the scenes: There are so many melons this evening.]  3S9q 0

[A go around the world: So, you can know people, know faces, but you can’t know the heart.]

Some people, who knew about this matter, called old Jiang that night and told him everything. Old Jiang was furious. However, his anger was not caused by his descendant’s actions, but rather by the huge letdown from his son-in-law, who hadn’t lived up to his expectations. So, he called Le Feishan and immediately split the head and covered his face with his harsh words.

“Le Feishan! Did you just scold your wife and child about all the things on the Internet? How can you do that as a husband and a father? I don’t care what you do, just quickly find a way to suppress the matter! Some people only know that Tianyu is the youngest son of Le Family, but if you don’t solve this matter quickly, it’ll fall on us like dominoes!”

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“Dad, it’s easy for you to say. I will do what I should do. When have I, Le Feishan, pulled down my face and demanded for someone’s aid, just because of this sort of thing?!” EJRHBp

“I don’t care. Anyways, you have to quickly take care of it. Otherwise, the Jiang Family will be affected, and then we will all follow you in your misfortune!”

“I know!” Le Feishan cut off the communication in annoyance. It had not been pleasant to see Jiang Xinduo and Le Tianyu today, and it felt even worse now.

However, it was as if God was trying to prove Old Jiang’s words correct. It’s all bad luck! Le Tianyu didn’t sleep all night and was still tired from crying the next morning. But when he woke up, he saw the news of a famous dancer being present at Aldrich’s party last night!

Le Tianyu was dumbfounded. He hadn’t dared to contact Aldrich last night, because outsiders didn’t know what he knew very well — he hadn’t grasped the man’s heart yet. Thus, he had thought that he shouldn’t be in a hurry and shouldn’t make any trouble for him before they had cultivated feelings to a certain extent, as it was very easy to be hated. Ox4fjE

But what is this?

Le Tianyu quickly contacted Aldrich. His voice was a little hoarse and he drank several mouthfuls of water, before deliberately using a soft, weak and aggrieved voice to ask: “Aldrich, do you have any time today? I’d like to see you if it’s convenient.”

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Aldrich refused coldly, “Sorry, I have no time.” 

Then, without waiting for Le Tianyu to say anything more, a reminder that the other party had cut off the call voiced out from the communicator. 8ut5Bn

When Le Tianyu called the other party again, the communicator prompted: “I’m sorry, your communication number is not included in the allowed call spectrum of the other party.”

He had actually blacklisted him!

In an instant, Le Tianyu panicked and turned pale. At this time, a servant downstairs reminded him, “Young Master Tianyu, you will be late for school if you don’t go now.”

Le Tianyu was stunned and replied, “I know. I know.” 0wK46P

But he didn’t dare to think about school at all! He was afraid to see his classmates, teachers, and especially Purple bubble!

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In the end, Le Tianyu asked the school for three days off, and then he grasped the small wood carved fish pendant in his hand, praying for miracles all day long.


Translator's Note

dāng qiāng shǐ: to use somebody as a tool

Translator's Note

From chī guā qún zhòng; guā means melon- it describes Internet users who are gossipy and inquisitive or who are aware of certain hot topics but decline to comment on something. They often chalk up their silence or apathy to disinterest or the lack of access to the truth.

Translator's Note

Jiang Xinduo’s father

Translator's Note

Idiom: pītóu gài liǎn; bombarded, showering down, attacking someone by repeatedly hurling things at them

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    • It should be the opposite? Le Yao is the legitimate child, while Tianyu is “adopted” (child of the Jiang mother and her first husband, he’s a bit younger than Yao), but then Le Feishan treats him like his own son and Jiang mother gives him ‘something’ before the med examination (and she was also one who provided Yao with meds that fucked up his gland, so she must know a way with different meds), thus… I don’t know why I went so deep into hinting that Tianyu is the son of Feishan but they had him while mrs Jiang was married to another man and it’s supposed to be a “secret” 😀

      • Well, that would explain why both of them are spoiling that brat to such a ridiculous extent, but it doesn’t explain, why Feishan acts like that towards his legitimate child. What’s the matter with that? Only because Le Yao was born from the “wrong” woman? Honestly, are there really such parents? (Well yes, in novel there are plenty of them, especially parents of MC’s and ML’s)

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        • Feishan is an old fox, to be honest I kind of believe in his character, because I know some military people and their way of thinking is really a bit different due to the nature of profession, but he’s also pretty ambitious, which is the biggest part of his character, times and times again it is said that he only treats you well if you have any value, I’m not sure if his “love” for Tianyu is love at all. So I’m not really surprised that such an unfeeling person would treat one child better than the other. Plus Tianyu with his mom managed to ruin his image in the eyes of Feishan (aka he lost value as a chess piece). Feishan is a really ruthless person.

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