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The General Loves to Collect Little Red FlowersCh60 - Counter-attacking the Forum


Edited By Noks and Wiji

Xu Yao was just teasing Le Yao when he said that he couldn’t display his pictures. He just wanted to see his little wife become cute when pouting in anger. As for his ‘handsome’ pictures, of course they could be shown. If he didn’t want to allow a certain picture to be shown, he would ask Le Yao to kiss him once, and if that was still not enough, he would ask twice. Would Le Yao kiss him an N number of times so the picture could be shown? zO4Ujr

What an unruly man!

On the other hand, Le Yao was ferociously scolding his husband in his heart for scheming in such a way, and put away the Tianyan talisman that he had just drawn. 

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He hadn’t used the Tianyan talisman much recently, because it was too precious and difficult to draw, so he had been trying to save it for emergencies. He would also occasionally give it to Han Mo, so that he could have a face-to-face chat with Shen Weilin. Anyways, now the undead could easily exchange information with the living soldiers using incense ashes.

After putting away the talisman, Le Yao looked at the things he had printed the previous night. A three-story cake shaped restaurant, a 28-story towering hotel, and an antique three-story wooden inn. The name of the restaurant was ‘Le Xi Lai’, the hotel was also called ‘Le Xi Lai’, and the name of the inn was also ‘Le Xi Lai’. Le Yao was going to make these three words representative of his own brand. In the future, everyone would recognize and associate these businesses with his identity, so his life would be much easier in the Underworld! uV K7k

“A brand name using your last name? Will this be alright, Mr Xiao Le?” asked Yan Jie. After all, it was going to be used in the Underworld.

“It doesn’t matter, anyway, there’s no disapproval.” Le Yao packed up the learning materials he needed for the xuanshu class. Today, Xu Yao had something to do, so he had sent Yan Jie instead to pick him up. In fact, Le Yao didn’t think a guard was necessary, but now, everyone in the division regarded him as a super rare animal that needed to be strictly protected.

“What are we going to talk about today?” asked Yan Jie.

“Scripture.” Le Yao continued, “I’ll tell you what it is first, and then you will read it every morning and night as I say. It’s good for you to read this, as it will help you attain the selfless state faster.”


Ever since their first trial of integrating with nature, the five students would take some time to ‘meditate’ every day. Although they hadn’t been able to fully realize the selfless state as Le Yao had said, their ability to settle down had increased ever since the first time. Now, President Liu could almost reach the level that Xu Yao had reached on the first day, and Xu Yao’s progress was even more amazing. Sometimes, Le Yao would feel that Xu Yao had already done such things before.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He couldn’t say why he felt that way though. He only observed that Xu Yao was very quick at learning these things. It seemed as if he was unintentionally teaching the best student. Xu Yao usually needed to only listen to the lessons once, and then pondered over those things by himself, before quickly achieving a result.

Le Yao even suspected that Xu Yao had been a master of the metaphysical in his last life. Otherwise, how could Xu Yao’s learning speed be faster than his own? When he had been studying this subject that year, his Master had said that he was a rare genius who came about once in a hundred years. However, Xu Yao was even more brilliant!

On the way to the Command Center, Le Yao asked Yan Jie, “By the way, my husband told me that he had asked you to develop a website about Huaxia. I wanted to ask you, is there going to be a personal section on the website?”  rNqOcI

“Yes. Do you want to have a personal section?”

“Un. Actually, I have my own account on the Tarot website and forum, but I haven’t used it ever since I had arrived here. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to distinguish which information can be disclosed and which can’t, so I haven’t updated it. If I could have a web page of my own, I think it’ll be better. There will be an information filtering system on the website, right? I will follow that system. I’d like to record my life here and show everyone what Huaxia currently looks like.”

“That’s alright. We have a smart filtration system. You can try to publish any content on the Internet, even on your own account. As for whether it has been posted successfully or not, you will get a reminder about that after the system has looked through it. If it contains information that can’t be posted, you can’t publish it even if you want to.”

“So smart?!” gj5wHA

“Cough! Yes.” Yan Jie was a little embarrassed. “I designed it.”

“That’s awesome!”

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Le Yao felt that such a feature was an excellent tool. In fact, he didn’t really have to show off his life in Huaxia or Xu Yao’s face, but he just hated that some people, who didn’t know anything, were spitting nonsense! Why do they get to enjoy a comfortable life and insult those who work hard for their empire? They’re shameless!

Mbeg sfjgr jub, We Tjb vlvc’a fzqijlc jcsatlcu vfilyfgjafis, rlwqis yfmjerf tf vlvc’a kjca ab jaagjma abb wemt jaafcalbc, jcv yfmjerf tf tjv atbeuta atja remt atlcur kfgf eccfmfrrjgs. Pa aegcfv bea atja atlr wjaafg tjv yffc vgjuufv bea bo qgbqbgalbcr jcv jr j gfreia tf kjr ijyfifv ‘euis’. r84XZK

What a joke! If Xu Yao is ugly, there will be no handsome guys in the world, okay?

However, he couldn’t just send Xu Yao’s picture to that special forum directly. If he displayed the picture there, that group would still find a bunch of unreasonable reasons to attack. It would be very easy to lose face and suffocate, so he had to make some preparations.

Le Yao logged into that forum again and scrolled up the comments. He first saved some of these people’s malicious remarks, and then chose one of Xu Yao’s photos to post. This picture had been taken by Leslie when Xu Yao was looking at him in the ‘Fall in May’ flower garden. Although it only showed half of his face, the three-dimensional facial contour could be seen clearly. Standing in a lilac-coloured sea of flowers, a man in military uniform was looking down at his wife, his face full of tenderness.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[Le San Ye:  /picture] df8oYx

[River raccoon: FML! Who is this?!]

[Nine attack grid: Ah, ah, ah! How handsome!]

[Sunny day: This nickname… is a little familiar.]

[River raccoon: Third Young Master of Le Family?] dCdzDY

[Empty dream: My God! It’s really him! What did he post then???]

[Purple bubble: What? Mr Le, isn’t it wrong of you to post other people’s photos out of your own will?]

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[Le San Ye: I haven’t even said the words that it’s not good for some people to attack others shamelessly. I just posted a picture of my husband. He’s damn handsome!]

[River raccoon: Damn, is this really your husband?!] vLXDlo

Prior to this, Le Yao hadn’t shown up on the forum for a long time. All these people thought he didn’t use the forum anymore. Previously, ‘Purple bubble’ had also asked Le Tianyu about this matter and he had confirmed Le Yao’s absence. He didn’t expect Le Yao to come out so suddenly! And he brought such a big bomb with him!

Didn’t everyone say that Xu Yao was ugly and scary?

[Hit in one shot: Damn what? Who hasn’t seen that photo online? Who doesn’t know your husband is fierce? Didn’t you just photoshop him like this for the sake of your face? Pfft! Aren’t you afraid of bumping into someone you know in the future?]

[Le San Ye: It’s not a problem to bump into someone. Who is ugly and who is embarrassed? I hope you don’t bump into me and my husband in the future, else… I’ll feel sorry for your inevitable inferiority complex!] KX iTE

[Hit in one shot: You! Don’t be too proud of yourself! What are you bragging about? You really think it’s a good thing to marry a ‘broken’ general?]

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As soon as Le Yao saw this, this personThis man is so angry, do I know him in reality? Le Yao quickly called out to Leslie, “Leslie, can you get this human flesh’s information? Why do I feel that he is a little familiar because of this way of speaking?”

Leslie said, “Just a moment, Madam. I’ll try.”

Yan Jie asked curiously, “What is human flesh?” uOzheR

Le Yao had to type silently into the light keyboard open on his forearm. He didn’t tell Yan Jie what he was doing as he had said that he wanted to meditate on the way to the lecture room. After looking at these messy comments, he had the ability to calm his mind quickly, but Yan Jie couldn’t do so.

“It’s just a silly inquiry. It’s nothing to be concerned about,” answered Le Yao.

In less than 30 seconds, Leslie replied, “Madam, I found him. This man is called ‘Bai Xinglian’.”

Le Yao declared, “Un. I told you I recognized him.” sVWqv5

This Bai Xinglian was a classmate of the original host and was also an Omega male. Though the two of them were in the same school, they weren’t friends in any particular way. In the past, Le Yao had often picked a fight with him when he was in school. It was no wonder he dared to talk to him like this, he had changed his forum ID.

Suddenly, he understood that the former Le Yao’s irritable temper did not come into being without reason, but he did have quite a violent personality. Still, this person was truly asking for a beating.

[Le San Ye: The ‘broken’ general that I have married is at the very least handsome and dedicated to serving the empire. Totally unlike you, who doesn’t even contribute to the empire, but still goes around chattering nonsense. Does your family know that you are like this? Don’t think that you can talk nonsense about me even if I’m not at Xingdu. What’s more, my husband says it won’t end well when I go see you when I go back there!]

Bai Xinglian’s father and Le Feishan were both in the military, and their positions were of the same level. Le Yao was not afraid of him. Of course, even if Bai Xinglian’s father was at a higher position of power, he would still not be afraid. If he wanted to be superior to him, he had many ways. 47YD2s

With a single hit, Bai Xinglian was rendered speechless. He didn’t expect Le Yao would figure out his identity that fast. Meanwhile, the other members of the forum were asking whether the ‘King of Hell’ Xu Yao was really that handsome.

His husband is indeed very handsome! Many famous actors could not match his handsomeness! Fortunately, he had a gentle temperament within his masculinity!

It had been quite a while since the hover car had arrived at the entrance of the Command Center, but Yan Jie didn’t remind Le Yao to disembark, because he seemed to be busy with something on his light brain. 

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Le Yao ignored this group of curious and disbelieving people with a little ‘Humph!’ and logged out of the forum. He picked up his toothless dinosaur rattle, got out of the hover car and walked over to the xuanshu classroom.  aAUbC4

However, shortly after he entered the classroom, someone on the forum had forwarded Xu Yao’s picture and all of his comments to the main Tarot forum webpage. The Tarot netizens immediately exploded! 

They! Blew! Up!

They couldn’t find Xu Yao’s personal homepage, so they could only go to Le Yao’s Tarot account and send a message to ask if it was true!

[Strive in advance: Le San Shao, is this really the King of Hell?!] QKSkdJ

[Flying God fish: Please verify the truth! Waiting online! Urgent! /picture]

[Star in the sky: Is that really the male god in the picture? Ah! My little heart, who can help it?! It’s still a child!]

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Of course, there were also those netizens who were particularly hostile towards Le Yao.

[Bian Jiu: I don’t think it was worth replacing Lord Yan with that picture. Even if the picture is real, it’s still worthless for him.] Oe5PCk

[Warm rain: Upstairs + 1. I’m from the same junior high school as Le San. His academic performance was extremely poor and he’s very hot-tempered. Except for the fact that he had a good face, his shortcomings will only cause distress to Lord Yan.]

[Little Lulu: Upstairs, it’s a little funny. Lord Yan doesn’t even feel bad for himself. What’s the matter with you?]

[Flying God fish: I just want to know if the man in the picture is my male god!]


Le Yao’s personal homepage had been quiet for three months, and suddenly became lively again. But the two main people starring in this heated discussion did nothing about it.

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They were really busy. After the afternoon class, Le Yao and Xu Yao went to the cafeteria to have dinner. Then, they went to settle the Underworld business issues with Ji Fengyu.

Le Yao burned the hotel, restaurant and inn to the selected locations, and he also burned ten menus and other miscellaneous things. There were various flavors of incense and special products advertised on the menu. For example, paper and pencil, musical instruments, clothes, shoes, toys, cars, sedans and so on could all be ‘ordered’, as long as the purchaser had a small amount of money!

The incense cost three yuan per pillar and everyone could choose the flavour they wanted. Anyone who wanted to buy it just needed to declare his/her own birthday and provide the location of the spot where their saved ‘money’ was being kept. As for the other things, such as musical instruments, clothes and so on, these were more expensive. Still, there were hundreds of thousands of the ghosts and some of them would surely want things like these. WihsL

Ji Fengyu’s employees had already scattered out to spread the news about the first night of the trial operation of the Underworld hotel, restaurant and inn. They personally widely publicized it. They didn’t have time to change into better attires and equipment, because Le Yao didn’t have the time to burn it for them. However, Le Yao had burned staff information cards and books for them. In order to be more conspicuous, the ID card was now hanging on the neck of the staff, prominently displayed.

And thus, thousands of undead floated over to these locations in less than half an hour!!!

“Crap! Is there really a big hotel here?”

“And also a restaurant!” OiI7uB

“I… i… i… Inn?!”

“Man, how much is a night here?”

“Hello! Boss! How much does the incense sticks cost?”


Within a short time, the hotel, restaurant and inn were surrounded by the undead, making Ji Fengyu invisible to the eye!

Le Yao: “!!!”

When Le Yao saw this, he shook Xu Yao’s sleeves, “Husband, it seems that I will need to borrow some of your people to maintain order.” 

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Ordinarily, Xu Yao would immediately reply and agree with his idea, but this time, even after asking for a while, Xu Yao still didn’t make a sound of affirmation. sOztG4

Le Yao turned his head and looked at Xu Yao’s face, “Husband?”

Xu Yao patted Le Yao’s hand to appease him, and then walked towards the surging crowd of the undead.


Translator's Note

乐:  Lè, Le Yao’s surname; 喜: xǐ, enjoy, delight, pleased; 来: lái, come, arrive

Translator's Note

Third Young Master Le

Translator's Note

rénròu, from rénròu sōusuǒ, which means vigilante justice where Internet users collaborate to find people and punish them by public exposure, harassment, or intimidation, usually anonymously.

Translator's Note

Such as loudspeaker or something for easier publication

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